Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson Leaked Sensitive Government Information To Wall Street Cronies

Courtesy of the Freedom of Information Act….   There are really only two possibilities here.  One, Paulson knew what he was doing and this is exactly the kind of massive corruption that defines the intermingling of corporations and government in American-style fascism or two, Hank Paulson is dumber than a box of rocks and wasn’t qualified to be our Treasury Secretary.   Neither possibility paints a very pretty picture of Washington.  But, hey, every Tom, Dick and Harry in the U.S. has known this for ages given the systemically horrendous approval ratings of politicians.

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"Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Thus the beneficiaries are spared the shame and danger that their acts would otherwise involve. But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to the other persons to whom it doesn't belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime." -- Frederic Bastiat

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New Damning Evidence Over The Politicization Of Global Warming?

Anthropogenic global warming is driven by politics.  Many substantial names in science have acknowledged this fact.  Those in science who are self-interested and driven by their own ego’s desires are pliant tools for the politicization of global warming as a man-made phenomena.  In other words, they have a personal stake in their own politicization and manipulation of reality. 

Doesn’t it seem unusual to anyone that the anthropogenic global warming soothsayers are  primarily political in nature?  When you have political figures like Arianna Huffington or Al Gore as a lead advocate for anthropogenic global warming, your movement’s authenticity needs to be questioned.  Huffington and Gore know about as much about the science as I know about what they had for breakfast.   The standard response from politicians and ideologues like Huffington and Gore is that the scientific community is in agreement and there is no debate.  This is a standard tactic used by manipulators to marginalize dissent.   This is loosely a form of manipulation known as triangling and resultant victimizaton learned as children and often perpetrated in dysfunctional minds.   Triangling and associated projection is used to reduce tension between two parties by drawing a third party into the dynamic.  And, by the way, drawing that person into the dynamic in some attempt to manipulate or control the other person.   Is citing controversial research to support a position you cannot defend really any different than a child telling his sibling that “mom said you have to…”?  That the keepers of the anthropogenic warming faith pull in junk science when confronted by those who have legitimate questions about the source of climate volatility is a petty attempt at controlling a topic they really do not understand and cannot defend.  

This really comes down to the fact that people are really good at repeating things but not very good at explaining them.  So, as is a consistent theme on here, most of what we hear throughout our life is nothing more than endless bullshit or hearsay.  This topic is no different.   Huffington, Gore and other similar political personalities can’t explain in any detail the science they refer to.   Triangling or other attempts to marginalize dissenting views are nothing more than an attempt at manipulating and marginalizing against issues they cannot defend otherwise.  This, and other forms of deception, are common practice in politics.   

When science can explain why other planets and moons in our solar system are experiencing substantial warming, and their ice caps are melting, and why they are experiencing an uptick in the intensity of atmospheric storms and science can dissociate these events from what is happening on earth, then I will give their religious fervor of human caused-global warming at least a modicum of intelligent and reasoned thought.   Until then, proceed to the nearest exit or continue talking to the hand. 

Now, there is a real issue with pollution in our world.  We manufacture untold numbers of toxic manmade substances and apply them to our bodies, put them into our homes & places of work in the form of products & building materials, ingest them in our foods, dump them on our fields growing our foods and then we dump these materials as waste in our oceans, our water aquifers, our communities and the world around us.  Then, we  start the process all over again.   We are living in a dystopian world that is starting to look more and more like Soylent Green.  

Why are we worrying so much about global warming and seemingly not at all about the exposure to endless toxins causing untold disease and illness?  Most likely because corporations and self-interested economic entities can mint a fortune with new economic global-warming Ponzi schemes.   Well, and because the health care system is focused on the profit motive of cures rather than prevention.  No one in for-profit medical research can make any money by telling us that sugar is processed by the body as a poison.  Instead, there is astronomical money to be made by putting people on a diabetes drug regimen.  All of these schemes are enabled by a pliant, willing and corrupt government on the take.  There is no profit to be had by cleaning up the toxic world around us or by enforcing clean air, water or land laws.   Contrarily, doing so only reduces the amount of money available to fund the political whorehouse in Washington.  So, as we put up in yesterday’s posts, endlessly idiotic and corrupt politicians want to ban the EPA rather than ban any pollution created by the fascist state.

I have to laugh at the conspiracy theorists who believe some cleansing of humanity is actually planned by a group of global elites.  Or that the chaos we see around the world is somehow planned.  The people running major corporations and politicians (bureaucrats) are generally some of the most idiotic minds on earth.   All you have to do is sit back and take in the freak show to see how endlessly and systemically incompetent they really are. 

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Federal Reserve Again Performs Oral Operations On Wall Street Banks

Six months ago Bernanke said he expected a second half pickup in employment. How’s that working out for you? Instead, today he is once again stress testing the criminal banks on Wall Street for exposure to Europe’s mess.   Six months later it will be China.  Then Brazil.  Then…..  

These are nothing but oral operations; nothing more than rhetoric or useless words.  Con(fidence) games. 

So, let me ask you a question.   Banks are granted special privilege in the U.S. by our government to protect society’s savings.  Who gave them the authority to take that savings and ship it outside of our country to speculate in criminal schemes around the world?   Make no mistake, these are criminal enterprises and taking our money outside of our society’s borders to speculate with our savings is a criminal act.  It’s not their money.

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Insider Trading In Congress Is Epidemic And Legal

"Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Thus the beneficiaries are spared the shame and danger that their acts would otherwise involve. But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to the other persons to whom it doesn't belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime." -- Frederic Bastiat

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Living The American Dream

That would be to be an corporate slave for $8,500 a year.   The free market works as expected.  When there are no referees to the game of economics, the team with the advantage will always cheat, rape and pillage its way to profits.  The free market is exactly what we see here.    As reason and mathematics clearly tells us, there is no such thing as a free market.   There are only fair markets.  The only thing free in free markets is the freely used propaganda used to thieve and steal from society. 

