Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Is The United States The Greatest Terrorist Regime In The World Today?

Title link here of a recent report on the number of deaths the war on terror is responsible for.   We can be assured most of those deaths are people who never did anything to you or me or anyone in this nation.  But that the state viewed as expendable or simply collateral damage that was rationalized as acceptable.

“Then I wanted to know the meaning of the fourth beast, which was different from all the others and most terrifying, with its iron teeth and bronze claws (an empire of metal or military empire) - the beast that crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left…. The fourth beast is a fourth empire (or kingdom depending on which Biblical interpretation one uses) that will appear on earth. It will be different from all the other empires (kingdoms) and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it.”

I’m going to take a wandering, maybe to some, unusual twist with this post.   But in the end, you will see where I am going.   The above quote is taken from the book of Daniel.   It is very clear that the “beast” written of in Biblical prophecy is an empire or the state.  It is clearly written in its text for everyone to see.    The beast is no mythical monster or left open to our imagination.   It is an empire.    And that makes the mark of the beast in my estimation to most likely to be money.   I’ve talked about why this possibly is in some detail in a lengthy prior post when I talked about the cluster of the blood moons we are experiencing.  

Money (Mammon) never existed before the state.  Neither did corporations, which are the basis for U.S. corporate capitalist empire.   Money is an institution of the ego aka of control.    Being forced into chasing money makes it impossible to lead a virtuous life and the mark of the beast written of in Revelations was almost certainly Roman money or money in general.    If you don’t see the profound tradeoffs you need to make when chasing money, then dare I say you certainly may need to consider what the meaning of life truly is.  Or, spend some time contemplating how your life would be different without chasing after money and its associated outcomes.   The meaning of life certainly is not work.   Or, more applicable in today’s world, dumbed-down corporate work.   Or buying that new Mercedes or attaching oneself to endless mounds of worldly possessions or the perceived prestige one may be chasing.  All manifestations of class-based corporate capitalism.   All manifestations capitalism and class needs to survive.    We can disagree what the meaning of life truly is.   Maybe it’s nothing.   But, I suspect the meaning of life is to experience love.   And to give love selflessly.   Which is so far from the delusions of the corporate state that any semblance of reality is completely vanquished.  

First and foremost, money makes people stupid.   Or, should I say, willfully ignorant.    And money forces even the best of intentions into doing things that are dubious at best.   You know, like working for Monsanto, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, the industrial food monopoly, the medical industrial complex, the military-industrial complex, standing armies and on and on.    Or, choosing between enriching your masters and spending loving time raising your children or building meaningful connections with life, the earth, the Divine and humanity.   Do I need to keep going?   The list of forced coercion, self-deceit and ignorance involved in chasing money is endless.  Even if it is simply chasing enough money to stay alive in a system that forces humanity to chase money to stay alive.

The question is, was that empire of Biblical prophecy the Roman Empire?   Or is the prophecy just the ramblings of a lunatic?   Or something else?   We do know it was an empire of metal (weapons of war) that waged war on the world.    Or, the world as it was known in Biblical times.   The Roman Empire certainly waged endless war with all of the known world.   And enslaved the world to Roman money that then allowed class & hierarchy to extort the surplus value of labor and wit from humanity thus allowing them to hire hitmen, shakedown artists and the mafia (standing armies, tax collectors and police) to maintain their power over humanity.    It seems many scholars believe the four empires of prophecy were the Roman Empire, the Greek Empire, the Persian Empire and the Babylonian Empire.    Or was this some future empire?    I’m not a Biblical scholar nor am I in the end of the world crowd.  Not that I am closed-minded to nearly anything.   But I am dubious of most mainstream belief systems.  Especially when they are really a manifestation of ego and self-interest.   But as I have noted ever since 2008, the end of the world as we know it is finished.   It’s never coming back.   Most people in the system really haven’t grappled with that could mean.    They are too busy living large off of a dying system.   They viewed 2008 as a contained financial crisis.   But, it has never been that on here.   It was the kickoff to a much more ominous global crisis that was coming.   And now we see the world is starting to reveal its true self.  And that world is pretty much exactly as has been foretold of on here for the last decade.         

