Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Money And Markets Update–An Introduction

This is the second part of a money and markets update.  The first post was April 23rd of this year.   I would encourage you to consider reading that post first, if you have not done so.   I summarized a lot of points made on here over the years re China.   Especially if you are interested in what is happening right now in China.   There has been a lot of misrepresentation of what is happening in China.  Specifically by many mainstream bloggers and the financial press.   The Asian development bank, as just one example, is a sign of impending doom for China rather than a threat to the United States and dollar hegemony.  Something I noted in that prior post.

The first topic I want to repeat is that everything we see happening today was set in motion long ago.   Political, economic, monetary or legal decisions made decades ago.   It’s very common for the mainstream media and political pundits, who really don’t understand anything they talk about, to misrepresent the complexities and nuances of intricate and complicated systems.   Because they are so ignorant, they simply make completely buffoonish statements like the economy was great under Clinton.   Or, Bush caused all of this.    Clinton was, in fact, destroying the United States economy as president.   Just about every major outcome I have been anticipating for the last five or ten years on here, and even longer elsewhere, is coming to pass or revealing itself.  The world is unfolding on a macro level exactly as I have been saying it would long before there were any cracks in the global economy.   My point in this isn’t to beat my chest but to point out with clarity that the world is experiencing systemic ignorance and systemic incompetence due to institutionalization.    Obama, Pelosi, Boehner, Wall Street CEOs, Corporate CEOs, the mainstream media, the financial media, the Chinese communist party, the EU, central bankers, politicians in nearly every nation and the like have all underestimated the scope and scale of what is happening.   That they and their kind have created.   They have called this crisis over time and again.   Yet, everything continues to get worse.    Donald Trump is completely right.   Politicians are idiots.  All of them.  So are the dunces that control political parties.   So are all of the mega corporation CEOs.    A few good eggs may slip through every so often but that is an anomaly in The Matrix.   This system guarantees incompetence and pathology rises to the top and is richly rewarded.   And so are all of us who serve that incompetence and pathology.   It has always been this way.   Always.   The intent of control that must exist for hierarchical and class-based control systems to exist requires that dipshits, morons, cretins, crooks, personality disorders, psychopaths and dunces rise to the top.    If you still think Obama is brilliant because he went to Harvard, you need to wake up.  The only thing Obama was brilliant at was deceiving his voters.    

Anyway, leadership’s most redeeming quality is not about brilliance.   It’s about a loving intent.   A true desire to serve humanity or to serve the common good out of real selflessness.   That is not a politician.   It never has been and never will be.   Ever.   Politics is an institution of the ego and will disappear from this earth forever at some point.    It serves no purpose to humanity.   It serves a purpose to the state that seeks to control humanity.    Any system driven by control constructs like profit and money guarantees that those who are best at maintaining that control system or subverting truth, will be the most successful.    That dynamic is what allows outright evil to flourish.   People who foresaw a dystopian future like Huxley and Orwell understood that humanity is enslaved to control systems like the state, corporate capitalism, communism, etc.   If you are still reading nonsense about the virtues of free market corporate capitalism and the like, I would suggest you consider emotionally backing up quite substantially because you are so brainwashed that you will never be able to see reality until it’s well too late.   Frankly, understanding that state and socioeconomic constructs are control systems is one of the major reasons, along with a strong understanding of complex systems, along with a dash of planetary & mundane astrology, that has allowed me to anticipate so much of what is happening today.   But finally after centuries, if not thousands of years, of deceit, humanity all across the world is waking up to the systemic ignorance, hypocrisy and incompetence that we have been enslaved to.   And, that is the most profound element of this crisis.    This has been brewing for decades but it’s now forming critical mass.    There is no going back.   Once someone starts to become enlightened, they can never go back to being ignorant.  They can never be re-inserted into The Matrix.   This system has already failed on many levels.   Anyone who thinks politicians or Wall Street or corporate leadership is going to save them still has some waking up to do.   They are the ones driving humanity over the cliff.   The fate of this system has already been set.   There is nothing that is going to stop it.   Our fate was sealed long ago.  In fact, as I have noted on here in the past, many systems are already in terminal failure but they are being propped up by violence and force.   Some of that is money printing, some of that is rigged rules to the game that benefit specific actors, politicians and corporations, some of that is pretending that reality doesn’t exist by suspending accounting rules or whatnot, some of that is the ego’s intent of control that is more clearly understood as cranial-anal inversion.  When the liquidity recedes, we are likely to see institutions of the ego or of control fall like dominos all across the globe.  This has been a major theme on here for a long, long time.  

