Saturday, September 05, 2015

Newt Gingrich And The Political Class’ Intellectual Dishonesty (The Ego’s Immoral Rationalizations) On Political Corruption, Corporate Capitalism And 1776

For quite a few years I put up the same post over and again on Labor Day.   While this isn’t really a Labor Day post, per se, it is in the spirit of Labor Day.

Newt Gingrich recently penned an article in the Washington Times on American political corruption.   It’s actually not a bad piece if one appreciates half truths and lack of depth in what really happened in 1776.   Because if Newt actually talked about what the real issues were and are today, he would have to face himself in the mirror.   The ego is perfectly deceptive in recognizing the truth insofar as it doesn’t have to actually take any responsibility or it doesn’t threaten the ego’s own belief systems.    If Newt were truly honest with himself then he would have to excoriate privately-created, debt-based money, private banks and corporations in his look at 1776.  But to do that would take away his position at the table of class and hierarchy and turn him into a pariah that the system would excommunicate, marginalize, destroy or whatnot.  So the ego acts as the great deceiver to protect itself through its subconscious intent of control.    Because the fundamental reason why the British political aristocracy was so corrupt in 1776 was because they were doing the bidding of privately-created, debt-based money, private banks and corporations.  In other words, the reason why the British government was and remains so corrupt is because of corporate capitalism, a class-based invention of the state that relies on state violence (corruption and fraud) to perpetuate itself.     So, Newt, who actually has a PhD in history as I recall, is either ignorant of history, of which he is supposedly a credentialed expert, or he is simply being intellectually-dishonest with himself (immoral rationalizations) to serve the ego’s self-deceit and self-interest.   Almost certainly unmindfully intellectually-dishonest at that.   That’s okay.  We all suffer from the human condition and its endless hypocrisy and ignorance.    I am not a saint pointing this out.   Newt and all people in this world are worthy of the same dignities, justice, equality, empathy, etc.   But I certainly can say without equivocation that people with tyrannical belief systems in support of social violence, class & hierarchy and overwhelming self-interest are not the types of people we should be looking to as selfless public servants.  In other words politicians and people who seek political office almost certainly do not do so for the benefit of humanity.    Selflessless and politics, an institution of the ego or the self, are contradictions.     One cannot be selfless when bound by the  self.   One must rise above the foibles of the ego to become selfless.   Local, direct, participatory democracy void of politicians and political office is the only true form of self-rule.  (The Articles of Confederation were a good start.)   Without politicians there may be city managers or whatnot to ensure infrastructure operates properly but mayors, governors, congress people, kings, presidents and other political appointments would disappear.  Politicians are actually unnecessary and I would say there is a compelling position to make that they are even undesirable as I have numerous times on here.   We will see politics and politicians disappear from this world at some point because it is an institution of the ego or an institution of control.

What is most interesting about Newt’s remarks is that countless polls have shown the positive approval ratings of Congress have only been in the teens (or less) since Newt was in office.   In other words, nearly nonexistent approval ratings for Congress because the American people have known how rigged, corrupt and fraudulent the system is for a long time.   His “Contract with America” was one of the biggest con jobs of the latter twentieth century.   Some highlights of Newt’s curriculum vitae include residing over the obliteration of public financial support for those who could not find meaningful employment or people that capitalism had placed as wards of the state through its endless violence against the citizens of the world.  He resided over the deregulation of our financial system that has created a f^cking monster that is devouring American citizens, democracy and all of humanity.   He resided over the deregulation of the national borders of corporate capitalism that has resulted in the mass deportation of our democratic wealth and our democratic economic determinism by the king’s private bankers and corporations.  He resided over turning our financial markets into gambling casinos of massive fraud and corruption that reflect no semblance of economic reality.   And he resided over the creation of the bubble economy that can only survive by blowing all of these massive distortions eventually lead to busts, misery and collapse.   Not only did Newt preside over them but he was the Republican congressional leader who set the agenda to create them.   So, when Newt wrote this article in the Washington Times, he might have issued with it an apology to the American people and the world.  (How come these politicians can’t retire and go away?   Why do they keep inserting themselves into our lives?)    But, then all Newt and his political cronies were really doing was recreating the corrupt dynamics of 1776 he wrote about.   They were recreating a culture of corruption, fraud, graft, violence, exploitation and predation for the benefit of privately-created money, private banks, corporations and the aristocratic elite but instead of Britain they were doing it for the United States.   Corporate capitalism is the hierarchical control system through which class endlessly enslaves and steals from humanity.   In 1776 Britain was the home to Poor Houses, Debtor’s Prisons, massive poverty, social inequality, outright economic slavery, a parasitic class-based ruling political and economic elite, free trade to arbitrage wages and to exploit slave labor, a vibrant slave trade, debt serfdom and the like.    And that was the real reason for 1776’s events.   Umm, how was 1776 any different than today?  All of these forms of violence still exist.   But now they are worse because with the advances in science and technology, the state’s chokehold on humanity is all-consuming.   The reality is the methods may have advanced but the forms of control haven’t changed one iota.   The king and parliament (and now Republicans and Democrats) are simply the puppets through which state parasites “legally” pilfer and enslave humanity, and specifically, the working class.

