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The State Is At War With Humanity (And Other States): Where Enemies Of The American State Disappear …. In Chicago, Illinois And Who Knows Where Else

The common meme that exists today is that banks and corporations have captured our government.   I certainly agree with that.  But technically, banks and corporations are inventions of the state.  So who is capturing whom and for what intent?   The reality is more properly defined as the state has created corporations and private banks to capture humanity.   The entity that has been captured is you.   And the capturer is the state.   One really has to dig deep beyond all of our beliefs to find the truth by asking the question why does the state exist in the first place.   Why do we have this system of class and hierarchy that arbitrarily grants privilege to special class-based  interests who extract surplus value, labor and intellectual ability from humanity to then control us.  Who arrogantly believes it has some higher knowledge necessary to tell us how to live our lives and then ram these beliefs down our throats in the form of arbitrary rules of man in lieu of natural rights granted by our Creator.  (Class and hierarchy are not natural constructs.  They are a right granted by the rule of man, not the rule of law based on natural rights.)   I’m not sure that most people appreciate this but the state exists for one reason.  To perpetuate violence on behalf of state actors.   The state is not self-rule or democracy by any fathomable stretch of the imagination.  Self-rule is local rule.   It is direct democracy at the local level.    The state subverts democracy.   

The reality around the world is that the state is at war with humanity.  And the method through which this war is waged is the centrally-controlled national economy.  The national economy is a war economy.   Look at even Greece, an insignificant nation of 11 million people.  The state through a centrally-controlled national economy ran up nearly $400 billion in economic debts.  This didn’t benefit the citizens of Greece one iota.  It was a form of violence (war) against the people of Greece.  A war waged by the state against its own people.   Each Greek man, woman and child owes these criminals  $35,000 euros.   Each family owes about 2.5x that.  For what?  For the benefit of the state.  (The EU, the ECB, the IMF, Germany and the plutocratic Greek state)    Under the national economy, humanity exists to produce what the state demands, to serve state actors and class through the service (servant) economy and to pay their massive debts of profligacy and massive over-amusement and over-consumption.  

The world is revealing itself more and more every day.   One must consider that the war cycle we are in may turn out to primarily be not a war between states but a war between humanity and the state. (ISIS too is the state -  Islamic State and it is waging war against all of humanity.  Mostly Muslims and other states.  At least so far.)   

The first thoughts that ran through my mind when reading this incredibly damning article about U.S. state violence, the disappearance of American citizens, and possibly even torture of American citizens on American soil, were my remarks over the years of  possible future tribunals in this nation involving treason, war crimes or crimes against humanity. 

Now tell me again, why do I want to take more of my own power and grant it to state liberals like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Pelosi, Boehner, etc?  State liberalism is dead.   Be that Republican or Democrat, the choice is a false meme.  Both perpetuate state liberalism that is literally at war with humanity.  

Up until about 40 years ago America maintained some marginal semblance of a duality of an agrarian society of family farms in conjunction with a capitalist society.   During the Great Depression, America was still substantially an agrarian, small community and rural society.    This existence was a reflection of Jeffersonian democracy.  It was not a reflection of corporate capitalism.   And that agrarian, rural and small community existence served local communities and individuals.  It did not serve a Washington-directed and controlled national economy, corporations or the state.  

I’m beating this drum ad nauseam about Jeffersonian democracy on here for a reason.   Jefferson wanted all people to be property owners.  And he wanted the government to give it to them.  Free.   And that didn’t mean collect taxes on that property or enslave people to private bank mortgages so that it could be taken from them when people ran into exogenous, often uncontrollable difficulties.  Most often difficulties created by the state or by corporations.   Jefferson despised private bankers, financiers and corporate bureaucrats.   This is clearly noted in many writings contained in his library.   He saw cities as cesspools of merchant, political and banking thieves.   One must appreciate the mindset of 1776 to understand how profoundly our nation has lost its founding principles through the distortion of corporate state propaganda.   And how prescient many of those men were.    That’s because they lived through the swill, lies, deceit and manipulation of the centrally-controlled British national economy, its corporations, and its private, for-profit bankers in times very, very similar to today.   As noted on here many times, the hidden truth of our history is that our founders were incredibly leery of or outright against any corporate power and any private banks.  Especially those espousing Jeffersonian democratic ideals.   And just like today, the British state, corporations and banks were choking on massive debts and turned to the masses as the wage slaves and debt serfs who were going to pay those debts.  Debts that benefited politicians, the aristocratic landowners, the investor class, private banks and corporations. (the corporate state)    Or, more broadly, those who benefited from the state’s raison d'etre or reason for being – violence. 

Corporate capitalism is an economic control system.    And, it really didn’t coalesce into a completely dominant system of control until the industrial revolution.  Before that, renter capitalism was the only form of capitalist exploitation.   But soon industrial and renter capitalism emerged as complementary control constructs that were much more effective at enslaving humanity.    In the U.S., corporate control didn’t really come to completely dominate society until the late 1970s or early 1980s.  Obviously, the permanent war state created by the National Security Act signed by Harry Truman was influenced heavily by corporations.  Some CEOs, including GEs, outright stated that the National Security State was crucial after the war.  Obviously for their own self-interested reasons.   Reagan really placed the stake in the heart of freedom through many of his policies that really coalesced into a completely authoritarian national economy.   I’ve got some great future posts on exactly how that was accomplished.  

I would suggest people try to increase their aperture and no longer look at capitalism and its dealings through the eyes of the pseudo-science or magician’s hat tricks created by the state that is called economics or any of its endless propaganda.   One should really consider looking at it through the hard sciences of mathematics, engineered control systems, state machines, physics, feedback loops, etc.    In other words, as a human-designed control system.  Most economists don’t think with this type of critical eye.  Which is why just about none of them ever get anything right.   And why people trained (and self-trained) in the liberal arts, sciences and spiritual awareness that teaches people to think for themselves, to think critically and to understand  nuanced complexity, are leaders in understanding what is going on around the world today.   