Funny but where do all of those farming subsidies end up?  I would think they would help contribute to a living wage and benefits for workers like those in this story.  Oh yeah.  That’s right.  They end up in corporation’s pockets. 

Given the advances of humanity and the wealth of our nation, poverty is purely a result of corruption in our country.  One more time as we have cited countless times on here.  Poverty can be completely eradicated given humanity’s accumulated knowledge.  That it exists anywhere is simply because of corruption and self-interest. 

If there is a hell, there must surely be a special place in it for those who can rationalize treating people like this in a country where bureaucrats can make hundreds of millions of dollars dismantling our rule of law and our economy.   

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The Political Assault On Government Continues. This Time Against The EPA.

As we have remarked before, both political parties in the U.S. are massively corrupt.  Every time someone starts to make an honest statement about the state of corporate power in Washington, the Republican Party starts its fascist attack that that person is anti-business and businesses create jobs.  Then Democrats like President Obama, like the corporate toady he is, can’t wait to run out and profess they are pro-business too.  Gotta keep the funnel of corporate money rolling into politics.   Never expect a politician to exhibit signs of leadership regardless of party affiliation.

On here, we are pro-working markets which is the antithesis of pro-business.  Pro-markets creates jobs as opposed to pro-business that kills jobs.  Pro-markets forces market participants to compete for American labor as opposed to pro-business that kills job creation and destroys living wages.  Pro-markets embraces merit to compete for better ideas and better solutions to our democracy’s issues as opposed to pro-business that kills innovation and democratic solutions to issues that face our nation and our citizens.  Pro-markets embraces an economy where citizens with a valid business idea or desire for economic-self determination can monetize their idea by gaining access to society’s capital and thus compete and win against any economic entity regardless of how large or small.  Pro-business squashes competition, citizen economics, entrepreneurship and labor.   Pro-markets is anti-government red tape and meddling that destroys working markets while pro-business is to create red tape and market meddling that stifles job creation, innovation and a vibrant economy in favor of corporate fascism.

Now we have mental midgets and ideological preachers like Rand Paul, who paradoxically and hilariously made his living as a doctor by accepting government medical payments, proposing that we rid ourselves of the EPA using some drivel based on his ideological nonsense.  As we have said numerous times, you can’t fix the government by electing people who hate it.  And you can’t have a reasoned, fact-based discourse on how to fix the economy when you elect people incapable of reason or deluded by their own grab for power in lieu of it. 

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

After It All Collapses – A Poem

I won’t be blogging over the next handful of days with the holidays upon us.  But, given this is a holiday of thanks in the U.S., I thought it appropriate to share what I am grateful for.  The reality is we all have much to be grateful for.  If we are alive, we have been given the opportunity of a new day.  And this day can be the beginning of a better world.  For, if we first want to change the world, we must change our mind.   And today, we each have the ability to change our own mind to embrace a better world.  You may not be able to determine your own physical destiny but your emotional destiny is completely within your grasp.  In fact, it is your responsibility.

Yes, a fact of life is that the human condition involves endless suffering.  But, the human condition also has the ability to create endless beauty.  On this holiday, Paul reminds us of the better world that can become After It All Collapses

One thing that I am grateful for is the endless ability of self-expression every person is capable of in their own unique way.  Whether that is a unique gift of cooking, raising children, caring for others less fortunate, designing the next widget, finding a cure for a human illness, making people laugh or the endless ways our self-expression impacts each other’s lives.  No matter how simple or how complex, we can all contributes positively to the beautiful cycle of life.  All we need is the self-empowerment, courage and desire to make it so.  And, part of that self-empowerment is the rejection of authority and tyranny in favor of self-governance and democracy.   Authority and tyranny limits and even destroys our self-expression.  As Paul reminds us through his beautiful and completely unique self-expression, those who seek dominion over humanity always have and always will attempt to vanquish or enslave that beautiful self-expression and, therefore, destroy the natural order of progress of humanity through control and tyranny. 

“No borders they ask. Who rules? Gives order? …. We can all maintain order and live happily said a man with a smile.”   Change is guaranteed.  We should not fear it but instead embrace it.  For out of the ashes of failed authority, tyranny and control can re-emerge the ability of positive self-expression that will impact our economy, our society, our friends, our family, the natural world around us and all of humanity.  “Yet maybe together, right now and forever, we can all stand in this shoulder to shoulder.”

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Lobbyists Advise Wall Street On Occupy Wall Street – When Will The Lobbyist Bubble Pop?

The Huffington Post has a story they lifted from MSNBC that is quite interesting.   One of the top lobbyist firms in Washington is warning Wall Street about the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Although, being in the bubble, I think this lobbyist firm has it completely backward.  It isn’t that Wall Street should fear politicians turning against them as this firm remarks.  It is that in the next five to ten years, we will get a constitutional amendment banning corporate personhood once and for all.  And more than likely see reforms enforcing publicly-funded elections.  It is a substantial focus of thousands of people including myself and the perfect storm is building to get it passed.   We will not be denied an enforcement of our constitutional rights under the rule of law.  And that means the party in Washington and on Wall Street is over.  Forever.   And forever is a long time. 

The Tea Party started as a grass roots effort that was based in a fundamental truth.  But, it has been taken over by nutjobs.  Anger is a good thing.  But it must be transformed and channeled into constructive and positive outcomes.  The Tea Party has morphed into a party of hate and exclusion.  

