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A Few Remarks On Crises In Europe And China And A Viewpoint On The Manchurian Candidate

Well, I could sum this post up without really writing anything other than I told you so countless times over the last decade.   Chinese markets may yet go higher before their ultimate crash.   In many regards China is far different than any other crisis the world has ever seen.    The only one I want to focus on here is that China is a nation with a currency that is not convertible.  Sure there are corrupt methods through which the state elites are extorting money out of the country by breaking their own rules.   And much of that money is ending up in the U.S, which our pathological leadership will gladly accept.   But we really  have no experience with so much useless money being created in a single nation and no place for it to go or no way to leave the country.    And that is almost certainly why the Chinese stock market is experiencing another bubble.   Not yet as large as the 2008 bubble but still quite large and possibly to get much larger.   China’s capital bubble collapsed in 2008.   So all of that stimulus in the years since went into consumption.   Now, that bubble appears to be in full retreat.   So, the massive overproduction and overconsumption of the Chinese economy is, if not in collapse yet, at least starting to roll over.   Where is all of that money supposed to now go?  Into stocks.   Theoretically, the Chinese stock market could go much, much higher.   By the way, this is what is happening globally, not just China.  ie, This is a crisis of capitalism.   With China being the biggest bubble the world has ever seen, contained within the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen, how China experiences its crisis is likely to be without precedence with regards to volatility.   There is a lot of useless money to vanquish in China and because the currency isn’t convertible, most of it will never leave the country so the fireworks should be incredible. 

By the way, remember when you used to read about the Chinese central bank buying all of that gold and how bullish it was supposed to be for gold?   And how China was going to unseat U.S. empire and the yuan was going to become the global currency?     I’ve rained all over that parade for the last ten years on here and longer in writings elsewhere.  And instead wrote that China would eventually become a net seller of gold or would have to devalue its currency or its currency would simply collapse under the weight of its massive corruption.  How about that Asian century so many told us about?   Once again, the yuan is worthless.   The Chinese communists just don’t know it yet.   And about that Russian, Chinese partnership to unseat U.S. empire?   Is that looking more and more like a joke?   How many people placed their bets on that delusion?   U.S. empire will collapse and it will collapse from within as has always been written on here.   The U.S. empire is massively larger than anyone seemingly appreciates and is wildly more powerful than either China, Russia and the rest of the world combined.  That’s not a statement of admiration for the the level of evil it represents.  It’s a statement of fact.

The daily political, financial and socioeconomic noise that c0ntinues to unfold around the world is really irrelevant to the final outcome of this cycle.   It won’t change the outcome.   I have laid the results of my analysis out there for the last decade on here and even longer elsewhere.   Nothing in that analysis has changed.    I could lay claim as the top socioeconomic forecaster in the world but there are others who are selling something that already take that claim.  So, I am not going to quibble.   That isn’t a statement of arrogance but of hard work and abilities that make us all individually unique.   Abilities suppressed by the state (class and hierarchy) and corporations.    Letting your light shine in this world has become a sin as fear, ignorance and conformity tightens its grip on the mantle of power and authority.   The only thing that changes with daily events is the ultimate crisis continues to become much larger as the state attempts to keep a “pretend” world of control going.   The more attempts at control (violence) they mound upon this existing system in order to deceive us, the greater the ultimate volatility and end-state crisis.    Money, debt, capitalism, communism and the like are simply the control systems enforcing greater and greater state violence.   That is all that is really happening around the world today.   Each new horrific headline is simply another tremor that the state then applies more violence to (more contrived rules and more illusory attempts at control) in order to paper over the reality.    That reality is the state is already in terminal failure.   We are simply waiting on the illusion of control to give way to reality.    The dozens of major outcomes I have written would happen or would likely happen have either already revealed themselves, are starting to reveal themselves or are coming and there is nothing the state is going to do to stop them.    The daily events in Europe, the United States, China or elsewhere are just tremors of a greater fate that was created by social, financial, monetary and economic policies put in place long ago.   The universe does not play by the rules of the ego’s self-deceit or the state’s intent of control.   There is no option in the outcome of “just kidding” and now I want to take my marbles and go home and pretend none of this is happening.  Or, masking over reality while amusing ourselves to death so that  we can pretend all is well with humanity.  There is no way for this system to avert its karmic fate. 

