Saturday, March 26, 2016

An Divine Easter Post - Obama The Communist

It's been a while since I have posted but I've got a few posts written that I will get up this month.  It's simply a matter of some minor editing.  But I might add that literally ever major theme I have uniquely written of on here is now exposing itself just as I knew it would.  Although my timing has certainly been well too early.  This Easter holiday I wanted to make a note about the Godlessness and pathological virus of politicians. All politicians. And, what I have been uniquely noting on here for ages.  That is, politics is an institution of the ego (control) that is an ancient relic of the state.  And, that it serves zero purpose to democracy or humanity and will eventually disappear forever. It's now looking like that disappearance may actually be this cycle.  Politicians exist for one reason - to serve the state.  And the state exists for one reason - to perpetuate violence on behalf of state actors (class and hierarchy).

I've mused in the past, not through name calling or labeling, but through thorough analysis that Obama appears to be a closet communist in line with the existing European Union communists who have destroyed that continent.  And, that communism was never defeated when the Soviet Union fell.  But rather the same statists in the Soviet Union simply reconstituted themselves as capitalists.  Capitalism is really no different than communism and Obama interestingly notes that this past few days.  All isms, socialism, fascism, feudalism, communism, capitalism and every other ism are simply different manifestations of statism.   They are simply different flavors of control created by the state.  Those control systems don't serve self-rule, democracy or anything else. They serve your masters and their endless desire to control you (violence) for their own self-interested pathology.

Now, on his trip to Cuba, Obama actually gives us a glimpse into the hidden world of his mind.  Obama states that capitalism and communism, meh, whatever works.   This is a very, very dangerous man, as all politicians are, because his real views have been hidden from plain sight. And, that certainly is because of their intent of control.  If Obama or any other politician actually shared what is hidden behind the veil they calculatingly protect, they never would be elected.

As noted on here ad nauseam, capitalists love communism.  U.S. capitalists did many secret dealings with the Soviet Union, fascist Germany, feudal Saudi Arabia, Imperial Japan, European monarchies, Egypt's military dictatorship, today's communist China and on and on and on.  Capitalism was created by the state to serve class and hierarchy.  In fact, as I have uniquely noted on here, the reason why the Articles of Confederation, which neutered a pathological, all-powerful central government was overturned is because rich, powerful capitalists, merchants, financiers and bankers needed an all-powerful central government in Washington DC to enforce their economic system of violence on the colonies. Otherwise, the people would never willfully submit to their domination.  So, the state is used to enforce this system of violence upon you and me.  Because all state control systems are based on emotional, spiritual and physical violence in the forms of conformity, forced corporate work, economic slavery, debt servitude, competitive exploitation, reliance on state handouts, threats, intimidation, economic looting, pilfering and the like.  That includes the state's endless war on God or the Divine.  And its war to convince you that there is no greater power or higher power in your life. With no greater purpose in your life, your purpose is to serve the state. (class and hierarchy or privileged and entitled "man gods")

Ronald Reagan was a walking contradiction in many ways. And he was a man of great ignorance as all politicians are.  But, he got one thing right.  Communism is an incredibly horrible system of massive repression and brutality. That now Obama is trying to "mainstream" communism along with capitalism gives us some insight to the Godlessness that drives his pathology. And, frankly, the global pathology of politicians that now serve world order for the state and its actors.  These are both systems of massive violence against humanity, and against your higher power and the Divine perpetuated by a small group of pathological predators using state's violence to control the rest of humanity.

It should be no surprise that I've noted repeatedly that everyone is missing the truth of this moment.  That in this moment, humanity is at war with the state. And that we, humanity, led by our own internal, sentient, higher power, and the natural laws (rights) created by the universe that govern our existence, will win.

This Godless world of incredible, unprecedented control, violence, hate, hypocrisy and ignorance, created by pathological evil, is doomed to the same fate as all institutions of ego. (control)  That is, self-destruction.
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