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It’s Not Good Not To Be The King: Slavery’s Division Of Labor And A Look Back To An Investigative Series On Amazon’s Anti-Democratic, Inhumane, Sweatshop Warehouse Environment

I want to do a follow up on the last story before getting back to my money and markets update posts on gold and black gold.   But, first it’s worthwhile to note that markets around the world are in the midst of imploding with oil leading the way.    My downside low on oil remains $10 a barrel.   I may be the only person on earth who was writing this would happen when oil was nearly $150 and Goldman Sachs and other state actors were calling for $200 and $300 oil.   Oil is now down to under $40 from nearly $150.    It’s going much lower.  But we are nearing its 2008 crash low, which I also predicted within a few dollars, so how oil acts at the 2008 low will be very interesting to watch.   Will it bounce or slice right through it?   By the way, my long time downside on the S&P remains 200-450.    That is, if the stock market doesn’t disappear completely, which has been discussed on here as a possibility.   If capitalism disappears, so will its funding mechanisms like stock markets.   We have a long, long way to go if that is anywhere near accurate..

At the bottom of this post are links to a series of investigative stories that ran in 2011 on Amazon’s inhumane, anti-democratic warehouse practices.  This is corporate capitalism and it always has been.   People who wax poetic about the good ole days or free markets close their eyes to the nothingness of an existence to vanquished hope, the cruelties in plain sight that their ego’s rationalize and the exploitation that is so necessary for a class-based system to exist.   Division of labor is necessary for any class-based socioeconomic system to exist and it is a central tenet of corporate capitalism.   This division of labor was exalted by Adam Smith’s Wealth of  Nations in 1776.  That shouldn’t be surprising since Smith worked for a class-based corporation that addicted countless Chinese to opium in return for stealing all of their silver.   Well, and enslaving all of India to produce the opium amongst other forms of economic exploitation that served the British Empire.    The British crown knew exactly what was going on and didn’t have any problems peddling dope because it was its most profitable corporate enterprise.   This at a time when the colonies were declaring war on the king’s corporations and private banks that Adam Smith waxed poetic about.    People fled corporate-dominated and class-dominated European societies to come to this nation.   

The division of labor was invented under class-based systems of human ownership (chattel) and human slavery to increase the human property’s efficiency or slave’s work efficiency for his or her master’s economic benefit.   The division of labor wasn’t some profound invention of corporate capitalism.    It was created out of a system where class could dominate the masses of people into forced slave labor camps through exploitation, predation and victimization.   It’s the same concept used in Auschwitz or gulags or Southern plantation owners.   There is no doubt who owns whom in this world.   Corporations own you!   That’s why we do what our corporate master tells us to do when he or she tells us to do it.   Britain, the foundations of the world’s modern economic system, is and always has been a system of indescribable wealth disparity and ignorance created by class and human ownership.    (Interestingly, Paul Krugman uses Britain’s government being in debt to private banks for hundreds of years as a positive in his recent ignorant rationalizations that more government debt to private corporations is good.  What a f*cked up world we live in when private-banking created debt using anti-democratic class-based money, which are both forms of social violence, are rationalized to be good in Krugman’s ignorant musings of Orwellian doublespeak – debt is good - and newspeak in the highest circulated print news source in a nation that is supposed to be a bastion for freedom from the state, dictators and overlords.  How amazing and jaw-dropping this kind of dystopian horror is printed in a country that is supposed to be free.)   

As unmindful consumers, that corporate capitalism needs to survive, we are willfully ignorant to the conditions under which goods and services we purchase are made and delivered to us.   That is, the human-ownership-based division of labor that obliterates any democratic economic rights in often brutal, slavery work environments.   As citizens of the world, as stewards of the planet, as sentient beings who recognize the worthiness of all life and all people, we eschew the brutality of these cruel, subhuman working conditions that class, hierarchy and state privilege creates.   So, are we a world and society ruled by democracy, self-awareness, self-actualization and resultant love and compassion or the violence, ignorance and hypocrisy of class-based corporate capitalism?

