Thursday, December 07, 2017

The Recognition of Evil and the Violence of Awakening

We certainly live in the most critical times in human history. Modern society is in various degrees of collapse around the world. Something that was written would happen on here before the 2008 collapse. I could go into excrutiating detail on those examples of collapse, but I’ve already done that time and again. Two things to remember during this time as it pertains to this topic. One, we are in a war cycle, again something predicted on here long before pathological lunatics were hurling verbal grenades between countries, and, with the rise of the state in the last century, there has been a mass global migration off of the land into the cities. In other words, people have become reliant on the state unlike at any time in human history. People can’t walk and chew gum at the same time without some authority figure telling them how to do so. The times we live in today have historically seen people eventually leave the cities en masse because the state can no longer take care of them. That dynamic is a direct feeder into a war cycle.

All wars are about power and money. In other words, economic. Don’t kid yourself. No one fights our master’s wars to spread love and kindness.  The absurdities of religion in this country that embrace militarism and corporate capitalism are morally bankrupt. For a supposedly Christian nation, we rationalize bombing the world into submission because God wills it. Jesus is calling up another air strike to murder more people.  The reality is massive wealth transfers between nations are made through economics, which is a form of warfare. “Civilized” society practices economics through violence.  And, now we live in a time where no country’s aristocracy wants to yield their ego-driven attachment to worldly possessions such as class, title, money, land, power, etc. 

What does that mean? If humanity doesn’t cumilatively wake up, we’ll eventually be up to our eyeballs in hundreds of millions to billions of dead bodies.  The good news and a long-time theme on here is that we are in the midst of a new Age of Enlightenment.  There is ample evidence that we are in the midst of World War III.  And that war is humanity’s war against the state.

I remember I told a friend half a dozen years ago that there is ample evidence we are in the midst of a new Age of Enlightenment and she laughed. People have interesting views of what enlightenment entails. (Obviously, she was not enlightened at that time. Nor on the path to awakening from her own ignorance. Although she certainly is now.)  Enlightenment is a very violent process. A process that involves shaking the ego of its belief systems and the ignorance that they create.  You know, like corporate capitalism and free markets are synonymous with democracy and freedom.  Enlightenment is not a magical or spiritual process. It is, in one form or another, the collapse of perceptions of self.  It may eventually take that fold after one has been sufficiently relieved of their self-created ignorance but enlightenment is powerfully violent.

It has been well-understood for many millenium that government exists for one primary reason. (Not the state but actual government or the consent of the people to make decisions on society’s behalf.) That is to protect the weak from the strong. Is that hilarious or what? Seriously. Government exists today to allow the strong to exploit the weak. Everywhere. Not just the United States. But it’s a false strength. The strong are defined as those who are the most pathological and outright evil. They have purchased massively corrupt governments, including our own, and used them as a protection racket for the perpetuation of evil. The United States isn’t at war with the world because Jesus is calling up another air strike out of love and kindness. We are at war with the world because our corporate state masters use the military to plunder humanity for their benefit. This also isn’t a new phenomena. It’s the main reason standing armies exist.  Our founding fathers understood this when they railed against standing armies that Americans are now so brainwashed into supporting. 

I’ve talked countless times about this being a time of unprecedented evil.  People in our world have a very difficult time seeing evil and how we all contribute to perpetuating it. I have wanted to put up a post for some time on this topic.  That is, evil and how it exists with yours and my help. I just haven’t had the motivation to organize my thoughts. I have thought about putting up an audio post as I have in the past. We shall see.  But, let me just say, without giving away all of the dynamics behind it, that evil must organize in order to be successful at controlling humanity.  Organization requires institutionalization.  Institutionalization requires class & hierarchy.  All of this exists to tell you what to do. That includes who to hate, who to war with, what to do when you get up each morning, how to lead your life, etc.  You are told all of this in order to serve evil.

This world is full of social, spiritual, emotional and physical violence. (evil) Most violence is not physical. It’s hidden in plain sight in the form of social, spiritual and emotional violence.  It’s perpetuated by class & hierarchy whether that’s organized religion, standing armies, political parties, corporate capitalism, communism or the like.  Violence must be hidden in plain sight because you have to accept your own enslavement for pathological evil to control you and turn you into a productive slave that does its bidding. Once you have become institutionalized, then evil can tell you what to do and you’ll comply. Don’t believe you aren’t controlled at this level. You are. It’s not a conspiracy in the sense that paranoids like many believe.  It’s the understanding that the pathological mind has in controlling people. People don’t sit around and conspire any more than serial killers sit around and conspire. Evil simply understands how to control people. Maybe more on evil another time. More to the point where you will understand your own complicity in perpetuating evil.

Believe me, there isn’t a person in this world who makes any substantial decisions on their own. You are told what to do.  Allegiance to organization, even through doing nothing to resist it, subverts freedom and perpetuates evil. I don’t care if that organization is organized religion, organized government, organized economic interests such as organized corporations, organized money, organized political parties, organized standing armies or whatnot.  There is nothing wrong with trade, economic development, religion or government. It’s when it becomes institutionalized (permanently organized - a major theme on here) that we end up creating our own support of evil. In some way, literally every human being in modern society supports evil in this world.  The ancient Athenians figured much of this out.  They were far more socially-advanced than we are. Far more advanced in the basic understanding of what it takes to create a fair and just society although they certainly were not perfect.  Their system looked absolutely nothing like ours. That’s by design. Our masters don’t want that.  And, to a very large extent, their society was free and just.  It gave the world science, mathematics, philosophy, literature, architecture, the arts, and the foundations of what a just society should look like.  The economic aristocracy and evil was kept in check. Our society isn’t free and never has been. At least not since the early days of revolt against the British crown. 