There has never been a successful movement in the history of humankind that resulted in progress or constructive social change that was based on anger, fear or hate.  Constructive social movements always come about by those seeking hope for a better world.   Not that we haven’t seen a few diversions along the way like in France where elitist gluttony and arrogance were rewarded with public executions.  But, that was the mob seeking vigilante justice rather than any reasoned, rule of law effort at transformational change.  Occupy Wall Street is on the right side of history.  There may be some who are anarchists or who wish to incite any type of chaos but that is surely not the preponderance of people.  Now it appears to be spreading to universities.  Sound familiar?  (By the way, the status quo’s attempt of enforcement of control and authority on this movement will fail.  It will only expose its thinly veiled desire of subverting truth & justice and embolden greater resistance in the process.  We, in fact, wrote this before any of the world started falling apart.  That as volatility revealed itself, eventually people around the world would become empowered by acts seeking virtue over tyranny.)

If you click through the MSNBC storey on the Huffington Post to this lobbyist firm’s web site, you’ll note that one of the top news announcements on their site is that John Boehner’s policy aide is going to work for this firm.   How special.  This is exactly what Jack Abramoff talked about on Sixty Minutes.  ie, How he bought legislation and professed to control nearly 100 Republican Congresspersons. 

You’ll also note the rolling messages on their site brag about their connections and that they know how to get things done in Congress.  For their clients, that is.   “Getting things done” that is void of merit but instead based on one’s Rolodex is cronyism.   It is using control to subvert the search for truth.   The lawyer bubble of Washington lobbyists is headed for a very hard landing as we have noted numerous times over the last six years.   Let them eat cake?  As we have said before, those in a state of self-delusion never see their gig is about to end. 

These firms on K Street house what are truly some of the most wretched people in our society.   To state that most are megalomaniacal or some equally disturbed state of self is most assuredly accurate in almost any case.  If they actually had to witness and take responsibility for the outcomes to their efforts, their minds would most likely self-destruct on some level.   In other words, if they had to witness and take responsibility for the poverty they create, the terminally-ill lying in a hospital bed without health insurance, the suicides caused by pain and suffering, etc.  Their manufactured self-image clearly does not represent a reality.  They have deluded themselves into believing they are doing God’s work; something only a megalomaniac could actually believe.  Jack Abramoff pointed that out in his interview.   As I highlighted in my last major post, sometimes the mind must lose everything to find itself.  I am highly confident that macro factors are aligning to ensure the lobbyist bubble collapses.   Their power is based on the mind’s illusory belief of control.  And that illusion is going to disappear and that means the control they exert is going to disappear with it.

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Psychopaths are characterized by an absence of empathy and poor impulse control, with a total lack of conscience. About 1% of the total population can be defined as psychopaths, according to a detailed psychological profile checklist. They tend to be egocentric, callous, manipulative, deceptive, superficial, irresponsible and parasitic, even predatory. (lobbying?) The majority of psychopaths are not violent and many do very well in jobs where their personality traits are advantageous and their social tendencies tolerated.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here Comes The Industrial Farming Bust

For many years I have been remarking that we are going to see a farming bust when the massive financial bubble pops.  This is contrary to the position held by those in the financial industry and hedge funds who have been speculating not only in food commodities but farm land and the industrial food complex.  Isn’t it ridiculous to listen to financial advisors and Wall Street hooligans talk about endless topics they clearly know nothing about only to see their endless incompetence eventually be exposed through bad bets?    Those making large bets in the industrial food complex will be severely and mercilessly punished for once again speculating in markets they clearly do not understand.   Markets they should be legally forbidden from speculating in.  Banks deposits are government-guaranteed as a safe haven for society’s money not for Ponzi schemes and gambling. 

Some of the automatons at the Federal Reserve seem to be finally wondering the same thing.  Farm land prices are rising at an alarming rate.  Up 25% year over year and 7% alone this past quarter.   We are seeing massive speculation in assets pursued by the financial industry and the investor class and prices are exploding higher.   All while assets not pursued by the financial industry are imploding in value.  That includes the American worker that is imploding in value.  For now.  This dynamic is not inflation.  It is a result of the financialization we have talked about for the last six years.  It is a result of the biggest financial bubble in the history of the world.  This shall pass when the financial bubble is pricked again.  Just as it passed back in 2008 when all financially-speculative assets imploded in value.   

A lot of the same kind of dynamics that led to massive numbers of farming busts thirty years ago are developing again today.  Except unlike thirty years ago when it was the family farm, today it is the corporate farm headed for disaster.   That bust thirty years ago cleared the way for the start of the corporate takeover of the family farm and the consolidation of the fascist industrial food monopoly in the United States.  The industrial farming community is dominated by financial interests, corporations and associated government welfare programs.  The family farm is generally a myth as the fascist state has consolidated its authority into our food supply.   And now we suffer the ills of its low-grade and often toxic outcomes. 

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Italians Protest Against Banker’s Government

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Is Sugar Toxic?

There is absolutely no doubt about one thing.   The American diet today is horrible.  And, that contributes to substantial illness, both emotional and physical.  

It is interesting to read that scientists talk of being marginalized in their search for truth over the decades given self-interest and money always seem to trump the search for truth or the common good in a government and economic system corrupted by money.

Lustig is the type of researcher who obliterates the status quo with the search for truth and associated reason and science rather than the accumulated effect of dogma, junk science, ideology and tainted money.   In the video below he debunks the very commonly perpetrated myth that Americans are fat because we are lazy, gluttonous and other equally nonsensical notions;  myths based on nothing more than bullshit.  But, boy oh boy are we fat as a society. 

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If you would rather listen directly to Robert Lustig rather than have a journalistic interpretation and some unscientific bias and likely fear of litigation by truth deniers, watch the Youtube video of Lustig here.