Any control system with inherently unstable contradictions requires greater and greater force to achieve the desired outcome.   Capitalism is an often contradictory, and severely and inherently unstable control system.   Just like another control system, communism.   It’s popular in the U.S. to laud Reagan for bringing down the Soviet Union.  Reagan or massive U.S. debts he rolled up, had nothing to do with its failure.   Reagan’s domestic policies did have much to do with the failure the U.S. is seeing today.   The Soviet Union collapsed under its own internal contradictions just like capitalism and the corporate state is failing around the world today.  Never in its 500-odd year history has every single capitalist nation endured such systemic crisis as we see today.   Never in its history has interest rates around the world been zero.   Never in its history has there been so much overcapacity in the global capitalist production system.   We are inching ever closer to a massive degree of volatility as this system requires squeezing humanity to the bone to sustain itself.      

Selling mortgages at 10-20x someone’s salary, selling vehicles to people with marginal ability to make a payment, creating ever-more shittier jobs, turning the next estuary into a Wal-mart parking lot, placing more and more people onto welfare, overproducing endless weapons systems, privatizing and stealing public resources, creating greater and greater prison populations, turning mindful, sentient citizens into ignorant, mindless consumers, creating greater and greater forced dependency on the state, greater and greater corporate control over our food and all of our lives, greater and greater advertising or propaganda to keep creating greater and greater destruction of rural and agrarian livelihood, labeling peaceful dissent as terrorism, destroying wages and quality of life through countless metrics, enslaving the population to endless “legal” drugs, running greater and greater deficit spending, greater and greater overt police violence, spying and destruction of our natural rights, turning us all into debt slaves, waging endless economic, political and economic war, endless currency wars of neoliberalism, immigration required for the endless exploitation of cheap labor, attempts to control the internet and freedom of speech, the corporate bailout that is  Obamacare and on and on and on.  These are the necessary greater and greater forces corporate capitalism needs to achieve and maintain control.   Did you get to vote on any of this?  These are the greater and greater forces needed to achieve the desired outcomes of a contradictory, inherently unstable state control system.  

All of these arbitrary and contradictory forms of control are a measure of greater and greater enforced violence needed to maintain a system that has now destabilized to the point that the feedback loop required is incredibly obvious and odious to even a mere child.  The pillaging laws, plundering actions and economic lunacy that this system must dole out through force in order to maintain some semblance of stability are manifestly absurd.  The only people who actually believe everything is a-0kay are the toadies and predators who control this system that are living so far beyond their means or any sustainable reality that even the Romans would have blushed.   

But what we should really appreciate is that without these absurdities and greater control (violence), corporate capitalism would have almost certainly imploded on its own inherent instabilities and contradictions a long time ago.   And so would have the corporate state and the centrally-controlled national economy.   And humanity would be further along in its own evolution, empowerment and democratic determinism.  

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Monday, February 16, 2015

The State’s Invention Of The National Economy As An Act Of Permanent War Against Humanity And All Life

This is a relatively long post.  But if this topic interests you, I would encourage you to read through the end where much of this is pulled together into what is happening today.   I never could have written this post five or ten years ago.  Well, I could have but no one would have taken it seriously.   But how the world has changed in almost the blink of an eye.    By the way, all of these sermonizers are part of the professional class. 

(As discussed on here in the past, Andre Amalrik, the Soviet dissident who predicted the demise of the Soviet Union in the late 1960s noted that the professional class did the bidding of state violence, often against the working class.  And the professional class enriches themselves by doing so.   It would be the working class who would revolt against any injustices because they were the exploited class.   Which is so prescient for what is happening today.  Almarik’s work is still hard to find in the west but it can be found.  I have read it.  When his work was smuggled here soon after being published, the state intelligentsia, political experts and military leadership of the west – all members of the professional class - laughed it off.   To them the Soviet Union was a massive, powerful threat.  But his predicted date of its fall was only a few years off of what actually happened.  And if one really understands what happened in the Soviet Union, it pretty much was in a state of failure by the date he anticipated.  It simply hung on a few years longer through the sheer inertia of its bureaucracy.)

There are countless apologists for this economic control system we call capitalism.   And for the state itself.   Those false paradigms are generally stratified between Democrats and Republicans in the U.S.   They eulogize about a better time gone by and sermonize about a wondrous system that never actually existed any place else except as a figment of their imagination.   Was this system working properly under slavery and indentured servitude?  Or maybe under no labor laws and child labor exploitation that was truly a time of physical economic brutality?  Or maybe during the period of the Robber Barons?  Or how about the cheap, imported labor needed to keep up profits that first started with slavery and indentured servitude and is now the basis for the massive swell of cheap, exploitable labor that both parties support today?   Or how about the decades of fraud that led to the Great Depression?   Maybe it was the two world wars of capitalism?    Or maybe when corporations hired Pinkerton guards to murder workers who got a little uppity and demanded enough money to live on?   Or maybe the times of company towns where workers lived in company-owned slave labor camps and shopped at the company store to ensure every nickel earned was stolen by the corporation?  Remember, capitalism is an invention of the state.  Those times of extreme violence were created and endorsed by the state.   Who gave those private interests dominating power over democracy?  The state.  The institution which invented capitalism.  And by both political parties.   

