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The Plague, The Pope And Pepé Le Pew (China, Yuan, Empire & Central Banks)

The world is changing so rapidly that I don’t have the time to put up half of what I would like.   But as I have noted before, the vast majority of what is happening on a daily basis are just tremors of the macro outcomes I have been writing would eventually hit us.   You could shut everything out and wake up some time in the future and most of this stuff simply doesn’t matter.   The end state is set to some substantial degree.   It was decided by decades of actions undertaken by the state and supported by the people of the world either through acceptance and the benefits of ego it provided to them or through the lack of individual or organized resistance against the state.    But I do want  to insert a timely update on here about three items discussed in the past.  Hence the plague, the  Pope and Le Pew.  If you are concerned about the global economy and you read anything in this post, read Le Pew.

The Plague-

I try to put up as many unique posts as possible.   This is not generally a mainstream financial or economics blog.   Many of the positions taken or talked about are very unique and well beyond the drivel of what often happens on the Internet or in the press.   That is, everyone copying what everyone else is writing.    That’s really a sign of the times and another example of the lack of original thought and clarity that social conformity and groupthink of this world creates.   It is a sign of humanity being run off the cliff by a socioeconomic system that is in the midst of massive failure because of this very fact.    One topic I hit pretty hard on here many years ago was gamma ray radiation and cellular mutation.   In some regards, I noted that much of what is happening today with new viruses, outbreaks and pathogenic resistance was on its way.    To polish that off a few cliff notes from over the years, gamma ray radiation is the most powerful known energy source in the universe.   And gamma ray radiation is the only known cause of cellular mutation.    And science has been noting for probably a decade or so that the earth is being bombarded with never before measures of intensity of gamma ray radiation from deep space.    That includes  NASAs discovery that an unknown source in the constellation Orion was blasting earth with gamma ray radiation.  Ancient mystics understood that Orion was the seat of the soul.    And that ancient references to the return of the Son of Man were possibly in reference to a generally lost interpretation of the constellation of Orion.   What could the return of the Son of Man be?   Maybe gamma ray radiation from Orion explains what ever “it” is.    I have commented on many aspects of all of this over the years.   These are just cliff notes.   Since first writing about this we have seen upticks in outbreaks of Chikungunya, Ebola, swine flu, bird flu, enterovirus EV-D69, MERS and more.  We now see mutated organisms that are now eating plastic in the ocean and elsewhere, Roundup resistant weeds and a crisis in antibiotic resistant bacteria.   And who knows what else.   Well, and we see massive changes to humanity.   Some good and some not so good.   Humanity is both devolving and awakening.   I’ll be writing more on that topic in my upcoming astrological post.    But I suspect we must consider some of these changes in this world could possibly be created by these energy sources impacting our psyche.  Or by changes to the human ecosystem which includes building blocks of bacteria, viruses, etc.    The existing standard model of the universe is an utter farce.   The universe is connected.   All life is connected.   The universe is alive.   And, the universe may simply be the mind of God or the Divine or however you are comfortable naming it. 

Interestingly, I also noted that astrology too foretold of the Black Death plague of centuries ago.   Actually, the plague hit with the onset of the same  astrological cycle we are in entering today, although that cycle was much, much less powerful.   As discussed, this cycle is likely to turn out as the most profound time for humanity in thousands of years.   That cycle ushered in the Dark Ages.  What will this cycle usher in?    It should be no surprise that some pretty smart people are talking about the possibility of a Dark Ages today.    Although I doubt this will happen for any appreciable period time unless this existing system maintains its grip on humanity.   That seems highly unlikely.    More accurately, as discussed before, we are currently in the midst of a dark ages created by the state and humanity is now revolting against it.  Although many people can’t see this dark ages because of the all-consuming self-delusion (eg0), brainwashing and propaganda we have been living under.   But in a world of plenty, with billions of people living on scraps and a few dollars a day, this is a dark ages.   Ones own self-deceit may deny that, but the ego is capable of rationalizing anything.   

