Thursday, September 10, 2015

Is A Coup d'Etat In The Works At The Vatican?

It seems that The Vatican is in the press regularly.   And not always for good reasons.  This article about the internal division points to what the truth really is.   That is, the Vatican is a hierarchical control construct that derives its power through institutionalization.   And, it too may be nearing collapse as all hierarchical institutions of control teeter on the precipice.   It is quite plausible that The Vatican could collapse from within as its power structure (the ego’s intent of control) turns against itself.  Regardless, institutionalization means that any hierarchical bureaucracy perpetuates itself through violence.   The internal power struggle at The Vatican is exactly that.   The new Pope appears to have certainly unleashed a firestorm within The Vatican bureaucracy.    Capitalists especially hate the Pope for calling out the basic tenets of capitalism - greed, profit and money - as the devil’s dung.   This Pope is highly political.  And his foray into global politics has offended nearly everyone in power around the world at some point or another.   

I noted right after the  2008 collapse that the unity shown by global “leaders” would eventually give way to them turning against each other.   Ahem.    I wasn’t talking about The Vatican but isn’t that what is going on here?   All hierarchical systems are control systems.   Those who run them are not public servants or servants in any regard except to institutionalization.  ie, Dogma, orthodoxy, the appearance of order, contrived rules, etc.   They have a primary interest in their own pathological intent of control - rank, title, class, powers and privilege.   When that power is threatened, those who are institutionalized will defend that power through violence.    Every now and then a true public servant may slip through.   Not very often.   And when they do, you will know them by being universally attacked by hierarchy and class.   How much selflessness and Godliness (love) are involved in these petty political power games at The Vatican?   None.   It is all being driven by the all-consuming self or ego and its pedantic and inane vacuousness.

If The Vatican experiences substantial crisis or outright collapse this cycle, and I am quite confident it will, mostly for reasons not yet discussed, that doesn’t mean Catholicism will collapse or local Catholic churches will collapse.  But who knows.   We do know that local churches are generally not hierarchical.   That is, unless its local leadership are not truly servants are instead pathological or driven by their own intent of power and control.    There certainly are plenty of lunatics in this world.   That some of them end up in religion isn’t an indictment of religion but rather an indictment of hierarchy and class.  The old saying that more people have died in the name of religion really is an indictment of hierarchy and class.  And, in actuality, more people have died in the name of the state, which is the ultimate manifestation of hierarchy and class.   Hmm,  Isn’t The Vatican a state?    Just sayin.

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