There was a period of maybe twenty years if you really stretch it that humanity started to gain some modicum of power against the state in the 1950s and 60s but that door was slammed shut by Ronald Reagan.  And his brutal, class-based economic policies are still the basis for U.S. federal economic policies of today.   A legacy of Reagan who deregulated class-based, private-for profit capital and codified the state as the perfect looting mechanism for corporations with the policies of supply-side economics.   The human condition would need to be angelic for this system to actually work as sermonized by the useful idiots who support the anti-democratic, class-based economic tyranny of their masters .   And as noted on here before, we know that isn’t so as the Reagan administration sent 200 of its own employees to prison or into forced resignation for wrongdoing.  Ah, the good ole days.    Capitalism is an invention of the state and the state has murdered 200 million of its own people throughout the last century.   And has subjugated billions more to its power.   Which, by the way, was when national economies really crystallized as any semblance of an agrarian existence was generally  replaced by the state institution of a national economy.    With a national economy, the state now has nearly complete domination over humanity.   With the advent of technology, now the state, and its inventions of capitalism, communism, socialism, private banking and on and on, has complete control (emotional, spiritual and physical violence) over our existence.   And it is this tyranny that is leading us down a path of a dark ages we are starting to see today.   This by a chosen few have their jack boot on the neck of the creativity, individualism and experiences of all people.   This is eerily similar to the Soviet Union’s final days.  Except it’s now global.    

From what I see, most of the people running at the top of this system-politicians, CEOs, bankers, etc. – have no idea what is happening around them.   There is a palpable arrogance within the system.  Why wouldn’t there be?  What has essentially happened since the Reagan administration is that corporations have been given unlimited free money and power.  And they have used that money and power to dominate society for the intent of profit.   There are many esoteric aspects of this and legislation/global monetary decisions that have perpetuated it but we are now coming to a critical moment in the fate of what I would characterize as “national” economies.   This system must resolve itself.   But since politicians and corporate executives ignorantly are unaware of what changes need to be made, and from their perspectives of control the world has never been better, they simply keep making the ultimate crisis even worse.    That is manifest to the untrained eye in the unprecedented power that corporations and politicians appear to have.  And, mind you, that power is all a mirage that will resolve itself.   Control is but an illusion created by the ego.  I have used this concept of illusions or mirages very successfully on here over the last decade to successfully anticipate a large number of substantial outcomes that no one in finance, economics, politics or banking (ie the gatekeepers of corporate capitalism) anticipated.   This is no different.  Math doesn’t lie.  People do.  And they continue to pull out all of the lies they can, be it monetarily, economically or politically, to hold this system together.

For now I want to crystalize some points I have written about extensively regarding this topic.  That is, the state, capitalism and violence.   This will require some understanding on the reader’s part but let me start this post with one overarching statement as is stated in the title of this post.  That is, a national economy or a “state” economy is a parasitic control system which is based on many inherent contradictions or factors leading to ever-increasing instability.   And thus such an unstable control system can only be sustained through greater and greater force (violence) to maintain it.  I have written about this extensively and am not going to rehash it.  But in a nutshell, the further economics strays from localities, the more it doesn’t serve localities, economic determinism, community, the individual or democracy and the more it serves the power of the state and its inventions of control.    This certainly is not just a statement of capitalism.  The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, the British Empire and the like all practiced differing forms of economic control systems but they all had national economies that served to enrich the state and its chosen, privileged class-based elite.  As history clearly tells us, if you serve the state, the riches can be endless. 

The state must continue to grow a national economy at all costs or lose its very reason for existence.   Because without economic control and the “promise” of jobs and an increasing standard of living for the masses, the consent of the govern will collapse.  Or, in the case of tyrannical societies, where there is no consent of the governed, the ability to control the population would collapse,  turn into a military dictatorship or military puppet government to maintain control.   In some way, shape or form this dynamic is in play in every state around the world today.   Once you understand this, then you understand how banking, corporations, money and other state control structures are used to enforce this control (violence).  Not only within state borders but beyond it.  Because eventually the state’s need for economic growth to maintain control over humanity must extend beyond national borders.   More on this later in this post. 

This is necessary to understand as the basis of why we are in the midst of a war cycle; something I wrote was coming long before the world was embroiled in turmoil.  Because modern day economic control systems are a form of warfare against humanity and between states with one intent.  That is the accumulation of power and wealth by class and hierarchy.   Remember, the state did not originate out of thin air.  It originated with class and hierarchy and their domination over humanity.   Without a national economy and some type of guaranteed employment or economic opportunity needed to domesticate and control the masses, how exactly does the state justify its control?  Looting, stealing, pillaging its citizens on behalf of state-protected class and hierarchy serves what purpose to humanity again? -

“Abraham Lincoln did not cause the death of so many people from a mere love of slaughter, but only to bring about a state of consent that could not otherwise be secured for the government he had undertaken to administer. When a government has once reduced its people to a state of consent – that is, of submission to its will – it can put them to a much better use than to kill them; for it can then plunder them, enslave them, and use them as tools for plundering and enslaving others.” -- Lysander Spooner, abolitionist

This really is a truth that a lot of people have a hard time accepting after so much state-enforced indoctrination, brainwashing and propaganda just about every citizen of the world is exposed to.   And supporting such a system for so long as all of us have, forces us to look into the mirror at a reality that may be exactly the opposite of what we believe.   But as long as people have some modicum of economic personal benefit, they generally avert their eyes from the reality that has always existed.  That is, the state only exists for one reason; to perpetuate violence on behalf of class and hierarchy.  

This concept that the national economy requires greater and greater violence is a very simple concept but if its profundity does not ring true when you read this, I would ask you to read on and spend a few days noodling on our own personal subjugation and ignorance to the truth.   And as I have noted ad nauseam, violence comes in many forms – emotional, spiritual and physical.  Most are hidden from plain sight or dressed in brainwashing, social norms, state and corporate propaganda, etc. Especially in a world where human rights are now accepted as baseline dignities we all expect.  And humanity is supposedly protected by a rule of law rather than the rule of man.   But economic control systems are, in fact, the rule of man over natural rights and basic human dignities.   We don’t accept outright slavery and many other forms of violence any more.  So the violence that exists today is much more esoteric and nuanced.   It’s based on spiritual and emotional violence that is much more sinister.  It’s easier to hide in plain sight through propaganda, brainwashing, etc.  Corporate capitalism is a master of this type of esoteric violence.    With the advent of technology-based tools of control, the modern state makes the propaganda of Hitler and Orwell’s world of 1984 look like mere child’s play.   In the modern world, dare I say no one has any idea who they really are without going through years or decades of emotional and spiritual “recovery” from the endless lies that define our delusional, fear-driven reality.   Nazi Germany would blush at the world that now exists. 