Because astrology foretold the Black Death or the plague, people of that time period thought that it was a Divine wrath for the evil of their world.    And many people believe a similar fate awaits humanity today.   Even though we obviously don’t have any measurements, that period of time too would have almost certainly involved massive gamma radiation blasts because of how solar output is tied to these events.   As the sun’s heliosphere or protective umbrella for the solar system weakens, its shielding effects weakens enough to allows these deep space blasts to reach earth.   Are these events coincidence?   Or is the sun’s behavior impacted by the human mind or the universal mind?   The sun is almost certainly not as it is portrayed by mainstream science.    The concept of its fusion core is under hot debate right now and with good reason.   And what are these invisible radiation events?   Just plain old random energy?   Intelligent events with an intent to restore life’s balance or to destroy the evil that controls this world?   Is it the return of the dead?  Or is it the return of the Son of Man?    One must be forever vigilant to  keep an open mind to that which we do not understand.   The knowledge of science is enough to fill up a thimble in a vast ocean.    Institutionalized science’s views on the universe are almost certainly preposterous and really an affront to true science.    Here is where I am going; we see  the CDC is reporting an unusually high number of outbreaks of the plague.    Is this just a blip?  Or like the rise of all of the other pathogens in this world, somehow a sign of the times?   Could this be the something as simple as result of the influx of immigrants into the U.S. as some propose?   Or is it something else?    Now, to really twist your mind a little, if this is from a massive influx of immigrants who may have brought disease with them, was this the will of the universe?    What again did Martin Luther King, whom I consider to be America’s foremost prophet of future karmic fate, say?  

The Pope-

The Vatican is reporting that the next wave of attacks against The Vatican could be for financial irregularities.   Let’s be honest.   Fraud and corruption.   A couple of years ago I wrote about a series of about ten posts I was going to put up.  In those posts I said I would share everything on how I was able to predict so much of what is happening in the world today.   That includes some very unique perspectives of monetary economics and economics.   Well, one of the posts I promised in that outline was “The Coming Collapse (And Possible Demise) Of The Vatican State”.   In the past I have used words like crimes against humanity and a criminal organization to describe The Vatican.   I know that probably upsets many belief systems but there is no emotion and no prejudice in my statements.   One has to get beyond the tyranny of the ego’s belief systems aka self-delusions to see the truth.   Now, I’m still going to get those posts up.   They are just delayed for one particular reason.   But this newly released story is very timely and worthy of being noted right now.   If one understands what is going on, and I’ll eventually explain it in that upcoming post if you don’t, then this news story could be a tremor in confirming the coming collapse of The Vatican.   

Let me close my remarks on The Vatican by stating as I have in the past that I have absolutely no problems with religion.   They are an original form of community and fellowship.   They bring with them the necessary aspects of community like redemption and equality.   But that’s not what The Vatican is.   And it’s not what political Islam is.   Those are control systems or institutions of the ego.   And an overarching theme on here for the last decade is the coming collapse of institutions of the ego.    Again, a very unique perspective written of on here that may now be exposing itself.

Pepé Le Pew-

I dug up an old interview of Ben Bernanke that I wanted to post in a timely manner.  (Click on the link to watch.)  In it Bernanke talks about the 2008 crisis and extending half a trillion dollars in swap lines (simply a fancy term for central bank to central bank loans) to other central banks around the world for purposes of liquidity to restart the global economy.   Now, most people don’t understand much of how the world financial system actually works (Including most idiotic economists and Wall Street & financial bozos.  That’s my Trump imitation.)  but there is a reason for that.   It certainly isn’t that complicated.   It’s that way because a system of class must keep us ignorant to control us.  How else could a few thousand politicians, economic elites and corporate CEOs dominate and suppress the divine light of every human mind in this country and around the world?   It’s the same reason our educations system sucks, why we have unnecessary poverty and on and on….……..   Class and hierarchy have to waive their hands and talk a lot to entrance us to their stupidity.

If humanity knew how the economic world and financial system actually worked to rip off the citizens of the world on behalf of the state, we may bring back the guillotine used in the Reign of Terror.  In other words, turn the tables of the state’s endless reign of terror against us that keeps us under their jack boot. 

