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State Violence Update: Michael Lewis Exposes Wall Street Pathology In Concert With State Pathology Have Rigged The Stock Market

Ya think?  First off, 60 Minutes starts this video by stating  that stock ownership is at record lows.  This is absolutely false.   The U.S. stock market ownership remains very near record highs.   This false meme is used by propagandists to perpetuate a meme that the stock market can rise to infinity because more investors will drive the market higher.  But beyond that, Lewis is up to his same antics in this interview.   That is, a decades-long crusade to expose Wall Street’s endless frauds.  That’s a good thing. 

This really isn’t anything new.  Don’t kid yourself.  There are no good ole days of class-based, private, for-profit corporate capitalism before our economy was financialized.  Before we were prey for capitalist financiers, we were fodder for capitalist industrialists.   We simply go through these long cycles of industrial predators then financial predators then back again.   You know where we are going next if you appreciate this.  That is, unless this system collapses as I have written on here for years that it most likely will.   We saw financial predators in 1776 under the king’s capitalism.  And, we saw them again in the longest depression in our history of 1873 and a few times in between and since.    And we’ve countless examples of private, for-profit capital’s industrialist predators in between including Robber Barons, child labor exploitation, Pinkerton guards murdering workers, a history of work and wage slavery, a history of toxic environmental damage, and on and on and on.  

Today’s criminal activity is just another manifestation of a private, class-based, profit-driven financial systems endless evils.  And, let’s be honest with ourselves and call it what it really is.  It is evil.  Remember, it was Reagan who deregulated private, class-based, for profit capital.  And, the world didn’t have to wait long to see the consequences.   Within Reagan’s second term, the U.S. economy teetered on the precipice of literal collapse with its greatest massive fraud since the Great Depression.   Hundreds of Reagan appointees went to prison or were forced out for impropriety.  And, thousands of prosecutions in the financial sector took place.  But, it was Clinton who completely deregulated the borders of private, class-based capital.  Now the fraud is well beyond anything most people can imagine.  Literally everything Wall Street touches involves some level of state violence.   Don’t delude yourself to believe one political party or the other is responsible.  It is the state that creates and perpetuates this violence.  This violence benefits the state and its many actors.  That includes the financial industry, politicians, corporations, universities, lawyers, etc. 

Clinton says he made a mistake in some of his decisions to deregulate the financial industry.  He chalks it up to bad advice.  Okay, if you are serious, then you and Al Gore should have no problems giving back the $500 million you made because of these decisions.  So, give it back.  Ahem.   That was my April Fool’s joke a day early. 

We still haven’t seen the true extent of this violence.  It is still being suppressed.  I dare say that while high frequency trading, while a serious infraction of state violence, is a serious criminal activity, it is peanuts in comparison to financial fraud enabled by state violence.  Small peanuts.  Just another rent extraction scheme.  I wrote on here years ago that Wall Street was the greatest evil in the world today.  That certainly is well true and there is little to argue with that assertion.   Wall Street is the enabler to state violence.  It funds the state’s endless violence around the world.  Mass murder, spying, fomenting violence, war, torture, bullying, terrorism and countless other sinister and more covert examples of violence against the American people.  Why do we see a wholesale collapse of the human condition in this country?  State violence.  This while those who enrich themselves at the expense of that violence are living large.    Remember, Wall Street and corporate capitalism are the enablers.  The source of that violence is the political class.  In other words, the state.

In closing, Lewis remarks that this type of front-running, which is the source of everything Wall Street does as a crime syndicate racket, is legal.   Now, how is that possible?   I return to my favorite quote from Bastiat- 

"Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Thus the beneficiaries are spared the shame and danger that their acts would otherwise involve. But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to the other persons to whom it doesn't belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime."

The state actors involved in perpetuating this wholesale fraud are wide and varied.  The military-industrial and police state complex benefits by extending its megalomania power.  Corporate capitalism benefits by extending its reach of rent extraction globally.  The investor class benefits by thieving the entire world.  The political class benefits through global domination.  Universities pump out the financial program graduates and MBAs to create and run this criminal racket.   And, the law profession and law university programs legalizes it.  Then there are the financial predators themselves.   And on and on and on.  The entire system is rotten.  Probably rotten beyond fixing.  But, then there is not and never will be an intent to fix it.   Doing so would mean the state would lose all of the violence it has empowered itself with due to the rot it created.  That ain’t happening.  The state exists for one reason and one reason only.  That is, to perpetuate its violence.  So, the implosion of modern corporate capitalist society continues.

Michael Lewis video here.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NSA, CIA & FBI Sued Over Their Refusal To Disclose Their Role In Nelson Mandela’s Imprisonment

What a surprise.   I have talked about this in the past.  The United States corporate capitalist system, as a class-based system of oppression, was substantially threatened by Mandela.  Just as the British class-based capitalist system was substantially threatened by Gandhi.  There certainly are very dirty state secrets that are involved here. 

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Friday, March 21, 2014

More Happy Talk About China Including The Mainstream Financial And Media Blather That The Communists Are In Control Of The Yuan

I’m going to tie all of this together in detail when I get my series of posts finished.  But until then, there are major issues coming to pass that I have forecasted years ago.   China is the biggest turd in the pool so these issues are worthy of timely discussion because they are catching almost everyone off guard.  That includes the entire global financial and economics bureaucracy.  Which just goes to show you why central planning doesn’t work.  Be that corporate capitalist central planning or state central planning.   And why centrally-planned finance and its sister ward of the state, the economics profession, is so wildly incompetent in corporate capitalist systems. 

I forecasted what is happening with the yuan in detail over the last nine years.  Most of my detailed posts about China were finished off half a dozen years ago, give or take.   It was just sitting back and watching the forecast unfold.   By the way, way back before China’s stock market collapsed I wrote on here that the commies had lost control of their economy and the Shanghai stock market was about to implode.  It obliged almost immediately.  Now, I am stating  that the commies have or soon will lose  control of their currency.  Same outcome.  The exact opposite outcome predicted by nearly every economist, financial master of the universe, politician, corporate bureaucrat and gold pumper. 

Frankly, I could have forecast what was going to happen to China when they were gearing up to enter the WTO if I was blogging or had some compelling reason to write a book.  By the way, a book that no one would have bought because in the world controlled by the inverted merit pyramid of perfectly incompetent bureaucrats, credentials mean well more than competence.   Which, might tell you a little about much of what you pay to read in a world controlled by credentials and money.  The two go hand in hand.  Which is also why we have a university education bubble that has manifested itself through a tuition debt bubble.   Gotta have that credential of a degree that bureaucrats love. 

That some hick blogging in his underwear can foretell what the entire communist party bureaucracy of 80 million members couldn’t figure out over the last fifteen years is not a testimony to my abilities but more a testament to the incompetence of hierarchical, class-based bureaucracies.   An inverted and perverted system of class that suppresses talent, virtue and, more importantly, as it pertains to the state and corporations, suppresses our divinity and its expression of human empathy, community, connection and love for our fellow man and for the natural world.

People are trying to piece this Chinese mess together as it unfolds.  I’ll tell you what happens.  I wrote it on here long ago.   Complete implosion.  Collapse of the yuan.  Collapse of China’s centrally-planned society.  Collapse of communism.  And, potentially the global collapse of corporate capitalism.   And, if any of those are subverted, it will be through the use of state violence.  In other words, the commies attempting to stoke nationalism, blame the U.S., team up with Russia or any other number of forms of violence.  Again, discussed on here long ago.  

Two recent stories in The Wall Street Journal and The Telegraph are below.  In those articles they cite “experts” that are telling us China’s brilliant central planners are letting the yuan float to curb speculators.  Hahaha.   One more time.  Bahahaha.  China’s communists created the speculators.  And they loved and encouraged them as long as it was granting the state the perception of class privilege, power and wealth.  How does a speculator get access to a currency that is not convertible?  Why, they get it from the communist central planners, the central bank; The People’s Bank of China.  The commies gave the speculators their money through their currency peg.  And they knew exactly what they were doing.  This is China’s mess.  The U.S. just helped them create it being the supportive, nonviolent society that we are.  Smile with tongue out    

To believe that the Chinese central planners are allowing the yuan to float in a wider band in some virtuous and noble attempt to curb fraudulent speculators is fundamentally based on a belief that the commies are virtuous and that they know what they are doing.   Only a finance or economics ward of the state could surmise this is what’s driving the action of the yuan or the commies.  But that is what these article’s authors and cited experts believe.  The Chinese central planners don’t know shit from shinola and placing faith in the action of the state to solve this yuan crisis that state violence created in the first place is absurdity defined. 