To be human is to be ignorant and a hypocrite.   There is no escaping it.  I’m no different than anyone else.   Neither are you.    The question is if you see the hypocrisy and ignorance in yourself.   Or, does your own self-deceit only see it in others?   Most people  recognize some degree of their own hypocrisy and ignorance.    Which is why most people are able to forgive others for their failings in suffering from the human condition.   But today, I literally see no measurable wisdom in an position of power and authority anywhere.  (Institutions of the ego)    Only incredible and palpable ignorance and hypocrisy.   The state takes hypocrisy and ignorance to a new level as it waves its hypocritical and ignorant finger at humanity.    State actors are literally the most ignorant and hypocritical people in society.   By state actors, again, I mean anyone who has benefited from class & hierarchy.    That includes anyone who is considered an expert or authority by the state.  Corporate bureaucrats, politicians, religious lunatics, standing armies, the military-industrial complex, the medical-industrial complex, the industrial food complex and on and on.    People in ancient times who may have prophesized would have seen this repressive violence (because that is what ignorance and hypocrisy is)  just as clearly as we can see it today.    Anyway, I was recently reminded of this report so I decided to dust it off and post it.  

The main reason I put up this quote from Daniel is to make a point.  It’s not the face value of that quote or that I am now quoting Biblical prophecy as part of my views on what is about to come.   Instead, it’s actually far more sinister.   It is often very easy for me to see the endless contradictions, self-deceit and even outright delusions we all use to protect our tyrannical belief systems.   Mine included.   Belief systems that are steeped in ignorance and hypocrisy.     Which is why I generally steer clear of any belief systems.  Which means this site will never be a social media destination for sycophantic assholes and narcissists who love to see their own reflection in the mirror or in the shared belief systems of others.   You know, like Republicans and Democrats.    That is, because I spend too much time mocking just about every tyrannical belief system and self-deceit imaginable as the ego’s method of hiding the truth that is often in plain sight.  

End times seems to be a very common theme within religion specific to the United States.   It also seems to be very common within that theme that most of those people with whom it is popular are going to be “saved” while everyone else rots in hell.   And part of the rationale for their belief is said Biblical prophecy and signs of a collapsing world.  But, if that prophecy is true, then end times will usher in the greatest beast (evil) state or empire the world has ever seen.   And that beast will be the perpetuator of the greatest Godlessness and violence the world has ever seen.    Mind you, there is only one empire in this world today.   And it is the greatest empire the world has ever seen.   That beast would be the United States.  There literally is no other interpretation to the words written in Biblical prophecy.    If these are end times, there is no other empire today.   And there is no other empire of metal and bronze other  than the United States.     So, let me get this straight.   True believers are generally adherents to the “state religion” of the United States.   Which includes waging endless wars, subversion, chaos and violence for Jesus.  Well, and spreading the violent ideology of corporate capitalist domination around the world.   Obviously for Jesus too.   Well, and for the benefit of the beast or empire.   And, somehow all of that Godlessness is rationalized as being a “good” adherent to the state’s religion, er propaganda, that somehow intertwines the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth with the beast’s endless violence.   So, those who support the beast, its corporations, its standing armies and its political leadership from either party are those that are going to be saved and everyone else is headed for hell?  Has there ever been a greater contradiction of rationalizations?   

The United States corporate empire is clearly at war with the world.  We don’t spend as much or more than the rest of the world combined on weapons of mass destruction because we are spreading virtue, peace and prosperity in wars for Jesus.   We do so to protect our corporate empire and to pave the way for corporate looting of the world.   But it’s just not the military-industrial complex that is at war with the world.   It is empire’s dictatorial corporate power, its debt-enslaving financial system and its virus of corporate-created dystopian culture.  The violence of empire is well beyond weapons.   The greatest violence is much more sinister.   It is emotional and spiritual violence.   

The U.S. corporate state hypocritically wags its judgmental finger at every nation on earth while itself being the source of incredible misery.    Not just around the world but within its own borders.   Which is why Obama’s remarks about the world experiencing unprecedented peace is one of the most delusional and dystopian statements in human history.   

Contrarily, a group of international physicians has recently released a report that U.S. Empire has murdered more than 1.3 million people in its war on terror.   In other words, in order to fight terror, it uses terror.    It is hypocritically and ignorantly that which it pretends to defend the world from.   That is, it is a terrorist state.  It is a beast.   Whether it is “the” beast is not for me to say.   But it clearly is the most brutal and repressive empire of metal the world has ever seen.  And it uses those iron teeth and bronze claws to wage war on all of the world.          

Regardless of whether these figures are accurate, the reality is the United States military-industrial complex, financial system, corporations and politicians are arguably the greatest source of terrorism in the world today.   Although I certainly don’t “believe” there is any argument.   The case is pretty much settled with facts.  

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