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Wall Street Hides Its Unregulated Derivatives Exposure To Europe

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A More Perfect Union? Poorest Poor Hits Record In U.S. As Politicians Seek To Cut Poverty Assistance Even Further

Record profits for major corporations.  Record bailouts for major banks.  The war state has endless money to bomb the world into submission.  Politicians are raising record amounts of cash for elections.  Washington politicians are making record gains in their personal wealth.  Lobbyists representing foreign dictators, corporations and the richest people on earth number in the tens of thousands.  12 of the 20 richest counties in the United States surround Washington D.C.   Fascism is alive and well. 

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And in some parts of the country, extreme poverty is hitting astronomical numbers.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Supreme Court Injustices Scalia and Thomas Dine With Healthcare Law Challengers

Justices are exempt the Code of Conduct that governs lower court justices.  Hahahaha.  The Corporate Supreme Court is just as tainted as our Congress and the White House.  And why wouldn’t it be?  A tainted White House nominates and a tainted Congress approves our Supreme Court.

Thomas should already have recused himself from this case given the massive and unreported conflict of interest in nearly $1 million his wife received surrounding this case.  Actually I believe there is ample reason to conclude Clarence Thomas should be permanently removed from the bench.  Scalia should explain his activities or recuse himself as well.    Actually, let’s recuse them all and pick a new Supreme Court after all of Congress recuses itself permanently, we make political parties (corporations) illegal, we elect a new Congress with publicly-funded elections and we overturn corporate personhood and the cesspool of lobbyist corruption. 

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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Supreme Court Will Rule On Obama’s Health Care Bill

Our health care system teeters on the precipice of sustainability.  The Census Bureau’s latest report shows private employers are cutting health care at an alarming rate.  The system serves few other than those who created it for their own self-interest.  Obama took a completely unsustainable and, frankly, corrupt system and tried to ram it down everyone’s throat.  The Republicans are even more ridiculous in their stance on health care.  They pretend there is no issue.  Now, the corporate Supreme Court will rule.  This will be very interesting.  I wrote when this bill first passed that I expected it would eventually be repealed or reswizzled.  The war over health care is about to see its first major battle. 

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

60 Minutes Investigation - Congress Insiders: Above The Law?

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Three Examples Of The Big Lie That Make Me Throw Up In My Mouth

A little light humor for the weekend.  Bureaucrats are always good for a hilarious laugh.  Bureaucrats are great at the Big Lie propaganda technique first documented by the Nazis.  

Remember, the human mind has only two intents in everything it does – control and the search for truth.   That is it.  Nothing more.  Most everything we do every day is our attempt to control the world, circumstances or people around us.  Those who seek authority (control) are natural manipulators.  Even if they have no idea they are doing it.  I think we all know most politicians and Wall Street con men know exactly what they are doing. 

1 - The IEA, a bloated, illegitimate pan-global Soviet-style, centralized bureaucracy attempting to exert its primacy over our country’s rule of law, tells us we have five years to deal with climate change or else.   It seems the people living on other planets in our solar system didn’t get the memo.  There may be many things we can point to that are five years or else but it isn’t because of man-made global warming.  There are countless sources of energy in the universe that emit more energy in a second than our sun does in its entire life time.  Where are the models factoring in these and other unknown dynamics?  Story link here.

2 - “The participation of our country in the eurozone is a guarantee for the country's monetary stability. It is a driver of financial prosperity.”  -- Greece’s new Prime Minister, another stooge for banksters.   Obviously the PM is a firm believer in the Nazi party’s propaganda technique of the Big Lie.   This has to be the greatest con of the last few months.  Greece’s PM is nothing more than a con man.

3 - Insane Congressman Joe Walsh Screams at His Constituents.   Gotta love a bought and paid for fascist government.  A little more of that Big Lie thing I do believe.  By the way, getting excited is one thing.  Screaming is another.  It seems some people are employing numerous strategies of control at the same time – the Big Lie and screaming.  Screaming is an attempt to control a conversation if anyone actually needs to have this explained to them.   Maybe Joe Walsh should voluntarily take a Rorschach Test.   The Congressman has one intent in this conversation.  To control on behalf of his corporate masters or some other ego-driven motive.  His constituents are granted no voice in their own government. 

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mario Batali Is Right – Banks Are Like Hitler And Stalin

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Update On The Morgan Stanley Cyclical Index - Could Equity Prices Return To 1982 Levels?


Over the last month or so global financial markets have attempted to stabilize.   Hedge funds and proprietary trading desks at financial institutions have again taken on massive leverage, China reported an uptick in growth (possibly short-lived with the release of more recent data), Europe has solved their problems at least three or four times in the last few months and all is good with the world again. 

Back six years ago when I first started this blog, I wrote that we were headed for an alignment of economic waves that could lead to substantial devastation.  And that all of the global wealth that has been created in the last decade could easily be wiped away; a position that I don’t think anyone else considered at the time.  This was when the global economy was stronger than it had ever been.  Ever.  And those who perceived there was a problem were focused on a subprime U.S. housing bubble.   So much for subprime.  And so much for a housing bubble.  This is neither and now those who think with their eyes are finally realizing it.   But because they think with their eyes, many will be as wrong again as they were six years ago.  

This is the end of times for the economic and financial idols that are worshipped as pillars of gold today.    We shall find out soon enough they are nothing more than pillars of salt.  That doesn’t have to translate into endless suffering or decades of high unemployment or cuts in much-needed social programs or austerity to protect the banking gangsters, elites and their bought-and-paid-for political toadies.  But, if the status quo and linear thinkers get their way, that is exactly what will happen.   The good news is that assuredly ain’t gonna happen.  All of those linear thinkers are now being met with endless unexpected possibilities in their quantitative models as volatility in countless forms takes shape around the globe.  Volatility we uniquely said was going to happen when world leaders, lawyers, lobbyists and banking criminals were busy admiring the Frankenstein they had created.