I could go on and on about Greece and China but I’ve beaten Europe and China like a rented mule on here for the last decade.   There is really nothing new under the sun.   Just more tremors.   And because there are so many, I’m far less inclined to respond to them unless there is a point I would like to make.   And that is what I would like to do with the remainder of this post.    That includes granting some degree of play to conspiracy theory.   Something I have noted often that I simply don’t participate in.  I have noted one possible conspiracy theory that I entertain on here.    Conpiracy itself?  Of course, there is endless conspiring behind closed doors.   But conspiracy is not conspiracy theory.   Most conspiracy theories are reflections of our own mind’s paranoia and fear.    There is growing evidence that communism is far from dead.    Something I wrote about just a handful of posts ago.   I wrote some years ago that I would guess that Obama may be a communist.   Well, I want to push that last post on communism a little further in these ramblings.    But first some more baselining using the mess that has developed in Europe over the last four or five years.  

Europe certainly has become exhausting over the last few years.   It’s the same ego-created drama day after day, week after week, month after month.    All in some effort to deny reality.    That’s all drama is.   It’s the ego’s attempt at maintaining its own self-delusions through control.   But what has happened in the last week or so plays  into a dynamic I have covered on here over the last handful of years.   That is, it is highly possible that we could see contract law collapse around the world.   Greece’s prime minister has, for all practical purposes, illegitimately placed assets owned by the people of Greece into receivership as collateral to criminals in the EU without any authority to do so.    And Costas Lapavitsas on why the only way out for Greece is to leave the EU(And direct analysis of the pure evil criminality of this deal including a little diatribe on money.  It should be no surprise that he recommends the radical changes I have talked about on here not just for Greece but the U.S. – default on the debt, nationalize the banks, return to the drachma…and Greece probably needs to create a currency board to try to manage the exchange rate for some period of time until a stabilization takes place, something he doesn’t discuss.  And as he notes, which is so important, with public money, Greek businesses could re-conquer the domestic market and create substantial economic opportunity.   Something that I have talked about ad nauseam about public banking and democratic money in the United States.  This is a good video!)    This could easily unwind the legal framework of contract law.   If debts start to unwind for any reason, we could have everyone believe that they should receive the same belief be they individuals, nations or whatnot.    Expect all European nations to push for debt forgiveness if the IMF’s private remarks (that were almost certainly leaked for intent) about Greece.   The state continues to push greater and greater violence upon humanity in an effort to keep this system going but once that dam bursts, all hell could break loose and the entire premise of contractual obligations could vanish.  That has potentially unbelievable and immeasurable implications.   That means collateral is owned by whom?  Debt obligations will be paid by whom?   Property is owned by whom?   Trade agreements are enforced by whom?  Not just in Europe but everywhere.   

Tsipras, similar to other political clowns in this world, has gone well beyond his mandate of public servant to an autocratic tyrant.  He is now in the process, if successful, of cementing an even worse fate through his own failures to find the courage and resolve to face down evil.  I’m not wagging my hypocritical finger at him either.   We all do this in our lives.  We just don’t see it in ourselves but the ego clearly sees it in everyone else.    But in times of great crisis, leaders must find the courage and resolve to do what is right to stop the massive suffering of others.   This is simply just another reason why humanity should not be ruled by man but by our natural rights.   Tsipras is typical of the crisis in men we have in the world today.   That is, the failure of men to be men.    To have the courage and fortitude to defend the weak and those who are unable to defend themselves. (Not to mention, to defend our natural rights not to be debt slaves or to grant corporations and unelected bureaucrats control over our natural rights and democratic sovereignty.)   And to hold the ideals of all that is right and just and true.   Notice I said ideals.   We glorify ideals not imperfect people suffering from the human condition.    I’ve talked about this before but since it is Europe in crisis, let me repost the ideals of men that used to define western culture as taken from the the code of chivalry.

  • To fear God and maintain His Church
  • To serve the liege lord in valour and faith
  • To protect the weak and defenceless
  • To give succour to widows and orphans
  • To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
  • To live by honour and for glory
  • To despise pecuniary reward
  • To fight for the welfare of all
  • To obey those placed in authority
  • To guard the honour of fellow knights
  • To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit
  • To keep faith
  • At all times to speak the truth
  • To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
  • To respect the honour of women
  • Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
  • Never to turn the back upon a foe

Obviously, these can be be updated to embrace modern society.  Never refuse a challenge from an equal no longer applies since we don’t have duels and sword fights but should instead rely on nonviolence to resolve offenses against each other.  But not allowing lies or untruths spewed by someone impugning your character certainly could be a modern interpretation.  And, to obey those in positions of authority certainly should be replaced with obeying the rule of law based on natural rights.  Or, at least, the reasoned, compassionate, humane rule of law based on our natural rights.  In a free society, no person should ever be subjugated to the authority of another human being; only through natural rights and the written rule of law defending those natural rights.  But, other than that, they are pretty much timeless responsibilities appreciated regardless of culture.   What I find most compelling from the above list is “to despise pecuniary reward”.  That a man’s view of justice, responsibility and our moral fabric are not swayed by monetary gain or the possibility of it.  Alexis Tsipras might need a refresher course here.  How much has this responsibility been abrogated around the world where the god of money (debt) defines and determines everything? 