In a very detailed post I noted on here long ago that communism was more accurately an economic control system rather than a political system.  And that it is essentially no different than capitalism.   And I noted the method through which communism died is now eerily similar to today’s global crisis of capitalism as a state-created control system.  With the global reach of fascism that now enslaves the world, capitalism (an institution of the ego) has come home (fascism) to its creator, the state, to die.  And its death appears more and more imminent.   Some people will intuitively appreciate this last statement.  Some will not.  But I will be talking more about it in future posts. 

The impetus for this post was really to share my thoughts on what is and has been unfolding specifically as it pertains to events in Europe today.   So much of what is happening in Europe has been anticipated on here.  And those dynamics are now coming to pass.  Not the least of which are new liberal political parties are sweeping Europe and sacking the status quo; Big L statist liberal parties of Europe.   One of the long time theses on here is that both political parties in this nation will collapse but it will be the Democratic Party that collapses first.   Obama arrogantly noted in the last week or so that a wave of new immigrants in our nation will essentially destroy the Republican Party.  You mean like the wave of immigrants and similar socioeconomic dynamics in Europe that have destroyed the equivalent of the U.S. Democratic Party?  What he ignorantly fails to realize is that no one wants to be enslaved to marginalized handouts and domination by the Democratic Party and the state.  And that this mass immigration he is enforcing for the benefit of his corporate masters and the continuation of 200 years of cheap, imported labor is sealing the fate of his own party’s collapse.  Just as support for slavery, another form of forced immigration for cheap labor that is literally no different than what we see today, destroyed the liberal establishment party in this nation leading up the the Civil War.   Because true liberals at that time knew that the state’s rationalization for its slavery policies, endorsed by Big L state liberals, was really a cover for class and hierarchy exploiting cheap labor in subversion of democracy.  (You might make a mental note after reading the rest of this post to consider what the true cause of the Civil War was.)   Obama is creating his own future crisis and he is ignorant to that very fact.   Maybe not his future personally but the control construct, the Democratic Party, that he now leads.    That’s exactly what is now happening in Europe.  Big L establishment state liberals have completely lost control of the masses and they too have been engaged in mass immigration policies for benefits of corporate power, private banks and the state.   The masses in Europe are now sacking the Big L state liberal parties and demanding their own economic rights that state liberalism has destroyed.   People want to have a democratic voice in their own fate.  Not listen to the arrogance and ignorance of belittling and demeaning Big L state liberalism.   And that is what is sweeping Europe and will eventually sweep the U.S. and possibly lead to the demise of the Democratic Party.   True liberalism is the primacy of humanity and its individual, God-granted rights to the power of the state.   I’m not talking about religious rights either.   An Alabama judge recently tried to defend marriage as a God-given right granted only to men and women.  That’s utter bullshit perpetuated by state liberalism or class-based decisions of privileged state actors trying to dominate and control society.   I’m talking about equal rights that transcends meaningless and superficial differences of sexual orientation, skin color, gender, etc.    The state has no right to tell any person if they can or cannot be married or any other act or right that is granted by natural rights.  

Humanity, in any effort at actualization, does not want to be subjugated to the state by Big L state liberals who want to control the masses.  And to grant political class and hierarchy domination over humanity rather than empowering their primacy to ensure our natural rights and Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.   True liberalism is to restore power to the people taken by the state and its control-based inventions of corporate, banking and monetary power that Obama and European state liberals seek to deny humanity.  Obama, the Democratic Party and similar Big L liberals in Europe are statists.  They believe in the right of power and privilege to enforce upon humanity the method through which we should conduct our lives.   And they do so through the application of state violence.   True liberalism is just the opposite of this type of self-loathing, mental disorder.   It is empowerment of all people to become individually who they are capable of becoming.  Not to use exploitatively through a national economy or class privilege like capitalism or political domination.  But through prosperity created by the individual, self-actualized human mind and the natural constructs of community.  That includes the use of fiat or abundant, locally-determined democratic money, banking and economics.  The self-actualized human mind does not seek to exploit and does not accept exploitation.    Thus it does not support exploitative Republican or Democratic policies.  In a natural state of existence, people don’t want to be on food stamps, welfare or working for $8 an hour.  Nor do they want to dominate people as class and hierarchy of the state, corporations and money interests do today.   These are examples of state violence and indignity enforced by class.   Dignity cannot be bought with a marginal bribe or handout of appeasement.   It can only be achieved through determinism.  The Democratic Party and state liberals in Europe offer no such solutions or empowerment for the masses.  That is why they are now collapsing as I type this.  And that is why I noted long ago this would happen.   Big L state liberals are there simply to defend the power of the state because it enriches them through exploitation, predation and victimization of the masses.

One of the most egregious dynamics emanating from Big L state liberals (Which defines both status quo conservative and liberal parties in all western nations) is the use of debt-based money and debt itself used to control humanity.  Don’t kid yourself.  This is a European invention that the colonies fought to rid themselves of.  It has infected our nation off and on for 200 years -  If we are honest with ourselves, the Revolutionary War was probably lost by Americans within a generation of its passing.  Everything that has happened since has plausibly been a form of greater control needed by this system to perpetuate itself.     And there will never be a way the masses can ever compete with the resources of class in class-based hierarchical systems such as the state.   Class has endless money and influence to buy, bribe, manipulate, distort, proselytize, brainwash and hire armies of self-interested people who will do it for them.  Whether that is politicians, lawyers, corporate bureaucrats, bankers or the masses of useful idiots who create their own victimization in support of class-based control constructs.   How many people in this world work for corporations?   Every single person who does so, mostly unknowingly and ignorantly,  support their own self-victimization by class and hierarchy.  That includes the registered corporations of the Republican and Democratic Parties and those within the masses who support them.   To be human is to be ignorant.   The greater our disconnection from our higher power (ego-driven fear, control, beliefs, etc)  the greater our ignorance.   We live in a world of unprecedented ignorance created by fear-based institutions of the ego that serve class and hierarchy.    And the enablers are politicians, the state, corporations, academia, religious institutions, debt, wage slavery, grubbing for money to stay alive, etc.   

