Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Coming Collapse Of Scientific Rationalism–Something Is Wrong With Dark Matter

Hello to the many tens of thousands of readers, or maybe I should say former readers of this blog and my writings elsewhere. Or, what is left of you, which I’m assuming isn’t a lot. I’m not dead yet.  But I am intently watching everything that is happening in the world around us.  I’ll continue to post on here but honestly in some regards I’m just watching everything unfold that has been written of on here for more than a decade.  It all continues to reveal itself quite nicely. That includes the massive ignorance of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George Bush, political parties and equally ignorant political idiots all around the world.  More on that hopefully in the next week or two.

I’m going to keep this post short. This article by a pre-eminent physicist caught my attention because, while it doesn’t come right out and say so, it aligns with a long-time theme I have written of on here many times.  That is, scientific rationalism is in the midst of collapse and as a part of that, the junk science views of the universe that are perpetuated by mainstream, institutionalized science, will collapse some time in the next few decades. Newtonian science is alive and well but the bloviating bullshit of high priests (Michio Kaku, Neil Degrasse Tyson and others who have been vaulted to rock star status by our society) who regurgiate the institutiaonlized standard model are going to watch their belief systems collapse. The twentieth century’s scientific error compounded by scientific error nearly guarantees us that our perceptions of reality are so far off base that modern science’s view of the universe is likely as wrong or more wrong than the view some many hundred years ago that the world was flat.  As the universe exposes humanity to more and more of reality, the Humpty Dumpty of much of scientific rationalism will come tumbling down.

While the linked-to article on here doesn’t come right out and state what I have, it is a major chink in the armor of a theory with many compounding errors that leaves 95% of the universe unaccounted for.  One of the high priests of the establishment has dared to publicly question the religion he has heretofore spent a lifetime defending. 

As I have noted before, if you supposedly only have access to 5% of nformation, any information on any topic, how many tests are you likely to pass? How many answers are you likely to accurately posit with 5% of the information?  How many conclusions can you accurately draw about anything with access to 5% of the information?  This article is a damning portrayal of reality.  That is, the institutionalized standard model of the universe accepted by all mainstream physicists isn’t worth the paper it is written on.  Billions upon billions upon billions of dollars over the last century spent developing this theory, propping up the theory through global physics universities, often junk research and junk curriculum, paying the salaries of professors who teach this brainwashed religion and, most importantly, the graduates who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be brainwashed by said theory. 

What do you call someone who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege of being brainwashed?  Well, I don’t know about you but I would call them some of the most ignorant people on the planet. How appropriate for the twentieth century, which will likely be written into history as an aberration that led to the rise of unprecedented ignorance courtesy of  institutionalized class and hierarchy or institutions of the ego.

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