Monday, May 16, 2011

How The Elite’s Lobbying Machine Is Stealing Society Blind

I have no idea if this chart is completely accurate, but I suspect it is pretty close.  It’s funny how we hear the corporate fascist bastard politicians yammering that social services are bankrupting our country.  This at a time where they won’t even consider cuts to the fascist corporatist war machine.  Yet people who blame all of this environment on George Bush either don’t understand what is wrong with our economy and our government or they are left wing ideologues with an agenda that does not include the search for complete honesty and truth, just what serves their ideology.

We are told time and again by Republicans, who are not seekers of truth but in fact ideologues supporting the fascist corporatist war machine, that the major problem with our government is social programs.  Yet, they fail to acknowledge the trillions of dollars in corporate handouts that have taken place over the last few decades as Clinton and Bush perfected the art of  cronyism in government.  It is why Clinton, Gore and Cheney have made close to half a billion dollars between the three of them – by whoring out our government and using themselves as prostitutes by leveraging their rolodex of bribe-able Washington contacts to get things done for communist countries, dictatorships, corporations and anyone else who can pay to play.  

And now that a criminal class has created an environment that allows them to thieve from society but leaves government unable to provide services to We The People, a dynamic created completely through legalized thievery, these same criminals are demanding government sell of  many of our publicly owned assets thus perpetuating even greater thievery that will concentrate wealth even further.  Yes, these assets belong to you.  And they are stealing them from you.  Who will buy these assets at fire sale prices?  Why that’s quite simple.  The only people left with any money; the crooks who created this mess in the first place.   It effectively allows bid-rigging of publicly-owned assets to pay for their past crimes that have been foisted onto government’s balance sheets.

All while a completely criminal Wall Street is caught time and again in the greatest atrocities in our country’s history yet somehow seems to come out of all of these crimes against humanity with simple bribes paid to our corrupt politicians to smooth over their great acts of thievery and criminal behavior.  That includes the most recent massive foreclosure frauds perpetuated by Wall Street.  And how do they pay for these bribes?  Why that’s simple.  They do so with your deposited savings or through government bailouts.  They steal from society coming and going.  One of the most truly disgusting acts of criminal behavior in the history of modern man.  

As we have been saying for a few years now, they are coming for your Social Security and anything else they can get away with. 

It’s time for a public banking system that serves We The People and not a system run by self-interested con men who are most willing to fuck over their fellow man to get to the top of the heap of criminal institutions. 

They are robbing you blind. 

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