If it isn’t happening today, and no one has the inside information to make that determination as I type this, it will happen at some point that China will have absolutely no way to defend the yuan.   It’s not a matter of choice.  It’s a matter of fact.   Central planners cannot control the value of a currency through mistake mounded upon mistake.   Or, the multiplication of incompetence mounded upon incompetence.   Plus, they will burn their dollar holdings attempting to hold the yuan’s value.  Something that is noted in these articles and that I wrote long ago.  Something that no one in finance, economics, the gold community or otherwise seemed to understand.   Well, until it was too late.  It’s not a matter of “letting” the yuan float to stop speculators as these articles portray, it’s a matter of whether the yuan is collapsing now because central planning has lost control or whether the commies are trying to devalue it out of fear for what is happening because of central planning.  Their actions are an attempt to save their entire political and economic system from collapsing.  A system they created.  This is no different than the central planning actions of Bernanke, Obama. Paulson, the EU, the Soviet Union, Russia and on and on.  Which, as I wrote long ago, will likely set off trade sanctions with all things being equal.  In other words, the Chinese commies are eventually going to attempt to devalue the yuan to dump goods at below market costs on international markets using a worthless currency, the yuan.  A sort of centrally-planned “quantitative easing” meant to save their manufacturing and employment.  Manufacturing and employment they created by their predatory, violent, centrally-planned mercantilist economy.  A system that enriched the power of the state at the expense of China’s citizens.  Or, for that matter, American citizens or any other citizens.  A mercantilist or colonial capitalist economic system is state violence defined.   China’s reaping what it sowed.

As I wrote long ago, China will either have to proactively devalue the yuan, or if gets too far away from them, which it may have already done, they will lose complete control and the yuan will go where it will go.  Which is south to some unknown value.  And, by unknown, that includes the possibility of zero at some point.  Do you think the foreign exchange market is going to give the Chinese dollars for the value of the yuan today when their system is imploding?  Hahaha.   They are going to start demanding more yuan because it’s worthless.  There is absolutely no way they can defend their currency without blowing through their dollar holdings and then begging the U.S. for a bailout. 

As I noted long ago, China will either burn their currency through excessive printing or they will experience a massive deflation by attempting to stop the economic madness the communist party has created.  And, they will be required to abandon the yuan peg to do so.  Either way, the yuan is head south and economic deflation will ultimately ensue.   And, as noted long ago, at some point the Chinese will likely come begging the U.S. or the IMF for a bailout.  And, I doubt they will get it.  That is, unless the U.S. extracts terms that will be brutal.   How about all of China’s gold?  lol.  I doubt that would happen.  But China might have to start selling gold to raise capital as I did note long ago.  

Regardless, this future has a substantial possibility of creating massive unpredictability as the state responds through violence in its effort to save itself.  That includes every global state that will first seek to protect and perpetuate its power.  China and Russian trying to align themselves as may be happening as I type this, the U.S., Europe and other western capitalist societies doing the same, Japan responding in some fashion possibly with the backing of western democracies.  Who knows?   But, the state will make it very interesting.  That’s not a good thing either.  Remember, post 2008 I mocked the G20 meetings that were a show of unity and wrote that these predators would eventually turn on each other.  That is exactly what is happening. 

Once again, as I have noted many times, debt is not the issue for China.  People are trying to tie this current issue to debt.  Or a credit event.  Meh.  That’s not what’s going on under the surface.   Debt in China did not start exploding until after 2006/2007.  In fact, debt was relatively flat for years leading into 2006/2007.   Look at any debt charts.  China always had bad debt on its balance sheets.  And a lot of it.  But it was reasonably stable in scope.   The bad debts are why the central bank could never raise rates and why it had to use reserves and other clownish methods to control the money supply.  Well, and other reasons that would fuel speculators and arbitrage.  But, it was post-2006 when the massive swell of debt started in China.  That’s because debt in a capitalist system that is producing wealth is containable and repayable.  It’s only when wealth collapses that debt swells into a mountain.   Fractional reserve lending or not.  As long as the money supply is  being allocated to capital production, debt can and will be repaid.    In 2006/2007 all of that changed.   Since economists, politicians and bankers think wealth is derived by money, they believe the answer is to print more of it.   Wealth is not money.   Remember all of those comments over the year about the mythical service economy, created by the dunces who control our lives in the U.S. , not being able to inflate its way out of debt?  Ahem.   The global capitalist economic system is and has been in a state of terminal and permanent failure since 2008.

You won’t read much of this anywhere else because there is a dogmatic ideology blaming fractional reserve lending which is complete and utter bullshit.   Our issues have nothing to do with fractional reserve lending as I have noted on here before.  Now, giving private banksters unlimited ability to print money is a fool’s game but forget fractional reserves.  No reserves are necessary in a public banking system that is investing in sustainable economics.  Savings and reserves are bullshit anyway.  Money is bullshit too.  Wealth is not derived through money, savings or reserves.   We don’t need any of those to create wealth or abundance.  But, if we do have an economic system employing these institutions, wealth creates money, savings and reserves.    Both the Soviet Union and supply-side economics proved that as I wrote in my first post in the series of upcoming posts.  Which is why all of these ideological Mises morons telling us the U.S. is broke are ignorant and wrong.   The U.S. is rich beyond our wildest dreams.  Class and private interests are simply suppressing that wealth through the application of corporate state violence.  (I’ll repost that original post when I roll out the series).

China’s capital bubble collapsed in the 2006/2007 time frame as I wrote on here many times.  And, it is the hyper-consumption bubble of noncapital spending and consumerism that created China’s debt crisis over the last five years.  More on that in my series.)  That debt can be wiped, cordoned off, given haircuts or sold off to investors if debt is the only issue.  It’s not.  It’s not even close.  Debt is the mirage hiding the real crisis.   Debt is what your masters want you to believe is the issue because that allows them to control you.  To divert your attention from the real issues.  Believing the mirage, be it debt or whatever the powers-that-be are waiving their hands about, is typical of people who think with their eyes.  I used to write that time and again on this and other issues.  That the world would eventually reveal itself to those who think with their eyes.  That is exactly what is happening.  More, when I get up my series of posts. 

We are heading for some type of trade settlement system crisis.  That doesn’t necessarily mean a dollar crisis.  We shall see.  But the currency settlement system is going to experience some massive, possibly terminal shocks as noted on here time and again over the years.   But, I do expect the dollar will eventually lose its power globally as one of my long time theses on here is the U.S. corporate empire will likely disappear by 2022.   The dollar’s diminished capacity may not be through any method people believe.  It may be because globalization simply fails to exist.  Again, coming localization is another long-time thesis on here.  So, there could be an outcome where minimal global trade exists.   That would likely mean the global capitalist cabal implodes.  So, the power of the dollar would be negligible over other nations if trade levels diminish substantially.  Regardless, loss of empire is good news for the U.S. or whatever will exist in its place.   And it will be good for the dollar.  That is, if the concept of money (control) actually survives.   

Falling yuan curbs cash into China.

Tumbling yuan sets off carry trade rout.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chipotle Is Discounting Nearly 100 Years Of Free Cash Flow

Earlier this week I highlighted Chipotle’s enlightened video series.  Today, let’s look at Chipotle’s stock.   The company’s stock is a favorite of the financial fraudsters.   In the last five years the company has grown revenue 100%.   Not bad.  Not sustainable but a recognition of the principles its founders embrace.  But in the past five years its stock is up 1,200% thanks to Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama.  Talk about earnings expansion better known as centrally-planned asset inflation.  Central planning that simply creates a temporary mirage of faux wealth.   You know, like countless bubbles over the last 30 years that are increasing in rapidity and size as this control system becomes more and more unstable.  As noted on here many times, money is not wealth and the world is going to get a lesson in that greater truth courtesy of the fraudulent capitalist aristocracy and the enablers, central banks.  By the way, money should not be wealth either.  Something I have written of ad nauseam unlike those who incorrectly espouse we use gold as money.      

Chipotle is discounting close to 100 years of free cash flow.   But rather than Chipotle being an outlier, there are thousands of companies with this level of absurd valuation. 

This is typical of financial fraud to a degree that we have only seen a few times in U.S. history.   Yet this is far and  away the most egregious financial/political corruption in our nation’s history.   Far, far worse than 1929.  Far, far worse than under Reagan’s cronyism and deregulation of financial fraudsters.  Far, far worse than under Andrew Jackson’s war on private banksters.  Far, far worse than under Bill Clinton.  Far, far worse than the long depression of 1873.   And, as a result, the valuation of the equity market bubble is far, far worse.  As I have noted many times over the years, far, far worse than captured by earnings, cash flow, intrinsic value, book value, Tobin’s Q, valuation to GDP or any other metric.  Far, far worse.  Did I mention far, far worse?  There is no precedence to even compare today’s valuations.  I’ll share much more detail on my endless tirades on the size of this financial bubble and asset valuations in coming months.

For now, let’s stick with generally-available data.  I wonder how many Chipotle restaurants there will be in 100 years for investors to realize their investment at today’s prices?  How many restaurants in the U.S. have been around for 100 years?  Maybe a few hundred?  How many are publicly traded corporations?  Zero.  More importantly, how many restaurant chains have been around for 100 years?   Zilch.  Publicly-traded restaurant chains?  Zilcho.    The myth of cash flow growing into this absurd valuation is a rationalization that has no basis in reality.  It is a fraud unto itself.  This is going to end very, very badly for the fraudsters, central bankers and the political class who are their enablers.   

Remember, a long-time thesis on here is that the investor class is going to be obliterated.  They certainly are living large today.


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What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Your Thyroid Because Most Don’t Know: The Thyroid Series

I have mentioned Sean on here in the past.  I have followed his work for a long time and am a big fan of his efforts at educating people.  I would encourage everyone to participate in this series to become more educated and empowered about your health. 