On that note, watching the drama unfold in Europe, does anyone still believe the EU is based on any kind of democracy as it was  sold to the European people?   Please.   The EU was always about control.   Watching terrorists Angela Cronus Merkel and Wolfgang Schauble, Jean-Claude Juncker and Mario Draghi devour Greece is like watching ISIS devour its way across the Middle East.    The EU’s construct was defined in terms of the rights of workers and capital aka as some sort of communist/fascist manifesto for private corporations and private banks by their political stooges rather than human rights and democracy.    For those who were hoodwinked early on, and we should not be ashamed that we were hoodwinked by pathology, we can clearly see this now.   With this now manifestly evident, and with the democratic will of the Greek people being codified by recent election results, and that democratic will being shat upon by a corrupt Greek and EU political and corporate elite, there is clearly no legitimacy left in the Greek government or the EU.    The state has been exposed as nothing more than a pathological control construct worried more about maintaining its power than serving humanity.  The EU is doling out massive violence in order to prop up a failed system; something talked about ad nauseam on here.  ie, That we would see greater and greater violence around the world necessary to keep these state-created control systems going until the pressure exerted resulted in massive crisis or blowback.

It’s become popular, and I think reasonable, to state that Greece is coming to Italy or Greece is coming to the United States or Greece is coming to China or wherever.   The world of humanity is in a fight for its very life against the state.   But with the decisions this week of Alexis Tsipras, if these new economic sanctions (austerity) of the EU/Greek government hold, maybe what is more reasonable is to assume we will see “ISIS” come to Europe.    I don’t mean that literally.   What I mean by that is Greece could experience total political collapse, an overthrow of the ruling aristocracy and, if this drags on long enough, terrorism in Germany and Belgium (the headquarters of the EU) similar to the terrorism we saw in the American colonies leading up to the Revolutionary War.  Or, for that matter, terrorism that has been part of Europe for a long time.   This crisis is already starting a new phase with violence in the streets of Greece.   Let the world bear witness to what that evil will do to innocent Greek people if  left to its own  volition.   Yes, innocent.   The average Greek lives on very paltry wages and few social safety nets.    The EU and the Greek ruling class has already taken all of the Greek people’s dignity (as a microcosm for the dignity that has been taken from humanity by the state around the world) and are trying to steal the last ounce of their humanity and, even their lives if they could.   Evil covets that which humanity has and will ultimately steal the life out of all of us if we don’t wake up.   But, oh how the world is waking up.  

Somehow we have come to believe that democracy means everything is solved amicably or we all hold hands and sing kumbaya to solve our issues.  And, for the most part, if democracy is working, that is probably true.   But democracy cannot work under corporate capitalism, or under a political union of unelected bureaucrats or under a monetary system not controlled by democracy.   Instead, the EU requires sentient beings become serfs and wage/debt slaves to consume capitalism’s endless overproduction.   And that means the masses must be made ignorant to be coerced (violence) into doing so.  Democracy is dead.   For now.   But in the jungle of corporate/political domination and forced human competition,  violence begets violence.  So when people are oppressed to the point of having nothing to lose, they will respond instinctively aka primitively/tribally and will do what they must to survive.  They are eating out of dumpsters in Greece and they have very few social safety nets- 

In ancient Athens, the birthplace of democracy, after years of trying to reign in a pathological economic/political aristocracy that had subverted the rights of the common man and left him with nothing but misery at the long end of the stick of class warfare, the people of Athens simply rose up, executed the economic/political aristocracy and restored order.   This was the foundational birth of democracy in Athens.   Sound familiar?   It should.   We could easily be repeating that history here.   What is happening around the world is the same class warfare that led to endless  revolts and executions of the aristocracy.  When the aristocracy is willing to literally let people starve or live without basic human needs, it doesn’t take long for people to consider that their lives could be a better by eliminating the aristocracy (the state).   How does one think that the control system of communism became so popular?  It became popular because of the massive injustices of the class and hierarchy of corporate capitalism or Europe’s monarchs and merchants.   And executing the predatory capitalist class & the politicians who do their bidding was part of the purges of communism.     The world had never heard of the forced, dumbed-down sameness and conformity of communism until the world first experienced capitalist exploitation.  Or, as this Pope has noted many times, unfettered capitalism is the devil’s dung.

