Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Age Of Ignorance Gives Way To The Age Of Enlightenment (Aquarius)

I’m literally the only person on this planet who has written about so many things that are unfolding in the world today.  And things I was writing about many years ago are now starting to reveal themselves. Things just about no one ever could consider as possible.  That doesn’t mean in any way I am some kind of savant. But, what I do attribute it to is the unprecedented level of brainwashing that exists. Almost no one who could care to write anything for general consumption about sociology, economics, monetary theory or whatnot seems to know who they really are.  They are all defined by belief systems that pathology in this world has imprinted upon them.  Let’s chat regarding the timeliness of a few of those belief systems that are starting to collapse. A few that I’ve uniquely written about over the years.

As noted on here before, we could literally be in the midst of World War III for some years now. But, in some way that war isn’t recognizable because it’s unlike any we have ever seen.  That is, a global war against the state.  Honestly, we will only know at some point in the future if this is the case as it would be a very unconvential “war”.  But look at the virus of pathological criminals around the world. Any and all nation is controlled by the same pathology.

The United States is run by some of the biggest crooks and thugs on earth. And, because the U.S. Empire has such a broad reach, the amount of violence the United States perpetuates around the world is staggering. Honestly, it is unprecedented. It doesn’t matter whether that violence is physical, emotional or spiritual, states around the world are literally and figuratively murdering humanity and extinguishing the divine light of our existence.  It doesn’t matter if that is the actions of hierarchical political constructs, hierarchical religious constructs, hierarchical corporations, hierarchical military constructs or whatnot. Institutionalized hierarchy (the state) is an organized crime syndicate that only survives through violence.

Most people don’t understand the depth of emotional and spiritual violence in the world today. Any hierarchical construct is intrinsically violent. The entire world is dominated by this unprecedented evil that dominates undemocratic, godless, man-made institutions of hierarchy and class. And, I do mean evil.  Any time you or I go to work in a hierarchical corporation, consume anything made by a hierarchical corporation, place our faith in hierarchical religous institutions, vote for hierarchical political institutions, serve in a hierarchical military/ standing army or whatnot, we are ignorantly perpetuating some manner of emotional, spiritual or physical violence against our fellow man.  The level of ignorance that is required to perpetuate this manner of system enslaving all of humanty is without any precedence.

The state is and always has been at war with humanity. But the worm is starting to turn.  And that turning is in differing stages of development literally just about everywhere.  Right now much of the resistance to the state is based substantially or completely on ignorance.  Donald Trump, as just one very small example, is not a source of any truth. He’s running as a politician.  Politics is an institution of the ego or of control that subverts truth through its primary intent of control.  He perpetuates truthiness or what sounds like the truth or is some incomplete, often twisted, form of deceit. Most often, his self-deceit that an ignorant humanity embraces.  But he has tapped into a palpable rage at the criminal activities of the Republican and Democratic Parties. Again, nearly a decade ago I started writing that both politicial parties in this nation would likely collapse and a third party candidate would arise.  (And that politics is a vestige of ancient control that will eventually disappear forever.) Actually, there are/were four third party candidates running for the presidency; Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Three made it to the November elections, and it seems a good chance Sanders would have also made it but for the massive media manipulation and Democratic Party manipulation meant to marginalize his campaign and his message.  Honestly, with the Wikileaks exposure of Democratic Party tampering, including the willful participation by Hillary Clinton, I wonder what election laws or other types of laws were broken.  If we had a functioning democracy, I would wonder what kind of wholesale criminal indictments of Clinton and top party officials we may have seen.

None of this really matters. Again, as I noted many years ago, the United States and all of the large countries in the world could splinter just as the Soviet Union did.  I have already noted that the United States as we know it is already in systemic failure and will never return.  As the world before us unfolds, I am confident this is just a matter of time until these splinterings happen yet this cycle. Will it happen quickly or be a slow, painful process?  Washington politicians represent millions to tens of millions of constitutents. There is absolutely no self-government, democracy, republicanism or anything of the sort with those types of numbers. One person cannot ever represent the the commons or the well being of the community in numbers larger than a neighborhood or a small city.  Even that may be a stretch. As noted before, in 1789 Washington congressmen represented a few thousand voters. At that level, there was some modicum of ability to represent the community and the needs of the people in it; or the commons.  Now, Washington is nothing more than the largest concentration of criminals in the world today. Money flows into Washington in all forms of fealty or extortion fro every corner of the globe be it in the form of legalized bribes, donations the the Clinton Foundation or whatnot. 

There is a finite amount of power in this world and humanity has almost none of it at the individual level. (True liberalism or the founding principles of self-rule and democracy.) The only way we will ever see any type of self-rule or principles of freedom is if people around the world take back all of the power the state has stolen from them.  Donald Trump doesn’t want to do that. He’s a statist just like Clinton.  He waxes poetic about the state not about the people.  No one in Washington can or will make life better for over three hundred million people any more than I can.  The only manner through which this system ever recovers is by granting all sentient life their own journey. Especially their own inner journey of spiritual and emotional self-regulation and self-actualization.

Since starting this blog more than a decade ago, I have noted in hundreds of posts that the cycle we are in could be characterized as a cycle of volatility.   When I wrote that, the criminals were telling us this was an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity; something I often characterized as Pax Globalia. Look at the world now. Just as I noted during those very peaceful times, every thug and dictator on earth would rearing his or her ugly head as this cycle started its collapse. And, don’t kid yourself. That isn’t just ISIS or the third world messes we see, but it is the power-mad thugs and dictators in the United States and Europe, be they politicians, standing army hierarchy, corporate thugs or the ruling aristocracy.  Look at the overt disregard for humanity within the ruling class of this nation. It’s palpable. They don’t even pretend to hide their hatred of you or me.

The world today is entranced in an unprecedented ignorant haze. Hillary Clinton’s popularity is based on the exact same ignorance as Donald Trump. I actually appreciate Trump ripping open the cesspool of massive corruption, fraud and the literal enslavement of the American people to state pathology.  But, make no mistake, he’s cut from the exact same cloth as Clinton. Is it possible that Trump could become magnanimous?  Of course. But it’s easy to be patronizingly deferential to the little people once you have literally thieved so much from them.  His policies are self-serving and desirous of maintaining all of the institutions of the ego that enslave humanity to the very few.

Right now, the vast majority of the memes we see in politics today are forms of violence. We have a polarization of brainwashed belief systems driving the behavior of both the Trump and Clinton supporters. Belief systems are nothing more than control constructs created by the ego.  And, as all institutions of control are, belief systems are based completely on ignorance and violence.  All of them. (Unlike experiences which guide the enlightened or divine mind in all of us.) 

Belief systems are institutions of the ego as are all hierarchical, institutionalized control systems. And, as such, enlightenment requires one to experience the despondency and suffering associated with the collapse of one’s belief systems so that one can experience the present moment without predetermining or altering its outcome in any way.  We are moving towards that divine experience but most people are still trapped in belief systems that wish for the world to return to some variation of the past. A past that the ego delusionally repaints as the “good old days”.  But we are never going back. Ever. The world we new before 2008 is gone. The only reason anyone still believes (there is that word again) that world still has any meaning is because it’s being propped up through the massive illusions of political power, massive monetary emission and other forms of state violence.

We still have a long road to travel to achieve the level of enlightenment or self-awareness needed to remake the world for the coming Age of Aquarius. That day will happen. And, the distinct possibility exists that long road may be traveled in a very, very short period of time. 

Enlightenment is an incredibly violent process as we are witnessing today. 

And, so the journey continues.

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