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NASA’s New Horizon Closes In On The Destroyer Of Worlds (Pluto)

We are now just a few days away from the New Horizon mission’s closest approach to Pluto.   This is really quite an amazing experience for science.

Given the first rule in government spending is why build one when you can have two at twice the price, NASA’s two web sites for the mission are here and here.    The Guardian also has a pretty good story on the latest here and Wired has some interesting print on the reaction of scientists to some of Pluto’s geology.

Let me make a few choice comments here as well.  I’ll try to keep this brief with a little background…..   Some years ago the scientific establishment downgraded Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet.   Hey, the establishment has to always be doing something useless to justify its existence.   But, planetary and mundane astrologers, I mean real astrologers, not those who write horoscopes near the Sunday funnies section of the newspaper, know that Pluto is not a dwarf planet.   Pluto is the most powerful planet in our solar system.  And, it is possible that statement may actually not only apply to planetary and mundane astrology but to the real world.  

Humanity today stands on the shoulders of giants.   Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, whom were on opposite sides of a disagreement between factions of science, were both two of these giants.  There is no one alive today that compares to the genius of these two men.   There are a lot of incredibly smart people in this world but we have become institutionalized.   That has some amazing ramifications for the kind of world we live in.    Electrical engineering, electrical research and theories of electricity in the time of Tesla were pioneering and new ideas, new research and new inventions were put forth at a dizzying pace.     There were countless amazing men who were making amazing discoveries and doing amazing things.  There was no well-accepted science or ideology or institutionalization.   The mind was free and men were able to therefore think outside of the prison that eventually becomes mainstream scientific dogma and ideology that creates institutionalization.  (Mind you, it was men and not corporations making these advances.  Corporations suppress and attempt to control the purity of science for the intent of profit which is why we are in the midst of such incredible scientific bullshit and junk science that is going to end in the collapse of much of institutionalized science.)   My point is those were the golden ages of electrical discovery and there is nothing today that is anywhere near comparable be that in talent or research.

I’ve noted on here in the past that we don’t really know what electricity is.   It just goes to show you how ignorant yet arrogant we are today.   And how that ignorance has exalted science as its new religion.   We know how to manipulate electricity but we don’t really know what it is.   Most people, including many scientists, would mock me for making such a statement.   But, then they’ve never really thought fundamentally about the question of what electricity really is.   So, they don’t really know what they are talking about.    Anyway, the history of electricity’s discover is really quite profoundly interesting.   And did not come out of theoretical models but out of pure coincidence and accidents.  

During those golden ages of discovery, there were many theories about the concept of the aether.   Or ether, if you prefer.   I believe it was Tesla who first theorized that matter itself had no inherent energy.   But, rather matter drew all of its energy from the aether, or simplisticly, the invisible force making up all of the empty space in the universe.   And, as such, all man needed to do was to discover and invent ways of tapping into the aether for endless free energy.    And Tesla had a vision of endless free energy for the world that his research was driving towards but frankly, lacked the funding to prove.  When Tesla died, the United States government confiscated his research papers and they still remain classified.   So, you can see why many free thinkers and conspiracy theorists have raised Tesla to the level of god.  They believe the government is covering up free energy solutions in order to enslave us to corporate greed.   Now, I don’t have an opinion on this topic because I’m not Nikola Tesla but it is not impossible that his theories had some credibility.   Remember, the scientists who were inventing all of this new science were some of the most brilliant people in human history.   So, their theories, while not mainstream today, have not necessarily been disproven.  They just aren’t accepted as the prevailing theory and there are some good reasons for that.  

Anyway, the theory of the aether was eventually supplanted by modern physics.   Substantially because of Einstein.   And the fact that Einstein developed the math that proved his theory.   To his death, Tesla mocked the physics community’s theories on electricity.   Given the accomplishments of Tesla, one must consider his theories could possibly have some merit.   And, interestingly, Einstein and Tesla may not have been too far apart in a larger picture view given Einstein’s work on Unified Field Theory (the theory of everything), which he could never finish.  In some regards, both men were looking at the same problem through a different lens.  

As an aside, in discussions of the brain and mind, I’ve noted on here in the past that some scientific experiments have provided unusual results that makes it appear that our actions are controlled from outside of our body.   There are so many things about life that could much more easily be explained by a universal energy source providing the energy for all matter.   Now, I am not stating that I support this theory.   Just that I have an open mind.  Existing models of the universe involve just pulling a concept like dark matter to describe 95+ percent of the universe out of institutionalized science’s ass because their models now don’t work.  Maybe dark matter is the aether and the scientists of the 1800s were right. 

Regardless, that golden age of electrical discovery died off very quickly once corporate capitalism learned it could mint mind-boggling profits off of much of the basic research of Tesla and countless other geniuses.   Profit is the high priest of a corporate and profit-dominated society and once the grifters and con men of corporate and political control got involved, basic electrical research died off quite rapidly and the focus was turned to monetizing discovery for the intent of profit.   Monetizing science is not necessarily a bad thing  but this highlights the dilemma we still face with science and basic research that does not derive any profit in a profit-driven, corporate-controlled society.    There are literally no good methods of funding basic and theoretical research.   So what happens?   It just doesn’t get done.   To a large extent, we are living off the brilliance of men who lived more than 100 years ago in many aspects of our lives.   At least during that time, a scientist, engineer or inventor could tinker in his garage.   Not today.    Eisenhower noted this in his full speech on citing the well-known remark “beware the military-industrial complex”.   His words included that science was no longer done by the tinkerer or the inventor but instead by the corporate and government-funded establishment and how this was a potentially huge problem.  