Why is this so important?   Well, as it relates to writings and themes on here, there are a few points worth making.   One is that institutionalization and class & hierarchy (flip sides of the same coin), including politics and political parties, turns state actors into idiots who have no idea of the consequences of their actions and have no line of sight to the effects of their behavior.  That’s Newt’s problem.  But this  isn’t just a Newt problem.   This is a human problem.   There is no person on earth who escapes the human condition.   So, one must understand that granting anyone power over our individual journey will always result in ignorance, hypocrisy and incredible violence.  And if one truly understands this, not at the ego’s intellectual, rational or logical level, but at a higher intuitive and loving state of being, then you know without even having to think about it, intellectualize it or rationalize it through the ego, one recognizes that the state, hierarchy and institutionalization will always create systems of violence that will continue to collapse whenever their violence invariably becomes so unbearable that all life is forced into suffering under its endless exploitation.  

We can keep rebuilding these institutions and class that controls them, watching the universe collapse them, keep rebuilding them, watching the universe collapse them, keep rebuilding them and on and on over countless millennia or we can recognize that these institutions of the ego simply aren’t consistent with human freedom, participatory democracy or the laws the universe uses to govern the human condition, and so will always be destroyed.   Generally from within.    Then, maybe we can try something that is consistent with the laws of the universe or as our founders noted, the laws of our Creator.  In other words, sustainable and nonviolent.   As long as we keep rebuilding these Golden Calves they will continue to be torn down through karmic fate.  Always.   Forever.  The only answer is community based on nonviolence – emotional freedom, participatory democracy, equality, cooperation, compassion, dignity and the like.   

The world will never be free of war, violence, poverty and the like until humanity is free of the state.  That means free of politicians, political parties and political offices.  And the institutionalized violence, hypocrisy, ignorance (including forced conformity) they perpetuate on a massive state scale.  And as it pertains to Labor Day, the world will never be free of the suffering of the vast majority of working class people, their families and their communities until humanity is free of the state.  

In closing,  some may be wondering when I am going to chime in on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump given my past predictions on here.   It’s coming.   When I get time.   For those who have forgotten or for newer readers, when Democrats were busy gloating with the election of Obama and Republicans were gloating at their midterm wins against Obama, I was writing that both political parties in this nation were going to collapse.    That was considered hilarious at that time.   I know because many people told me it was hilarious and preposterous.   The early stages of that are happening right now.    That’s Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.  That is what is going on.   Trump ran as a third party candidate in the 2000 election before dropping out, as I recall, and Sanders has always run as an independent for his seat in Congress.   That they are both running from within the existing parties shows a level of astuteness on both candidates’ part.   But make no mistake, their messages and platforms, if successful, will destroy both political parties.    The parties are both scared to death of both of these candidates.   The parties will not be transformed.   They will collapse, experience terminal failure, disappear or whatnot.   What these two are doing is laying the seeds right now.    Both the Republican and Democratic Parties are registered corporations (hierarchical institutions of the ego) that only maintain their authoritarian grip on humanity by the “legalized” bribery of the political class by corporate capitalism and the aristocratic economic elite.  ie, Class and hierarchy.  

Karma is creating its own fate and has chosen these two men to start the process.

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