Sunday, April 03, 2016

The Coming Collapse Of Political Parties (And The State)

One of the long time themes on here that, as far as I know, is unique to this blog, just as many themes are, is that we are likely to see the collapse of both political parties in this nation.  Frankly, that dynamic is not exclusive to the United States. As I have noted many times, humanity is at war with the state. And politics, an institution of the ego, is a creation by the state used to control humanity. Politicians provide literally zero usefulness to humanity, democracy, self-rule or republicanism. The incredible focus on American politics right now is an example of the false prophets and charlatans I have talked about being so common in cycles like this. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, for their incredible popularity, have both become famous and popular by supporting state violence over their lives. Voting for either of them will literally solve nothing. I make that statement as one of understanding complex systems rather than a useless opinion.

If you believe Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders are going to save you or "fix" what ails this system, you are lying to yourself. And you have fallen prey to demagogy. Politicians are some of the most ignorant people on earth. Right behind them on the ignorance scale are corporate executives. It shows the level of ignorance that pervades all of humanity that the political discourse in this nation has become so wildly popular. Of course, the ego is the great deceiver and in a world where no one wants to take responsibility for anything, politicians appeal to the most base, inhuman aspect of our psyche, the ego. So, we cheer for those we wish to get elected even though they have absolutely nothing in common with most of us and we really know absolutely nothing about what they will eventually do after they get elected. Fundamentally, our inner wounded self (child) or the ego seeks to emotionally abandon itself and that manifests itself in wishing to be taken care of. And politicians tap into that fear-based dynamic to control us. Who actually wants to take any responsibility for their own fate in this world? It's a very scary proposition to not have someone else to tell you what to do, what to think and how to think. To actually have to be responsible for yourself, produce your own food, produce your own electricity, produce your own...... or create a community able to trade with another community for those items we need is an exhilarating but also frightening possibility. Better to let the politicians do it for us. And, that is why we are in this mess in the first place. Politicians are only going to make everything worse as they always have. If you want a political answer (control rather than truth) to what ails this world or your life, vote for a politician. If you want the truth void of violence, empower yourself, your community and all of humanity with direct democracy and self-rule as the Athenians did.

There are many people characterizing the dynamics we see in both political parties as "civil wars" within the parties. That is completely inaccurate. There are no civil wars in these parties. What you have is two candidates who could never, ever remotely get to the "finals" of any election because their viewpoints are so fundamentally opposed to the money driving both of these parties that if these ideals were actually adopted by either party, that party would collapse because the money needed to prop them up would vanish. On that note, not only is politics an institution of the ego that I have written will eventually disappear forever, but I have noted the exact same dynamic will come to pass with money.  Just as both political parties are nearing extinction, so is money. And, one data point we can use to validate this (although there are many) is that the amount of money any particular candidate has is waning in effect. So, money as an institution of the ego or an institution of control, is losing its power or ability to control humanity. No matter how much money a candidate has, those candidates are generally not able to parlay that money into popularity. It's the authenticity and truth of the candidate's message that is carrying popularity. That's because humanity is awakening to the truth and no amount of money can hide create a veil of lies and deceit to hide that truth. That is, politicians are and always have been criminals whose primary purpose is to enforce state violence on behalf of the criminal class (the state) against humanity and all life. Money and politics, control systems used by the state to perpetuate its violence, are dying just as the state is dying.

I'm going to write more about this in the future but let me leave you with something to think about. In 1789 the first U.S. Congress had members who were representing four or five thousand or some equally small number of voters. Today, Congress has members that oftentimes represent five, ten or fifteen million voters. How is anyone going to represent you or the needs of your community (self rule) when they are representing exponentially more than 1789? They aren't. And that is a fundamental problem that cannot be resolved by Washington DC or any other political establishment around the world. Your needs and the needs of your community can never and will never be met under this system, even if you magically found virtuous politicians. As I have noted time and again on here, the only answer is local economics and local self-rule. For that to happen, humanity has to take back its power. And that means they have to take it back from the state, corporations, bankers and politicians. (And that means all central governments, as we know them, of large countries must disappear. Another long time theme on here.) The only answer is local self-rule as the Athenians did. And the only way that is ever going to happen is that humanity is fundamentally at war with the state. Mind you, that is a global phenomena that we see everywhere. Humanity is oftentimes taking equally ignorant (ego-driven) stands against the state in this standoff, but as they awaken, they will continue to recursively refine their understanding of the consequences of their actions that are so far removed from reality today that it will take multiple iterations to get beyond our own self-imposed ignorance, self-deceit and self-delusions to the truth of our actions and our misguided beliefs. As I have noted many times, hierarchical systems and the state has created a moment in time where humanity is at peak ignorance. And, the higher up the ladder of class and hierarchy, or the state, that one goes, the greater the ignorance. Those who support politics, corporate capitalism, private banking, mainstream economics fundamentally based on the state-created lie of scarcity, American-style Christianity that supports the policies of "bombing for Jesus", forced grubbing for money that corporate capitalism encourages and the like, are the most ignorant people in our society.

And the only way humanity is going to get that power back is likely to be a war with the state.  Whether that war is fought on an emotional, spiritual or physical level or some combination of all three, that is what we are witnessing today.  Because the state (politicians, corporations, banks, moneychangers, state religions, etc) aren't going to give it back. In fact, as I have noted countless times, corporate capitalism, communism and the like are economic control systems (institutions of the ego) built upon fundamental contradictions that require greater and greater force or state violence to maintain stability. So, whether it's Obama, Trump, Sanders or anyone else, they must perpetuate greater and greater violence or this system will collapse, be it in the United States or elsewhere.   They'd rather butcher us as a last resort.  And, don't kid yourself on this.  In the twentieth century, an age of supposed civility, the state has murdered hundreds of millions of people and enslaved all of those who are remaining to some degree of emotional, spiritual and physical violence. Of course, what they really want was so presciently and eloquently noted by Lysander Spooner-

“Abraham Lincoln did not cause the death of so many people from a mere love of slaughter, but only to bring about a state of consent that could not otherwise be secured for the government he had undertaken to administer. When a government has once reduced its people to a state of consent – that is, of submission to its will (emotional, spiritual and physical violence - my notation) – it can put them to a much better use than to kill them; for it can then plunder them, enslave them, and use them as tools for plundering and enslaving others. (emotional, spiritual and physical violence - my notation)” -- Lysander Spooner, abolitionist

Everything I have been writing about re the voluminous posts on state violence, economics as a control system and the vile social dynamics created by the state is now starting to expose itself in full regalia. This most certainly is the most profound moment in human history as it seeks to free itself from the most palpable global evil and violence of all time.

If you didn't notice, the word of the day is fundamental(ly). :)
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