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Recent Examples That The State Continues Down The Path Of Massive Crisis Or Outright Collapse

Just a quick post on an interview with Alan Dershowitz that is completely on point regarding special counsels and how our legal system has been headed down the rabbit hole for generations. The article and interview are here. (A long time theme on here is the ultimate collapse of both political parties in this nation.)

To that topic, let’s go back and look at Robert Mueller, a man who may be of dubious ethics. Who knows what his motives and intents are in this special investigation of Trump. Could he be targeting Trump as Dershowitz notes? If you believe the reporting (link) of some highly credible names as noted here, Robert Mueller may be a man of dubious ethical standards who is highly motivated by self-interest and the politicization of our legal system.

While I’m on the topic, let’s throw in one final report that will never make it to the evening news or the headlines of the New York Times because of the institutionalized corruption that plagues our news sources. Mostly because targets massive government failures in policy but also because the evil Russians did it. Mind you, I’ve talked about Putin as a pathological figure for years but there is no evidence Russia did anything in our elections that impacted the outcome. Nor is there any evidence Trump did anything worthy of criminal investigations from what has been shared with the American people. Donald Trump has manipulated and cheated democracy for decades to thieve his personal wealth but then so has Congress and most any high ranking executive in every major bank and corporation.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the United States government encouraged the spread of radical Islam for its own geopolitical purposes? And, then that policy was substantially the cause of 9/11? And, then our policy response of spending trillions of dollars on wars was really us chasing our tail by fighting what our government had created through its own pathological ignorance?  Well, that seems to be exactly what happened.  And, given the massive corruption and anti-democratic nature of the national security apparatus.

As noted on here countless times, the CIA and the national security state created by the 1947 National Security Act placed the United States at permanent war with the world. For those who still believe the shining example of puritanical principals of American “democracy” rather than the truth staring us in the face (aka brainwashed belief systems), take another look at the admissions of the highest ranking CIA operative to ever squeal on the agency. He notes that by the time he left the CIA and his seat on the National Security Council approximately 50 years ago, he estimates the CIA and its operations had killed more than 6 million people. What would that number be today given the massive runup in military spending that Ronald Reagan created and every president since has continued? 15 million?  More?

What’s behind all of this? Corporate capitalism and the corporate empire of the United States. It’s exactly as the British and Roman Empire were. And, its brutality is no different. For some time, that power of empire has been turned against the American people. It’s only going to get worse. The Constitution is dead. The rule of law based on natural rights is dead. The first Amendment is dead. And, they are working on destroying the other basic protections of rights as well.

The only way a system of hierarchy and class can maintain its grip on humanity is through violence. And, the primary mechanism through doing so is institutionalization, a common theme on here that is a precursor to collapse. We’ve seen it everywhere in history whether it’s the Soviet Union, Imperial Japan, the British Empire, the Roman Empire or countless examples in between.  Institutionalization is the mechanism through which continual violence is perpetrated against humanity. It doesn’t matter is that is the industrial food complex, the military-industrial complex, Facebook, Google, the institutionalization of the press, the institutionalization of Hollywood, the healthcare industrial complex, standing armies, political parties, the CIA and the state secrecy apparatus, the welfare apparatus, the organization of religion, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the criminal banking racket, organized crime, the mafia, ISIS or whatnot. 

In fact, the state (class & hierarchy) is nothing more than an organized crime syndicate.  It will do anything to maintain its monopoly grip on your enslavement.  Institutionalization subverts the free flow of ideas, knowledge, democracy, freedom and the like. Institutionalization exists to control humanity and turn us into slaves that are exploited for the benefit of privilege and class. Institutionalization creates a permanent class and hierarchy of privilege that is an affront to democracy and freedom. The people who work in those systems, be they corporations or government bureaucracies, generally suffer from a sort of psychosis of control. (I’ll hit this one in detail at some point. This is how pathology, psychopaths, narcissists and the like control all of us.)  And, that permanent class exists not to serve you but to enslave you; as we all know any bureaucracy is driven purely by self-interest and that self-interest seeks to perpetuate its privilege and class entitlement.