Now onto the post.  I’m going to break this update into chunks rather than dump a long post up at once.   So every few days there will be another money and markets update until I get through everything I want to say.    Let me start the financial and market update with an overarching comment I have posted before.   Some people have the belief system that market participants are going to wake up and sell out of rational choice.    And that will start the back end of this crisis.   How rational do you think participants are if I am correct and we are in the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen and that the U.S. economy peaked forty-odd years ago?   (By the way, I am completely certain of the qualitative voracity of the data analysis behind that statement.  The Roman Empire did not collapse at its peak.   It started its decline long before with internal corruption and self-interest of class.)    Not very rational,  And not very rational for forty years-odd.   Markets reflect no semblance of rationality nor do they represent any semblance of value.   They haven’t for a very, very long time.   Finance has been unhinged from the economy since at least Ronald Reagan’s corporatocracy and military-industrial complex focused economic policies that we are still suffering under today.     The U.S. government policy is still supply-side and trickle-down economics.   My point is there will be no awakening and selloff by rational minds.   It will be a forced unwinding just like 2008.   But this time it will be global and likely terminal.   Market participants, central banks, Wall Street, politicians, corporate CEOs, hedge funds and the like are all deluded as to what reality truly is.    Their arrogance is only exceeded by their ignorance.   If they understood reality as it truly exists, they would be panicked and doing anything and everything in their power to try to unwind the systemic economic, corporate, social, monetary and financial ignorance they have created before the universe does it for them.  Instead, they believe their power is omniscient and their actions lead to endless milk and honey.   They are true believers in their own pathological megalomania.  The incredible arrogance and ignorance of class truly is astonishing and without precedence on such a global scale.   In reality, class has created an incredibly unstable control system whose lipstick gives the appearance of brilliance through constant rigging and manipulating the economy, monetary and financial markets. But each new action or attempt at controlling the economy, results in greater and greater unintended consequences and future shocks they are too ignorant to appreciate.    That means the spring keeps being wound tighter and tighter.   When this pig sinks, it will be far worse than anyone in the system could ever imagine.  And when it happens, it will be far too late to react.    The rapidity at which this system will expose its instabilities and contradictions is far too overwhelming for anyone to deal with.   That was another theme I noted leading up to the 2008 collapse.     

Anything that money has touched has become dystopian because of the profit motive (exploitation, victimization and predation) and self-interest of class and hierarchy that is private, for-profit corporate capitalism.   I’ve noted on here in past posts that everything is equally distorted.  If one truly understands complex systems, you get that statement.   Politicians, central banks and Wall Street don’t.   We look at small caps and see they are discounting over 100 years of earnings and hear from Janet Yellen that small caps may be overheated.  (Anymore, even the Wall Street Journal reports only operating earnings aka made up bullshit and many sites don’t include companies reporting losses in index earnings.   That and the gaming of non-GAAP results hides a massive crisis in corporate balance sheets and financial results.  By the way, Barrons pulled a similar stunt right before the collapse in 2000 as well.  I distinctly remember it.  This con game has been going on for a long time.)    Or the posts I have put up highlighting the Dow Transports in the last 80 years, with the first forty up 1x and the next forty up 70x as nothing more than a monetary illusion that shows the level of distortion since Reagan’s economic voodoo.  

Money is fungible.   That means when you open the spigot to a profit-driven, class-based private banking and corporate syndicate system, everything they seek to exploit or profit from will become equally f*cked up and aberrated.   And so will the contradictions on the opposite side of their exploitation and profit.    Everything.   I mean everything.  Not just markets.  I mean every social dynamic in this nation and globally.   Everything has become an aberrated illusion papered over by money.  This has been going on for at least 40 years.    Now, mind you, that isn’t just stocks, bonds, art, real estate, collectibles, etc.   It’s also the negative social manifestations that monetary fungibility has created within the state (class & hierarchy).   That is, one percent owning almost all wealth, corporations dominating humanity and owning all of democracy’s resources,  the ownership of political parties by the economic aristocracy, debt slavery, wage slavery, prescription drug addiction, humanity as corporate state chattel and property, the military-industrial complex bubble, growing welfare roles, exponential growth of Social Security Disability roles, unfunded pension liabilities, endless wars, massive state debt, unprecedented overreliance on the state for every aspect of our lives, record poverty and whatnot.   All of this was necessary for class & hierarchy to survive.   Capitalism, as a social control system with incredibly powerful contradictions, requires force and violence to survive.  These are the manifestations of that violence.    Morons who make trite and meaningless statements about free markets and corporate capitalism being synonymous with freedom who are so prevalent on the political right are wildly ignorant to what they clearly don’t want to see.    Willful ignorance of the perfectly deceptive ego.     The force necessary to keep this system going must be consistently increased in order to paper over the massive inherent and ever-increasing volatility and contradictions it creates.    So, the greater and greater power granted to “market forces” (corporations) that every U.S. president and Congress has created, essentially since Roosevelt’s thin reforms, was required to keep this system from collapsing.    The illusion or delusion, depending on which side of this false reality you are on, is unprecedented.  Nothing is real anymore.  I mean that literally.   Even simple and esoteric data points like the size of homes is unsustainable.   And I’ll break that statement about a completely false reality down at some point.   Everything is a manifestation of the ego’s endless self-deceits.  And all of that deceit has been institutionalized by the state through what we are told is law but is really nothing more than contrived bullshit meant to benefit the state.   

A friend of mine said something to me the other day that stuck.   He said that everything is a rich man’s trick.    I thought to myself how incredibly profound that simple statement was.   This is the world of the glorified self or, if you will, a world that glorifies the rich man’s ego and all of its  tricks and deceits.    This is a world where class has almost perfectly and universally waged war on the rest of humanity and used countless billions of us to wage that war on their behalf.   That is, through the state and its control constructs of capitalism, socialism, communism, feudalism, mercantilism, colonialism, neoliberalism and every other ism it can dream up.  

Next up, another look at China.

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