Anyhoo, the issue of debt and debt-based, privately created money is certainly understood by a growing awakening.  But what isn’t well-understood is that debt, debt-based money and private, for-profit banking plays a major role in the topic of property rights.  More broadly, who controls your property or your person.  Are you in charge of your own person?  Or is someone else?  It’s been many years since I have talked about this topic in detail, but in 1776 property and property rights had a much broader and more profound meaning than control of an inanimate object or a parcel of land.  Property in 1776 was also your person.  Maybe primarily your person.   And as part of that, property rights applied to your mind, your intellectual capital, your physical labor, your person and on and on.  To be in control of ones own property was a statement of emotional and physical freedom from state tyranny.    In today’s world, those concepts have been completely lost or drowned out by the criminal class, corporate capitalism and the state.   So, who really owns your property?  Do you?  That is laughable.  Whether it is your home or any other property, the state and its invention of capitalism owns it.   You question that?  Who lays claim to  your property when you don’t pay your taxes (fealty to the state)?  While land is obvious in that question, I’m actually not talking about land.  I’m setting up my point.  

I’m talking about banks and corporations.  Banks and corporations have laid claim to owning your person across every aspect of your being.  That is what debt, debt-based private money, private for-profit banking and corporate personhood rights are.  Industrial corporations seek rent and property ownership of your person through forced overproduction, forced overconsumption and wage slavery.  If you cannot get your hands on money, you literally cannot survive in this system.  So, how do you get money?  There are only two methods.  One is through corporate wage slavery and the other through debt instruments.   Both are examples of ownership of your person.  Or, forced economic slavery.   In order for you to be a member of a state-based society that is based in corporate capitalism, your person and your property are owned, not by you, but by your masters.   Did your Creator not provide you the ability to freely use what he has granted you through the abundance of nature to then turn around and become slaves to the state and its inventions of control called money and corporations?  Did your Creator not grant you the use of land and nature’s resources to live freely in a home?  Then why did the state turn around and then continually charge rent to you for what nature has granted you for free?  Because you are owned.   Your property, being your person, is owned economically by a state-enforced construct called capitalism.  

As noted on here many times, nonfinancial corporations have long ago, meaning hundreds of years, figured out they don’t need to pay people a living wage either.  They simply keep the retained earnings for themselves and for the parasitic renter-capitalist investor-class and then they can loan your earnings back to you through various schemes.  Buying at the company store is enforced through many dynamics.   In other words, economic slavery, usury and graft are not simply practiced by financial firms.  Record corporate profits are achieved by stealing from democracy what is rightfully the property of the people.  Property.  People.  Their person.  Their mind.  Their intellectual capital.  Their labor.  

What is even more insidious is that the state works in conjunction with class-based, private interests to enforce that ownership of your person.  You literally are an economic and debt slave.   And that is legally enforced through state violence that is hiding in plain sight as law not based on your natural rights.   I’m not just talking about credit cards or mortgages or wage slavery, I’m talking about the big nut.   In the U.S., each household is obligated to about $15,000 of federal government debt.  ie, Privately owned debt that the federal government enforces the collection of through fascism.  Debt that is spent on propping up corporate capitalism whether it is the military-industrial complex, the medical-industrial complex, the food-industrial complex, the university-corporate complex, Wall Street, the political class, political parties or countless other examples.    If one looks at working families, or the smaller and smaller number of people paying taxes, and excludes retirees, the working poor, the aristocracy that shields their money and corporations who pay the lowest effective tax rate in this nation’s recorded history, that debt slavery number shoots up substantially.  Depending on how it is measured, each family owes double or even triple that number.   Did you sign up to pay for all of these debts and rent extraction schemes that corporations and banks enslave you to?  Where is your contract?   The state doesn’t need a contract because it owns you.   Just like southern plantation owners.    The issue isn’t just who owns that debt but what did the state buy – corporate capitalist overproduction - to accumulate that debt.   Mind you, this is not a new revelation or invention.  Come on.  Does anyone still not see why the Federal Reserve and the income tax were passed at the same time?   Does anyone still not see why the Revolutionary War was fought to rid ourselves of ownership (property rights), debts and extraction schemes of the king’s corporations and banks?  Does anyone still not see why tens of millions of immigrants poured out of Europe to the United States?   Because of this enslaving dynamic that always has been the state and corporate capitalism for the last 500 or 600 years or since the Renaissance.   Enslaving humanity as human chattel to the state and corporations was the intent all along.  And the ownership of humanity left to pay for its own slavery was the intention.  

As noted on here in the past, we are almost certainly going to see massive changes in property rights.  Massive.  I wouldn’t be too concerned about the state, corporations, banks and the economic ruling class’ theft of all of humanity’s property including our person.  Or their accumulation of so much “wealth” in the form of the state control construct of money.   These are grasps at power that the system needs to survive.  Yet they have become so obtuse, so egregious and so unbalanced that they are clearly a sign of the end times of such domination of humanity and all life on our planet.   Frankly, there is some plausible evidence that not only is humanity rebelling from state domination and its control constructs, but so may be all life on this planet. 