Women and men, especially nearing middle age or older, are very sensitive to hormonal changes that impact our thyroid.  Additionally, it seems the countless manmade chemicals and toxic food we are exposed to are major contributors to hormonal and thyroid dysfunction and untold emotional and physical maladies for people of all ages.  That includes eating chemicalized, processized and drugged food that makes us sick, a lack of dietary iodine, a lack of dietary fat and an overabundance of processed carbohydrates and sugar.  We are experiencing a perfect storm in hormonal and thyroid dysfunction.   By the way, so are our pets.  There is an epidemic of hormonal and thyroid issues in the pet world and veterinarians are enablers to this sickness for the same reason establishment doctors are.

The guest list to this series, at the link below, is very compelling.  And the knowledge they will certainly share is not something you are going to easily find in the mainstream medical bureaucracy.  That’s because unless doctors consciously are mindful of the sickness they perpetuate through their indoctrinated training, and thus seek knowledge outside of mainstream medical dogma, they aren’t going to have the knowledge of how we can improve and even heal ourselves through self-empowerment.  To the contrary, the current sickcare system is driven by depowering humanity via rent-seeking profit of corporations.  Doctors make most of their money by selling something a for-profit corporation is selling.  There is no money in telling you to go home and eat organic spinach and grass-fed beef in lieu of a pill or a shot or a medical treatment or a surgery.  Doctors are, on average, the unknowing (ignorant) hooks or enablers through which this violent extraction and de-empowerment is achieved. 

To get this level of knowledge free is a great gift that Sean and his guests are sharing with us.

The Thyroid Series website here.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Myth Of The American Farmer, The State-Enforced, Violent, Industrial Food Monopoly And Chipotle’s Farmed And Dangerous Film Series

The industrial food monopoly is one of the largest employers in our nation.  From Wal-mart, Target, Kroger and other retailing behemoths who sell thousands upon thousands of SKUs of processized, chemicalized, nutrient-void, industrial food goo to the logistics companies, transportation companies, food processors, packaged food makers, raw material producers to the farmers, chemical companies, petroleum companies, seed companies, farming equipment companies to the countless financial firms who provide real estate, futures, hedging, management, insurance, and derivatives services to the colleges and universities who pump out engineers, nurses, doctors, scientists, MBAs, finance majors who feed the beast to the the various technology and process companies that enable the faux “productivity” boom that industrial farming has supposedly created.   I’m sure I have missed a few participants in there.  That includes the politicians, political actors, lobbyists, judges, lawyers and state regulators who use state violence to prop up this leviathan.   And they hide behind the twisted, tortured and bastardized rule of law to defend the Frankenstein of their contrived central planning -

"Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Thus the beneficiaries are spared the shame and danger that their acts would otherwise involve.  But how is this legal plunder to be identified?  Quite simply.  See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to the other persons to whom it doesn't belong.  See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime." -- Frederic Bastiat

The inertia of the collective industrial food Borg is massive and those who rely on this monstrosity for their economic survival number in the millions upon millions.  That means millions upon millions will continue to victimize themselves and others for their own self-interested, self-destructive rationalisms and logical fallacies.  That is, until the proverbial shit hits the fan and forces a crisis of the ego or until people experience a wholesale awakening.  Which, by the way, is happening at various speeds across this and every other form of predatory state violence.

That’s the beauty of corporate capitalism.  It conscripts people into doing the evil bidding of their masters.  Of the conformity of the Borg.  Often ignorantly.  Because the only way many will support evil bidding is through ignorance.  Whether that is willful ignorance or simply propaganda created by their masters.   We who live in the corporate state have no choice.  Or so we believe.   Without a wholesale, mindful awakening and refusal to support such a violent, self-destructive system, everyone’s economic livelihood is too often intertwined with doing evil.  Or, conforming through a system of mind-numbing, dumbed-down, emotional violence.   Something the military-industrial complex, the sick care complex, the financial sector, the university educational system, the public sector and on and on have perfected to a degree of efficiency and dumbed-down  ignorance that would make Stalin and Hitler proud.   While I support green initiatives, we even see this type of violence in green initiatives and other worthy efforts.   For, what was the industrial food monopoly other than once a worthy effort itself?  We are all mad.  We all victimize ourselves and others through our own ignorant conformity to the Borg of social and state-driven corporate violence.

So, even though truth is incontrovertible, the industrial food monopoly continues to bumble forward under its own inertia.  Inertia created through state violence.   Just like the other examples of state violence listed above, there is absolutely no way it can survive without state actors employing the force of the state to enslave humanity to its inhumaneness, unsustainability, destructiveness and the massive emotional and physical unwellness it creates. 

The myth of America being the world’s bread basket or as is commonly termed “supermarket to the world” is one of the most artful propaganda scams ever created by the corporate state.  Another one of those class-based, Aryan-type beliefs about exceptionalism that empire requires to loot, bomb, pillage, plunder and exploit people.  (All people are exceptional and divine when allowed to find, determine and experience their own emotional state of being.)  First of all, there are few farmers left in this country.  Most farming operations are registered corporations.  But I know more than a few industrial farmers and to actually sit down and have a frank discussion with them would draw their ire rather than an open-minded consideration of the truth.  That’s because our egos build up these belief systems in our head that we are doing good, we are successful, we are important and on and on.   And corporate propaganda continues to pump this message into our head.  Those primitive voices in our head derive their worthiness based on the work we perform.  

This is one of the dumbed-down effects of the corporate state.  We derive our worthiness, or lack thereof, through work.   If we do work praised by our masters, we are patted on the head.  If we don’t, we are labeled lazy or unworthy in some fashion.  Often that includes marginalizing, dehumanizing, state handouts.  This glorification of work as belief system is absolutely necessary for the endless overproduction and overconsumption that corporate capitalism and the industrial food monopoly needs to survive.  So rather than introspectively  taking responsibility for our own emotions and subsequent fears that the truth might entail, it’s easier for the ego to project its violence on the world around it.   And, that is what closed-mindedness or an intent of control really is.  That is how we blind ourselves to reality.  Because class-based corporate capitalism is unwittingly some twisted, dystopian, mind control experiment for the masses.    

Instead of opening our minds to the truth, we all perpetuate these seemingly endless lies of the mind.  These lies or beliefs we tell ourselves and others are fundamental to the success of a class-based, corporate state.  They are fundamental to a fear-based society that enforces social and economic conformity for the benefit of a ruling class.  You want to wake up to the possibility of a vulnerable, supportive, healing existence in this madhouse?  Get yourself a pet or extract yourself from those of class rank and privilege who prey on the rest of humanity.  For farmers, that means extracting yourself from what the meddling corporate state violently encourages you to do.  And, that may mean the recognition that in this system, you can’t keep your belief system or even afford all of your farm.  Because you may find that your excess ownership of land isn’t sustainable unless you are performing state-enforced industrial farming that enslaves you to profit to keep your head above your debts, taxes, overconsumption of chemicals, drugs, petroleum, farming equipment and the like.  That is, you cannot afford your existing lifestyle and beliefs unless you grow industrial food goo that victimizes yourself and the world around you.

There may have been a day in the distant past when America was the bread basket of the world.  But, those days were not in my adult lifetime.  And not when our entire food supply chain was controlled by rent-seeking corporations.  Contrary to the belief that the U.S. feeds the world through some great act of selflessness, I have written on here quite a few times over the years about how agri-processors, agri-business and the industrial food monopoly work in concert with the state to destroy local food production around the world.  And then enslave the world to the massive overproduction of unhealthy sick food produced in the United States and, to a lesser degree places like Brazil, Argentina and Canada.  The same American and European corporations dominate the trade and control of all of it regardless of what nation it is in.   

This industrial food overproduction is the same dynamic that drives the massive overproduction of military weapons and instruments of murder and death for the military-industrial complex.   It is also the same overproduction of sick care resources.  It is also the same dynamic that drives global overconsumption and consumerism.  The United States and other corporate states are the world’s dealers of misery and injustice in more ways than one.  That includes industrial food driving much of the profits in the sick care complex that is now expanding globally as the world becomes morbidly obese through the adoption of our miserable eating habits.  Industrial food overproduction also gives the corporate state even more political leverage and control over other nations and over the global economy.  Local farmers cannot compete.  And, local politicians often ensure they can’t by being corrupted by corporate state money and power.  Nothing creates more pressure on conformity to corporate state directives than enslaving another nation to a basic necessity of survival such as food.  2008 was just a financial crisis for the ignorant state actors and those who serve state violence.  For the rest of humanity, it was the shot heard round the world in the corporate state empire’s coming unwinding. 

As noted on here before, there are massive unintended consequences to state violence in industrial food and agriculture.  Food is used as a weapon by the corporate state.  Corporations are constantly trying to pry open new food markets for their for-profit industrial food around the world.  They do this by destroying local production and enslaving the peoples of the world into their need for greater and greater rent-extraction aka profit schemes.  Without which, this collective corporate state Borg would collapse. 

