Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What Comes After Denial? Thoughs On Donald Trump’s Movement

I really find the state liberal view of reality to be just about intolerable. But I find the Republican view of reality to be just as intolerable, if not more. State liberal politicians and those who buy their bullshit want to enslave humanity to government bureaucracy. Conservative politicians and those who believe their bullshit want to enslave humanity to corporate domination. Or, so it used to be. Now the lines have blurred.

I’m just amazed at the denial that exists in the current White House and within liberal political circles around the world today. Their patronizing faux intellectual view of the world is absolutely heinous and disgusting.  I’m also concerned about what we may have just done with the election of Donald Trump.  I think we may have to wait a while to gauge what this really means.  But, regardless, the election of Donald Trump will serve the purpose for which he was elected. If he succeeds in his message, his election to fight the state and the ignorance and corruption of Washington and corporations will have served a purpose. If he doesn’t turn out to be who he has portrayed himself to be, and I suspect he won’t, that too will serve the exact same purpose. In other words, the people of this nation will no longer waste their time voting on another criminal in Washington. Or, anyone who presents themselves as a savior or hero as Obama and Trump both have. We will move to the next phase in this movement. And, that one will likely be much less appealing to everyone.

I’m a big fan of Hannah Arendt. Not a common name in this world but one that was definitely on the minds of many people before my days. Or the days of most Americans alive today. I regularly read the writings of the Arendt center at Bard College.  Arendt’s insight into human behavior and totalitarianism is quite unique given her experiences in Nazi Germany.  She was wildly brilliant.  Maybe not right about everything but who is.  She stimulated critical thought and was not afraid to challenge staid or well-accepted viewpoints. Not like the ridiculous the mainstream media now labels as brilliant in the likes of Obama, the faux intellectual, or Trump the supposedly brilliant businessman.  Both of these men are of pedestrian intelligence.  I could walk into a large office complex and find a thousand people of equal or greater intelligence.  Hey, that’s pretty good because most people are pretty smart in their own way. But, exceptionalism doesn’t define politicians or class and hierarchy. It never has and never will. The politicians we elect are representative of the idiocracy that corporate capitalism and politicians have created.

The most recent post at Bard’s Arendt center is very interesting.  I would encourage anyone interested in the fate of our nation or humanity at-large to consider reading the latest post. Do so with an open mind. You may or may not agree with everything the author says. Universities are typically very liberal in their viewpoints. And that liberalism isn’t always true liberalism as defined by the founders of our nation but rather sympathy for state liberalism or elitist liberalism. But it should stimulate you to consider perspectives not typical of the dialog in this nation.

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