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The British Royal Family’s (And British Aristocracy’s) Infatuation With Hitler, Nazi Germany And Fascism Exposed

First, just a brief remark about gold.   The long term outlook of gold on here is grim.   I’ve noted many times that gold could easily return to 1998 levels of about $250 an ounce.  Or, possibly even go to zero depending on how this global monetary system plays out.  And that gold is in a massive bubble propped up by central banks.    Just a few days ago gold took another dive.   And just a few days before that I noted for the umpteenth time that China would eventually start liquidating its gold positions putting downward pressure on gold prices.   Right on time, Russia Today yesterday implicated China sales in the most recent gold plunge.   Although the conspiracy theorists were already blaming it on some secret cabal.   Maybe so.   But not likely.   Ironically, if China starts liquidating its gold positions, and it clearly has not as of yet, it will do so to buy………  you guessed it, dollars.   I’ve noted this dynamic numerous times over the years including leading into the 2008 collapse when Russia was begging for dollars.   One must understand how the world works and when one does, one understands the dollar is king.   Period.   Those who have developed a belief system that China is going to save their gold positions or make them wildly wealthy by driving gold prices higher are simply looking for confirmation bias of their belief systems.    Or, put another way, people believe what they want to believe.   Belief systems are not a source of truth.  The truth is central banks are gold holder’s best friend.   They bailed out the gold holders in gold’s 2008 collapse and they are still bailing them out today.   The myth that gold is an anti-central banking currency is laughable and one of the biggest frauds of our time.   Without central banks, gold would have collapsed long ago.   And, that is why gold is going to collapse.   Because central banks and their grand experiment of useless money printing is going to fail.   

Now onto the post.  

"The 20th Century was a horrible litany of absurd experiments and atrocities committed by intellectuals, or by elite groupings that claimed a higher knowledge. Simple folk usually have enough common sense to avoid the worst errors. Sometimes they need to take very stern action to stop intellectuals leading us to ruin." - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Their Royal Heilnesses.  The video in this link is a must watch.

Royal family faces TV Nazi expose

Royal Archive to blame for releasing Nazi-loving royal family

Images we had to publish.

This is very interesting given past comments on here about class & hierarchy (the state), birthright privilege & monarchies and the two world wars.   As a human being, there is nothing that I think of being more of an affront to human dignity than class and birthright privilege.   The whole premise behind a king or a queen or anyone of privilege is an affront to our divinity.   No human being should have power over another human being.   Or, for that matter, any kind of privilege.  Class and hierarchy are constructs rooted in violence.   Neither can exist except through force whether that is outright physical violence or some type of esoteric emotional or spiritual violence like brainwashing and propaganda.   You know, like Washington politicians are public servants.   Or  corporate capitalism is synonymous with democracy.     Both world wars were created by the class and hierarchy.   ie, Both monarchs and corporate capitalism.  Mind you, Hitler was a monarch just as Angela Merkel and EU leaders are today.  Both presided over authoritarian, anti-democratic, unelected political tyranny.

There have always been rumors, accusations and conspiracies surrounding Hitler and specifically Britain.   Britain’s class-based society of self-proclaimed exceptionalism is really much of what Hitler modeled his regime after.   He noted many times his fondness for the British system.    I’ve delved into that a little bit on here in the past.  Including military expert and former British officer Liddell Hart’s investigative book that exposes concrete evidence for some degree of back channel cooperation between Hitler and the British aristocratic government that encouraged Germany to invade eastern Europe out of their fear of communism.   It seems a rather common viewpoint with some Russian academics from what I have seen that they go so far as to lay blame on Britain for encouraging Hitler to actually invade the Soviet Union.   Regardless, there is much we don’t know.   Because political dunces don’t want us to know how much they f*cked up and misjudged.   Because their asinine decisions and recklessness led to the death of upwards of 50 million people.   If democracy understood this, those British elites could have been tried at The Hague along with the Nazis.    And the dirty dealings of Britain’s aristocracy controlling its government would have clearly been exposed.   Political dunces everywhere are endlessly miscalculating with their insatiable and pathological desire for more control both domestically and internationally.    Regardless, this exposé clearly uncovers the British royal family and the British aristocracy’s infatuation with fascism and with Nazi Germany.   In fact, the direct words of Prince Edward, who would become King Edward, (and who is teaching the current queen mutha the Nazi salute in these pictures) leading up to World War II was that fascism had to come to Britain to defeat communism.  You can be assured that Prince Edward did not form his own opinion of this.   But, rather this was almost certainly a commonly held view of the British political-corporate capitalist corporatocracy.   It also helps explain why American and European corporate capitalists and bankers were so heavily involved in supporting Hitler leading up to World War II.   As I’ve noted on here in the past, corporate capitalism is naturally fascist.   Corporations are created by the state, are granted their power by the state and enrich their bureaucrats through violence of the state.   Dare I say that even if it has never been called this, corporations have always been fascist.   They most certainly were in the British Empire in 1776 when the Adam Smith’s East India Trading Company was running dope for the monarchy.

