Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Donald Trump’s Role In Humanity’s War Against The State

Well, I’ve written extensively on here about the rise of a third party candidate and the collapse of both political parties. Donald Trump obviously is that third party candidate. (Bernie Sanders also could have easily won the elections if the establishment had not so successfully destroyed him. Obama could have been that candidate too but we found out that his election promises were full of pathological and narcissistic lies and deceit. Trump while also pathological, was different. He obviously took no quarter. He never allowed the establishment to define him. He is the tool through which humanity has chosen in this moment to wage their war against the state.) He has railed against the establishment political system for 30 years and ran as a third party candidate in 2000.

The massive contention between both parties is a sign of their coming collapse. Neither party has the consent of the governed. Period. Remember, I have noted for ages that the Democratic Party would be the first to collapse. I’ve never changed any anticipated outcomes on here. All of the bloviating bullshit of the mainstream press condescendingly mocking the collapse of the Republican Party while defending the criminals in the Democratic Party seems rather hilarious now, doesn’t it?  On that point, I don’t base my writings on emotions or the mood of the moment. They are based on facts and data. Now, my interpretation of data may eventually be wrong but so far literally the only thing I have gotten wrong on here  regarding the massive amount of anticipated outcomes is the timeline. But, I consider both political parties to already be in terminal failure just as I do the global economic system.

Full transparency – I did not vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump even though I just posted that Trump would win based on a corollary to ancient Athens and their war against the aristocracy. Nor would I ever change my mind about voting for either candidate and you’ll see why at some point. Both are Godless and both have stolen their wealth from humanity through pathological means. Don’t let your own endless self-rationalizations convince you of a truth that simply does not exist. Donald Trump is not a self-actualized, self-realized or self-aware person. An example of the extent of his ignorance is if Donald Trump does everything he states, he will not only collapse this system, he will collapse his own standing and wealth.  Do you actually think this person would selflessly do that for the benefit of humanity? Hahaha. His populism is either based on being a liar or ignorant or both.

Quickly, I talked about three astrological turn dates on here leading up to 2013.  Those were 2013, 2016 and 2022. 2013 being the beginning of the battle between good and evil. 2016 being economically-driven and likely the peak of corporate capitalism (and subsequent collapse) and 2022 being the washout bottom of this global control system driven by American Empire.  Let’s see how the next two dates unfold but I am very conscious of the fact that humanity is at war with the state. And, that is what we are witnessing today. In other words, Donald Trump was not elected for any other reason to do the will of the people in its war with the state. The question is, will he? Will he restore your rights as free people? Hahaha. Let’s just watch and see.

These are unprecedented times. The rage against the state is far greater than the hatred of any enemy we have ever seen in any of the two prior world wars. And, that hatred goes far beyond the borders of the United States. The criminal world continues to unwind. As noted many times on here, astrologically this is the most profound moment in thousands of years. And, I could make the case astrologically this is the most profound moment in all of human history. But those are just words. While words do have meaning, (including lies, deceit, brainwashing, control, etc) let’s both watch together as the world unfold before our very eyes. The unfolding reality will confirm that truth.

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