Since we don’t know how much longer Morgan Stanley is going to be around to calculate the Morgan Stanley Cyclical Index, or CYC,  let’s take a another look at the index.   (By the way, Morgan Stanley isn’t just exposed to Europe’s mess.  There are countless examples of its systemic incompetenceAnother is this incredibly asinine account.  Remember, we have consistently said we are heading for an agriculture bust as well.  The fact that hedge funds and banks are speculating in and even buying massive amounts of farm land at bubble prices is consistent with our theme that the investor class losing all of their marbles and eventually all of their money.)  

Anyway, to remove some of the short term bias of our last look at the CYC, let’s take a longer term look going back to the start of the multi-decade bull market that started in 1982.   And, at some point in time, we’ll open the aperture further with an even longer view.  One that has the potential to be even more disturbing for what is yet to come.  

We can see from the rising red trend line that essentially the CYC stayed above that trend since Reagan’s war-state and trickle-down economics-initiated bull market started in 1982.  The index threatened to break that trend line in the post 2000 equity market collapse (another Wall Street con game) but recovered to make a new blow-off high.  The index then completely imploding in the 2008-2009 collapse by decisively breaking a three decade-old trend line.  Not good news for trend traders. (rearview mirror analysis or linear thinking)

The index made a massive Federal Reserve-stoked rally over the last few years to challenge its 2008 pre-collapse high.   We see the index also flirted with breaking back above the thirty year trend line in both 2010 and then again in 2011.  It ultimately failed and has fallen substantially below that trend line in the past few months.  In other words, this trend line once acted as price support for nearly thirty years and is now acting as price resistance.   This is consistent with fundamentals that have also fallen well below thirty year trends and are also reflecting a more ominous and new economic reality.  That is, there is no return to trend and rearview mirror economics no longer works.

Before the 2008 collapse we talked about the 1995 price pivot a handful of times on here.  I never explained what the significance of that date was but it provided our downside target for equities.   During the latter stages of the crash, we amended that downside target even lower to include a downside range of 200-450 on the S&P 500.   As we wrote at the time of that amendment, we said the downside overshoot we were now factoring in to new price targets was an attempt to create a fudge factor for the new messes that politicians and corporate leaders were creating by propping up a failed and corrupt economic model.  2008 was likely their last opportunity to fix this mess and all they have done is make it worse.  But much of that worse for the rest of the world rather than worse for the United States.  Remember, another position we have uniquely written about since this blog’s inception is that the rest of the world is going to suffer a much more severe outcome to this crisis.   For those who think with their eyes, that position is now starting to reveal itself to them.  None of the economic crises around he world today caught us off guard.  We wrote of all of them well before they were recognized.    Similarly, it is going to get much worse for emerging markets and BRIC countries as we have said since well before the 2008 collapse.  Much, much worse.  

There is a substantial alignment of fundamental analysis with time analysis that leads to 1995 price pivot being an important date.   I’d have to kill you if I divulged the what and why of this analysis but here is what I will tell you regarding time analysis.   Don’t allow your ego to reject, out of fear or self-delusion, anything you do not understand.  ie, If we cannot confirm it with our senses and the associated image of the world our senses have created, potential knowledge is often dismissed by the deluded mind.  There is obviously a substantial time element to the actions of financial markets, well, and life in general.  This is a factor that humanity simply does not understand.  Time is essentially a hidden variable that science is unable to explain.  Is time linear?  Is it cyclical?  Is it spherical?  Is time’s speed a constant?  Is time repeated on some level?  The reality may be that the only place time is linear or even real is in our mind.  

I have joked on here about the quickening and one of our long term themes on here is volatility.  If time is indeed spherical or nonlinear, ever-increasing volatility and ever-shortening periods between volatility could be explained quite easily using this as a basis.  And, mind you, since the beginning of humanity, we are witnessing ever-increasing volatility and ever-shortening periods between volatility.  You may want to consider the ramifications of nonlinearity or even what the lack of time constancy might mean in terms of volatility and how it ties into our theme of volatility on here.  :)   You don’t expect me to just blurt everything out do you?  The human mind loves being lazy and you might actually have even more refined theories than I do if you put your mind to work. 

Anyway, if you are interested in doing your own research, I most often use time symmetry, the outright removal of time as a variable, some derivation of the Golden Mean and planetary astrology more than any other elements in some attempt to anticipate key future dates.   Obviously, the shorter the time involved, the more esoteric and involved that analysis becomes.    It’s not an easy exercise but it is sometimes possible to achieve some level of artistic and mathematical elegance. 

But before your ego deludes you into thinking you understand the world around you and any such efforts are mumbo jumbo, the concept of time symmetry plays a key role in modern physics and was first documented thousands of years ago, planetary astrology is nothing more than a cyclical representation of extraterrestrial energy impacting life on earth and has contributed substantially to science and the Golden Mean plays a substantial role in defining the universe and it may similarly play a role in the nonlinearity of time.  And, that 1995 pivot that was derived using a fair amount of this voodoo?  (And supported by fundamentals.)  Well, both the Banking Index and the Morgan Stanley Cyclical Index dropped exactly to the 1995 price pivot in the 2008 crash.  Did you see Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke or any economists telling you where prices were headed before they actually got there?   I didn’t see anyone else talking about this before the collapse.   Or even after.  Surely not those educated in the halls of Harvard and Yale or other great institutions of “learning”.    Have you yet considered how much of what you believe or learned throughout your life is actually real?

