Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Obama Deception– No Sense Of Decency Or Loyalty

There is no doubt that the Barack Obama who campaigned as President was a manufactured and manipulated image meant for populist consumption.  The best candidate money could buy. 

We have compared the real President Obama to the appeasers of evil, Neville Chamberlain and Herbert Hoover.   Appeasement in the face of evil is complicity and represents the true moral coward that Chris Hedges has talked about before.  And we have been writing since early on in his presidency that President Obama will likely be a one term president because he has turned a blind eye to massive fraud and corruption that is destroying our economy and democracy.  That’s a far cry from the position held by the Democratic party that appears emboldened about 2012 presidential prospects given the ridiculous candidates put forth by Republicans. 

To see how rapidly political fortunes can change, all we need do is look back on 2008.   Economic events in one month changed the elections and sunk McCain who embraced the ideals of neoliberal idiots and remarked repeatedly that the economy was just fine until the system he supported crumbled before his very eyes.  One month.  Totally unforeseen by the status quo and those who think with their eyes.   It likely cost McCain the Presidential election.  Or look at Iceland where one month forced the wholesale resignation of an entire government beholden to incompetence and fraud.  Linear thinking does not serve anyone well in this environment of volatility.  

While we all suffer from the human condition and no one is clearly worthy of hero worship, Cornel West is a comparative moral giant who has unwaivering fundamental beliefs of equality, compassion, democracy and justice in lieu of the  immoral and amoral political idiots in Washington who generally stand for nothing other than empty lies to get elected at any cost.  Empty lies to fulfill their often sociopathic ego-driven desire for control and validation to help fill the void in their broken and bankrupt soul. 

To hear West’s personal experiences with Barack Obama helps rationalize what many people already know.  That is, the manufactured image of presidential candidate is far different than the real person who West slams as manipulative and complicit in massive government fraud.  I don’t know a single person who voted for Obama that will vote for him again in 2012. 

Our long time position that a third party candidate could emerge in 2012 remains right on track courtesy of a president of appeasement.

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