Anyhoo, I noted many times over the years that there would be a day when China would need a bailout from the United States.   So far, China still has plenty of dollars.   But the day will almost certainly come when they don’t.    The recent small devaluation in their currency points to China’s need to now start expending its dollar reserves.  In fact, a month or two ago when China sold a large amount of Treasuries (and it was ignorantly reported as dumping by many web sites, journalists and people who make this crisis worse because they perpetuate in accurate misinformation to people looking for some truthful answers) I told a friend that the crisis in China had likely begun.  That they had entered the forced selling of Treasuries phase.  There are a lot of ignoramuses out there who are now reporting that China is “dumping” Treasuries.  It’s even reported that on the the cover of Drudge, the most popular news site within Washington DC.   That completely inaccurate position will be proven wrong just like most everything else.   That’s how incompetent and clueless the world is.   I just can’t believe the general level of commentary or reporting that exists in this world.  Especially in finance and economics.   It’s pretty much impossible to get any facts about anything in this world because there aren’t competent journalists or experts sharing them.  Likely because competence has been replaced by credentials in a dumbed-down, corporate-dominated world.    There isn’t anything dumping in this situation but the yuan.   China is forced to sell Treasuries because they are in the early phases of what will be a massive liquidity crisis and they are forced to raise cash they need to keep their economy afloat and the yuan from collapsing.  (This link accurately reports what I have uniquely been writing about for the last half dozen years on this topic. )   The only reason China is selling, not dumping, Treasuries is because the yuan is collapsing.   And they need to raise dollars to support the yuan and their economy.   The only thing that is being dumped is the yuan in the foreign exchange markets.     The ‘hope” of those who often report that China was going to dump Treasuries in some emotional position that involves wishing to see the U.S. taken down a few notches is not based on sound scientific analysis.   Just like the position that gold pushers took that China and Russia buying gold meant their future was full of milk and honey.    Those views are nothing more than ignorant, emotional Schadenfreude to support their ego’s desires.   I’m not stating the U.S. is going to escape massive crisis but facts are facts and emotions and ignorance don’t make for effective, scientific analysis.   China is unfolding to a tee in everything that has been reported on here for the last decade.   

All of this means the Federal Reserve will eventually have to extend swap lines to communist China’s central bank.   With the belligerence between China and the U.S. ramping up, China trying to devalue their currency to steal as many jobs from the U.S. and elsewhere, with geopolitical tensions rising, with the U.S. citizens waking up to how China stole our wealth and our jobs with the help of our political and corporate masters, how likely do you think the Federal Reserve is to going to be able to extend that swap line?  The American people are angry and awake.   Or,I  should say awakening.    And if those swap lines can’t be created, what will China do without them?

On a broader level, countries all around the world are burning through their foreign exchange reserves at a staggering clip.  Their currencies are now crashing against a violently rising dollar.   Which is the exact wording I have used for the last decade to describe what is going to happen as this system unwinds.    For anyone that actually understands anything, this fact should have been a massive warning sign leading into recent financial crisis.   When I wrote last year that I had sold every financial asset and that liquidity was draining out of the global economy at a pace far worse than 2008, what we should expect from that is a collapse in the global economy and a rising dollar.    But, yet no one in the U.S. economics or financial community, at least that I am aware of, actually even understood any of these most rudimentary facts.   Of course, the average joe doesn’t generally understand this because they expect the experts to.    The bad news is there aren’t any experts in charge of this system.   Only dunces, dolts and donkeys.  