Makes you think about how to reconstruct this world without institutionalization, doesn’t it?  Actually, it’s quite easy if you spend some time pondering what could possibly be.  But, I will say that a world without institutionalization is perfectly compatible with the Constitution and a rule of law based on natural or God-given rights. 

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Timely Remarks On The State Of The State

Before I get to my next post where I'll talk about China, the U.S. and trade, just a few remarks of the insanity of this world.  The world certainly is a profoundly interesting place right now.  Not in a good way, either. And, so are the political wranglings in Washington. It appears FBI Director McCabe was investigating the United States Attorney General before he was fired. It appears this may have come at the request of some in Congress but to be honest, I have no idea what the law is around this.I'd imagine the answers can be found online if I really wanted to find out. But, can a few congresspeople seek an investigation of the attorney general and use the FBI? Or, does this need to be voted on by one or both houses of Congress?  Or, what is required to direct the FBI to investigate the AG, whom the FBI reports to?  I don't know off of the top of my head. But, I doubt anyone else does either. That's how bizarre this world is. 

One has to be a very specialized attorney or an expert on esoteric law to know that answer off the top of their head. This is far from over per my last post. We'll just have to see where this ends. I discount almost anything in the news that can be politicized (just about every aspect of society given the grip the state has on our existence) but you may have seen some insiders in the last few days stating this current mess is going to be a disaster that could lead to a potential crisis in government. A disaster for whom simply depends on if that insider is a Democrat or Republican. Most likely a disaster for the state. (class & hierarchy) Regardless, it's sickening.

As I've remarked time and again, politics is a relic of the past and will some day fade from our memories. If one actually ponders reality, what person would ever outsource their thinking and decision making about their lives, both economic and rights as sentient beings, to a group of people in a far off land who will do anything, say anything and promise anything to get elected to a position that has said dominion over your fate? ie, Politicians, standing armies, corporate executives and any non-democratic hierarchical position of authority.

We don't need politicians in a democracy. The ancient Athenians didn't have them. That we do is a sign of the corruption and rot of democracy. We need citizen government. And, to be specific, local citizen government. We need something akin to the Articles of Confederation in our interpretation of the Constitution or the enforcement of enumerated constitutional powers that limits what Washington can be involved in.  (And, since our slavery and the subversion of our human rights is economic, we need an economic constitution or something akin to that.)  Then, we need to replace a system of Washington politicians with democracy's citizens and remove the root of all evil, money, from Washington's very clearly-defined, limited decisions. 

Self-rule at the local level is the only way society, or for that matter, humanity will recover from this global system of rot. If it is up to the status quo, they will never relinquish their pathological grip on your life.  The good news is that institutions of the ego aka control, always fail for this very reason.

Remember, in 1789 most Washington congressional representation was around 5,000 voters. They represented a small number of people in a reasonably small geography who likely had similar interests to some degree. Especially, because our economy was almost all agrarian and all voters were male landholders who were probably using land within any specific geography for similar economic benefit.  Today congresspeople represent millions of people. When they pass more and more legislation, none of which is noble due to the monetary corruption by corporations and the economic aristocracy, they are more likely harming democracy, communities and individuals than helping them. There is no true democratic representation when you represent millions of people.

The Athenians segmented local democracy decision-making down to the neighborhood. What if 90% of the economic power was in your neighborhood and what was best for you and your neighbors rather than 90% of the power in some far off land where the rulers don't know you or are driven by their own insatiable drive for power and money? And, that means 90% of the money is controlled by you and your neighbors. You decide what to invest in. You decide how it is spent. You decide how to educate your children. You decide if everyone gets to own a piece of property. You decide what kind of health care is necessary for your family and your community. You decide what kind of businesses would benefit your community. Not a corporation. Not a politician who doesn't know you, doesn't care to know you and views you as someone to exploit for their own ego's purposes.

