Sunday, August 09, 2015

In Praise Of Boredom

We are an incredibly ill society and world.  There are so many esoteric signs of sickness in this nation that are surely signs of the times.   Whether that is an ignorant paparazzi press focused on every move of the aristocracy that has replaced investigative journalism serving democracy or whether it is the infatuation with death that manifests itself everywhere but the easiest examples are the massive numbers of dystopian or end of the world movies, TV series, etc that have sprung up in the 2000’s.   There are literally hundreds of them.  

The ego is telling us many things but no one in positions of self-granted authority is listening.   That’s because they created this world.   This world is a manifestation of the minds of an aristocratic, class-based system.  It’s a reflection of the sickness of their minds.   Narcissism loves looking at itself in the mirror.   Look what those who have the power to craft society have created.  It is the reflection in the mirror.    Their world is a monster because their mind’s are literally a living hell.   Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Pelosi, Boehner, Reid, corporate CEOs, Hollywood, lunatics who hijack religion..…..  does it really matter?  They all suffer from the same sickness.   And the diseased world they have created, which is destroying humanity, is their amusement.   Most people have it wrong.   The Roman Bread & Circuses were not there to amuse the masses.  They were created to amuse the Godless aristocracy.    That the masses were able to participate was for the amusement of the aristocracy.  Turning people into idiots that could be controlled for their benefit was the amusement.   And so it is today.

This article link below in Harper’s this month is incredibly profound.   One of the most unrecognized addictions in our society is the inability to sit still or to be at peace with oneself.    We always need to be doing something.   Work, amusing ourselves to death, watching TV, running our kids around….    Anything that becomes a repeated process or behavioral pattern that keeps us from appreciating the present moment aka sitting still and experiencing our emotions are signs of our society’s sickness.   While most laypeople and many mental health professionals don’t recognize this behavior as an addiction, it clearly is.  Period.   Qualified mental health professionals clearly understand this.   That inability to sit still and deal with our emotions is no different than tipping back a bottle.   Being disease of being addicted to work is rewarded in this nation.   Whether it is a behavioral or process addiction or a substance addiction, both serve the same purpose.  That is, they keep us from taking responsibility for our emotions and the emotional and spiritual emptiness in our lives.   The emotional and spiritual emptiness of this state-created socioeconomic control system.   Or, put another way, the Godlessness of this world. 

I lifted a specific paragraph from this article for a reason.   Our inability to sit with ourselves and deal with the emotions this system has put inside of us and played a major  role in placing inside of our children’s caregivers is why so many people suffer from anxiety disorders, depression and whatnot.    That’s why the majority of people in our society are on some kind of mind-altering legal or illegal substance or are addicted to some type of behavioral or process pattern.       

Without our ability to be still, we will never find peace and we will never be able to connect to our spiritual guidance system.   We will simply remain under the control of a pathological elite.

I want my children to embrace doing nothing, to embrace the slowing of an afternoon to a near standstill, when all you can hear is the laborious ticking of the clock and the dog snoring on the sofa, the rain’s patter at the window, the occasional swoosh of a slowly passing car. Remember those days? The exasperation, the excruciating itchiness of them? My kids would have to dive in, live through the agony, and come out the other side. They’d have to learn to lie on the lawn watching ants scale the grass blades; they’d have to linger, digits pruning, in the bathtub; they’d have to stop, to be still, and then to wait, and wait, and wait, allowing time to fatten around them, like a dewdrop on the tip of a leaf. And then, only then, who knows what they might imagine or invent?

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