A system of class and hierarchy, be it political, gentried land owners, corporate capitalism or any other state construct, is a system of ignorance.  It is becoming more and more evident that the ignorance of Britain’s corporate and land owner aristocracy and the political dunces who do their will played a major role in the murder of 50 million people during World War II.    This type of ignorance develops in any form of institutionalization whether it is science, politics, corporate hierarchy or whatnot.  One can only maintain class and hierarchy by dumbing-down humanity.   Because there is no divine knowledge or somehow unique insight and brilliance granted to any one person or group of people.   That is pure mythology perpetuated by class to keep us enslaved.   By keeping all of humanity’s experiences and abilities suppressed, which is necessary for class and hierarchy to exist, we enter these dark times in human history.  We are led into these dark times by class and hierarchy.   It is only by freeing the light of enough human minds that we can ever get out from under these tyrannical, anti-democratic constructs created to dominate and control us for a privileged few.   The state is the virus and an enlightened humanity is the cure. 

This is why people like Bernie Sanders, who make comments that he wants to see the U.S. a lot more like Europe, may be genuine but they are wrong.   Europe created both world wars and through policies of mercantilism, colonialism, feudalism, empire, slavery and fascism, have butchered hundreds of millions of people in the name of corporate capitalism, corporate exploitation and corporate profits.     It’s this butchering and exploitative profits stolen from others that has allowed Europe to fund its welfare state.   Yes, Sander’s comments appeal to many people because this system is so wildly corrupt and because so many people are looking for a savior.   That includes their appeal to me.   But a savior that is not coming to save our endless expressions of emotional self-abandonment and self-deceit.   We are our own saviors and will take upon ourselves that responsibility….  or we will choose our own misery as our own self-inflicted fate.   Bernie talks a good game.   And I certainly do see an authentic nature to his message. (I will be writing more about both him and Trump.)    But, as a baseline, we first needs to start with empowering/making responsible (the flip sides of the same coin) humanity by ridding ourselves of class and hierarchy and embracing real democracy and democratic economics.   Then, any minor holes that still remain can be filled with social uplift programs, guaranteed work of quality and dignity or whatnot to ensure everyone can rise to their level of ability and lead a self-actualized existence.    That is not Europe.  Look at Europe today.   Their monarchs and merchants are literally eating the common man’s children.    European social dynamics are a virus and that is why they are in massive chaos.  

Europe is generally a highly stratified, class-based caste system where social birth status and familial social standing plays a major role in people’s fate.   Merit plays little role except in serving the corporate state.   The same class and hierarchy that existed from the 1600s-1900s that led to tens of millions of Europeans coming to America is still the same tyrannical system that exists today.    There are still a dozen monarchies in Europe today.   Regardless of whether these monarchies still hold absolute power is irrelevant.   It’s the mindset of society that would allow class and hierarchy to maintain a caste structure. (Ask a Frenchman why they don’t have a monarchy and you’ll get a passionate earful.)   Monarchies and class are a form of self-inflicted emotional tyranny that subconsciously allows anti-democratic forces to flourish in European society.   That includes within the class-based constructs of corporate capitalism that the monarchs of Europe created to control the common man long before the common man gained any democratic rights.  

The biggest problem in the United States is that it now looks like Europe.    Democracy is dead and we live in a highly stratified, class-based, anti-democratic caste system of state oppression enforced by ignorant politicians.  That system is extinguishing the divine light of humanity both here and in Europe.    It’s the same devil’s dung and ignorance that led Prince Albert and his aristocratic cronies to fall in love with fascism leading up to World War II.   Because they feared the common man had enough of their exploitation and that may mean another state virus, communism,  could gain hold in Britain.  

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