Washington is never going to solve anything. Those who are hopeful that Trump is going to save the day have absolutely zero grounds to stand on. They don't yet understand what is happening either.  Donald Trump is the same immoral person as those who run Hollywood, who enslave you to debt and rent-seeking behavior of corporations, who has sent tens of millions of your jobs to communist and corrupt nations around the world who sell out their citizens for a seat at the table of self-interest, and the tyrants who involve us in endless wars.  As I noted around the election of Trump, he has the exact same archetype as Hitler.  That strong-man persona is on display every day.  You can see Trump is clearly an entitled capitalist who is used to his anti-democratic, authoritarian edicts that corporate executives enslave you to every day.  When he doesn't get his way through intimidation or being able to control people to do his bidding without question, he fires them. Actually, it's a sign of a very low emotional intelligence and nonexistent self-awareness.  But, don't kid yourself. He's no different than any of the others in Washington or corporate boardrooms or in the military-industrial complex. Others simply present better.  They are more capable of manipulating us through their contrived, inauthentic behavior.  They know how to inauthentically present well.  I think they call that polished which is another word for deceitful and contrived.  Telling people what they want to hear than what you are actually thinking. Obama was a master at this. That's why so many people distrusted him. He lived in his head rather than his heart. And, that means we never really knew authentically who he was.

That Trump is a strong-man personality gives some people confidence he knows what he is doing.  People want to follow people who appear to know how to solve their problems. (Your problems need to be solved by you or through the help of others, which is essentially by you asking for help.)  Hitler, Mussolini and other strong men convinced those who were morally-weak and seeking to emotionally-abandon themselves that they too knew what they were doing.  And, much of society followed them right over the cliff.  Trump doesn't have a clue in the daily operations of the economy. Nor does anyone working with him.  No politician does. Nor does any capitalist.  Nor the Federal Reserve or any other centralized bureaucracy.  The economy has trillions upon trillions upon trillions of moving parts and the only thing that keeps it going is endless money printing that has had the effect of papering over it's greater and greater dysfunction over the last 50 years.  We are all following politicians and corporate masters off the cliff.  We too have had decisions made on our behalf that we follow without question.  As I've noted many times, the U.S. economy peaked around 1980.  I'll share that very clear and easy-to-understand reality but it's really not hard to see reality if you open your eyes.  The vast majority of this country looks like it's straight out of the third world where corruption and rot reign supreme.  Most of our country has been hollowed out for decades upon decades. Most people don't have a pot to piss in. And, hidden behind the moats and gates of our dukes, kings, princes, lords, barons and the like are massive castles built on the backs of our slavery and the theft of democracy's wealth. 

"To constrain the brute force of the people, the European governments deem it necessary to keep them down by hard labor, poverty and ignorance, and take from them, as from bees, so much of their earnings, as that unremitting labor shall be necessary to obtain a sufficient surplus to sustain a scanty and miserable life." -- Thomas Jefferson to William Johnson, 1823.

I've noted on here that we are in the midst of unprecedented evil in this world. The ego may have a hard time seeing that through its endless delusions and selfishness but it is clearly true. I plan to discuss this in specific detail at some point but to pull from past posts on spiritual, emotional, social and physical violence, the state realizes people cannot be turned into productive, exploitable assets under the endless duress of physical violence. So, humanity in some way has to be convinced of its own slavery. To willfully accept it.  The state has accomplished this through various forms of emotional, social and spiritual violence or unseen violence. But, it's everywhere.  As I noted years ago, this time could be characterized as peak state.  Or the peak power of the state.  Never in human history has the state held so much power over the entire human race.  Most people lived outside of state control up until the last one hundred years.  Even through much of the early twentieth century people in most parts of the world lived unfettered existences.  In the U.S., we had many people who were some degree of self-reliant through a generally agrarian existence.  But, in the second half of the twentieth century the state has consolidated its power. This has happened through the bastardization of property rights and the continued advancement of technology, the state (class & hierarchy) now controls nearly every aspect of the human experience regardless of what continent.  Forced corporate work, (generally meaningless work that serves no value to humanity or the natural world) endless regulations and controls on your experience, denial of access to capital/property/money, etc for the vast majority of humanity, a meaningless subsistence of economic servitude and slavery, forced conformity in every aspect of your existence, etc. 