One example noted on here before of the unintended consequences of state violence in agriculture is the massive exodus (diaspora) of Mexicans into the United States.   NAFTA allowed the American and Canadian industrial farming complexes to literally dump food on Mexico at below production costs.  This state violence destroyed the local, small farmer in Mexico. By some estimates that bankrupted the vast majority of local peasant farmers  who then started their pilgrimage north of the border to find economic opportunity.   I don’t know the exact numbers but I have seen estimates that this dynamic destroyed the economic livelihood of millions upon millions of Mexican citizens.  But it benefited the college-degreed worker in the U.S. and Canada.  More of that global violence against the working class by the supposedly “educated” or “intellectuals”.  (You can thank  Al Gore and Bill Clinton for this massive use of state violence against millions of people in the U.S. and Mexico.  Well, and the rubber stamp from the 51st state, Canada.  And all of those who supported them.   Big L Liberalism and the groupthink that allows it is a Mental Disorder.  *So is Big C conservatism and the groupthink that allows it*  Small L liberalism, which seeks to free humanity from state violence and the collective groupthink of Big L liberalism is the only truth-based form of liberalism.   Unfortunately, in the United States, being a Democrat means you are a brainwashed big L liberal who supports state violence to achieve your party’s mission of winning.   Ditto with being a Republican.  The collective Borg’s mission of winning through dumbed-down conformity and groupthink.  Winning through violence against humanity, might I add.) 

Isn’t it funny that problems created by state violence through the industrial food monopoly and NAFTA are now being dealt with in the United States by the creation of new solutions involving even more state violence?   It doesn’t matter which side of the political debate one choses in Washington, the end result will involve class-based violence.  Deporting people back to Mexico is the epitome of state violence.   The misery, injustice and pathological lack of compassion it requires is unspeakable.  Especially, when a substantial amount of undocumented Mexican workers showed up here as a result of U.S. state violence against these very people in the first place.  Allowing undocumented Mexican workers to stay here under this economic control system simply perpetuates the continued collapse of the American working class’ wage base and living standards.  ie  More state violence.   Pick your poison and root for your favorite political team.  Support Democrats or Republicans and enjoy the fruits of your collective violence perpetuated on humanity.  Stalin and Hitler would be proud.

When society allows the political class to frame an issue and then allows them to take our personal power to resolve it, we are guaranteed a political solution.  In other words, a dumbed-down, conformist one that involves the force of the state.   When we allow humanity to solve its own problems through democratic self-rule, empowerment and community, we connect people to each other rather than disconnect them through state violence.

The industrial food monopoly is finished.  It’s just a matter of how and when.  There is a tremendous amount of inertia behind this leviathan so even after the tidal wave of this system starts breaking against the reefs, it’s going to continue its devastation for some period of time.   That’s what we actually see today.  We may have already seen the tipping point in this and other issues and we just may not have recognized it yet.   Anyone who uses their noggin knows this system is going to fail and fail completely.  But, as I type this it ignorantly continues on its blissful way without a worry in the world. 

Chipotle is on the right side of history.  They aren’t the only company.  Corporations, especially corporations under the guidance of mindful, connected, authentic people rather than under the control of the predatory, rent-seeking investor class, can be used to do good when they work on behalf of society.  But, these examples are too few and always have been.  The rules to the game need to be changed.  They are easy to change and would make profound differences to humanity, democracy and to the human experience. 

It is evident to me that it is not Adam Smith’s invisible hand of self-interest is not driving Chipotle’s intent.  But rather Chipotle is driven by truth and authentic compassion for humanity and the natural world.  There is a huge difference.  Smith was motivated by the ego.  He was, at heart, embracing the primitive self and all of its foibles including its capacity for great evil.   If I am selfish, I will benefit all of humanity.  How’s that working out for you?

Doing well by doing good is an authentic, selfless human expression of our mind’s divinity or its higher power.  Doing well by doing good is driven by an intent of discovery and truth rather than being driven by the disconnected ego’s pathology.  Doing well because you see an opportunity for your own selfish personal gain, as Smith supporters believe, is not authentic, is not selfless and is not driven by discovery or truth.  It is driven by the primitive ego’s intent of fear (control).  That is what drives the disconnected, selfish ambition to achieve class rank, title and privilege at the expense of your fellow man that is the hyper-competitive, pathological corporate state.  And, thus it is always going to involve willful and intentional deceit, manipulation, fear, control, violence, class privilege and other manifestations of the ego’s foibles.   And in a system such as ours, the ego can conjure up the collective by using state violence to achieve its objective of rote, ignorant conformity on a mass scale.  In other words, through the creation of ego-based, dubious or even evil social norms and social values.  You know, like America is the supermarket to the world.  Or, that we are the world’s global force for good.  Or, other equally absurd bullshit. 

One of the mockeries of the industrial food monopoly on the Farmed and Dangerous Youtube channel is a video titled “All About Me”.   Ahem.  It is a mockery of the use of amusement and diversion propaganda used to feint reality by the pathological who wish to control and deceive us.   This dynamic is waning very, very substantially in its effectiveness across all aspects of our society as humanity awakens from the lies and deceit used to control us.  Ironically, it seems as though the human mind may be in the early stages of adapting to become impervious to the violence of advertising and marketing used to enslave and victimize us.   And why shouldn’t it?  Freedom from this primitive ego-driven manipulation is necessary for the survival of the species.

Mercola’s post and embedded video on Chipotle’s Farmed and Dangerous  The introductory 20 seconds is hilarious – spouting communism, hippies and propaganda.  ie, Throwing the false memes created by the corporate state industrial food monopoly back in its face.

Farmed and Dangerous Hulu channel with more videos in the series.

Farmed and Dangerous Youtube playlists

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Friday, March 14, 2014

China’s Dumbed-Down, Brutally-Repressive, Central-Planning, Communist Leadership Warns Of Coming Serious Economic Challenges

It was just a few years ago that China was considered invincible by every single political, economic and financial talking head who could grab a microphone.  Resisting that type of meritless, dumbed-down groupthink was and remains an daunting task.  It is pervasive in a world where truth has been replaced by corporate and corporate state propaganda.   How many U.S. bears loved China?  Over the last decade?   Some still do.  Peter Schiff comes to mind as a loud China bull and U.S. bear.   He was just one of countless.  Everyone in the economics, political and financial community in the U.S. was bullish on China at some point.  The gold bulls thought (and still think) China’s central planners was(is) going to save them; something I have mocked repeatedly.  Or, even more ludicrous, there are many who believed the yuan was going to become the world’s reserve currency.   Hahaha.  Whatever.  Where do people get this stuff?   I doubt the future will even have a reserve currency as noted on here many times.   The concept of a reserve currency is determined only through the barrel of a gun.  It is a control mechanism used to loot the world.  I even remember pointing out some economics savant wrote in a major “think tank” periodical that China would soon enough be more than a $200 trillion economy.  Does anyone who identifies with the ruling class or considers themselves an authority on money or economics actually have any idea what they are doing?

Half a dozen years ago I even remember Robert Reich wrote on his blog “The people managing China's economy (I'm not talking about the politicians but about the financial and economic wizards who are actually making decisions about money supply, capital markets, and the like) are extremely good. They match the best economic minds anywhere in the world. In other words, they know what they're doing.”   Hahahaha.  Okay, I picked myself up from the floor.  We all make mistakes in our lives and I mean no disrespect but I will never forget that post.  It was close to the very time I was writing that China’s stock market was going to collapse.  Which it promptly did. 

I love Robert as an authentic human being but I nudged him with some comments on his blog at that time that he was smoking something and that China was run by dunces.  Of course, so too is the United States.   Which is why no human being should have any control over the economic or social freedoms or determinism of another human being.  Only law.  Only law based on natural rights.  Allowing class-based, private, profit-driven criminals to send our capital to China or anywhere else is not consistent with natural rights.   It is a crime against humanity perpetuated by the political class toadies.   This crisis in China was preordained long ago because those who created it are pathological.

My point with citing this is that it is one of endless examples of “No one could have seen it coming” that is the prevalent false meme with the endless consequences of political class corruption and meddling with our freedoms.   Even the very people who were responsible for creating the monster of globalization through the deregulation of private capital’s national borders, the Clinton administration on which Reich served, literally had no idea of the future consequences their extremely misguided actions would create.  They still don’t.  Which, by the way, is why the central planning politicians need to get out of our lives and out of the economy.  And I do mean get the hell out.  Maybe more importantly, we need to rid ourselves of the concept of a political class which subverts and destroys  self-rule, economic determinism, freedom and democracy. 

People are still missing what is going on in China.  Yes, we obviously see copper and industrial metals are collapsing.  That was predictable as I noted the literal implosion of copper imports into China last year and how corporations were literally making up export numbers in an attempt to get out of the yuan and into dollars.   Anyone who still has faith in the Chinese central planners are kidding themselves.   The premiere of China’s communist party is almost certainly just another in a long line of incompetent bureaucrats who will be overwhelmed by the unintended outcomes they have created for the people of China. 

