Friday, July 31, 2015

Reaping The Rewards: How Private Sector (Corporate Capitalism) Is Cashing In On Pentagon’s ‘Insatiable Demand’ For Drone War Intelligence (And Resultant State-Sponsored Murder)

Standing armies and the U.S. military are probably the only area where I see a large part of the  American population are regularly and completely duped by incredibly intensive corporate and military-industrial complex brainwashing and propaganda.  They are duped in large  part because they are generally good and decent people with a substantial sense of morality and duty.   That trust and morality is taken advantage of and manipulated by the state.  Which is why many around the world say they love the American people but despise the American government.   Not because they are stupid as so many narcissistic, self-absorbed elitists characterize them.    Hey, we are all ignorant in some regard.   But, that is changing in many ways.   There has been no great epiphany, at least not yet, but we are tiring of endless wars.  And some interesting dynamics are taking place that is waking up many people to the fact that we are fighting for corporate profits, empire, ideology or other dubious reasons rather than endless wars, violence, bullying and aggression for Jesus.   

Remember, I noted many years ago that we could see a day when Americans refuse to fight these wars.  Or, that we could see something similar to what happened during World War I.    ie, Mass desertions where the French military actually resorted to murdering (or butchering, if you prefer) many of its own soldiers to get tens or even a hundred thousand mutinies back onto the battle feed to fight for the French capitalist aristocracy.    While that may have appeared laughable when I first wrote that, we now are starting to see some simple examples of what may be to come with law enforcement agencies and the military having trouble recruiting new “drones”, er I mean police officers and soldiers, in this nation.   And it is a recognized critical issue by the establishment.    That’s not a coincidence.   People are waking up to doing the bidding of their masters.   

Obviously, on topic with this post, the invention of artificial drones may ameliorate that dynamic for some time.   Ever wonder why the military is so hell-bent on developing artificial intelligence and robotic soldiers?   If we don’t have to actually watch our children die fighting the endless, artificially-created boogeymen and enemies of the state, the state itself can create such an insular, propagandized world of endless violence that we’ll be living in Orwell’s Oceania.  Remember, in 1984 (the book), there were three huge super states, you know, like the European Union, NAFTA and the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership.  (Haha.   How rich is that?   Orwell and many other dystopian state prophets were no dummies.)  And Oceania, the perspective from which 1984 was told, was in a state of permanent war.  You know, like the U.S. empire.    Yet life went on its merry way without any of Oceania’s citizens ever having to give any thought about war beyond the bullhorn of propagandized state-controlled updates.  It was some far off, isolated event that was talked about as abstractly as the weather.   Just like in the U.S. today.   Murder as an abstraction of propaganda has no meaning.   That’s another dynamic that dystopian prophets foretold of.   That is, words would have no meaning.   Or the corporate state’s  propagandized play on words like War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.  These types of play on words are key to Hollywood, corporate capitalist and standing army advertising or propaganda and brainwashing and are already part of our mainstream psyche.

Already many of our wars are already covert and can be operated off of a joystick so its operatives can murder by noon, be home by six to watch the evening news and catch a game of Monday Night Football.    Watching operators run joysticks is even part of modern armed forces TV advertisement.    How dystopian is that?   This is clearly an example of how the state can manipulate humanity into doing its dirty work.    But, hey, corporations are profiting from war (drone intelligence) is something new.  Uh, right.   Corporate capitalism was divine and pure in the good ole days.   Just ask Smedley Butler. (I HIGHLY recommend this book or the audio book in this link.  You will be amazed at how corporate capitalism and its endless propaganda is trying to repeat history.)   It’s only since Obama that it has become tainted.   Or Bush.   Obviously, that depends on one’s belief system.  ie, Are one’s masters Republicans or Democrats? 

Remember, the state exists for one reason and one reason only.   To perpetuate violence on behalf of state actors.    That is why I paradoxically am very close to a pacifist but also support gun rights for American citizens.    Because the threat to humanity is not foreign, it is the class & hierarchy of the state.    Violence is how the state maintains their control over humanity.   This is how they maintain class & hierarchy, which is an affront to the founding principles of this nation and an affront to nearly every form of religion, philosophy and spiritualism the world has ever known.  Well, unless that religion is the almighty power of the state.  Americans are buying guns in record numbers year after year because they are awake.   This is the same reason religion is banned in communism.   And why communism’s state religion is atheism and capitalism’s state religion is Darwinism or what I would label as capitalist Christianity or brainwashed and propagandized Christianity that bears no resemblance to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.   Because to acknowledge any greater power than the state puts limits on its violence and ability to authoritatively dominate and control humanity as a higher power or omniscient authority.   So, in China, it’s religious intolerance.   In the U.S. it’s contorted and brainwashed state religions that enables the state to perpetuate its massive violence.   Oh, funny how that works.   China is in the process of stripping crosses from thousands of Christian churches.   Just at the same time the communist party is threatened with economic collapse, social disorder and the possible overthrow of communism.  Right on time.  This is clearly because the state’s grip is now threatened and they are tightening their authority.   I noted many years ago that when China’s crisis started to reveal itself, the communist party would start a major crackdown.    Those who ever thought China was going to become democratic because they embraced the state control system of corporate capitalism were surely deluding themselves.   A position I mocked many times over the years.   China is a belligerent, violent state and it will do anything to protect itself.   That means killing its own citizens as well.    It has a long and illustrious history of killing tens of millions of its own citizens that it pretends, propagandizes and proselytizes about protecting.    That doesn’t include  hundreds of millions of state-forced abortions.    If China had the power of the United States, the world would be incredibly more violent than it is even under U.S. Empire tyranny.  Don’t kid yourself.   Evil is in class & hierarchy not any particular state.

Original full Bureau of Investigative Journalism report on capitalism’s involvement in state-sponsored murder aka drone warfare here.

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