It's amazing how Jefferson's quote from two hundred years ago so aptly describes today. But rather than it being Europe as the tyrant from 1823, it is the United States today. There is an old saying from thousands of years ago that "what has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.". While it seems most people I talk to don't understand emotional, spiritual and social violence, a system of class only exists through violence. Corporate capitalism is a system of class. It only exists through violence. In our nation, outright physical violence is nearly impossible due to the Constitution and the rule of law. But, emotional, social and spiritual violence are greater in this nation and around the globe than at any time in history. And that violence is general perpetrated economically. The prime mechanism is corporate capitalism and forcing humanity to endlessly grub for money.  The brainwashing runs deep so it's going to take some time for many who are the most successful in our society, who are also the most ignorant, to wake up. They may never wake up until it's foisted upon them.

The human spirit is under greater attack than at any time in humanity's existence. And, in ways we don't understand, I suspect the universe, consciousness, the Divine or the forces beyond our understanding are responding in kind.  That is behind the cycle of volatility so often discussed on here.  And, while systems of state theft and control like communism steal your will, capitalism steals your spirit. To be successful in this system, you have to sell your soul. Grubbing for money, especially just to survive or having it foisted upon you as a control system, is the most heinous, Godless act imaginable.  Or, as noted by prescient voices long ago, money is the root of all evil.

"I used to think when I was a child, that Christ might have been exaggerating when he warned about the dangers of wealth. Today I know better. I know how very hard it is to be rich and still keep the milk of human kindness. Money has a dangerous way of putting scales on one’s eyes, a dangerous way of freezing people’s hands, eyes, lips and hearts." – Archbishop Dom Helder Camara

That politicians and corporate executives are so involved in creating and controlling any complex system such as a massive, centrally-planned economy as ours is, is a sign of impending doom.  Their intent in doing so is not virtuous.  It's driven by the ego's primary intent of control. And that intent of control is to ensure that class & hierarchy maintains its death grip on democracy and on your forced servitude.  I've talked about this time and again. Each time a new economic bill is passed, each time a lobbyist changes the rules by essentially bribing our government, each time corporations jab their blood-sucking funnel into U.S. economic policy, they simply add more internal contradictions to corporate capitalism. The same internal contradictions that will create its demise, just as happened with communism.  It's just a matter of when those contradictions resolve themselves.  Or, as noted leading up to the 2008 collapse, a matter of when they unwind. 

By the way, I have focused on religion and virtue quite a bit on here over the last five or so years. The hierarchical aspects of religion are as toxic as the hierarchical aspects of corporate capitalism, standing armies, politics, etc. But the local and unorganized aspect of religion is recognized by anthropology as one of the original forms of community. Acceptance, virtue, kindness, compassion, dignity, equality and the like are timeless human values. They are the tenets of all great religions around the world. It's when class and hierarchy thieve it that it becomes cruel and Godless.  Regardless, this is consistent with an overarching theme on here that we are in the midst of a new age of enlightenment.  It's amazing that enlightenment if associated with reason. That is complete horseshit. Enlightenment has absolutely nothing to do with reason. And, neither did the Age of Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is internal journey of self-discovery where one eschews social norms, social values and all of the nonsensical belief systems society places in your mind. One eschews them because they gain greater understanding of ones own ignorance. Enlightenment is a metaphysical and moral awakening. Morality does not come from a place of reason inside of you. It comes from your highest good.  It is a place beyond the self and all of its foibles. Hitler's actions were very reasoned.  And, they also came from the self as opposed to the selflessness of our highest good.  Our country was founded on a wholesale moral awakening of varying degrees. It was not founded on reason. The king of England's actions were based on reason. His reason was very well accepted by the economic and political aristocracy of the day. It was that certain people were chosen by God to have special privileges and rights and to rule. In fact, this is how pathology has often controlled society. First the rulers told the masses they were gods, then they were anointed by God or gods to rule, then they were smarter than you so they should rule, then they were superior to you because they were willing to smash your face in, (social Darwinism) and now they have really been exposed as some of the most vile creatures on our planet.  I'd say the state (class & hierarchy) has no more compelling reasons to convince humanity of their privilege.  That's why they want to take your guns. That's why we have so many people in prison. That's why our peace officers are now weaponized by the military-industrial complex. They are there to protect those who have stolen everything including humanity's worth and dignity.