So, back to the CYC chart.   The longer term chart contained in this post shows a potential second downside target beyond the 1995 pivot.  This second downside target is based on the projection of the double top pattern the CYC is now exhibiting.   That downside target just so happens to elegantly align with an entire retracement of the bull market that started in 1982.  In other words, equity markets would give back all gains since 1982 before hitting a bottom.    And when do I expect that to happen?  Well, here we go with the esoteric analysis.  All I do know is that 2013 is a date that I have been watching for a long time.   But then so is 2016, 2022 and a few other dates in between.  In fact, let me throw out a bizarre remark just about now for grins and giggles.    I expect there is a high probably the U.S. will either default on much of its foreign debt or write off much of its debt in 2013.  There is an analysis in that date but all I am sharing is the particular date.  For that to happen, we can likely conclude equity markets won’t be doing too well.  What course is specifically taken with our debt would depend on the political environment of the time; as we have remarked numerous times, default would be an act of belligerence and writing off the debt would involve printing the money necessary to make investors whole.   (Think about our many remarks about China’s coming volatility  written years before anyone else was writing about their coming doom.)   

Now, I don’t believe 1982 prices are where we are going but I also don’t discount it.  I don’t discount it for many reasons.  One, what I believe is irrelevant.  What I believe exists no where else but in my mind and I cannot refute any such possibility with incontrovertible fact, incontrovertible science or incontrovertible reason.  Two, do you remember that incarceration or prison population chart I showed a few months ago?  Do you think it is just a coincidence that it lines up perfectly with Reagan’s supply-side economics chart of spend-your-way-to-prosperity debt-driven-government-spending-binge based on trickle down economics?  ie, The long term U.S. debt data from the Federal Reserve that can find anywhere. 

Remember, Reagan’s war-state, neoliberal, statist deficit-spending dwarfed Obama’s deficit spending by a factor of more than ten.  I didn’t see any Republicans bitching about Reagan.  By the way, Obama is doing a good job of maintaining Reagan’s trickle-down policies so if the Republicans don’t like it, then I guess they need to rewrite their belief system and accept Reagan was one of the worst presidents in our history or Obama is one of the greatest.   Or they need to accept that some of Obama’s proposed spending on infrastructure has merit but will not solve this crisis. (Politicians are at least consistent in their stupidity and corruption regardless of particular ideology or party.)  Three, since 1982 very little economic activity in the United States has created any wealth or is geared toward wealth production.   Instead, most economic activity simply results in shifting wealth from entity A to entity B.  (Mostly from the have-nots to the haves.  Something we would clearly expect with economic policies that embrace Social Darwinism.  ie, Massive elitist and corporate-driven trickle-down corruption.)  Four, if one of our long time theses is that U.S. economic activity peaked around 1980, are you willing to possibly consider that any asset gains since were simply a result of too much money chasing too few assets rather than any fundamental increase in wealth over the last thirty years?  And, therefore, when that scheme of inflating away the debt and assets needed to keep this massively corrupt economic model going no longer yields its desired results, prices will give back all of their gains and return to a level where fundamental supply and demand actually meet in the market?  - Thus refudiating all of the junk science embraced as false idols over the last thirty years?  Would that cause the status quo’s belief system to be entirely expunged from our social, democratic and economic lexicon?   Well, if I am right about 1980 being the peak of economic activity in the U.S., then it is completely plausible to consider many prices may return to those levels without transformational change to our economic model.   Remember, plausible does not mean we will see 1982 prices. 

But if you aren’t willing to at least consider 1980-ish was the peak of economic activity in the U.S., and there are many economic data points to confirm it, then, your mind is in denial.  Denial is simply the ego’s attempt at control.  And control is driven by fear.  And, if this possibility exists, the mind has much to fear.   So, most people will reject it out of hand.  Not because it isn’t possible but because the fear and uncertainty this instills in their mind is too great to consider.

Most Americans are completely broke.  They fight amongst themselves, brother against brother, public servant against private sector, race against race, straight against gay, left against right, religion against religion, for fewer and fewer crumbs left over from the hedonistic self-glorification of neoliberal economics created by a criminal class.    If the squabbling of brother against brother encouraged by our masters could ever be put to rest and replaced by reason and truth, most Americans are not emotionally or financially invested in the current ecosystem.  They have no assets to lose if equity prices or any of the investor class trading schemes did completely collapse.   But those who benefited over the last twenty-plus years have much to lose.  Not just their investments but their positions of authority, their employment and their standing in society.  (The top 1% as determined by wealth are also the largest  ideological buyers of gold; a false safe haven and a false belief system.  They worship a false god or false sense of security that exists only within their mind .)  

There are countless people who were not overtly complicit in the corruption that took place in our society starting with Reagan’s presidency.  But they benefited from this environment nonetheless.  They too have much to lose.  I am one of them.  So, on that note,  is ignorance, narcissism or being consumed with the self over the greater good a viable defense as to why one  may have averted their eyes to the ever-increasing poverty and suffering in this country or around the world?  Suffering caused by corruption?   Didn’t a wise man once say you must lose your life in order to find it?   Must those responsible for this crisis lose everything, including who they are as human beings, to find themselves?  To break the megalomaniacal grip their ego has on their mind? 

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.  -- The United States Constitution

By averting our eyes from the ever increasing pain and suffering of people denied domestic Tranquility,  common defence, general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, did we form a more perfect union?  Have we as a nation acted as our brother’s keeper?  Have we upheld the ideals of our founding?