The rest of the world appeared economically stable back in 2008 when the Federal Reserve extended swap lines to what was essentially most of the world.   So, the Federal Reserve could be reasonably guaranteed it would be given all of those dollar loans back.   Country’s economies seemed to be doing well so that risk of extending swap lines was marginal.   Today, the entire world is collapsing.   Every nation is in chaos.   Just as I have been uniquely writing would be the case for the last decade.   So, when those foreign exchange reserves are again depleted and all of the world’s central bankers try to again extend these swap lines for their currencies, but this time it will require trillions upon trillions of dollars, what is the chance that they will either 1) be inclined to do so  or allowed to do so by politicians or citizens of that nation because the counterparty central banks have a high probability of not being able to pay that loan back because of massive economic crisis in the nations they which to swap with? or 2) if the swap lines are actually extended, what is the chance that central banks or the banks they serve will default on those swap lines given their own financial and economic crises?  And, if this happens, how will trade be conducted between nations with no money to trade?  And what will central banks do with trillions in these losses?   For the umpteenth time, globalization is dead.  Corporate, banking and political dunces have created a monster of ego-driven control out of their own massive ignorance.

I have talked about this concept more broadly since the  2008 collapse in how money could lose its value even with the dollar skyrocketing.    To rehash those points in a short summary, that is what actually happened in 2008.   We had a small number of financial firms that held the vast majority of mortgage instruments (essentially some degree of money equivalents) and no one wanted to trade with anyone else because no one knew who was holding the bag.    That’s where we are now in this world.   No nation or central banks knows what other nation is capable of paying it back.   No counterparties can be trusted because the entire world is on fire.    So central bank swap lines or loans involve incredible risk.  Or, as noted some years ago, those who have stolen all of the money have no one to trade with so money becomes effectively useless.   This not only applies to countries but all economic entities including people as well.   And if this happens, then what comes next is what I have posited could happen – all contract law becomes useless and the concept of property rights collapses.

No one in the world is talking about any of this.   Literally no one.    The world is run by idiots.   Don’t expect them to save you.   Contrarily, they are driving us off of a cliff.    In fact, our Treasury Secretary, the leader of the world’s supposedly most powerful and sophisticated financial system, confidently told us just a few months ago that China’s markets would not affect the U.S.    Can you say dunce?   This guy is a dunce and a clown.   It’s time we quit coddling class-based assholes, evildoers and morons because it’s not presidential or politically-correct or doesn’t fit into the decorum of a  gentlemanly behavior.   More social conformity, made-up useless horseshit and  class-based nonsense.   These people treat humanity and the planet like shit (chattel) to use and abuse as they see fit in their policies and corrupt acts.   Obama’s comical financial reform bill was more red tape meant to protect the Wall Street criminal racket.    And our financial government leadership are the bozos put in place to ensure the racket continues.    There is no recovery, there never has been a recovery and there never will be a recovery until this global system of massive fraud is replaced.    It’s time to call it like it is.   As the great American philosopher Forrest Gump once famously said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”.  The world is run by corporate and political idiots.   We can’t get past this crisis until we get rid of the system of economic and political rot that has its jack boot on the neck of humanity.  And that will only happen if humanity takes back all of its individual power from class and hierarchy aka the state.  This crisis will not be fixed by any politician no matter how popular.   Period.  Unless that politician disassembles this system and restores the power to humanity.

I put this up this last section on China, swap lines and central banks for a reason.   To give you a glimpse into some of what I have been anticipating in three long time themes on here that central banks were likely to collapse this cycle, and that the dollar empire was likely to disappear by 2022 and that we are headed for a global trade settlement crisis.    There are many other implications tied to this but let’s stick to these three.   This coming dynamic could easily be the mechanism through which all three happen.   In fact, these central banking shenanigans of bailing each other out in a major Ponzi Scheme itself (You bail me out and I’ll bail you out although both of us have already collapsed.) are what I used to predict some bizarre outcomes that no one else was anticipating into the 2008 collapse.   Do you think Obama, our Treasury Secretary, the CEO of Goldman Sachs or, China’s communist party dunces understands any of this or anything else in the consequences of their actions?   Dunces.   They have created this complicated web of deceit for their own greed and avarice.   But they have no idea what they are doing or the unintended consequences of their arrogant ignorance.  It’s just all about looting, power, domination and corruption.  It’s pure ego and all of the ignorance, hypocrisy and evil it can muster.   All of this complication is completely unnecessary.   It is simply more and more rules and rigging of the economy and financial systems by politicians to keep the fraud and corruption going .  

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