The issue for China is not debt or credit as the communist party premiere pronounces and as others believe.   Certainly bad debt is and has been an issue for well more than a decade.  And, all that bad debt has done is continue to swell.   The real issue as noted on here many times over the years is that China is in a massive capital bubble.  That bubble has already popped.  It popped some years ago.  So, in its wake we have seen a resultant massive debt/credit bubble.   Unlike a debt/ credit bubbles that can be often ameliorated through debt forgiveness (not likely in a system of excruciating state violence) or isolating toxic or bad debts that the investor class can they snap up on the cheap, (which China will likely attempt to undertake at some point to please their plundering American masters) a capital bubble has no solution.  

The new premiere of China sees serious challenges but I doubt he has any idea what the central planners are really in for.   That could include losing complete control and seeing their wildly corrupt government sacked as noted on here many times over the years.  China’s crisis will be colossal and so will be unemployment that even Marc Faber discounted in a recent interview on CNBC Asia.  I have talked about this many times over the years.  That includes my previous remarks over the last half dozen years on the coming bullwhip shocks that will devastate capital employment in China.   There is no precedence for anything like China’s mess.   Ever in human history.  Its size and scope is massive.   When it reveals itself in its full glory, it will make 2008 look like tea and crumpets with the queen mutha.  I’ll fill in more of the blanks I skipped over in past years in coming months.  The horror of what is to eventually come for China will become more clear. 

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Glenn Greenwald’s Latest On State Violence: The NSA Poses As Facebook In Its Efforts To Infect & Destroy The Freedom Of The Internet

Is this even constitutional?  Is anything the state does, consistent with natural human rights?   Or is the state on a never-ending mission to destroy our natural rights?  The corporate state’s pathological violence gets more dystopian with each and every revelation.   We live in a fear-based world created in large part because of the 20th century’s meteoric rise in class-based state violence.  And that violence is literally destroying humanity.  Rather than the twentieth century’s inventions empowering humanity, the class-based corporate state has generally used those advances to enslave society into a system of economic and social subjugation. 

When the state involves itself in the Internet as Snowden’s-revelations/Greenwald’s-reporting highlight in this post, it is akin to “casting your pearls before swine”.   If it has its way, the state will destroy the Internet, possibly the greatest gift of human freedom in history.  And, thus the greatest threat to the state control.

So, does the state really believe it is keeping us safe?  Reducing the chance of future violence by employing its endlessly violent Faustian bargains?   Or is the state simply interested in perpetuating its only reason for being?  That would be to perpetuate its class-based violence (control) against humanity. 

Greenwald’s latest exposé at the link here.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Japan’s GDP Crumbles In The Face Of Abenomics As The Unintended Consequences Of State Violence Come Home To Roost

When Prime Minister Abe announced the force of the state was going to be unleashed in his personal war on deflation,  I knew the unintended consequences would result in more human suffering once again.  This isn’t rocket science.   The political class only exist for only one reason.   That is, to unleash state violence upon humanity.  And that violence knows no bounds.   When people wake up to this incontrovertible truth, humanity will have taken a first step to true freedom from our own victimization rather than our continual bargaining to become house slaves for our corporate state masters.

Let’s see.   Abe’s war on deflation.  Hmm.  The war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on illiteracy, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, World War I, World War II, the war on terror, the war on deflation, the war on debt (austerity), the war to open up foreign markets for private capital, free market corporate capitalism, globalization.  The last few of these are covert wars on all of humanity.  They are all just a few examples of twentieth century wars aka state violence that humanity can appreciate.  How’s that working out for you? 

The unintended consequences of state violence have been massive and incredibly violent.  Who absorbed that violence?  The poor sonofabitches on the receiving end of the political class’ beating stick.   But hey, politicians, the state and those who serve the violence of the state are all still living large.  It’s good to be the king.  The king is simply a pseudonym for the class benefitting from state violence.  As shown in the Mel Brooks comedy link, misogyny is enabled by state violence.  So too are misandry, misanthropy, patriarchy, bigotry, slavery, bullying, conformity, spying, war, terror, rent extraction and other primitive ego, disconnecting forms of human violence enabled by the state.  The definition of violence is the state and the class who control it. 

Japan’s economic growth was essentially zero in this most recent quarter.   0.2% growth is nothing more than a rounding error.   So much for Abenomics and its war on Japan’s deflation.   Another power-enriching exercise for the state and its adherents and another example of violence absorbed by humanity.

Japan Inc’s profits doubled last year.  Did the profit of the Japanese people also double?  Or did they suffer the unintended consequences of state violence that is Abenomics?  ie, Higher food prices, higher energy costs, higher debt peonage, higher taxes, etc?   Unintended consequences of state violence that forced them to burn more savings in lieu of stagnant wages.  Or, worse.  If they have no savings, to suffer the consequences and beg for mercy through state handouts to ameliorate the very violence the state creates.  As noted on here long ago, the concept of savings is unnecessary without the threat of future state violence.  In a world of abundance, especially that which we see today with modern invention, science and human ingenuity, there should be no need for money or monetary savings.  Ever.  That people around the world are literally begging for money (who have no savings) is nothing more than a barometer for the level of state violence we now see.  It is unprecedented in human history.  

From the dollar/yen graphic below, we know that almost half of Japan’s export-driven profits over 2013 was because of a falling yen and the rest was likely from short term demand that was created by cheaper imports to Japan’s trading partners.  Abenomics created a temporary illusion that it was working as state actors enriched themselves at the expense of humanity.  This is really no different than the illusion that the Federal Reserve created last year with an increase of $10 trillion in U.S. wealth through the temporary inflation of paper assets.  Both are illusions created by state violence.  Or predatory renter capitalism; a violent economic system that requires money to make money.  A violent game only those of class (Those who benefit from state violence) win.   So, if you are one of the renter capitalists in the U.S. (A beneficiary of state violence)  or one of the house slaves, you are feeling pretty good right now.  The Federal Reserve put $10 trillion of Monopoly money wealth in your bank accounts.  Or so you believe.  The rest of Americans?  They are still wage slaves or reliant on violent, dehumanizing corporate capitalist socializing-losses-and-privatizing-gains programs like welfare and food stamps that keep people barely alive in a subhuman or primitive fear-driven existence. 


I will tell you what’s really wrong with Japan in my upcoming series of posts.  The real answer is quite simple but I haven’t read a single explanation that is accurate over the years.   This is just another example of unprecedented human knowledge that is and has been repressed, suppressed or lost under the weight of state violence.  Well, and the unprecedented human reliance on that state violence.  And reliance on one of the state institutions of violence;  the pseudo-science of state orthodoxy that is the field of economics.   Did I mention state violence?  lol

For now I’ll just remark that Japan’s economy is in terminal depression just as the U.S., E.U and Chinese economies are.     That depression is created by the state.  And, the state is violently binging on an orgy of other people’s money in an effort to maintain itself through the depressions it has created. 

The only way to recover both the U.S. and Japanese economies, and economies around the world, is to jettison corporate capitalism and the corporate state.  In other words, to relieve society of state economic violence.  That nary a single person in economics, politics or finance, professions of state actors, has an accurate voice as to why Abenomics and his war on deflation was and is going to fail and what the real issue really is is simply another sign of how ignorant the state actors (our fearless self-appointed, class-based leaders) really are.

The disconnected ego is the source of all violence in this world. The state is the institution of the ego through which that violence is magnified exponentially.   To believe that humanity can create a less ego-centric (violent) future by embracing the ego’s violence is just another of the ego’s endlessly contradictory and self-victimizing Faustian bargains.   

Freedom is the bearer of nonviolence.  To be free, to be truly free - our higher power’s state of mind that rejects the primitive ego’s intent of violence (control) - is to be nonviolent.  To be nonviolent is to be divine. 

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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Cracks To Corporate State Society’s Foundations Are Becoming Ever Larger: Electrical Volcanic Activity And Required New Theories To Explain Them?

First off, I have had a few people ask me when I’m going to roll out the rest of my series of posts.  I am contemplating an audio update for some or all of them.  It has been years since I have put any audio or audio/video updates on here.  That may be a possibility to reduce the effort involved.  And, I am contemplating writing the entire series then rolling them out in sequence so I can keep a rhythm with the reader.  I dunno yet.   But I have written a few of them.  I’ll probably repost the original at some point and then start it as an uninterrupted series.  It’s just a matter of organizing my thoughts into something coherent.  It’s a little like writing a book with a dozen chapters so I’m still noodling.  But they are coming.   There is just a tremendous amount I wish to write about given the state of the world.  This is a time rich with substantive issues.   The twentieth century’s class-based, churlish self-amusement is coming to an end. 

Let me make an introductory remark before getting to the post.   China just reported horrible trade numbers.   This should be no surprise given my posts last year on the topic including imploding copper imports and the scams that were used to pump up artificial export trade numbers.  Or, for that matter, my posts here and elsewhere for the last decade.   This outcome was predictable.  As I noted before if I was writing in 1995, I could have predicted this future outcome.  It has been pre-ordained.  It is an outcome to the game.  The freight train is coming it’s just a matter of when.  And, I don’t see a true appreciation of what is really going on or how bad it will be.  This is not a debt crisis in China.  Although debt certainly has exploded in the last five years.  More in my upcoming series of posts.   But my remarks some days ago about China’s currency recently pushing lower may now be exposing itself as to why.  Let me just say this for now.  There is an enormous misunderstanding of what is going on in China.  Or what the consequences will be.  At some point China is going to be put in a position where they will have to start burning through their dollar reserves as noted on here before.  And, also noted on here some years ago, I wrote that the U.S. probably isn’t going to be in a mood to be bailing out China when that happens.  The gold bugs who believe China is going to be their savior have no idea what is really happening in the world.   They are going to shit their pants when the tsunami hits.   Onto the post.  