"We may have a democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both." - Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice leading into the Great Depression. (A period of time marked by massive wealth inequality. He was also a rabid opponent to corporate power that was concentrated into the hands of the few at that time. Noted on here many times was how the massive corporations created the Great Depression similar to the depression we have been in for decades.)

Nothing new is under the sun. Just as in the Age of Enlightenment, people are starting to awaken to some modicum of morality in their decision-making. It's opaque and not always well-thought-out but they realize how morally bankrupt the ruling economic class is around the world.  And, that we are all worthy of dignity.  This is what is happening again today. People are reconnecting with their divinity and awakening from the brainwashed image of lies and deceit and the moral turpitude of state actors around the globe. Some people are farther on that path of relinquishing ignorance, some people are not.  Some people never will be. Fear keeps us from awakening and trusting our internal guidance system.  Fear is enforced through state control.  But this system, and the state in general, exists substantially because it's a confidence game. As long as the masses are taken care of, there is deference to what happens in halls of power regardless of how evil that power is. Those days are over. Now, without any real hope for the masses, and a system of incredible immorality, how does the system maintain itself? The lies and deceit are front and center for everyone to see. So, now, how do you force people into a system which lacks dignity, compassion, kindness, justice, and the like?  You can't promise them a job paying a living wage as Hitler did. Or, the land of opportunity where everyone can become rich as the United States used to do. 

People want to know how to get involved. How to change the system. How to march on Washington or whatnot. You don't need to do anything other than sit back and watch. The state has collapsed around the world since time immemorial.  And, that has often happened as easily as the masses simply blowing their breath against it because it's only really held together with confidence.  The confidence is gone, the system no longer functions.  The contradictions of this system will create its own outcome. We are exactly where we are supposed to be as a nation and as a species.  Our past decisions created this environment today just for us. This is our moment. We either continue down the rabbit hole as we rationalize and bargain with a system of rot or we wake up, stand to account and create a new world.  The choice is ours. 

I'm confident that humanity will rise again to re-establish human values and ideals. We already see some of this in the fact that 90% of Americans have no confidence in Congress and haven't for nearly thirty years.  As Martin Luther King noted, "The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.  The establishment won't wake up or experience some epiphany of morality.  Nor the state.  But, the masses of humanity that Jefferson saw as a bulwark against the tyranny of elites and the state, they will. Those who are exploited by the state, they will and are waking up.

"I am disappointed with our failure to deal positively and forthrightly with the triple evils of racism, economic exploitation, and militarism. We are presently moving down a dead-end road that can lead to national disaster. America has strayed to the far country of racism and militarism. The home that all too many Americans left was solidly structured idealistically; its pillars were solidly grounded in the insights of our Judeo-Christian heritage. All men are made in the image of God. All men are bothers. All men are created equal. Every man is an heir to a legacy of dignity and worth. Every man has rights that are neither conferred by, nor derived from the State--they are God-given. Out of one blood, God made all men to dwell upon the face of the earth. What a marvelous foundation for any home! What a glorious and healthy place to inhabit." -- Martin Luther King
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

McCabe’s Firing–Is an Indictment of Hillary Clinton Imminent?

I don’t post often anymore but the world is starting to heat up again. While I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump, I did write on here the day before the elections that if I used history as a guide, he would win the election. No one, and I mean no one, in the mainstream gave that thought even the most remote of possibilities.

Trump is a major threat to the establishment. He is most definitely the only politician in my lifetime to really tell the truth on a whole host of issues facing our nation. As I noted soon after his election, regardless of who Donald Trump is, the American people have hired him to wage its war against the state.  I firmly believe we are in the midst of World War III and it is a global war against the state.  It isn’t always noble. And, it will take the lives of many innocent people but there is a global enlightenment that I’ve been writing about for the last dozen years on here.  Remember, enlightenment is a violent process.  It’s also an iterative process that involves a lot of false believe systems and wrong-headed ideas that develop in the process. There will be innocent people who suffer its consequences. 

25 years of 10-15% approval ratings of Washington politiciaans are finally coming home to roost.  And, while Trump’s policies certainly aren’t perfect, he is, in some way, attempting some restoration of power back to the people across a whole host of issues. More importantly, his lack of political correctness is opening Pandora’s Box and authentic discussions that have been kept out of the public dialog for far too long.