Every single day any of us spends a single dollar in this system, we are perpetuating violence against our fellow man.  Every dollar earned is earned through violence.   It doesn’t matter if you work for a hierarchical organization like the state or a corporation or if you spend Social Security payments or you work for yourself.   In some way that money was generated by violence and the act of accepting it is accepting the “mark of the beast”.  All class-based systems are inherently violent, contradictory and Godless.   So, you buy a book from Amazon, a class based economic construct, and you are perpetuating violence.   You buy food handled by any corporation or class-based system that exploits labor for the benefit of landed gentry, you commit violence.   You serve a beer to a corporate worker, he pays you in money that was earned through violence.    You serve a beer to someone who works for himself but received that dollar from a corporate worker, the result is the same.    There is no way to escape the violence of this system.   Class=violence.   It is not a natural state of the human experience.   Class-based systems rely on violence for survival which is why the entire world is experiencing such massive misery.    Most people have a hard time coming to grips with this because they either don’t understand the concept of emotional, spiritual or social violence or that thought doesn’t fit with their ego’s belief systems of itself.    ie, I get up, kiss my spouse and hug my kids and go to work every day so I’m a good person.   Well, you are certainly a person.   But the decisions you make every day are not your own.   And as a result, the violence we perpetuate on behalf of class that we serve goes far beyond our line of sight in actions the corporation or the state that ripples far beyond our small world of ignorance.   And class could never perpetuate that violence unless we all conformed to violent social norms created by the state. 

“Nature is busy creating absolutely unique individuals, whereas culture has invented a single mold to which all must conform. It is grotesque. ”― U.G. Krishnamurti

We have all become wildly ignorant hypocrites courtesy of the state.   The state, and its required conformity and resultant control of humanity, ensures that the natural process of self-regulation, responsibility for our own emotions and self-correction of our actions and behaviors based on their effects on the world around us has no consequence.    And, mind you, we live in a world of unbelievable and unprecedented conformity resulting in unprecedented ignorance and hypocrisy.   That conformity is driving humanity off of a cliff.   There is just about zero individual thought or action in this world if it has anything to do with social constructs.   Everything is based on brainwashing and propaganda of the type of life we are told to lead from cradle to grave.  We live in the Borg.   The Soviet Union and communism had nothing on corporate capitalism.  Both are guaranteed to fail for this very reason.

Is this the kind of world we really want to live in?   For 90% of humanity, there is ample evidence the answer is unequivocally no.   Many of us conform simply out of survival.   We are forced, through violence to participate in a system of massive injustices and cruelties.    For the top 10% of the house slaves who have enriched themselves by enforcing their master’s violence on the field slaves, sure.   They are living large.   Or, should I say their disconnected egos believes they are living large as measured by its attachment to worldly possessions but they are really leading vacuous, meaningless lives of incredible ignorance.   And for our corporate and political masters, aka the state, this is the world they have dreamed of creating.   That is all it is.   It is nothing but a dream.   And when humanity wakes up, which it is in the process of doing, we can create a new dream.   Hopefully, a dream based on nonviolence, voluntary participation, community, dignity, compassion and justice.

(Again, talking about the beast is not an end of the world prophetic statement but rather exposing the systemic willful ignorance of the disconnected ego and cruelties of the state and this world.   I find many historical parallels, parables and lessons to be very profound in this moment.   For, if the prophetic beast was the Roman Empire or some future empire or the concept of the state itself, it’s mark was likely money and its forced use that enriched the state off of the backs of an enslaved humanity.  A forced use of money that keeps humanity from leading a Godly - loving and hence nonviolent existence.  And, to reject the mark of the beast likely means that a system of barter, which is inherently based on nonviolence in its purest form, will likely arise in its place as has happened in the past.  It should be no surprise that I have noted for many years that we will likely see the rise of barter in trade settlement.   It’s already starting as a method of getting out from under the state and its enforced use of state money, which is and always has been a control system created by and enforced by the state.  I’m sort of curious, what skills do parasitic state actors have to trade in a system of barter?   What do they produce, create and invent other than violence and human slavery itself?  Without violence, the state has lost all control.)       

It’s not good not to be the king.

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