Our planet continues to exhibit very substantial volatility.  Back in 2008 I put up a link to some absolutely amazing images of volcanic lightning with the Chaiten eruptions.   Really, the best pictures yet available in any eruption I am aware of.   The devastating  Japanese earthquake and tsunami produced  similar  electrical atmosphere phenomena beforehand as linked to on here. 

Up until the last few decades institutionalized science discounted such possibilities as delusions by the unscientific locals.  And now?   Since the advent of the Internet, we are witnessing some very substantial events that were once chalked up to nonsense.   That’s not to say science cannot eventually explain these events.  But, what is happening before our very eyes is that institutionalized science is in the midst of failure in its theories on volcanism and possibly tectonics too.  In other words, up until today, much of what people paid tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn, and then their egos vehemently defended, as institutionalized science, is probably nothing more than some variance on voodoo.   They may not know it yet.  But, they will.   This is very much a dynamic that extends to finance, business, MBAs, economics and the sort.  We will pay dearly to learn what isn’t true.   Now, science will ultimately reformulate its  theories and, at some point in time, those will likely collapse as well. 

This is consistent with a long-time thesis on here that we are witnessing the collapse of hierarchical, institutionalized science across a wide spectrum of disciplines.   It’s everywhere.  Oftentimes because knowledge has become siloed for reasons of self-interest.   Oftentimes because of political meddling.  Oftentimes because science has been hijacked by private, for-profit capital’s interests. 

Truth seeks to be free.  Not to be controlled by self-interested keepers of the faith or evangelists in hierarchical bureaucracies aka institutions of the ego.  So much of science has been turned into  dogma and orthodoxy.  Oftentimes tainted, and even destroyed, by the institutionalized ignorance that is class-based political dogma and orthodoxy. 

In other words, this rot and ignorance transcends the private, for-profit, class-based corporate state’s very existence.  We could literally see an eventual unwinding of just about everything that has been built up by institutions of the ego over the last one hundred years.  The twentieth century was, in some ways, some bizarre experiment foisted upon the human condition.  An experiment created by state violence be that emotional, physical, spiritual or intellectual.   As discussed on here ad nauseam, hierarchical bureaucracies, money, politics and private capital and other institutions of the ego enslave us to ignorance.  Contrarily, science seeks to be free.  Knowledge seeks to be free.  They seek to achieve their own state of being free from control.   What discovery and learning should be is not what it actually happens when the involvement of money, ego, power and the state come into play.  Ego-motive and its intent of control destroys the purity of science, discovery and truth.  The state and its ability to manufacture endless force has created an enormous inertia that has destroyed truth on a level never before experienced by humanity.   What is so disconcerting is the pervasiveness of this dynamic.

So, enough background.  Let’s get on to some recently documented volcanic phenomena.  Hopefully, we won’t have to listen to anti-science, control-driven ignoramuses like Al Gore blame any of this on carbon dioxide.   Which would be even more ignorant than the already extreme ignorance of many self-appointed intellectuals.

Glowing orbs in the skies of Fukushima (earthquake lights) and a totally new physics?   By the way, if one is open to what is happening around the world, there are many new discoveries that are challenging the existing “laws” of science including the hard sciences of physics and chemistry.   (This again is consistent with a long-time thesis on here that we are in the midst of massive collapse of much of what is now called science but is really nothing more than junk nonsense often perpetuated by the ego’s vanity, self-interest and profit motive.  ie, Free market corporate capitalism.)  

Sinabung volcano lightning (video)  This and the next link are very nice videos that are worth watching on a full screen viewer.  Explanations proffered by institutionalized science for volcanic lightning has so far been inconsistent and often nonsensical.  Therefore, I’m going to clearly state those theories are actually not good science.  

Sinabung volcanic tornadoes (video)   This is extremely bizarre.    This looks like an outtake from some post-apocalyptic science fiction movie or like the tornados on dead planets like Mars and the sun.   The first thing that comes to mind when watching these tornadoes is a possible plasma/ electric field interaction involved in Jupiter’s volcanic moon, lo.   Whether volcanism is actually a result of electrical phenomena or other variables are at work, no one really knows right now.  But we do know that new data is blowing a hole in existing science.  This phenomena certainly appears to be electrical and using existing physical theories to derive new electrical interpretations is therefore probably akin to Al Gore’s nonscience science that won him a Nobel Prize for blowing donuts about how humanity created global warming.  

The primary reason these and other arcane attempts at interpretation (putting a square peg in a round hole) of this and other phenomena, be that in science, economics or human behavior are taking place is that institutionalized science is constantly trying to fit behavior, data and discoveries into existing scientific orthodoxy and models of how they think the world should be.  This, rather than consider that existing theories and models are wrong.   Why?  Because hierarchical, institutionalized bureaucracies first seek to perpetuate themselves.  ie, Control.   No one gets to keep their positions of authority, power and control when they are found to be completely wrong.  Or, worse yet, supposed educational leaders soaking students for trillions of dollars to learn what they supposedly know and the students don’t.   The actors in these plays aren’t even mindful of their own faulty biases or ignorance.   We are all guilty of this to some degree.  This is why the natural state of humanity is to live in a flat world unencumbered by controlling beliefs of self-appointed class.  In other words, an existence based on natural rights.  That includes education and learning and how that knowledge is created, maintained, updated and disseminated. 

Not all of science has been corrupted.  And, not all of science is junk science.  But after a century of profit motive and self-interest by class, hierarchical bureaucracies and private interests (groupthink and often self-aggrandizing groupthink at that), we have many unproven, if not bizarre, arcane scientific beliefs.  And, often on top of those are mounded more bizarre, arcane scientific beliefs.  There may be some degree of truth contained within some of those beliefs but when you add erroneous theories on top of erroneous theories, you multiply their error.   This error magnification is a very simple truth that is lost upon the keepers of the faith because they are blinded by their own ego.   The end result is “scientific” theories can end up so far from reality that Bugs Bunny and the Roadrunner could come up with more accurate hypotheses.  But, these massive errors are perpetuated due to inertia, groupthink, conformity and class.     In other words, science can actually be further away from reality than the religious dogma and orthodoxy that its leaders often mock as unscientific.   One example I have cited on here before is physics.  Quantum physics to be more accurate.  We have so many fudge factors and voodoo built on top of fudge factors and voodoo in quantum physics that this discipline will almost certainly experience a major purge within coming decades.  How much of this error magnification do we see in institutionalized, hierarchical science today?  It’s everywhere.   Frankly, as noted many times, it goes well beyond science to everywhere there is a hierarchical, institutionalized bureaucracy.   This is especially true in economics, monetary theory, climate change and countless other forms of pseudo-science that are actually pawned off as science.   Today we see economics and monetary economics are flying blind with nothing more than a Ouija Board as a guide.   The morons who have appointed themselves as our feckless leaders are driving  us off the cliff into some unknown abyss.  Again, written of quite extensively on here.

By the way, the last time we had such low solar irradiance, a sister volcano of Sinabung experienced the planet’s largest volcanic eruption in two thousand years.   The rise of volcanism, earthquakes and resultant ocean acidification that we see today was predictable to some degree if one appreciates that longer term solar irradiance cycles are possibly linked to volcanism.  And, there are many reasons to believe this to be possible.  But this doesn’t fit into mainstream scientific orthodoxy and dogma.  There is massive money, self-interest and power (inertia) that perpetuates every hierarchical institution of the ego.  Even in the face of reality the ego can look truth straight in the face and say that blue is red and pigs can fly in order to perpetuate itself.  Isn’t this obvious from the clearly available truths that millions of people around the world appreciate how to make the world a better place but the hierarchical, institutionalized class-based state and its actors employ endless violence to keep any of this progress from every happening?   The same dynamic exists in hierarchical, institutionalized science.

I think we should expect that possibility of major volcanic events before this low solar period passes.  Possibility.  Not prediction.  

Remember, as noted on here ad nauseam, volatility always precedes a change in trend. 

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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Crimean Parliament Votes Unanimously To Secede To Russia

First, off topic and in the news is Fed President of the Bank of Dallas citing concerns over equity valuations at “eye-popping levels”.  Let me tell you, he has no idea.  It’s far, far worse than he imagines as noted on here incessantly. The metrics he cites do not capture the true magnitude of this bubble. 

I saw this possibility of Crimea seceding to Russia a thousand miles away.  That’s why I wrote just that some days ago.  I am completely certain that Putin has been playing the United States like a fiddle.   He likely was working with the Crimean leadership to pull off this effort well before anyone else knew about it.  If not weeks ago, possibly years ago.  Possibly patiently waiting until the pot boiled over and the opportunity presented itself.   Or maybe even pushing an agenda that forced such an outcome of restoring Crimea to Russia.  

