Sunday, March 18, 2018

McCabe’s Firing–Is an Indictment of Hillary Clinton Imminent?

I don’t post often anymore but the world is starting to heat up again. While I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump, I did write on here the day before the elections that if I used history as a guide, he would win the election. No one, and I mean no one, in the mainstream gave that thought even the most remote of possibilities.

Trump is a major threat to the establishment. He is most definitely the only politician in my lifetime to really tell the truth on a whole host of issues facing our nation. As I noted soon after his election, regardless of who Donald Trump is, the American people have hired him to wage its war against the state.  I firmly believe we are in the midst of World War III and it is a global war against the state.  It isn’t always noble. And, it will take the lives of many innocent people but there is a global enlightenment that I’ve been writing about for the last dozen years on here.  Remember, enlightenment is a violent process.  It’s also an iterative process that involves a lot of false believe systems and wrong-headed ideas that develop in the process. There will be innocent people who suffer its consequences. 

25 years of 10-15% approval ratings of Washington politiciaans are finally coming home to roost.  And, while Trump’s policies certainly aren’t perfect, he is, in some way, attempting some restoration of power back to the people across a whole host of issues. More importantly, his lack of political correctness is opening Pandora’s Box and authentic discussions that have been kept out of the public dialog for far too long.

It is my perspective that this whole Russian investigation is a witch hunt. (Even Jimmy Carter, the elder statesman of the Democratic Party, made the same observation.)  There is literally no evidence brought forward to date that Donald Trump did anything wrong or colluded in any way with the Russian political engine. Mueller, in my estimation, has failed in his duties to democracy by trying to establish an endless fishing expedition well beyond the powers granted to him.  One might even argue that his behavior is lawless. 

There may be kickback to Mueller’s actions that would place our nation into what may be a substantial crisis of government. Maybe even a Consitutional crisis.  (Which, by the way, in my estimation is not necessarily a bad thing given the massive corruption, theft and fraud that defines Washington.)

There has been an ongoing investigation into FBI wrongdoings by the Inspector General.  That includes McCabe.  That McCabe has been fired days before his retirement tells me that something is likely coming. Is that an indictment against McCabe? Against Hillary Clinton? The firing of Mueller? All of the above? Something else? None of this has gained any traction yet but let’s watch and see what unfolds.  I’m not convinced that Trump or the United States Attorney General doesn’t have it within their rights to push back against what I consider to be a criminal witch hunt. In other words, from what I see on the outside, I suspect the Trump administration could be on the right side of this. I realize there are people who think with their emotions and can’t consider any such position given their vitriolic hatred of Trump.

This entire environment against Trump appears to be manufactured in many regards in an attempt to push Trump from office. Illegally, in my estimation.  This is really a potentially profound moment. Will it metastasize? Let’s watch and see.

Wow, do we live in very interesting times or what?

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