Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Obama’s Threatened Executive Order In Election Transparency & Corporations

I put up the last post on a whim.   For those who want to know more, here is the background on what is going on.  The President is most assuredly using an executive order, something I view as unconstitutional, to stop corporations who are also acting unconstitutionally  just as he is kicking off his re-election campaign.  And that is why Republicans are showing their true colors and pleading with the President not to sign such an order.  

Our President most likely didn’t just grow a backbone yesterday with this effort.  He is one of the most untransparent, and therefore undemocratic, Presidents of our time.   But, even if it’s purely political in nature, it’s a start and may have unintended consequences.  Remember, we wrote soon after Obama’s election that he’s a modern day Herbert Hoover who is very vulnerable to defeat in 2012; possibly by a third party candidate.

In the 2008 off year elections, it seems corporate spending exceeded that of the prior twenty years elections combined.  And giving this year to lobbyist whores by corporations us up astronomically as they seek to protect the massive fascism that exists in Washington.

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