Obama recently expressed sympathy for the Greek position on their debts.  His sympathy was directed exclusively towards debt forgiveness.  Not for economic determinism or a change in the current class-bases, state enforced economic slavery paradigm that can only take place if Greece has its own monetary, banking and locally-centered, democratic economic system.   In fact, Obama has in the past made public remarks in support of the Euro system as it currently exists.   He even went so far as to say that the world needs Britain in the EU.   So his remarks almost certainly are in support of maintaining this system of injustice because he is both a state liberal and because it makes it easier for private, class-based American corporate lords, kings and barons to pillage Europe under one centralized economic system.   It’s sure as hell not because he’s concerned about the misery of the European people.  If he was, then the real unemployment rate of 24% here and the underemployment of tens of millions more would have been affected by six years of his policies.  They haven’t.   Most telling may be that he has never visited an extremely poverty-stricken area in this nation and talked about how to ameliorate the crisis of poverty and economic injustice. 

What is my point in al of this?  Because these control constructs, which are  inventions of a highly stratified, class-based European system that have been with us since the Renaissance or the birth of what would become modern capitalism, are now directly being questioned or challenged by the masses in all of Europe and everywhere else in the world that has been infected with this virus.  Which is, quite frankly, all of humanity.  The entire world has been carved up under this system of violence.  It’s been done by the ownership class.  And they own you and me.   As I have noted on here before, it’s quite possible that all economic belief systems (control constructs) that have been perpetuated since the their birthing of modern western “civilization”  600—odd years ago are going to implode.  They are definitely teetering on the precipice of an illusory perception of control.  But humanity is fast awakening to the truth.  That truth is substantially rooted in the fact that the masses or democracy have all of the power.  And the state/class/hierarchy ownership of our person is something that we have ignorantly supported since the beginning of human civilization with few exceptions. 

Gandhi was once asked what he thought about western civilization (obviously with regards to European oppressors that had effectively stolen most of Africa and much of Asia) and he retorted that would be nice.   We have had two world wars and they both were started in Europe by European states.  There are some people who inaccurately believe all wars are bankers wars or all wars are capitalist wars or whatever.  No.  All wars are created by the state.  And all state wars are based on economic expansion.  Capitalism and banks are created by the state to serve the state’s need for violence that is required for it to maintain control over humanity.   What we are witnessing in Europe today is the outcome of decades of state-created economic violence, or economic war if you will, that is now coming home to roost.

On that note, this crisis rhymes with history in many ways that I have noted over the years.  Comparisons to the Revolutionary War times, the Civil War times, the Soviet Union and on and on.  There are clear examples to cite in many historical contexts when looked at from different perspectives.   In the  three decades leading up to World War I the  powers-that-be had carved up the world for their own economic and political exploitation.  Specifically the powers of Europe.   State inventions of empire, mercantilism and colonialism that were so prevalent before World War I (three more isms representing state violence) are not dead.  They are simply harder to spot today because these wars of capitalism and state aggression are fought through propagandized  “free” trade agreements, propagandized economic unions, free market capitalism propaganda, decades of currency manipulation of comparative slave wage arbitrage and neoliberal advantage and the like.   But the same economic dynamics that led to World War I are unfolding today in Europe and around the world.    Over the last three decades the powers-that-be have carved up the world exactly as happened leading into World War I.   And just like leading up to World War I the powers-that-be are now fearful of losing their ill-gotten pillaging and economic gains and thus are fomenting public anger and forming like-minded alliances with other states.  These alliances are generally developed along the lines of who is best going to help the state keep what it has stolen.   Now to appreciate this, one must again not just understand that the state has spent the last handful of decades carving up the world politically and economically, but the state must continue to grow their own domestic economies and continued global pillaging is the only mechanism through which that control construct can maintain itself.  So, what is at stake are not  only the ill-gotten gains that class and hierarchy has stolen through the state, but what is maybe even more importantly at stake is the social unrest that lack of economic opportunity would create.  And thus threaten the state.  Debt schmet.  I have noted on here debt isn’t real and isn’t the real problem.  Show me a debt.  Can you point to it?   It’s a myth.  A control construct created through fear, an illusory construct of the ego, that can easily be wiped away.  The real issue today I have written about on here is social unrest.  And that is the primary reason states are now posturing around the world.   Because social unrest collapses the state’s ability to control the masses and keep what it has stolen.  So, not only will it use economic war as it has for centuries but it will go to actual war to defend that control.  Again as it has done for centuries.    You work to enrich the state and those it protects.  You are their slaves.  Without you, they would have nothing.   Without you they could not wage war of any kind, be it economic or military.   They steal your work and your intellectual abilities.   This is what hierarchy and class does.   They take from you that which they cannot do for themselves by creating the control construct of fear.  Pathology has a primary intent of controlling people to steal what other people have be it invention or labor or whatnot.  The state, and more broadly class and hierarchy, are the enablers for pathological evil.   Now, historically we can see this quite clearly in the dynamics of Europe that state liberals have recreated today.

Today we once again have an autocratic plutocracy in Russia  again hiding behind the defense of people with a shared heritage in eastern Europe as a reason for their aggression.    Ironically, just like pre-WWI the western European powers are concerned that Russia will hide behind the defense of the Balkans for its aggression and here.   Just as happened one hundred years ago, the western European powers are reacting with aggression.   But rather than 1915 it’s 2015 and rather than the Russian czar, it’s a Russian plutocrat operating under some semblance of a modern corporate capitalist society.  Will the end result of war be the same outcome?  Of has humanity had enough?  And can they see beyond the veil of state lies and deceit? 

Ditto with the rest of Europe.   Nations within Europe are jockeying to protect their own interests and stolen gains as economic tensions within the continent over these forms of violent exploitation reach crisis levels.     As I have noted on here in the past, it wasn’t the British Empire that started either world war.  But the British chose sides in such a way to best serve their own personal interests and that of protecting their massive looting operation.   We see this same angling and jockeying today based on each state’s own personal interests.   Mind you, this is not just happening in Europe.   The United States and much of Europe is already at war with Russia and to a lesser extent, China.   And China and Russia are at war with the west.   It’s a covert war but it is still a war.  And the people of Europe are now aligning themselves against each other.  While Greece may seek freedom from German state tyranny, the German people see the Greeks as the problem because this is how the German state has presented Greece.  So, Germans generally support their own state’s criminal exploitation of Greece.  This is not just between Greece and Germany.  It’s all over Europe.   And it’s between China and Japan.  It’s between India and China.   It’s between Russia/China and the U.S. and Europe.  And on and on.    There is no one evil in the world.  Evil and pathology finds its home in ego-created control structures of class and hierarchy and the best example of that is the state.

