Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Corporation–The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power

We really don’t yet know what we elected into the presidency of Donald Trump. But, we are likely entering a new, darker period for humanity as this cycle continues to unfold.  It appears we may be entering a period of outright fascism in this nation with the election of our first corporate president.  More on that in another post. But, whatever unfolds, we have created it just for us. And, it will clearly provide the experience humanity needs in this moment.  I suspect that is going to be a greater and greater understanding and eventual breakdown of our belief systems. Today, people continue to bargain with the state, be that in the United States or elsewhere.  That bargaining is based on a belief system rather than any form of truth.  That attempt at bargaining will create a very clearly defined lesson to be cumulatively learned by humanity. And, that is what we will witness next.  In other words, that our belief systems continue to delude us into a world we believe in rather than a reality that actually exists.  And, bargaining with our belief systems will create the next phase of crises for all of us to cumulatively deal with.

I have excoriated Ron Paul, David Stockman, Alex Jones and a host of financial bloggers that play the role of useful idiots for their (and our) own enslavement.  Free market, corporate capitalists that spew endless self-deceit and in the process create a following that serves their own ignorant self-interest. As people, I actually find them of many admirable qualities. But, they are brainwashed, and thus, ignorant. And, therefore, they push humanity further into crisis.  There isn’t a high degree of self-awareness within the ranks of class and privilege.  In fact, this is a world full of useful idiots, charlatans, seers, prophets and the like.  They always seemingly arise in times of social breakdowns as we are witnessing today. The ego, through its endless ignorance, seeks a source of certainty outside of itself.  Something or someone to follow.  That would be the rise of useful idiots, charlatans, seers, prophets and the like.  I noted this some years ago in a parallel to the rise of Nazi Germany. And, with it, the exact same archetype that we just elected as president.  That is, Adolph Hitler. 

Corporate capitalism is a form of economic slavery. And, economics is the state religion. Words uttered on here many times. The entire foundational precepts of economics are a lie. That is scarcity. In a world of incredible abundance, the state forces humanity into scarcity. The Divine gives you free land to live upon. The state steals it and forces you into economic slavery to buy it back from them. Remember, Thomas Jefferson wanted to give everyone their own property in this nation.  Give. Free. Can you imagine if Thomas Jefferson were alive today and offered to give everyone their own land or, in today’s term, possibly their own home? And it would be free of taxes and the state could not take it from you for any reason?   He would be killed. 

Do you see anyone suffering from scarcity at the top of this scheme we call corporate capitalism or the state; the control structure put in place to enforce it?  Scarcity that forces humanity into a dumbed-down culture of corporate slavery work that is necessary for the state to steal, pilfer and exploit humanity.  The glorification of corporate work plays a large role in the dumbing down of modern man. The division of labor in a class-based social structure, the corporation itself, was founded in human slavery.  Corporate work is how humanity is exploited and how class steals and thieves from us.  And, more importantly, controls us. Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, the Japanese Imperial Empire, the United States, European states, the European Union, etc.  They all rhyme in that forced slavery of corporate work.  All regurgitated time and again on here.

I have railed against corporate personhood and the hidden history of corporations in this nation. That includes the fact that we fought the Revolutionary War against the king’s corporations and private banks.  Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations was written in 1776 when we were waging war on the economic system he was glorifying.  And, the wealth he wrote about was being stolen from around the world by the British Empire, whose corporations were minting money selling people into slavery and addicting Asia to opium.  The Civil War itself really had nothing to do with slavery. It may have ended up that way but politicians of all ilk had no problems with slavery. The Civil War was a battle between outright slavery in the south and wage slavery in the north.  Both state institutions.  I could write endlessly on how those dynamics led to war. Again, written out of history.

Our founders were very leery of corporations and as noted in past posts, corporations in this nation’s past were given temporary, specific charters for specific work that benefited humanity. That is, until the state figured out how to hijack our democracy and grant corporations the rights of people. I’ve noted a future that will unfold that is different than anyone else writing publicly. That is, we will see institutions of the ego or institutions of control (hierarchy and class) fall like dominos be they corporations, state themselves, religious hierarchy, standing armies, etc.  It’s coming.  Greater and greater truth will continue to reveal itself and in its wake will be the destruction of institutions of control whose intent it is to subvert truth, including our own Divinity. 

I have mentioned ancient Athens on here quite a few times over the years.  It should be no surprise that the ancient Athenians had no politicians. And, they forbid institutionalization and any attempt to organize by special interests. (corporations, political parties, social movements, etc.) Because they saw the insidiousness of institutionalization and special interests.  And, because of it, their society was literally void of political corruption and special interest corruption. They may have all been brainwashed to some degree in believing their own exceptionalism as a society and that created its own hypocrisy but that’s another topic for another day.

On this Thanksgiving I wanted to share a documentary I ran across this year. It’s titled The Corporations- The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power. (Youtube link)  I’d recommend it whole-heartedly as instiutionalization is headed for disaster. And, if you don’t understand the basic concept of social, spiritual and emotional violence created by institutionalization and associated class and hierarchy, you don’t appreciate what is happening in the world today. Nor how evil organizes itself to control humanity. And, how we all then do the bidding of evil by conforming to the will of class and hierarchy every single day.
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