This is much more profound than anyone in the mainstream realizes.    Science is dying.  And basic research is essentially dead.   Especially since the Clinton administration.    Especially when it doesn’t align with institutionalized scientific ideology.    So, the research simply doesn’t get done.   And because the pipeline of new theories and resultant economic value they always create is vastly empty, unless something changes, (Getting the state, politicians and corporations out of the manipulation and control of scientific research.)  humanity could be witnessing a very dark economic future.   The Soviet Union actually did a much better job of managing this than western society.    Interestingly, on that note, Tesla died broke.   A man that, in many regards single-handedly created the most complex, largest industry in the world today was f*cked over and his research stolen by corporate capitalism without any patent or invention payments.    Why is that?   Because how is a single man with little to no money going to beat the system and massive corporations?  We see this time and again in today’s world where corporations exploit the masses through endless predatory behavior.   Tesla’s fate was really no different than any of the consumerism debt slaves we see today.   The only difference is that over the last 130 years corporations have simply increased their grip on humanity to the point that there is no escape anywhere.   Anyway, there is essentially no basic or theoretical electrical research conducted today nor has there been since corporate capitalism essentially destroyed its golden age of research over one hundred years ago.  

So, back to today.   I’ve railed repeatedly on institutionalized physics views of the universe.   95+% of the universe remains unaccounted for in their theories.   That’s oftentimes the least of the problems with their theories.   Now, obviously some of applied physics works quite well.  But we can thank Newton, and not modern physics, for that.   There is ample, and quite frankly, overwhelming evidence that much of theoretical physics is one big jumble of bullshit perpetuated by keepers of the faith and the institutionalization of perceived knowledge.   So, every time a new discovery doesn’t fit into their existing models, in order to protect those in the system and the institutionalized “faith” they have created, the new discoveries are curve fitted, shoe horned or contrived into existing theories to make the data fit.   You know, like human-caused global warming theories, none of whose predicted outcomes have actually come true and none of whose research has been proven accurate over time.  Or, Wall Street’s theoretical models that failed miserably in 2008 and are going to fail again.   Or, the theoretical horseshit of economics that is a massive and consistently wrong form of voodoo.   It’s no coincidence that failure of human-caused global warming, Wall Street’s models and the economics profession have been written of for years on here.  

There are alternative theories of the universe that provide a much better explanation in some regards.   One is the electrical universe theory.  This theory and some others aren’t put forth by kooks and loons.   There are brilliant scientists, even scientists that worked for NASA and other mainstream institutions, that posited some of these theories.   While the electric universe theory is not unified, and thus has some differing views because it is not institutionalized, the concept of the aether does reappear within this theory.  In other words, what was once considered as a basis to the theory of electricity by thousands of brilliant minds is not quite dead.  It just isn’t accepted in the mainstream.    But science is not a popularity contest as it has been turned into today.   Science is the search for truth.   Now, obviously the electric universe is considered fringe by institutionalized science.   Just as people who reject the junk models of human-caused global warming based on strong understandings of science are considered fringe today.   Institutionalized physics science hides behind their models just like the failed global warming crowd.  The reality is no one theory or single person understands everything about everything and there are massive holes everywhere.   Science is the search for truth, not truth itself as many nonscientists often spout with an intent of controlling others.   Einstein failed in his attempts at creating a unified theory.  Tesla failed to prove his theory.   Modern physics has many dubious and outright laughable theories.   The reality is we just don’t know nearly as much as the mainstream would have you believe.   So, it’s laughable when someone says the science is settled whenever it involves theories rather than practical applications with repeatable outcomes.  

Here’s where I’m going with this.   As you can see from the graphic below, Pluto’s uniquely highly elliptical orbit  and its large inclination to the ecliptic, or the plane of other planet’s orbit around the sun makes it unique amongst all planets.  Now, if one understands how the electric universe could potentially work, or if aspects of it could be accurate, there are some interpretations that may make Pluto the most powerful planet in the solar system.   I’m curious if anyone reading this could tell us why that is?   If you do, then feel free to email me.   If your answer is accurate, I’ll post it.   If not, maybe at some point I will delve into this in detail.   But for now I just want to state that not only is Pluto the destroyer of worlds in astrology, but it may also be so in reality. 

Science is almost never settled unless it is practical science or engineering science like using engineering mechanics to determine the load carrying capacity of an I –Beam in a bridge.  You can’t put the earth’s climate into a lab and run experiments ten thousand times to verify your results.   At best, scientific theory is nothing more than the leading edge of what humanity perceives.   And we all know how perceptions are just that.   How many people perceived the world was experiencing unprecedented prosperity in 2008 before the start of what will be the biggest economic crisis in human history?  That includes most mainstream scientists who were duped.   Do you think scientists are any different in their perceptions surrounding theories they defend because they pay the rent or are fundamental to their own career?   Frankly, this economic crisis is, in large part, created by science.   At worst, scientific theories are crackpot delusions impacted by self-interest, money and other forms of deceit. 

Who knows.   Maybe Nikola Tesla will get the last laugh.   Or maybe Pluto will.



The orbit of Pluto.  Click on the graphic for a larger view.

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