Sunday, September 27, 2015

Is An Ice Age On The Way?

Well, first just a comment about my last post’s reference to diapers.   It’s becoming that time to load up.   Because October has the potential to be a very unnerving month for financial markets.   We aren’t going to see a 90% drop in one month that I am forecasting as a low for this cycle, but we could see markets rattled to the point that confidence in politicians and central bankers is destroyed.    Well, more broadly, that confidence in institutions of the ego are destroyed - corporations, religious hierarchy of any kind, politicians, the military-industrial complex, institutionalized hierarchical science, anti-democratic hierarchal debt-base money and on and on and on.  They are all intertwined.  They are all artificial control creations of the state.

There is ample evidence much of what mainstream science believes about climate is bullshit.   That is not a political statement.  Or is it?   I guess it is since the comingling of science and the state has led to this brainwashing and fraud we used to call science.   Politicians like Barack Obama, the United Nations and the Republican Party don’t understand the first thing about science.  Their minds operate on the ego’s intent of control as do all people who seek power and dominion over others.   What they understand is control.    We see that quite clearly as they have their jack boot on the neck of humanity in countless ways.   The climate diatribe being just one of them.   Everything touched by the state, by politicians or by corporations is a lie.  The world has become a mass delusion.   That means every social construct and every meme we believe is probably a lie.   Why would the climate meme be any different?   It’s a ploy by state liberalism to control the world.   And given no climate scientist would have a job without government funding, because there is no private market for climate science, we are guaranteed a political outcome.    I find it unbelievable how many people can’t see through these deceptions.   In the U.S. climate science would line the pockets of banks through carbon trading similar to Enron, it would guarantee a cap on economic development in undeveloped nations, thus enslaving them to developed nation’s rent-seeking economic endeavors and it would give politicians total control over another aspect of our existence.  

The sun plays the major role in climate as far as science understands.   Period.   Even NASA has reported this and I have linked to one of their detailed scientific reports at the National Academy of Sciences on this topic.    The earth and sun (as well as the solar system, the galaxy, the universe and possibly even life on earth)  interact in ways that we clearly don’t yet fully understand.    Frankly, we don’t really understand a lot of anything.   But continued discovery or an open mind and an open heart should be our intent.   That is, rather than institutionalizing control theories that often end up enslaving humanity to more flat earth nonsense from ignoramuses like politicians, corporate bureaucrats and the like.  

Do you see that third little bluish-green dot from the left in the picture below?   That’s earth in comparison to the sun.   The sun is a million times larger than the earth.   That is a number that is meaningless as our tiny little heads have a hard time appreciating what that means.   This graphic helps.   Now, get out your electron beam microscope.   Do you see all of the people on that little dot called earth?    There are 200 million square miles on earth.    All of humanity would fit into a one mile cube on the face of the earth.  So, if the sun is a million times larger than the earth, and there are 200 million square miles on the earth’s surface, and we can fit all of humanity into one of those 200 million squares, just out of curiosity, how much do you think the earth’s climate is impacted by the sun versus people?   That is, even if carbon dioxide was a greenhouse gas.   Which, many substantial scientists still doubt.  And, if you really appreciate how little we understand, and how the atmosphere is not a closed system in a lab where data can be easily ascertained, then you appreciate that too.   The earth’s atmosphere is not a closed system in a lab.   It’s a complex system that self-regulates through interactions with the universe in ways we really are clueless about.      


I had some conversations with a gentleman some years ago who compared human-caused global warming to Lysenkoism.  If you have never heard of this, I would suggest you consider reading this Forbes article because it will make you very uncomfortable with the state of science given the comingling of politics, the state, corporations and the the search for truth that is the fundamental basis for science.    There is no such thing as complete certainty and there is no such thing as the science is settled.   That the global warming crowd guarantees us such certainly tells us how much it is driven by the ego’s intent of control rather than our higher power’s search for truth.

