Saturday, December 12, 2015

Radical Islam - The World Is Unfolding Exactly As I Have Said It Will

I haven't posted but one post in the last three months. I'm taking a hiatus. I may have lost much of my readership. I don't know. When a site closed down last year I lost 30-50,000 reads on some of my top posts at that site alone. So, I really don't know what's left of my readership. Not a big deal. It's a blog.  I really write for myself but I developed quite a substantial readership in the process. But, I am going to start posting more regularly at some point. 

I just want to put a place market here that I will be putting up a post on radical Islam probably in the coming week. And I want to talk about this potential ban on Muslim immigrants into the United States. The loony state liberals in this country are trying to dumb-down society by stating this is a position of hate. And the loony state neoliberals (Republicans) are generally silent.   I have written extensively about radical Islam. Not as much on here as on another site that used to publish my feeds. I mean a lot. Islam is in the midst of destroying itself just as corporate capitalism is.  The question is how much of humanity will these institutions of the ego take with them.  I have some great posts that you will not read anywhere else on what is really going on in the world both economically and as it relates to the human condition.  

Remember, hierarchical, institutionalized religion is an institution of the ego.  Or, put another way, an institution of man. Institutionalization, class and hierarchy are not a reflection of our divinity or our spirituality.  And, as a result institutionalization, including religion, spreads through terror, murder and violence.  Just like the state. And, if you believe Buddhism, as an example, is any different, don't kid yourself. Buddhists are often the perpetrators of violence, including murder, against other religions in Asia. There are many beautiful messages in religion but once again, class and hierarchy use institutionalization for their own pathological megalomania.  And, institutionalization has been identified on here as a precursor to collapse. 

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