The ego or the self is the source of all evil in this world.   Evil only exists within the mind.  And what has been glorified and exalted under economic neoliberalism and its effects of Social Darwinism?  The self.  The ego.  The Me.   The arrogance and self-centeredness  of those who created this train wreck with absolutely no boundaries of that egomaniacal self-centeredness and seemingly little, if any, concern for anyone else.   Is it really a surprise that fundamentalism and religion have gained so much over the last few decades?  For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.  Could the rise of religious fundamentalism around the world simply be the response of people seeking an escape from the glorification of the self by politicians, corporate leaders and bankers?  A search for meaning and community in an immoral and godless world that exalts the most uncentered acts of an unstable human mind?

In the moment when I am able to subsume the self, I realize I am my brother’s keeper - first community and then individual responsibility for what one is able to share or give within community.   And we all have something to share.  Some through the gift of randomness may have more or less to share than others.   But regardless of our many gifts, we are all equally capable  of sharing one thing.  Selflessness.  Community.    

Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.   -- John Wooden

See much selflessness in positions of authority within this country?  Corporations? Politicians?  Bankers?  Lobbyists?  Lawyers?  Fundamentalists?  Within the European Union?  Elsewhere?   These are self-granted positions of authority might I add.    There are no positions of authority within a democracy.  There are only positions of public service that the ego of those seeking power have turned into positions of authority for their own  self-service, gluttony and avarice.   Public service is virtuous.  Authority takes what it is not legitimately granted through force; no man ever has a legitimate reason to hold dominion over another human being.   As Mandela, King, Schweitzer and other selfless leaders understand, each man is born free of the control of another human being. 

Karma is really nothing more than a self-correcting or stasis-driven state of consciousness.   It is effectively the dynamic of Newton’s third law – for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.  Those who are oblivious to the suffering around them, who would go so far as to pretend it doesn’t exist or even support ego-driven policies that create it, will always see the world around them eventually correct against such arrogance, self-centeredness, evil and delusion - karma.   Just something to consider when questioning whether a return to 1982 equity prices is indeed a possibility. 

If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another.  -- the Buddha

Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me. – Jesus of Nazareth

The ego’s perception of the separateness and the subsequent self-glorification of the self is indeed man’s original sin and the foundation of all evil in this world.  Karma truly is a bitch.

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Monday, November 07, 2011

Jack Abramoff – How To Defraud Democracy By Bribing A Pliant Congress, Supreme Court And White House

This dynamic happens every day in Washington.  Every single day.  Youtube video here.

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Biggest Public Firms Paid Little U.S. Tax, Study Says

Anyone who has said one solution to this environment is lowering taxes on the largest corporations in America is either a shill for fascism or is unwittingly playing the role of useful idiot for their corporate masters.  

We have hammered on this repeatedly.  Cutting taxes for major corporations is simply more of the neoliberal race to the bottom of the barrel that dismantles society’s rule of law. 

We have noted the fact that corporations pay well below the published rate when I mentioned there is a data service I used to subscribe to that showed the tax rates for the top 500 public firms in the U.S. being less than half of the published and claimed rate.  Corporations need to pay their fair share.  And, right now, were the rule of law actually being enforced, that is trillions less than they are paying.   

The Super Committee in Congress seeking to find cuts in our budget including Social Security, are only having to do so because corporations and lobbyists own our government and are unwilling to abide by the rule of law set out by democracy.  But, rather they are seeking to subvert it.

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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Jack Abramoff Blows The Lid Off Of Washington Corruption – “Bribery Happens Every Single Day in Washington”

And “I would be hard pressed to cite a single (politician) person who is not involved. “

Abramoff exposes how he bought and owned over 100 Congressperson’s offices for his own bribery and corruption. 

60 Minutes link here.  I would expect not all of the videos of what I just watched on television may not yet have been posted to their site.

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Message To The Oakland Police Department And To The Pliant Stooges In Our Mainstream Media

For those who haven’t been watching, the Oakland police, which has a long history of use of excessive force and even brutality, has most recently terrorized the Occupy Oakland protestors.   Morning Joe even went so far to call the Oakland police’s actions a “police riot” and police “brutality”.

A quote below that has graced these pages probably a dozen times that is fitting of these actions followed by a modern day interpretation of that same quote in a video message to the Oakland police department and to the pliant stooges in our mainstream media. (An excellent video. Watch it to the end!)

The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies. They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc. In most cases there is no free exercise whatever of the judgment or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a level with wood and earth and stones; and wooden men can perhaps be manufactured that will serve the purpose as well. Such command no more respect than men of straw or a lump of dirt. They have the same sort of worth only as horses and dogs. Yet such as these even are commonly esteemed good citizens. Others, as most legislators, politicians, lawyers, ministers, and office-holders, serve the state chiefly with their heads; and, as they rarely make any moral distinctions, they are as likely to serve the devil, without intending it, as God. A very few, as heroes, patriots, martyrs, reformers in the great sense, and men, serve the state with their consciences also, and so necessarily resist it for the most part; and they are commonly treated as enemies by it.-- Henry David Thoreau

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Is the CDC Deliberately Hiding the Truth about the Link between Autism and Mercury in Vaccines?

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”
― Siddhārtha Gautama, the Buddha

I am extremely leery of anything to do with the FDA.  The FDA is notoriously corrupted by corporate money and politics.  NOTORIOUSLY.  More notorious than Notorious B.I.G.

I am not anti-vaccine and I am not pro-vaccine.  I am for a reason-based, scientific, untainted, non-ideological perspective on human health.  That means medicine is not approached as a religion as much of it is today.  The medical establishment bureaucracy and its high priests (doctors, bureaucrats, pharma CEOs, medical sales reps, etc), just as is any bureaucracy, will often reject truth as it seeks to perpetuate its often illegitimate influence for personal gain.   On that note, one day I am going to put up a lengthy post about mythical cholesterol and the completely dubious anti-science posing as science used to perpetuate cholesterol-lowering drugs as I promised a friend I would do a few years ago.