A friend of mine and I were talking a few weeks ago on a topic of Russia and the United States and he remarked that Putin was playing chess and the United States was playing God.  I think that statement accurately portrays the policy of bullying and terror that is so prevalent in the corporate state; in Washington, on Wall Street and in corporate board rooms. 

United States foreign policy is and always has been destructive, impulsive, petulant and random.  Political rhetoric and actions are never well thought out or thought through.  There is no strategy or objective other than point-based Whac-A-Mole ignorant impulsiveness.  We can see this clearly in every action of U.S. politicians now that transparency is being brought to light by heroes like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Glenn Greenwald, Bradley Manning and Wikileaks.   That’s because our fearless public “servants” don’t know how to play chess.  Only God.   This is a symptom of the dumbed-down corporate state; morons, sycophants, toadies and pathology rises to the top.  A perfectly inverted merit pyramid of pure ignorance and party ideology. 

When special interests, money, control, power, ambition and other ego-driven pathologies are determining your behavior, in lieu of authenticity, your words and actions are contradictory, self-inflicting, dysfunctional and self-destructive.   That’s why Obama, Bush, congressional foreign policy “experts”,  the military, Washington think tanks and the mainstream media look like dopes and clowns on this and every other foreign policy topic.   It’s why they are all being rejected en masse by the American people in poll after poll.   The shine is off of the dime.  More and more are awakening to the fact that the people running our society are the idiocracy. 

The actions of Crimea are consistent with United Nations rights of secession as noted in that recent post.  Crimea is Russian.  It’s culture, heritage and history are Russian.  That power-mad statists drew an arbitrary line throwing Russian-heritage people into the Ukraine means nothing.   Ditto with Russia itself that has its own issue with liquid, debated borders that could break at any time.   By the way, there are movements in North America by Quebec, California, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Arizona, Oregon, Texas and a few other places to declare their independence.   This isn’t the action of fanatics but, contrarily a reaction to state violence and a desire and human right of self-determination. 

The U.S. corporate state empire is collapsing.  That’s good news for Americans.  Bad news for those who mooch off of us; bankers, politicians, corporate bureaucrats, China, India, etc.    The empire is collapsing as we see unprecedented bullishness from the pathological who use state violence to loot on behalf of the empire’s self-appointed aristocracy.  Isn’t that the way the ball always bounces?  Hubris and arrogance eventually lead to karmic collapse of the ego.  Or, in this case, institutions of the ego. 

By the way, on an intertwined topic, our military’s top general offers a grim outlook on our nation’s defense.    This is typical of the predatory self-interested pathology that has destroyed our nation and the livelihood of countless millions in it.  The military is not a democratic institution.  Not even close.  It is an institution of the ego.  It is a command and control structure that demands complete authority at all cost.  When complete authority is not given, those dissenting (democratic principles)  are shot, hung or imprisoned.   Sort of sounds like our foreign policy, eh?  That is why our founding fathers gave us endless warnings about the dangers of standing armies.   The predatory military-industrial complex’ massive power grab and overproduction of military weapons has played a primary role in the collapse of our nation’s self-determinism and democracy.  It’s tragic and pathetic to see such grandstanding when the United States spends more on our supposed defense than the rest of the world combined.  By some measures, more than double the rest of the world combined.   Our children go to bed hungry and our citizens remain unemployed and underemployed in unprecedented numbers and this is as good as it gets?  Spend more on the military?  Sod off!  More of that inverted pyramid of ignorance.  So, did Jesus of Nazareth tell this general he needed to overproduce more weapons of mass destruction & murder when he went to church on Sunday?  Just curious.   The ego is the source of all evil in this world.   Married to the force of the state, it becomes the source of the vast majority of destruction and death of our planet.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Coming Liquidity Shocks - Russian Stocks Recovery Mildly From Five Year Low As Ruble Hits All Time Low

I’m updating this post with a topic that has nothing to do with its title.   It is an extreme absurdity that is worthy of mentioning.  Back to the post.

I noted that Russia was experiencing a very serious slowdown late last year.  The Russian Trading System has been trending downward for many months.  And, as a result of this economic situation, the ruble has gone with it.   The Crimea/Ukraine crisis will only hasten what is already underway in Russia. 

It has been probably half a dozen years since the words coming liquidity shocks were penned on here.  Russia joins India, Turkey, South Africa, Argentina and countless other countries experiencing varying degrees of currency crises.   More on this as I roll out my upcoming series of posts but I wrote this was going to happen heading into the 2008 collapse.  And it did.  Although this situation is far more global and dire.   My oft written remarks that future crises would be far more severe outside of the U.S. is starting to come to pass.  Let me say this for now.  The global economy has been experiencing widespread liquidity shocks for some months now.  This is the first time we have seen such dynamics since the 2008 collapse.  Currency crises=liquidity shocks.   They are popping up everywhere. 

As noted ad nauseam on here, the dollar is not going to collapse unless the entire world repudiates dollars.  This as every other currency than the dollar is in crisis.   All currencies may become worthless but that can happen through many dynamics other than collapse.  The dollar will, without some exogenous dynamic, eventually rise violently as this system freezes up, collapses or whatever it is going to do.  Again, written on here ad nauseam.  Dollar bears base their analysis either on emotion or a lack of understanding of how the world actually works.  By the way, Russia’s threats to dump the dollar should be expected, as should other threats to the dollar as this system reaches some degree of crisis.  But, Russia would almost certainly suffer far greater than the U.S. in their actions. 

On that note, I would also like to state that many futures markets dynamics including eurodollars are experiencing record leveraged bearishness.  We also see that there is a record level of belief that the yuan will supplant the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  This again is based on ignorance.   Do you honestly believe a communist central-planning bureaucratic control system is going to inherit the mantle of humanity?  Capitalism has created bizarre bedfellows where its mythical free market brilliance has, more often than not, sided with communism over human freedom.  This is akin to GE’s CEO remarks that the U.S. should be more like nations in the Middle East right before the 2008 collapse.  Capitalism’s “genius” is similar to believing in Soviet Union genius.   The notion itself is utterly absurd and this recent survey of capitalists and Chinese regarding the yuan becoming the reserve currency is just another data point in that reality.

I have written many times for at least half a dozen years that China’s currency is worthless and the commies just don’t know it yet.  We are starting to get a glimpse of this over the last nine months or so as the communists try to paper over the mess they have created with their Whac-A-Mole point-based responses.  You know, the same game the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and Washington play for a living.    By the way, China’s money supply has grown at rates magnitudes more than the U.S. and the belief that they are going to back their currency with gold as believed by many is utterly preposterous.   Doing so would collapse their economy.   Now, they may be forced to offer a gold-backed yuan if their economy collapses because no one will then give them more than toilet paper for the currency, but that’s entirely another issue.

By the way, the yuan too recently fell more than at any time in the last ten years even though it is pegged to the dollar.   I wrote long ago that the communists were either going to have to devalue the yuan or it would collapse under its own weight as this system unwound.  Prognosticators are trying to explain the drop in the yuan as a “test” for a greater trading range.  Even though there is no evidence of this.  I suspect reality is far more sinister.   It has been years since I have written of it, but I believe the U.S. and China are in a Nash Equilibrium.   That equilibrium will exist until it doesn’t.  Sooner or later the yuan will break the buck.  Well, and the U.S.-China dynamic will become much more ugly than it already is.   We see signs of this already.   Again, this recent penning in the Financial Times was written of as a future outcome on here many years ago.   The world continues to unfold as I anticipated.  

The only way the yuan is going to become the world’s reserve currency is if Obama publicly declares himself a communist and Congress and the American people follow him over the cliff as they all move to China.  Come to think of it,  free market capitalist Jim Rogers did just that right before the Chinese stock market bubble collapsed.  In a world of endless absurdities, anything is possible.

I expect to spend a little time in coming weeks starting to roll out my promised series of posts.

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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Remarks On The Insanity In The Ukraine - Humanity’s Equal But Opposite Reaction To State Violence

“The majority of politicians, on the evidence available to us, are interested not in truth but in power and in the maintenance of that power. To maintain that power it is essential that people remain in ignorance, that they live in ignorance of the truth, even the truth of their own lives. What surrounds us therefore is a vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed.”  – Harold Pinter

As written ad nauseam on here, politics is an institution of the ego.  It therefore is a system of control that subverts discovery and truth.  As long as a hierarchical political class exists in this world there truly can be no democracy or self-rule.  Remember, as noted on here many times before, the institution of politics and the self-appointed authority of class that comes with it will disappear someday.  Forever.  It’s just a matter of when.  But the sooner the better.  In order for humanity to progress, we must eventually rid ourselves of the class of politicians, a nondemocratic system of control that is a vestige of times gone by.  A vestige of incredible violence and ignorance.  Our form of democracy, republicanism and written rule of law does not need a political class. 