The main reason I wanted to put up this post was to highlight the fact that in the last week Obama talked directly to Greece’s prime minister and expressed his desire for Greece to stay in the EU.   Again, something he has also publicly stated about the U.S. wants Britain to stay in the EU.   But let me take a few paragraphs to discuss a few reasons why this is so important.  

In actuality, it is not the U.S. that wishes anything.   These are Obama’s personal ideologies (emotional control systems or tyrannies of the mind created by the ego)  that wishes Britain, Greece and all terrorized people remain in the undemocratic, unelected bureaucracy of the EU.  As the world continues to reveal itself we get a greater indication of who represents humanity and who represents the illegitimate autocratic authority of the state.  And what the personal ideologies and belief systems are of the political stooges destroying humanity.   And what the possible control-driven agenda of different players are, be they countries or people.   As more and more is exposed, it becomes more and more obvious that Obama is likely a communist or communist sympathizer cut from the same mold as the communists (and fascists) that created the centrally-planned, unelected EU.   If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and quacks like a duck…..   Trite labels aside, it’s important for humanity to clearly see what is happening in the world to ensure this never happens again or that protections can be put in place to make it more unlikely.    There is no need to start another reign of terror of McCarthyism.  Being a communist is not illegal.  And being an ideologue for any other state-created “ism”, including corporate capitalism, is no better.   But understanding if the duck is quacking, and thus is likely a duck, helps us appreciate how and why our world is literally being destroyed.  (And has been for most of the 20th century, if not longer.)  No one really knows exactly how many agendas there are or who is aligned with whom but linking the world through corporate governance is in fact happening.   And the disappearance of borders that serves to flatten the world into a system of dumbed-down corporate wage and debt slavery has been happening for more than twenty years.    So, with the recent comments by Obama about wishing Greece & Britain to stay in the EU, maybe we can gain a greater appreciation of the relationship Obama had/has with self-described communist Bill Ayers (and his communist parents), Valerie Jarrett who is from a communist family,  Van Jones who is or was a self-described communist,  Jeremiah Wright and as a youth American communist party member Frank Davis.  How many more are there in his past?   Apparently, Obama’s mother and grandparents may too have been communists.  Obama’s ideologies and belief systems certainly could be behind a wish to destroy America’s Constitution, a system as imperfect as it is is still better than anything else in this world, based on individual rights and freedoms.   Even a blind squirrel finds a nut some time - maybe there is some truth behind the Republican political rhetoric.   

This is where the conspiracy theories come in.   There is some wacky stuff out there that now may not be so wacky.    There is a physicist by the name of Tom Fife who stated before Obama was elected that he was in Russia on a business trip in 1992.  And was essentially told by some former Soviet apparatchik of a Manchurian candidate (a politician controlled by private interests)  that would be a black U.S. president groomed by a network of communists who have global ties.    Fife actually spoke of this before Obama was elected.  I’ve seen and heard his musings and he doesn’t appear to be politically-motivated or crazy at face value.  And then there came this bizarro revelation - could Obama have been groomed by communists from his teens or early twenties?    You can’t determine the odds of whether all of this is real because there is literally no transparency into what is happening in the world today.   Is this and much more secrecy behind Obama, including how he got into Harvard, (a haven for aristocratic state liberals)   just nonsense?   Maybe.   Could communists around the world be united in their underground efforts even after the fall of the Soviet Union?  Hey, stranger things have happened so all we can conclude is there is some degree of circumstantial smell in the air that really needs further discovery.

Capitalism, communism, fascism, what’s really the difference?   They are all control constructs created by the state (class & hierarchy).   If you actually dig into history, it’s a matter of public record that capitalism helped create and fund much of the Soviet Union.   And after World War II a large number of American corporations helped rebuild the Soviet Union.    Someone recently shared this remark to me- 

I am currently reading a book called “Into Oblivion”.  It is about a German Pioneer Battalion (305) that marched across southern Russia in the summer of 1942 and met its fate at Stalingrad along with much of the German 6th Army.  The men of the 305th Pioneer Battalion spent several months trying to subdue the Soviets inside the Barrikady gun factory.  As these German soldiers fought for every inch of the factory grounds, literally back and forth for months, they became increasingly bitter as losses mounted and the unit was reduced from 500 men to less than 40.  One common theme, however, was their shock at seeing every single machine tool (large and small) inside the Soviet-built factory stamped with the names of large German corporations.  A bitter irony for them for sure.

