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The Cycle Of Volatility, The Con Game Of Human-Made Global Warming (Solar System Climate Change) And The Politics Of Fear

Let's follow up the con game of our last major post with an update on human-made global warming as espoused by scientific geniuses like Al Gore.

We are one of the supposed mindless deniers of human-caused global warming on here.  That's because we are stupid, thoughtless idiots who eschew science and the undeniable evidence that humans are incapable of good.  Therefore, we need the state and authority to run our lives for us.  You know, brilliant people like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George Bush, Timmy Geithner and Hank 'the Hammer' Paulson.  (The cumulative consciousness and awareness index of this group doesn't even register above zero.)  We want to shut down all of the businesses in the United States and tax the people into submission to reduce CO2 emissions. And most importantly, we want Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley to destroy our economy even further by rigging up their next Ponzi tax scheme of trading carbon credits. Of course, we want all of this wrapped under an umbrella of complete state control.  Resistance is futile.

Contrary to popular belief, the known and unknown natural forces of the universe as well as those originating on our own planet impact our existence at an intensity level in the blink of an eye greater than the impact of humanity over our entire existence; something we have discussed on here often.

We know human-caused global warming is an ideology because we have people who can't explain the first thing about the science or climate telling us that the science is incontrovertible. When we have Arianna Huffington, President Obama, Al Gore and other people who are about as unqualified as unqualified can be in the fields of science telling us that human-caused global warming is a certainty, we have a new religion on our hands. And they are its preachers.  There is no reasoning in the discussion of religion as is the case with any other fear-based ideology.  Ultimately, when the human agenda of control takes over, we see herd behavior with an intent of marginalizing dissent. And the true believers will do just about anything to accomplish marginalization while getting their point across.  In the past, that was burning people at the stake, stoning people to death and waging endless holy wars to name a few.  Today, as in Nazi Germany, the preferred method of marginalization is the propaganda of fear.  This is the role of the bureaucrat. Or, as we witnessed in the 1960s movie The Planet of the Apes, this is the orangutan personality; the keepers of the faith.  And just as in the movie, they use the gorillas to enforce their propaganda wars on our freedom.

 The keeper of the faith or of the ideology doesn't seek truth, they seek adherence to an ideology.  They mock dissent regardless of its legitimacy.  Frankly, this is something we as humans are quite good at. It's the same dynamic that drove the Nazi movement, the same dynamic in which religious zealouts and nationalistic nutjobs beat innocent American citizens who were Muslims or possibly even looked like a stereotypical Muslim after the 9/11 attack.  It's the same dynamic that drives politicians to use endless baiting to swell up hatred and fear regarding race, sexual preferences or any other characteristic which may define someone as "different" from the perpetrator. Mind you, this type of goading is a favorite of politicians. That's why they are perfect proselytizers for the anthropogenic global warming scam.  Well, for any scam if we are being honest.  Politicians, unlike the infrequent leader who holds political office, are by nature con men.  

There are certainly valid claims that humans are poisoning the planet, a position that is undeniable.  Neoliberalism which relies on corporate self-regulation and deregulation has led to a cesspool of poison on our planet.  Even the body burden test we have remarked of on here, shows we are absorbing much of that poison with unknown consequences.  That certain human illnesses are now reaching epidemic proportions, yet only doing so in industrialized countries, most certainly is because of this dynamic.  Deregulation is resulting in our society effectively poisoning and killing itself.  We have written on here before that we clearly support the adoption of green technologies and sustainable economic development. But, I do not support these efforts in a top-down managed economy as Wall Street and global political idiots seek to mandate as a crippling tax by by taking away our freedoms in favor of bureaucratic decision-makers.  Bankers and politicians are drivers behind the human-caused global warming movement because it enriches their power and authority.  There are billions of dollars and endless power at stake in this scam.  You can be assured power seeks money and they will script any message to make sure they get it.   We explained this clearly in our last major post where Wall Street crooks have created millions of unsustainable jobs that eventually collapse along with their latest Ponzi schemes.  Those in society who support this top down bureaucracy with rabid fervor and a lack of facts are simply acting out, most often unknowingly, as useful idiots to the corrupt elite. 

There is well too much evidence from physicists, astronomers, astrophysicists, paleoclimatologists and the like that our world is substantially impacted by the earth's dynamo and associated magnetosphere, the sun and its magnetosphere, deep space energy sources, planetary alignments and on and on to deny their involvement in our planet's weather cyclicality.  Or for that matter, human behavior and evolution.  In other words, the weather models used by Al Gore and his bureaucratic band of marginalizers are models made by chimps for the consumption by chimps. And frankly, we don't have the scientific knowledge of the world and universe around us to produce accurate models.  (A reason why Wall Street's quantitative finance will collapse)  That doesn't mean we should stick our head in the sand and allow our planet to be pillaged and polluted at will as fascist political elements, especially Republicans in the U.S. who advocate even further dismantling of our regulation, would seek to do.  

The planet and the universe has their own agenda and we clearly don't understand it. That said, it is prudent business to adopt green technology in a manner that benefits our planet. And it can be done without taxing society to death or raising the costs of doing business. In other words, if the embrace of green technologies was driven by a bottoms-up economic model (aka democratic capitalism or democratic economics of some sort)

But one thing I think we can understand is this top-down mandate. Without a top-down mandate, Al Gore would not have raked in $200 million dollars as a purveyor of junk science.  A bureaucrat with no skill other than his Rolodex and his position of authority has become wealthy beyond that of any former politician in our country's history.  And he has done so only because of his authority.  ie, Crony capitalism.

I don't link to any of these data points below as fact because there is little fact available on this topic.  We should raise our awareness and continue to study the world around us in an attempt to better meet the needs of humanity and the world around us.  You know, science.  Or what used to be science.  But just to ram the stick in the proverbial eye of political idiots a little bit further, it appears people on a few other planets are excreting too much carbon dioxide just as we are.  I guess we aren't in a period of globalization so much as it is solar systemization.  Who will collect the cap and trade tax from those evil heathens burning coal on Jupiter and Pluto?  We should expect as much from those damn Martians.  Send in the politicians to do the right thing.  To do what Martians are incapable of doing on their own yet politicians are so qualified to do; right the wrongs of us stupid "little" people in favor of the enlightened political mind.

I have a great idea.  Let's load up all of the Wall Street idiots, including every CEO, and send the off to Pluto to trade carbon credits.  

Pluto experiences global warming.

Global warming on Pluto baffles scientists.

New storm on Jupiter hints at climate change.

Global warming on Neptune's largest moon.

Mars melt hints at solar causes for global warming.

Sun blamed for warming earth and other worlds.

And one of my favorites to date from The Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics:

Empirical evidence for a celestial origin of the climate oscillations and its implications. (The orbital periods of Saturn and Jupiter.  That age old voodoo of astrology is far from dead.  Contrarily, it's age-old premise is regaining traction as science.)

The entire solar system is experiencing climate change.  And it ain't because of coal-fired power plants on earth.   Although coal is a substantial pollutant when burned as it is today.  Human-made global warming is nothing more than an elaborate hoax.  A con.  And you are the mark.  Just like peak oil and all of the other cons.  Every single bit of it.  Politicians have hijacked science for their own greed and power.

Most people don't wish to entertain how corrupt our political system is.  They will.  When their self-interest is no longer served by the status quo.  That list is growing my millions every month.  Nothing any politician says can be trusted until we have a return to self-rule, the rule of law, democracy and total transparency into politics.

History will look back on our times and laugh at the endless hoaxes and con games by politicians and the fascist state.
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