It is my perspective that this whole Russian investigation is a witch hunt. (Even Jimmy Carter, the elder statesman of the Democratic Party, made the same observation.)  There is literally no evidence brought forward to date that Donald Trump did anything wrong or colluded in any way with the Russian political engine. Mueller, in my estimation, has failed in his duties to democracy by trying to establish an endless fishing expedition well beyond the powers granted to him.  One might even argue that his behavior is lawless. 

There may be kickback to Mueller’s actions that would place our nation into what may be a substantial crisis of government. Maybe even a Consitutional crisis.  (Which, by the way, in my estimation is not necessarily a bad thing given the massive corruption, theft and fraud that defines Washington.)

There has been an ongoing investigation into FBI wrongdoings by the Inspector General.  That includes McCabe.  That McCabe has been fired days before his retirement tells me that something is likely coming. Is that an indictment against McCabe? Against Hillary Clinton? The firing of Mueller? All of the above? Something else? None of this has gained any traction yet but let’s watch and see what unfolds.  I’m not convinced that Trump or the United States Attorney General doesn’t have it within their rights to push back against what I consider to be a criminal witch hunt. In other words, from what I see on the outside, I suspect the Trump administration could be on the right side of this. I realize there are people who think with their emotions and can’t consider any such position given their vitriolic hatred of Trump.

This entire environment against Trump appears to be manufactured in many regards in an attempt to push Trump from office. Illegally, in my estimation.  This is really a potentially profound moment. Will it metastasize? Let’s watch and see.

Wow, do we live in very interesting times or what?

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Timely Economic and Market Comments

It is no coincidence I posted that the stock market as a percentage of GDP was in the ozone and that Robert Schiller’s earnings calculator were screaming warning signs just weeks before the market started gyrating wildly to the downside in 2018.  There were some external factors pointing to a very overheated market.

As I noted in a few other posts the last few months, sentiment indicators are at wildly high levels. I also noted some of these back before the collapse in 2008 as signs of impending doom.

In the last few months, we saw stock market enthusiasm at 96%, the National Association of Manufacturers with a 95% percent optimistic sentiment and the Business Roundtable CEO outlook with the highest sentiment numbers in recorded history. Back before the collapse of 2008, I noted whenever business enthusiasm is universal, it’s nearly always a sign of impending doom. CEOs, politicians, Wall Street pigmen and the like are so isolated from reality of what the underlying dynamics of the economy are like that whenever that type of group is in agreement, they are a perfect litmus test to the contrary. Or, as Swift noted, “Whenever truth appears, the confederacy of dunces is aligned against him.”.  In this case, the truth is underlying reality that class and hierarchy is so insulated from in their ivory towers and gated communities. I realize this is so against what society has told you but the people running corporations and our nation are generally f@cking idiots.  Those who make it to the top of class and hierarchy are those most willing to stomp on the face of their fellow man.  Or, as Lord Acton noted, almost all great men are bad men.  They are not geniuses. They are the most pathological people in society. Some people are finally figuring that out.

As I noted a few years ago, I shut down my data service and no longer calculate any quantitative models in the financial markets, but I do have access to much of the publicly available data out there. To that point, broad monetary aggregates in the United States are in serious trouble.  They are not yet contracting but we are close. Without delving into it, which I’m too lazy to do because I don’t really care, I don’t know why. Could be interest rates backing up.  Remember, with this much debt in our society created by rent-seeking corporations, just a small tick in interest rates will more than wipe out any tax cuts that have been recently passed.  Could be the Federal Reserve be reducing its exposure to the repo market or not fanning the flames of liquidity with their actions or it could be something else.  If it is the Federal Reserve sopping up some liquidity, it could potentially be positively influenced in short order. But that’s assuming it’s a liquidity issue the Federal Reserve is creating or can ameliorate.  Or, it could be the system in the early phases of crisis again where liquidity is being destroyed faster than it can be replaced.