Of course, it is so well documented now that western capitalism helped create Hitler and there appears to be some evidence they even helped fund his political rising.   And who did the corporate capitalists extoll the virtues of in this last decade?  Communist China; a  criminal state asylum that has butchered more people than the Nazis could ever dream of.   And they are still butchering.   Corporate capitalism is a control construct and thus needs an authoritarian, all-powerful, centralized political control system to enforce its tyranny on society.   In other words, capitalism is clearly consistent with socialism, fascism and communism.   And we see examples of all three working in concert with capitalism today.   That’s why our federal government has become an all-powerful leviathan well beyond its constitutional limits on power.   Because without the force of the state, capitalism would collapse.    Hey, the free market dunces can’t hide behind democracy any more.   We have examples all across the world where capitalism works well with feudalism, fascism, colonialism, mercantilism, socialism, communism, authoritarianism and every other ism the state can dream up to allow class and hierarchy to plunder humanity.  What we don’t have is an example of where corporate capitalism works with democracy.  And we never have.  Unless you want to call Robber Barons, Pinkerton guards murdering uppity workers, child labor, slave labor, prison labor, slave wages and the like as democracy.

The reality is the virus is the state.   What form it takes is really irrelevant.   The Soviet apparatchiks reconstituted their power after the collapse of communism.   And they did it through embracing capitalism.   It’s still a state control construct that dominates the masses and plunders on behalf of the state.  Pathology seeks to control humanity.   What form it takes is really irrelevant.   They’ll dream up something else soon enough if we allow them but let’s be honest, there’s really little difference between a communist and a corporate capitalist.   They both are control constructs that use corporations to enslave humanity to a dumbed-down system of work that enriches the state.

I have been more and more willing to consider what may be possible with Obama’s actions of trying to recreate the communist/fascist EU in the United States with these massive trade agreements.  Agreements which really have little to do with trade and a lot to do with global corporate governance, just like the EU.   And, in fact, those trade agreements also link the U.S. to the EU.    Obama clearly wants Britain and Greece to remain in the EU because he is trying to create the same unelected, anti-democratic, corporate capitalist-dominated bureaucracy in the U.S.   And just like in Europe, the fascist right in this nation has joined forces with the communist left to create the perfect paradise of corporate capitalist subjugation.

The writing on the wall is clear.   The fascist right and the communist left have found common ground in expanding corporate domination into a flattened, dystopian world dominated by corporate capitalism and politicians.   Obama, through his own delusions, still continues to try to roll out a world of corporate power and corporate-dominated trade agreements that are actually collapsing before his very eyes in the form of the EU.   Yet his pathology’s intent of control is so overwhelming that he clearly does not see reality.  It is this same ideology/pathology that appears to grip Greece’s current leadership that has dystopian views of a linked European government. 

This is the same reason Alexis Tsipras failed as Greece’s leader.   As a communist, he must believe in the statist ideology of a single, centralized, unelected bureaucracy governing all of humanity.   So, it soon became evident he never really considered leaving the undemocratic EU.   That all of the drama he created had only one intent.   That is, of finding a way to keep the Greek people in the  terrorist organization of unelected bureaucrats that are destroying the rights and lives of people in Europe.   Just like the undemocratic actions of Barack Obama and the Republican Party in the United States.   We don’t have public servants.   We have autocratic rulers trying to enslave us to institutions of man or institutions of the ego.  

I wonder when the Greek people will say enough is enough.   Greece has been manipulated and preyed upon time and again for hundreds of years.   Most recently, since the end of WWII when Britain essentially invaded the country and murdered Greek nationalist rebels who were more sympathetic to communism than Britain’s corporate capitalism.   Then in the 1960s the CIA overthrew a democratically-elected Greek government and installed a fascist puppet dictatorship that was clearly the most brutal “developed country” government post World War II.  (Once again, who says capitalism doesn’t like fascism?)   Mind you, there is still tremendous anti-American animosity in Greece because of it.   And given Greece would likely run to Russia, the NATO military-industrial complex certainly wishes to see Greece remain in the communist/fascist EU.    Then in the last 15 years the EU and its communist/fascist central government has again preyed on the Greek people to lead us to where we are.    Do you think the common man in Greece is fed up with foreign interlopers?  Oftentimes interlopers brought upon them by their own corrupt aristocratic, corporate state government?   Greek GDP is down over 25% and has been for the last handful of years.    The country is essentially non-functioning and is ruled by a capitalist aristocracy in concert with fascist/communist unelected EU bureaucrats.   Greece only has one way out.   The EU is headed for collapse anyway.  There are separatist movements gaining populist momentum in just about every EU country.  The more this system reveals itself, the more countries will be forced into abandoning it by a populist, democratic revolt.   The fastest rising anti-EU movement appears to be France and its leader is who may become the next leader of the country, Marine Le Pen.  

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