Back after the 2008 collapse, the G20 nations met quite a few times to show their unity in resolving this crisis.  The G20 is a club of looters that exploit the rest of the world for their own personal gain.  I mocked those meetings repeatedly and noted that eventually these same pathological predators would turn against each other.  I got some chuckles from readers on those remarks.  I don’t think anyone is laughing now.  It is exactly as I wrote it would become.   It’s exactly what happened leading up to World War I.   The pathology of the state had spend the last three decades carving the world into pieces they could exploit.  Then squabbles over who has rights to exploit, victimize and prey upon whom hit.  The only question becomes if the people of the world will recognize state violence for what it is.  Or, if they will allow the pathology of the state to foment violence and once again leave humanity with the tragic bill of murder, mayhem and war.  

To date, most states are far more concerned about the backlash by their own people and maintaining their existing power paradigms that dominate their citizenry to launch any type of sustained physical aggression against other peoples or states.  We see this with unprecedented spying in Europe and the U.S. joining totalitarian regimes like China and Russia in the abuse of human rights.  And with Japan sacking government after government for the last decade.  With Italy and Greece throwing out the plutocrats.  With the Arab Spring sacking numerous thugs and threatening many more.  Right now, humanity appears to be winning and the state is losing its grip on propaganda and control.  And its ability to create foreign enemies.   The state will continue to try to gain the upper hand through manipulation, new legislation and other forms of control.   A few places still exist in the world where the creation of foreign enemies is possible but that power is greatly diminished by the free flow of information around the world and with domestic crises they are now dealing with.  It should be of no surprise that every state on earth is grappling with how to regulate aka control and even shut down many freedoms on the internet.  The free flow of information that the internet provides may be the greatest threat to state autocracy as has been practiced heavily for the last century. 

Without new markets to pillage capitalism will die.  And, frankly, so could the power of the state and its other control mechanisms of money, debt, private banking and the like.   This state needs growth to survive.  This reality was a leading cause of not only World War I but also of World War II.  As former British officer, eminent military expert and writer for the Times, Liddell Hart noted in one of his books written some years after World War II,  Hitler and Britain were involved in backchannel communications well before any military conflict.  And Britain’s capitalist aristocracy supported his annexation of countries to Germany’s east to stop the fear of communism and socialism aka worker’s rights and a threat to class domination taking root in class-based, predatory Britain and its murderous empire.  In other words, the British aristocracy turned a blind eye to Hitler’s wars of aggression because it served the moneyed interests in their society.  (Much of Hart’s research and knowledge of what actually happened leading up to World War II can be summarized substantially by this excellent, short and very readable piece recently penned.)  Hart clearly noted in his research that Hitler’s acts of aggression, which were blessed by Britain, were not intended to start a war but were calculated skirmishes to annex land and resources that Germany needed to grow his energy base to continue to support the lifestyle requirements citizens had become accustomed to under the Nazis.   That is pretty much verbatim from documents and research Hart includes in his book.   Eventually there was a misreading of those backchannel communications and for not completely clear reasons the British finally decided Hitler was too much of a threat to their empire and declared war on Germany.    To this day there are a lot of Russians who believe Britain started World War II and there was a pact with Germany that encouraged them to take out the Soviet Union and communism.   There is no clear evidence of this that I am aware of.   But then again, there is a lot of evidence in Hart’s book that can be taken to that conclusion, although he does not state this at all.   Regardless, Hitler’s need of extending the national economy beyond its borders to continue to provide “jobs” and maintain a standard of living is exactly what is happening around the world today.  And it is not just a U.S. dynamic.  It is the basis for the covert trade wars that are now being fought by all nations.    Without this ability, the state will lose its ability to dominate its own citizens.

The actions of states in Europe since the Renaissance and the advent of national economies points to a clear reality.  That is, national economies can only exist in the form that we understand them, as always being practiced, through greater and greater violence.  A national economy is a war economy.   That war may be wages as violence against its own workers aka citizens, or it may be violence of finding greater and greater outlets for its need to continually grow production to keep the masses domesticated to the power of the state, it may be its endless need to find more and more cheap energy or countless other examples of violence.   But at some point, without expansionary control, state economies collapse.   Humanity has remained willfully ignorant to this reality as long as people are employed and view their own self-interests as being met.   I have noted on here how capitalism and communism are essentially the same centrally-planned economic viruses.  They are both state economic control constructs that rely on the force of the state for their endless overproduction and overconsumption.  Without economic control, how exactly does the state rationalize the existence of contrived class and hierarchy?  It can’t.   If capitalism fails systemically as communism did, the state will almost certainly go with it.   Communism is an economic control construct that when it failed, took the state with it.  And if capitalism fails, Russia will collapse for a second time and likely so will all global powers.  That includes the European Union that has now clearly been exposed as a “national” European economy with all of the trappings of class and hierarchy and the misery they inflict on their own citizens to maintain it as an act of war against humanity. 

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."    ~ Upton Sinclair

It is this very dynamic that has been the foundation of massive ignorance in the world today.   The whole concept of a career, or serving the violence of the state through the class-based violent dynamic of division of labor, may be coming to its own natural conclusion of extinction.   And given the professional class’ endless exploitation of the working class, this fate would clearly be a karmic, equal but opposite reaction for more than a century of violence against humanity.