The only way our society will ever be free of violence and evil is for people to take back their power. In other words, invert the pyramid of power that grants almost all control to a central class-based, institutionalized authority, like a corporation or a central government and replaces that with individual power and power of the local community. Voting to give others power over you is more absurdity. Voting to grant yourself power over corporations and a central government is the only legitimate option. A free mind seeks no dominion over its fellow man. A free mind seeks no attachment to worldly possessions. A free mind seeks no power greater than the power over his own existence. The free mind is kind, loving, accepting and willing to share without limits.  No man can have a free mind without power over his own individual existence. Evil understands this intuitively. That’s the fundamental reason why the world exists as it does today.

What makes our society so onerous isn’t that Barack Obama was President or Donald Trump is President. They are both men of average intellect and below average self-awareness.  And, I would say just about no level of self-realization.  (A side note- Is it worse to have a person in the position of the Presidency who is generally vulgar but oftentimes tells the truth about the corruption in Washington or someone who presents himself in a completely fabricated, inauthentic way yet sells the American people down the river by sending all of the jobs to other nations to please our corporate masters?  Jobs most everyone in our society created through our cumulative efforts? Obama, Clinton and other closet pathological men are no better than Donald Trump. Arguably, they certainly could be considered even worse. And, mind you, Donald Trump is a buffoon and certainly not a shining example of goodness.) This is why the Athenians never voted to give other people control over their lives. There was no such thing as politicians or elected officials. All people took their turn serving in government for a brief period of time. There was no class & hierarchy or institutionalization.  There was freedom early on in this nation because people could move west and outrun the reach of the government and its private controlling interests. If the government and corporations had the power 150 years ago that they have today, this country would have been just as cruel, hateful and unjust as it is today. All that has happened is that evil has consolidated its power over humanity through greater organization and technological advancement.

It’s hard for people to see evil because we have all become morally bankrupt and Godless living as slaves to pathological evil.  We rationalize everything. In other words, we live in a world that is almost completely ego-centric or driven by the self. Our highest good, our ability to connect to others on a truly loving level, our ability to seek understanding with our supposed enemies, our ability to self-realize and self-actualize and see beyond the self, or, if you will, your Divinity, has been completely shut out by the rise of the self in a powerfully ego-centric world.  A world driven by ego is a world of fear, control, power, desire, attachment, lust, vanity, hubris and all of the other ego-centric ignorance that corporate capitalism, communism, the state, class & hierarchy, political parties, etc need to survive. Evil, through organization, keeps humanity living in its mind so they can control you through fear.

“Abraham Lincoln did not cause the death of so many people from a mere love of slaughter, but only to bring about a state of consent that could not otherwise be secured for the government he had undertaken to administer. When a government has once reduced its people to a state of consent – that is, of submission to its will (emotional, spiritual and physical violence - my notation) – it can put them to a much better use than to kill them; for it can then plunder them, enslave them, and use them as tools for plundering and enslaving others. (emotional, spiritual and physical violence - my notation)” -- Lysander Spooner, abolitionist

This is literally nothing new. Our nation, as an example, has been headed down the rabbit hole since soon after its founding. Jefferson wrote of this near the end of his life. In fact, Thomas Paine, whom has been written of countless times on here as clearly the common man’s most important leader during Revolutionary times, ended up dying without a country. The establishment in this nation turned against him and his ideals of the rights of the common man before he had even passed.

As noted many times, the Articles of Confederation were overturned and replaced by the Constitution because, as Lysander Spooner so eloquently wrote, pathology needed a central, controlling authority in the form of an all-powerful central government for class-based economic interests to be able to enslave humanity to a pathologically-evil, rent-extraction scheme from the weak to the powerful like corporate capitalism.  Capitalism, communism, militarism, socialism, facism and every other kind of ism that pathology can dream up. They are all the same. They are control systems created by evil. 

I’m not going to rehash this again as I have covered this time and again but if you’d like a refresher course on this topic, visit and search for Capitalist Joker to learn the real history of our enslavement to institutionalized evil in the form of corporate capitalism or read the book written more than a century ago, Beard’s Economic Interpretation of the Constitution to understand why you don’t have a pot to piss no matter how hard you work.  Only fucking idiots and emotionally and spiritually-stunted mental midgets believe that corporate capitalism is synonymous with democracy or freedom. There’s that believe word again. The universe will eventually fix that. Belief systems are simply control systems created by the mind to keep us from living presently without fear.  And, if you can’t live presently without fear, you can easily be controlled.  More importantly, if you can’t live presently without worry of yesterday or tomorrow, or worry about money or feeding your children unless you comply, then you can’t experience your own Divinity.  Because your Divinity is only experienced in the present moment; the only place in your mind that is timeless and where the timeless universal mind exists. You can call that God, your Divinity, the collective consciousness or whatever.  It is the only place where true love exists.  The only place where your Divinity exists.  And, in a world controlled by evil, it is the only place most people can’t get to.

Part of humanity saving itself from the madness of evil is calling a spade a spade. Being tolerant of ignorance serves no purpose to anyone other than our masters. So, yes, fucking idiot is an illustrative guide. Albeit a pejorative one. One not rooted in the present moment or my highest good because it’s just as impossible for me to get there as it is for anyone else in this God-forsaken world.

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