I find it highly troubling that bureaucrats and pharma-sponsored research discounts the use of mercury in vaccines as but one example of many.  Mercury is likely the most toxic poison known to man.  A few small drops in a very large lake would be enough for the EPA to decree all food harvested from that lake as inedible and unsafe but the FDA continues to tell us mercury in vaccines is just fine.    This is highly troubling to me.   No amount of mercury has ever been proven to be safe.  Period.  Especially in infants and toddlers where some research shows mercury levels can rise to astronomical levels due to vaccines

Needless to say, there is a lot of junk science in medicine.  And, the motive, as usual is greed and self-interest.

As always, do your own diligence.   

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Fascist Republicans Called Out By Reagan Economist On Regulation Propaganda Lies

I don’t like either political party because politics is never about the search for truth.  It is about power and control.  Organizing power and control against each other in Congress serves no purpose to democracy.  None.  It serves the party masters.  And the party masters serve those who line their pockets.  That would be their corporate masters.  Fascism.  But if you are a backer of the modern day Republican party, your mind is so deluded by Nazi-style propaganda techniques that you are supporting your own demise just as Nazi-backers did in Germany.   As we have noted numerous times in one way or another, Abraham Lincoln, the founding President of the Republican party would have declared war on his own party for what they have become. 

Most of Reagan’s financial and economics team has publicly abandoned his ridiculous notions of economics at one time or another. 

Here’s another one – Bruce Bartlett.  One who remarks a truth that we have incessantly hammered on countless times.  That is, proper regulation does not kill job creation.  It protects society and is necessary to create a working market and merit-driven economy.   And neither does deregulation create jobs.  It destroys working markets.  Which, by the way, is what the Republican party’s corporate masters want.   Who wants to compete when you can buy the government and guarantee competition is stifled?  What the fuck does a politician know about economics?   In actuality, what do they know about anything?   Restore democracy and democratic economics to We The People.  That is all they need to know. 

I am obliged to confess I should sooner live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston telephone directory than in a society governed by the two thousand faculty members of Harvard University.

That’s because leadership is not about being book smart or believing one can score higher on a standardized test.  Nor is it about kissing babies or campaign sound bites.  Leadership is simply understanding that the only way one can be successful as a leader is by empowering and harnessing the cumulative knowledge of a free, industrious and creative talent of a society.   And all of that only starts with authenticity.  More authenticity is likely to be found in the first two thousand names of the Boston phone book;  in average people not always motivated by ego-driven power, status and greed.  See any Soviet-style Washington politicians sharing this message and delivering in policy initiatives to make it happen?

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Bankster Extortion Fees On Unemployment Benefits

If I learned anything from the cruelty, baseness and animalistic neoliberal economic model that most of us compete in, it is to kick the enemy when it is down.   I have seen the enemy and he us us for allowing for-profit banking to destroy our economy and our democracy.  I have no hidden agenda.  I want to see for-profit private banking peacefully eradicated from our democracy and any merit-based economy be that capitalism or whatever else may emerge in its place. 

This isn’t anything new as banksters have been extracting fees on unemployment benefits for years but it is just one of countless reminders of the massive blood-sucking corruption and lack of moral clarity of deregulated for-profit banking.

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The Mainstream Press Is Now Starting To Mock The G-20 - “The G-20: The Committee to Not Save the World”

Back in 2009 when the Gang of 20 or G-20 started meeting to contain this crisis, we mocked the mainstream press for leaning on every word of world leaders in some anticipation they were actually going to stop this crisis.  We contrarily said these clowns weren’t going to save anything.   They are making the mess worse that they actually created.   

A funny thing happens during the enlightenment process every human being is destined to experience to some degree at some time or another in their life.  That is, previously held beliefs and/or commonly held perspectives of authority start to crumble.  And as that process happens,  one stops listening to the voices in their head that once convinced them of their prior delusions and beliefs.   Just a little over two years later the world is now saying, ‘look at me now’.   The voices of belief in people’s minds  are now starting to be met with internal skepticism.  

We grant public servants deference to the primacy of our authority over them so that they may focus on administering our nation while we go about the duty of paying their salaries.  The G-20 can’t fix anything.  Only true leadership can fix anything.  True leadership understand economic and political authority must be returned to the people.  Only the labor, creativity and industriousness of a free society can save G-20 politicians from the hell they have created

The  Atlantic article titled The G-20: The Committee to Not Save the World is mocking the writings of Robert Hormats back in 2010 titled The Committee to Save the World? The G-20 and the Future of Global Economic Governance.  Hormats is the the United States Under Secretary for under the table corruption and fittingly he is the former vice chairman of …….  that’s right – Goldman Sachs.  And before that, amongst other noted political positions, he was a senior advisor to the alleged war criminal Henry Kissinger.  You know, like current Treasury Secretary Geithner.  Hormats is a life-long bureaucrat who exemplifies the revolving door between corporations and the state that we call fascism

Hormats understanding of economics could be easily rolled by any junior high school student who spent a week perusing the internet for a class paper on economics.  But what he is good at is using his contacts (cronysim) to push America’s hegemony that we affectionately call free trade, globalization and the G-20.   And these policies come right out of the criminal class on Wall Street, including Goldman Sachs.

Hormats is no different than the other corner office power-mad toadies out of Goldman Sachs who became government bureaucrats like Hank Paulson and John Corzine.  Both of those men came close to blowing up Goldman Sachs – Corzine in the early 90s and Paulson just recently.   Hormats and his ideology has helped blow up the world and in the process may actually have created an environment that blows up Goldman Sachs.  

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