Before I continue on, I want to share a recent experience.   A month or so ago I was invited to dinner with about ten other guys.   I only knew one of them.  Five of them were PhDs in the sciences.   Everyone but one had a degree in the sciences.   I was seated next to a gentleman who was introduced as one of the top climate scientists in the country.    I guess he has been on TV and in the media circuit quite a bit.   Anyway, a super nice guy.   You know what’s coming next.   So, as we started to chat amongst ourselves I asked him the obvious question.   Are humans mostly responsible for climate change.   His answer was that he was afraid so.   Because otherwise, if it were of natural origins, temperature or CO2 would have abated by now.   Okay, now I know everything else out of this guy’s mouth is going to be bullshit, nice guy or not.   Why?   Because the Vostok ice core samples going back hundreds of thousands of years show very long cycles of elevated CO2 and temperature.   And as noted in many scientific journals, CO2 always  lags temperature by about a thousand years.   So, what does that tell us?   The science is not repeatable, that CO2 is a dependent variable whose action is based on temperature or some other independent variable, and therefore, any assumptions about CO2 the mainstream climate community has today are bullshit.   Just sayin.

So, I asked him how much he factored the sun into his analysis.  Flat out, the answer was no factoring at all.   I then asked him if he knew that the Max Planck Institute had released a report that showed in the last 60 or 70 years that the sun has been more active than at any time in the last 8,000 years.   He had never heard of that.   And then I asked him if he knew that the sun had now collapsed and by many estimations was as weak as it had ever been in the last 1,000 years but definitely weaker than anytime in the last 250-odd years.   No.   Now, this wasn’t the Spanish Inquisition, but what the hell is a climate scientist anyway?   And if they don’t study the sun’s effect on earth, WTF are they doing?   I didn’t make this a whole table discussion meant to embarrass the guy and I stopped before the punchline, but I was asking honest and important questions and he was clueless.    This shows how little climate science is vetted and peer reviewed.   If he stood in front of a crowd of scientists and tried to pull this bullshit, he would be destroyed.   His reputation would be irreparably harmed.    He’s no different than any of the other idiots shoving this politically-motivated climate drivel down our throat.   Now, I see some of these “scientists”, ahem, want to start putting people like me in prison for being a denier.   That works out well with the fascist, communist bowl of rot and corruption that defines the state.  

Rather than continue babbling on, let me provide a few links that have come up over the last handful of months on the topic.   A long time theme on here is that we will live to see the day Al Gore loses his Nobel Prize for bullshit science.   Just like Obama mocked science and truth with his Nobel Prize for running more aerial bombing missions than any other president in history.   That includes World War II.    Another long time theme on here is that we are headed for a cold and dry climate.   That has been a them for a lot of years and well before any of the massive droughts we are seeing around the world.   It’s coming. 

Is an ice age on the way?   Why, yes it likely is.

Pluto wags its tale  Pluto may be the most powerful planet in the solar system.   And as its secrets are revealed, new theories about the solar system and the universe will almost certainly unfold over time.

Ionosphere collapses  While this was back in 2008, I wanted to highlight this for a reason.   One of the theories that some real scientists have postulated is that heat is allowed to escape into space and is thus regulated in our atmosphere.   If  this is true, then a collapsing ionosphere may contribute to a colder climate.   But, the ionosphere is largely driven by the sun.   So, when this was noted back in 2008, the sun had collapsed with an unprecedented-in-modern-times zero sunspots for quite some time.   The universe is connected.   And many of our simple-minded theories are going to collapse. 

ABC News apocalyptic climate forecast for 2015   This ties into the next link as well.   This is something I have talked about quite a bit.   If you can’t produce consistently replicatable results, then it isn’t science.   It’s opinion, beliefs, ego, self-deceit, lies of the mind or whatever you want to call it.   The human-caused global warming crowd has made a lot of predictions based on their bullshit models.   And literally every single one of their predictions has been wrong.   When Einstein came up with the theory of relativity, it was tested and proven.   Now, are there flaws in the testing or the theory?   Who knows.   But, from what we know today, it is replicatable.   Just like every single time you turn on your light switch at home, a light comes on.   

75% of mental health science is bullshit  While this isn’t directly applicable, it does prove how pervasive junk science is.   This is due to institutionalization and the dynamics that come with it.    That includes the profit motive, the career motive, the advancement motive of class & hierarchy, the motive of tenureship tied to production of published works and on and on and on.   By the way, it is also a long time theme on here that mental health science is dubious at best and bullshit at worst.   It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand that if the mental health community only can develop a cure rate of 2-5 percent for any kinds of illnesses, (statistical noise that is effectively zero percent cure rate) that the underlying theories and science are preposterous.   Mainstream, institutionalized mental health is ridiculous.   And so is pumping everything full of mind-altering prescription drugs to habituate humans to the endless emotional, spiritual, social and physical violence of modern state-created society.

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