Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bill & Hillary Clinton - Criminals-in-Chief

Modern humanity is morally bankrupt. There is one main reason for that. It’s the state. (I’ll be talking in more detail about that another time.) Mind you, I mean all of humanity is morally bankrupt. We live in unprecedented times. There literally isn’t a single soul in this country, as just one example, who can operate from any position of moral authority. Don’t kid yourself when you wag your hypocritical finger at Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan; the two crooks most responsible for the complete moral bankruptcy of this nation.  (Although as noted on here in the past, Reagan’s administration far and away had the most indictments and forced resignations due to legal wrongdoing of any in history.)  We all do the bidding of evil every single day. We are slaves in an insidious economic  control system that spans the globe. There is no way to extract yourself from it even if you want to. That is, unless you chose the path of exterminating your own existence.  Because that is what it would take. Otherwise, all we can do is resist in some small way.  The easiest is to quit shopping. Close the wallet unless it’s absolutely necessary and starve the beast of the money it needs to survive. (Remember, in the book of Daniel, the beast was an empire of metal [weapons of war] that waged war against the world. While there is some perspective this was in reference to the Roman Empire, all empires operate on the same level of control.  The U.S. empire certainly is at war with the world both economically and militarily.  More broadly, socially, spiritually, physically and emotionally.  The mark of the beast is money, which is the control system used to enslave humanity as hamsters into the hierarchical, class-based graft or surplus value that thugs and dictators use to steal, plunder and pilfer humanity. In modern times those thugs and dictators are the state and its institutions like capitalism, corporations, politics, standing armies, socialism, communism and every other ism the state can dream up.)

I’ve talked about parallels to the United States in the Roman Empire, England in 1776, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. History rhymes and so does the endless criminality of the state. People in our nation, and all nations, who enrich themselves through state violence, turn a blind eye to the massive crimes against humanity their governments perpetuate against their own neighbors as well as people in other nation states.  Anyone who is doing well economically around the world is doing the bidding of the state.  That is how extreme the pathological evil has become. There’s an equal but opposite reaction coming and it’s going to be beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.  That reaction could be taken from the start of the twentieth century or even earlier.  As noted before, it could take the form of kickback from the start of what we now call capitalism which would be the past five hundred-odd years.  One of the first posts I put up here more than a decade ago is that when this cycle ends the earth will literally shudder and shake. We ain’t seen nothin yet. If Donald Trump gets elected, he’ll ignorantly destroy his own wealth and status should he follow through on his promises. And, I certainly hope he does.

I owe a post on this topic of good versus evil re the astrological turn date in 2013 that started that battle. But still haven’t put it up. That will come. It’s just a large undertaking to downsize my thoughts into a post because the topic is so complex and esoteric that I could turn it into a 400 page book.

One of the most disgusting remarks that sticks in my mind today is Hillary Clinton constantly yammering that America is great because it is good. This coming from a life-long crook whose actions have contributed to endless suffering around the world.  For years I wrote that Bill Clinton was the biggest crook and most horrendous president in this nation’s history. And, that the only way the Clintons and Al Gore could become wildly rich was through corruption. (Don't forget about Dick Cheney who runs a close third.)  Finally, that’s getting some play. Given the level of detail that is now coming out regarding The Clinton Foundation, I have to wonder if we could actually see criminal indictments against both Bill and Hillary. If the halls of justice still have any morality left in them, both of them should be in prison for life-long accomplishment awards. And, Donald Trump should be right there with them.

For those who think the most recent transparency into Clinton wrongdoing is a conspiratorial witch hunt against poor ole Hillary and Bill, does anyone remember this story from nearly 23 years ago? Dust it off and give it a good read. As someone who is intimately familiar with futures markets, what Hillary Clinton supposedly did, according to the official story, was literally just about impossible. She was a pathological criminal in 1994 and she’s a pathological criminal today.  (People chose spouses with the same level of emotional dysfunction as their own. Functional people won't tolerate the lack of emotional intelligence, lack of emotional boundaries and lack of emotional morality in those who are dysfunctional. We clearly understand Bill’s dysfunction and we are starting to get a clearer understanding of Hillary’s.)

Quite amazing that some in the mainstream press are actually now throwing the Clintons under the bus in the last few days. The title of this Wall Street Journal article is shocking – Grifters-in-Chief. Not because it’s off-base but because the truth is nearly nonexistent in the mainstream press. Especially, the corporatocracy press like the Journal.  And, then this one, The Cold Clinton Reality – Why isn’t the IRS investigating the Clinton Foundation

There is no way to put the cat back in the back. There is no way we are going back to a world that existed five or ten or twenty years ago. Both political parties are headed for disaster.  Mind you, I’ve noted many times the Democratic Party will be the first to collapse. Interesting how political pundits in the Democratic Party space were laughing about the coming crisis in the Republican Party just weeks ago. How the worm has turned. 

Remember, Donald Trump was hobnobbing with the Clintons just a few years ago. And, remember, he was upset because the Koch brothers rebuffed him early in his campaign. He’s cut from the same cloth and is a poster child of everything that is wrong in this world. Anyone who can look at what is happening in the world today and still vote for either the Republican or Democratic Party is a moral rationalizer and shares a substantial responsibility for perpetuating the pathological evil that exists within organized political parties around the world today. If one wishes to vote for Trump because it will collapse the establishment, as Michael Moore pointed out in my last post, that position is fraught with unintended consequences. Just ask the Russians and the Germans who ended up supporting their own enslavement with such attempts at toppling the establishment.

We’ve see that type of moral rationalization time and again throughout history, including Nazi Germany.

(By the way, there are so many elements of past writings that play into this environment. Just one that comes to mind, as an example, that is completely off topic is that we could start to see wholesale refusal of the rank-and-file military to obey or even to desert the military in this nation. That may have seemed impossible when I wrote this many years ago but how about today? Would you perform your military duties for the criminal class with their jack boot on this nation’s neck? Would you carry out your orders to wage war on behalf of U.S. corporations, the military-industrial complex or a morally-bankrupt political class?)
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