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Friday, February 06, 2015

The Massive, Criminal Global Debt Mountain Created Since The 2008 Collapse

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One of the long times on here is that there will never be a recovery.  Ever.  That is, unless we have massive economic reforms that turn this system upside down and place the power into the hands of people and not politicians, the state or corporations.   And that has not waivered one iota on here.   This crisis has nothing to do with a housing bubble.  In hindsight, isn’t it almost ludicrous to characterize this crisis as a U.S. housing bubble?   Yet, there was even a time when all but a very few number of people even understood this symptom of a massive underlying crisis of nearly unimaginable proportions and consequences.   This was never a housing bubble on here.  It was always what it really is.

That global states have loaded up with massive public debt since the 2008 collapse is symptomatic of the crisis of capitalism and for-profit banking that we are witnessing.   In a system of debt-based money, all that has happened under the money printing of the last half a dozen years is that private, for-profit capital and class-based interests have been able to keep their ill-gotten gains while the public treasury has been stuck with the bill of allowing this.   What would have happened if the state had not done so is that this entire global economic system would have collapsed.  And all of those ill-gotten gains by the economic elites, the state, corporations and banks would have vanished.   Instead, the state props up its criminal creations of private banks and class-based capitalism and forces the bill upon the poor and working class.   That is the fundamental reason we now see nations around the world enslaved to massive levels of debt.  And, we now have what are even negative interest rates that are necessary to enforce this level of debt onto the public.   Remember, a long time theme on here, written at times when it would have been considered laughable as the world was experiencing its massive,  pathological mania, is that we are likely to see entire nation’s political systems collapse, major corporations collapse and banking systems collapse.  Even the possibility of money itself disappearing or becoming useless.  

Politicians are the criminal element that binds all of this together.  Politics is an institution of the ego or an institution of control.  Control is only achieved through spiritual, emotional or physical violence.   The state exists for one reason – to perpetuate violence on behalf of state-created privilege, class and hierarchy.   That means private, for-profit banks and corporate capitalism; both creations of the state.   Politicians  are the perpetuators of global state violence on behalf of elites, aristocracy, state bureaucrats, private banks and corporations.  

A debt repudiation is coming in some way shape or form.  Whether that is the method through which Greece is currently experiencing repudiation or many other potential methods is irrelevant.  But the greater truth is the masses did not benefit from the profligacy of this binge.   They never did participate in this binge.  They are experiencing greater and greater poverty as the plutocracy steals more and more.   The masses were simply stuck with the miserable, nonliving wage jobs that allowed class and the state to steal their surplus value of labor and intellectual achievement and the debt bill of the state’s profligacy.  The state and its creatures of capitalism and private banking are trying to take humanity into a dark ages (by enforcing their control through violence) to maintain its ill-gotten economic and political control over humanity.  And now those state criminals are telling the world’s working class and the poor that they have to pay for this is a massive crime against humanity enforced by state violence. 

This is exactly what started the United States Revolutionary War.   The British class-based capitalist system that Adam Smith waxed poetically about in Wealth of Nations written in 1776 tried to enslave the colonies into be the tax slaves to pay for the debts run up by the class-based control constructs of capitalism.   What Smith waxed poetic about, the American colonies were revolting against.   And at its roots were the aristocratic debt binges created by the king’s standing armies, the king’s endless wars, aristocratic and ruling class consumption binges and the private for-profit banks and corporations that created the mechanisms for such looting to actually take place in the first place.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Saudi Princes Planned To Attack Air Force One

There certainly are many secrets surrounding 9/11.   I’m not a big conspiracy theorist on this topic or any other.  But truth is certainly kept hidden for various intents of control - the state itself is an institution of the ego aka a control construct.  There has been a 30-odd page report that has been talked of in the press for some time that came out of the 9/11 investigation.  Supposedly it indicts the pathological Saudi fiefdom as not being our friends.  Duh!   In some way, shape or form, there likely is some degree of truth in this revelation.  Saudi Wahhabism, discussed on here in the past, is a very pathological form of religious extremism and violence.

One might imagine why that report or potential Saudi royal family  involvement, funding or sympathies for terrorism against the west would be stuffed under the rug.  If the U.S. actually had to deal with Saudi Arabia as a problem, we would lose hundreds of billions in weapons sales, we would lose our ability to project empire and military power into the Middle East and, most importantly, we would lose the petrodollar which is the basis for U.S. empire’s corporate looting and military control of the world.  

Now, one of the long time themes on here that was written of when the world was experiencing unprecedented peace and prosperity (ahem) is that the world would experience mass volatility as every thug and criminal on earth (as well as democracy itself) started grabbing for power as U.S. empire faded.   That vacuum effect has not fully been realized either.  So, this is going to get a lot more interesting.   If the world survives the next decade, it will be through the grace of humanity over the pathology of the state.   Of course, I have faith in humanity to wake up from the pathology of the state as I have written ad nauseam on here……. 

There has been a very, very false sense of stability in this world for a long time granted by the domination of U.S. empire.  Empire kept a lid on volatility.  There is a tremendous  amount of pent up volatility that is now unwinding.   One must appreciate there is an enormous evil as well as an enormous good that seeks to exert itself around the world.   With waning U.S. control over global events, the world must now learn to take responsibility for its own fate.  That is easier said than done when one has not developed this ability.   When I say fate, what I mean more than anything is taking responsibility for their own emotional fate.   The primary intent of people who are not used to taking responsibility for their own emotions is to control.   That is the dynamic through which pathology gains control and domination over humanity.  Through its intent of control.   But the reality is in many ways the world is going to miss U.S. empire.  Because it made many decisions for them.   Mind you, many of those decisions were tyrannical ones, but let’s be honest.  The human condition void of a connection to our higher power easily submits to its own self-created misery by allowing others to determine their fate.  But now no one is going to be there to do so.  Or to keep the peace.  

Humanity must learn to live within itself rather than dominating each other as institutions of the ego - the state, corporations, religious hierarchy, the MI complex, standing armies and on and on – allow. 

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