Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doomsday Kook Now Says October Is The End Of The World

This is why after thousands and thousands of years of  ridiculousness the reasoned mind has accepted that a society should be built on institutions based on reason and the search for truth and not the whims of man.   Or as James Madison said, we have a government of laws and not of men.  And that means government institutions should be both apolitical and areligious.  Our institutions should be above the reach of the beliefs or ideology of any man.   Unfortunately, politicians never seem to understand this as they whore our institutions out for personal power and gain. 

How does one ever reason with the literally unlimited interpretations of religious ideology or the unlimited political beliefs of any man?  A government or society ruled by man is open to endless manipulation by ego and control rather than the search for truth, justice or reason.  Need anyone cite the endless corruption and manipulation of society by the churches and religious bureaucracy in Europe since modern civilization took root?  Or witch hunts and burning people at the stake because of religious terrorism?  Or the endless ridiculousness of hate-spewing mullahs in the Middle East?

Spirituality is a journey that comes from within.  One may rely on the guidance of brilliant spiritual minds over thousands of years as guidance, but to become spiritual is to learn to connect to our own divinity; something that exists in all humanity.   To listen to our higher self that subsumes our physical desires for that of connectedness, acceptance, harmony, selflessness and  community of all people.  Of all living things.   Then one realizes anyone who threatens any of this is the true evil in our world.  That would go well beyond this kook to the war machine, the fascist state, the Chinese communists and frankly just about any manmade bureaucracy of any size and scope that would attract unstable power-mad elements to its ranks.  Which, quite frankly, is why our society is failing.  Government does not work without complete transparency.  It is no longer self-rule.   The rule of law has been hijacked by the rule of man.  And in the case of an end of the world fanatic like this, there is no rule of law to protect anyone from his ridiculousness.  

When one outsources their beliefs to that of another human being, be that religious or political, it is most assuredly going to be manipulated by the unconscious or even conscious desires of the physical manifestation of man.    Spirituality is an ultimate expression of human beauty.  But any time man inserts himself as an authority into any equation, deceit and delusion will almost always the result as some power mad or deluded mind gains control over his fellow man.

This man bilked tens of millions of dollars out of people by terrorizing them into a state of fear.  Many, even a state of panic.  And because he is a religious leader, is he shielded from prosecution or consequences?  In our society, it is illegal to yell fire in a crowded theater.  Is this really any different?  Should people be able to scam others out of their life savings and work them into a panicked state while hiding behind religion in order to deflect from the consequences of their ridiculousness? 

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