Remember, we’ve been through two or three generations of financial engineering in this nation. Destroying corporate balance sheets, financial foot notes with fraudulent accounting, the waiving of accounting standards in 2008, cutting worker benefits, busting union salaries, raiding pension funds, using slave immigrant labor, H1B Visa fraud of foreign workers taking American jobs, sending good jobs overseas to shitholes like China, India and Vietnam, getting more and more tax breaks, rent-seeking behavior that has created parasite corporations and on and on and on and on. At some point, the financial con games will be exhausted and the shit will hit the fan. There’s a limit to financial trickery and fraud.  That’s when the Federal Reserve and central banking in general will likely collapse as noted on here many times.  Or, the Federal Reserve will need a bailout the next time as it has played a pivotal role in this thievery.

Regardless, we see how the monetary aggregate data is impacting the economy in a few metrics that have been released recently.  Home sales are the lowest in years (and they are blaming low inventory.) and manufacturing output has fallen substantially to the lowest in six months with a broad decline in demand. 

All of this was happening while major stock market indices were acting out the finality of a pattern R.N. Elliot labeled as a throwover, which is an exhaustion pattern.  Now, that doesn’t mean imminent changes in trend but it is a major warning sign.

Just remember that all of this happened before any talk of tariffs. But, if this trend continues, the lying liars we call the status quo will blame this on Trump. And, they’ll blame it on tariffs. Another example of the confederacy of dunces aligned against the truth. Or the propaganda of what Trump calls fake news. But, what Thomas Jefferson also wrote about as the lies of gazetteers. (The news has always been nothing more than lies and bullshit controlled by society’s masters.)  That is, this nation was founded on tariffs and supported by the Founding Fathers.  More on that and the f@cking idiots (and morally bankrupt) we now call free traders in the next post.

Let me end with a few recent links that may be worth reading.

Elon Musk is a Messianic Huckster. To be honest, Elon Musk is one odd dude. He made his money in the tech bubble fleecing society and now has parlayed that into rent-seeking businesses that survive through government handouts. There’s a recent article about Tesla where quite a few engineers have noted the company is a disaster and 40% of its throughput it rework. And, Musk has bet the company on a strategy that involves never-before levels of automation. He’s having trouble ramping up production so we’ll see.

Big Data for the People. Taking back our lives from our financial overlords. A very good article on the use of our personal data to exploit us for profit.

Nassim Taleb on why Goldman Sachs collapse would be the best thing for humanity. Taleb is one man who used to be part of the club and gets it. And, who has the courage to speak the truth.

Oprah Winfrey – the neoliberal capitalist. I’m going to hit this one hard again in another post. Oprah is a favorite of the faux intellectuals in the Democratic Party. I suspect she would be eaten alive in a runoff with Trump. She talks a good game but is really one of these prosperity preachers that have become so popular in our Godless society. Her excesses and extravangances would have made King George blush in 1776. She definitely hides her authentic self which is very repulsive to anyone who values human dignity and has a disdain from those who have stolen it from us.

Survellience Valley. Many people realize Silicon Valley was created by the military industrial complex. This goes a step farther in explaining how released government documents shows Silicon Valley and the Internet were both created out of the 1947 National Security Act talked about so often on here. And, that they were both created to spy on people and destabilize governemnts around the world. And, how now that has been turned against the American people too.

Book on China may get parliamentary protection. I’ve been writing for longer than any source I am aware of on the coming conflicts with China. And, that we are in what I would call a Nash Equilibrium with China. One that neither party wishes to break due to their own benefits. Along comes Donald Trump and he tells the truth.  China, in concert with American corporations has stolen our wealth, our jobs and our economic determnism. You can thank our capitalist masters and Washington politicians for turning a backwater communist nation into a formidable giant that shares absolutely no ideals of a free or democratic or constitutional, human-rights driven society. 

Italian elections throw a wrench in the neoliberal European Union.  Federalism is dying. Everywhere. The EU was created in an attempt by European politicians to create a federalist economic corporate power to steal some of that good ole American home cooking.  In other words, to create a consolidated fascist corporate government capable of looting the people of Europe and the world as the United States loots its people and the rest of the world.  The EU federalist model will collapse just as the United States federalist agenda will collapse. It’s just a matter of when.

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