Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ron Paul Announces Run For Presidency While NewsOne Asks Some Tough Questions Regarding Possible Racism

I’ve remarked on here before that I appreciate Ron Paul as a seeker of truth for the endless lies and fraud of our political parties.  But we have also remarked that Paul has some very batty views on monetary policy and economics.    Ron Insana, who is probably the only TV financial journalist I respect as knowledgeable and qualified, has actually remarked that Paul doesn’t even understand basic economics and that his involvement in government policy on the topic is therefore dangerous.    I must agree on some level.  But then his grasp of reality is better than most politicians and most definitely better than our last five Presidents. 

Paul is a savior for many just as Obama was.   In other words, people place their faith in a single person to deliver them from the ills of a corrupt and fraudulent government.  So, any desire to ask serious questions on many topics relating to their positions on serious topics or to criticize views that are open to criticism is often met with vitriol and personal attacks by supporters in some attempt to marginalize dissent.   But, let’s be clear, Paul is often on the other end of the same spectrum of  batty views espoused by political idiots.  Ron Paul’s son, a Tea Party Congressman with similar views as his father, has some even more nutty views as we have remarked before in his desire to end the Department of Energy; the agency responsible for regulating our nuclear power plants.  Of course, that completely baseless and thoughtless position was espoused before Japan’s nuclear disaster.  I don't think he has been foolish enough to utter such stupidity since.  Paul has advocated some really fringe positions over the years but has moderated his message since he has run for President; seemingly understanding he could never be taken seriously while espousing those views.  That includes ditching Social Security, Medicare and a slew of social services.  And deregulating much of our economy which is simply more neoliberalism that has gotten us into this mess in the first place.  That said, Paul gets one thing consistently right.  That is, in a democracy the people are sovereign and political idiots need to be reminded of their positions as public servants and not our masters.

Paul was able to skirt the questions about overt and very disturbing commentary about race baiting and perpetuating racial fear in his newsletter in the last election.  No media pushed him hard for a serious and clear answer to disturbing editorials because he was never a serious candidate. Although the media never really asked any serious questions of anyone.  But Paul could become a serious candidate in 2012. 

Ignorance is not a permanent state of mind for anyone.   People can and do obviously change.   But Paul gave what may be misleading and even false statements about very disturbing remarks in his newsletter in the last election when he said he just couldn’t remember who wrote the disturbing content in his newsletter.   Amnesia is a rather ridiculous and unbelievable position that is a perfected art of all politicians.  We The People deserve straight answers if Paul is going to be a leading Presidential candidate in 2012, and I would hope he is, if for no other reason than he will help set the issues agenda that will force the fascist two party system to answer to its massive fraud and endless lies to the American people.   

Our society affords one the right to be stupid and ignorant.   But a functioning democracy can only function for everyone when its policies are based on truth, reason, logic and equality of basic human dignities and constitutional & economic rights.  Views based on ignorance and stupidity have no place in our society’s leadership.   We already have enough of that.  Given the ridiculous options of Dummycrats and Republikaaners for President in 2012, (And I expect the candidate list to change drastically before the elections) Paul may be the best candidate to expose the massive corruption in Washington.  Fix the economy or government?  Well, not so much.  His views, if unchecked, could dive both into chaos.   But, we must solve our fundamental problem first and Paul will moderate any views as President.  Washington is a fascist cesspool of corruption that has destroyed any concept of democracy in our economy and the concept of self rule and nothing can be fixed until this is addressed. 

Ron Paul could be a primary force for disinfecting the stench in Washington.  But, he needs to give us better answers on some very disturbing commentary  published under his name. 

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