Pinter’s above comments are simple yet extremely profound.   Most politicians are ignorant, predatory, parasitic, pathological and manipulative.  There is very little altruism or public service in the halls of power.  We see that in their primary intent of control.  Control that is only achieved through social ignorance.   Whether that is Al Gore or Barack Obama making a mockery of science by perpetuating a meme that humans caused global warming or Obama trying to push the auto industry into battery production or Rick Santorum telling us that birth control shouldn’t be used because it allows people to do things they shouldn’t be doing.  These are all examples of ignorance by politicians who have an absurd understanding of science and social intelligence.  This list of political ignorance is endless.  That includes politicians waging war, perpetuating a rent-seeking sick care system, f$cking up our financial system, encouraging a monetary system of debt peonage or countless other thousands of thousands examples of control.   Without control, politicians have no power.  But with control, humanity has no freedom. 

Politicians feed off of society’s productive assets and the people who create, run and service them.  They accomplish this by controlling us.  The only way to do that is to make sure society is more ignorant than they are.  Our society has been dumbed-down because political and corporate bureaucrats are wildly ignorant themselves.   Seriously.  Other than pandering to emotions, what human progress or achievement has a politician ever created?  What discovery have politicians ever invented or created?  The cure for cancer?  What social progress has a politician ever initiated of their own volition?  Politicians are the gate keepers for your class-based, hierarchical masters.  They are the gate keepers for your mind and thus they keep you enslaved to ignorance.

As noted on here before, I think the United States could shatter into pieces as this system unwinds.   That’s not a prediction but rather an observation.  We have seen it time and again.  That includes the Soviet Union shattering into pieces.  It’s satellite states also shattered into pieces as its political and economic control collapsed.  

Frankly, what was originally envisioned through enlightenment principles in revolutionary times of our nation’s founding is exactly the opposite of the governance, social and intellectual structure we have today.   The original framework for governance was the Articles of Confederation that granted the vast majority of rights to local self-rule.  In other words, using enlightenment principles, decentralize decision-making by granting citizens unprecedented power over their own lives.  And neuter the violence of the state through enumerated powers in the process.  Now espousing these peaceful and empowering natural rights is to be labeled a terrorist by the state.   We have very little self-rule today except on insignificant local issues.  We mostly have a very powerful state bureaucracy in some far off land that perpetuates its violence and power through ignorance.  Not just domestically but globally.   This isn’t just in the U.S. either.   This concept of a powerful central bureaucracy defines every nation state in existence today.  Maybe I’ll get into this in more detail after I get through my backlog of committed posts.  I think few people truly appreciate how every aspect of their lives would be wildly different were our nation to be operating under its founding enlightenment principles.  

What is happening in the Ukraine today is the poster child for state violence.  Violence achieved through ignorance and citizens outsourcing their beliefs to the political class.  Not just Ukrainian citizens but European, American and Russian citizens.  I find it amusing to see the endless statist rationalizations and explanations for what is happening in the Ukraine.  Is the U.S. or Europe involved?  Is Russia involved?  Who is backing whom?  Who is on the side of truth?  Will our team win?  Will this end in war between superpower states?  Which side is pushing a virtuous agenda?   I would encourage people to think differently.  To wake up to the ignorance and violence they support.  To the victimization of both themselves and their fellow man that their ego’s endless rationalizations and logic perpetuates.  Being present and immersing ourselves in our mind’s higher power is to reject disconnected logic and rationalism and its utter inhumaneness and evil.   Rationalism and logic without a connection to our mind’s higher power is what created the ultimate expression of state violence, war.  It is what created the Soviet Union, the British empire, Nazi Germany, the American empire and the corporate state.   These were perfectly logical, rational and disconnected (Godless) examples of ego (control) that is the foundation of all state violence.

Frankly, no one has all of the transparency and information to really know exactly what is going on in the Ukraine or anywhere else across the world.  But we do know all of the volatility  happening in the world today is a result of state violence.  All of it.  Whether that is Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, Syria, China, Britain, Germany, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Israel, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Australia, Somalia, South Africa or any of the other state actors. 

The Ukraine is being violently exploited by countless self-interested states.  None of what is going on serves any purpose to human freedom, human rights, human expression, human morality, human determinism or enlightenment principles.   This entire mess, created by state politicians, makes a mockery of humanity just as all of the other state-based violence we see around the world today.   Russia, the United States, the European Union, Germany, Britain, the political thugs in the Ukraine and all of the other actors are seeking power and control.  That control can only happen by subverting truth.  And the only way they can do that is by acting in the dark.   Evil and its birthparents of fear (control) and ignorance scurries from the light.  

If any of this was really about human freedom, all actors, or at least the virtuous ones, would simply back away from any meddling, transparently share their activities to encourage freedom and proclaim that the people of the world have the natural rights to do whatever they want, and that as a lover of humanity, we will abide by the people’s wishes whatever they may be.    The Ukrainian people can stay, leave, secede, form their own local governments, trade with whomever they wish, associate with whomever they wish or whatever is in their hearts and minds because they are worthy, sentient beings.  And freedom means personal responsibility, personal accountability and personal empowerment for people to lead their own lives.  But they aren’t free.  They are chattel owned by the state and its class-based actors; politicians, private class-based capital, corporations and private banks.   This crisis is about those actors using state violence to exert their control over the rights of man.  The state and the class-based political structure that uses violence and control to perpetuate its own power, is the definition of violence. 

Do you believe in the primacy of The Rights of Man?  Do you believe in The Right of the People to Rule?   Or do you believe in the violence of the state and ignorantly serve its power without any mindfulness of the violence you are enabling?  Do you serve the power to subjugate humanity into a state pathocracy of controlling, ignorant predators who feed on humanity as Pinter notes above?  Or do you wish for all people to truly be empowered and responsible?  To become self-actualized?  Even if they don’t agree with you. i.e., You accept you have no power to impose your will and beliefs upon peaceful, sentient beings.

This is a link to an interesting interview on the Ukraine with a law professor from the University of Illinois.  He believes that Russian-speaking people in the Ukraine have a right to secede based on United Nations adopted human rights and rules of secession.   Maybe Russian-speaking Ukrainians would wish to embrace their cultural heritage and become part of Russia.  Or form their own independent government.  Or form a stateless existence.  Or whatever.  Who knows.  Who cares?  It’s their decision.  Let them determine their own future.   I believe, as this professor cites, that when a state doesn’t allow every one of its citizens equal natural rights granted by their Creator, that humanity has a right to exercise its own freedom and secede or declare their independence from that oppression.   There is no violence in this action.  To the contrary, doing so rejects the use of state violence.  Or to quote the professor reading from the United Nations General Assembly Declaration of Principles of International Law, if a government does not quote “conduct themselves in compliance with the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples and possess a government representing the whole people, belonging to the territory without distinction as to race, creed or color”, then that provides grounds for secession.

What would the world look like without politicians or their application of state violence to feed their own self-interested pathology or that of other institutions of control that only exist through state violence?  Well, first of all, corporate capitalism, an invention of control created by the state, would collapse.  War, the health of the state, would disappear.  Debt peonage of private banks enabled through state violence would collapse.   The private control of money and its subjugation of economic activity would collapse.  Corporate state economic bondage and wage slavery would disappear.   And quite a few other profound changes would take place as well.  What if all self-rule, and thus freedom and empowerment, was determined locally as only true democracy can really be?  

Remember, one of the long time theses on here is that this cycle could be coined “the end of big”.  That applies to any institution of the ego whether that is corporations, banks,  religious institutions or nation states.  Russia, China, India, the United States and other large states are all in jeopardy of shattering into pieces if this system unwinds completely.  I will present why a massive, global unwinding is going to happen in promised future posts.  I’m not talking about financial unwinding either.  I’m talking about everything unwinding.  All institutions of the ego are at risk as noted on here many times.

One group of people, be it in the Ukraine or elsewhere, declaring their independence or secession from state violence, has the potential to start a chain reaction around the globe.   As people become mindfully aware of what is possible, the concept of  secession or declarations of independence could spread as people respond with equal energy to that of the unprecedented state violence we see today.  The oppression of the state could  create the very energy needed for people to break free of said violence as Newtonian physics tells us. 

The end of politics and all-powerful central state bureaucracies will happen some day.   It must for humanity to progress.  It’s just a matter of when.  Speaking the truth is not a crime.  But in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  And, don’t look to economists, bankers, politicians, the military-industrial complex, lawyers, private capital or corporate bureaucrats to be aware of the possibilities of this coming to pass.  They serve the state and enrich themselves through its endless application of control and violence.   Almost to a person, they are all statists who mouth pandering words they don’t really believe in.   For if they did support freedom, democracy, true self rule and enlightenment principles they would destroy the very violence that grants them the pathological control, wealth and power they have over humanity. 

Control is nothing more than illusion that exists only in the mind.   That illusion exists until it doesn’t.   What part of the world is not on fire due to state violence?   I would say we are close (in human evolution terms) to that all-encompassing illusion of class-based state violence vanishing.  That is what we are witnessing today.  An evolutionary enlightening of human consciousness seeking to thwart state violence.   Are there state actors trying to subvert, control and defeat that reality?  Everywhere.  But they will ultimately fail as all illusions of control do.  That is, unless they are willing to overtly and willfully, with intent, murder and subjugate untold numbers of their fellow man in plain view for the entire world to see.  With the Internet, that is becoming more and more difficult.  This current Pope is right - the Internet is a Divine gift which is why state violence is being used in an attempt to control it.   

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