Saturday, December 03, 2016

Update On Very Disconcerting Developments In Communist China And A Deeper Look Into Humanity’s Own Pathology (The Ego Or The Self) As It Continues To Manifest Through The State

As P.T. Barnum, our new cartoon, carnival-barking, shyster U.S. president gets ready to take office, (The true Trump is already starting to reveal himself.) I wanted to talk about some of what is coming; more and more of what I have written of more than a decade in thousands of posts that is now starting to reveal itself.  Let me first say one more thing about the election. I’m going to be putting up some more posts on Trump and the election because his election is a sign of our ignorance and a sign of the times.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written extensively over the years about Bill and Hillary being criminals. I know many want to label Obama as our worst president in history but don’t kid yourself. It was clearly Clinton, economically, spiritually and socially. He is as purely of a morally bankrupt public official as I have ever seen.  That he was able to deceive the American people for eight years, and in the process dismantle so much of our rule of law is a stain on who we have become. Ditto with Donald Trump. And, frankly, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama and George Bush.  Bargaining with evil, as the American people, and really all people around the world, have become so good at, will eventually pay off in spades. And that payoff will be exactly the opposite of what was ever intended.  Trump, in my estimation, because of the astrological cycle we are currently experiencing, is likely to be that guy. The person who grants the American people their due payoff for endlessly bargaining with evil. (A pre-ordained cycle giving rise to pathological, fear-based, nationalistic fervor around the world. Remember, enlightenment is a very violent process as it involves the repudiation, often foisted upon the ego/self violently, of its delusional belief systems that keep us from ever seeing reality.  Today, humanity is still bargaining with those belief systems. But, that too will change as our belief systems eventually shatter before our very eyes.)

In this cycle of despair, it’s telling of how ego-centric (absence of good) and Godless the world is that people will give a complete stranger power over their own lives. The same power they won’t grant themselves. That’s what we have done in electing Barack Obama and Donald Trump in this cycle. Both were and are viewed by our society as saviors. First, was Obama whose self-centered pathology actually seems to be that he himself believes he is a savior. And, Donald Trump, whose self-centered ruler archetype is the exact same pathology that Hitler suffered from. Both are examples of humanity worshipping the Golden Calf as opposed to granting themselves their own worthiness through connection to their own divinity. Obama outright lied endlessly to the American people during his election.  Trump used something equally sinister which is a form of truthiness in the face of ever saying anything that was outright truth.  The only truth you will ever find in this world is found within.

Our fate has been assured. As I have typed on here time and again, no one is coming to save you or me.  No one. Jesus isn’t going to ride in an a magic carpet as is the ego-centric view of a savior that organized religion (class and hierarchy) has painted his teachings. Nor is Obama or Trump going to save you.  The only savior in this world is you. You have to save yourself. And, the only way you will do that is through following your own divine inner guidance system. Don’t let the forever pernicious ego or self convince you that means voting for Donald Trump either. That’s purely based on your own ego’s inner voice of fear and pathology.

There is a reason I have spoke often of the likes of  Gustave Le Bon, Hannah Arendt and Eric Hoffer (Hoffer’s book, The True Believer, has always been listed as one of my favorites in my blogging profile. How appropriate his book is with those who voted for Donald Trump.). They all intuitively understood the pathological madness of social movements.  Those who voted for Trump succumb to the same madness as those they hypocritically excoritate. People they label socialists, globalists,  anthropogenic global warmists and even the National Socialist German Worker’s Party aka the Nazis.  We have all succumbed to pathological madness of social movements created by the intent of control and oftentimes outright evil.

Let’s move on to chat a little bit about a topic I have written about ad nauseam for the last decade; China’s society would destabilize and the communist party would tighten its dictatorial grip to maintain control.  And as part of that, the communist party would eventually foment anger at the enemy which is the west, specifically the United States, as the source of that destabilization.  And, finally, this would place the United States and China on a collision course of confrontation.   I wrote prolifically about all of this ages ago when China was thought by just about everyone, including everyone in the mainstream media, to inherit the economic and power mantle from the United States.  If it’s mainstream, and it’s a belief, it’s almost certainly nothing more than bullshit. And, the more you understand about the tricks your own psyche (the ego or the self) endlessly plays on you, the easier it is to spot all of this.   

If one understands the human condition deeply and intuitively, one never has succumbed to the ignorant mainstream meme about China.  And, if one understands the human condition deeply and intuitively, one understands the pathology of the state, the pathology of the state’s economic control systems like capitalism & communism and the historical parallels to China’s rise enabled by capitalism.  In other words, how evil and pathology is constantly at our doorstep, and when we succumb to our own selfish fear-driven emotions, how evil repeats itself throughout cycles.  And, how it entrances all of us to do its bidding.  That is where we are today.  We being all of humanity.  That is why humanity is at war with the state (and with each other as directed by the state – institutionalized class and hierarchy) around the globe. More on all of this in a later post including how we have become habituated to perpetuating violence and evil against our fellow man. All of us. That is, when I finally get to delivering on some long-promised posts. Especially on the cycle we are currently experiencing.

For now, let’s focus on China today. And some headlines that have been lost in all of the election nonsense in this nation. We already are starting to see exactly what I wrote would happen. It’s developing right before our very eyes not only in the United States.  But, specific to this post, as it pertains to China. Yet, the consequences are not being reported by anyone in the U.S. press. In fact, none of this is even being reported at all on the boob tube. (Television is not the truth. Television is a god-damned amusement park.)

Let’s look at some of the incredibly disturbing headlines that have developed over the last month or so. China’s communist party is already tightening its grip. There is finally an understanding within the Chinese political class that there are powerful forces threatening the survival of the state in China. And, most of those are economic in nature. There is nothing anyone in China can do to stop what is coming. The only question is how will those powerful changes manifest themselves. 

Communist publication (mouthpiece of the communist party) says China needs strong man leader

Xi annointed strongman by politicians and given dictatorial powers on par with Deng and Mao

Xi uses new dictatorial power to purge one million party members under the guise of corruption

How Xi can use his newly given dictatorial power

Politicians annoint Xi

Reminiscent of Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein and the political stooges who granted them 
unlimited power

Xi moves with force against Hong Kong to stop pro-democracy elections

Round the clock protests in Hong Kong against China’s crackdown on pro-democracy elements

Chaos in Hong Kong’s parliament (as China seeks to stop pro-democracy members from being seated in parliament.)

A Hong Kong perspective on the limits of communist China’s power (which, by the way, is meaningless.)

Not only has the state granted dictatorial power to Xi in China, but the United States just elected the exact same pathological archetype.  Donald Trump is clearly the ruler/strongman/order archetype that defines Xi. More on that later. But, remember, that I have noted countless times over the last decade that China and the United States are entwined in a relationship that I have interpreted as a Nash Equilibrium. Or, simply put, a mutually-beneficial state where neither party benefits by changing the status quo. Chinese communists become wildly rich and powerful while selling out the people of China as slaves to American capitalist hegemony.  (China didn’t steal our jobs as Trump bloviates. American corporate capitalists, American banks, American politicians and the American aristocracy stole our jobs. ie All of the pathological corporate cronies that are now joining his cabinet.  And, then they shipped them to China and elsewhere, for their own pathological self-driven benefit.)  And, conversely, the Nash equilibrium allows the people of the United States to become wildly wealthy by stealing the wit and labor of people in China and elsewhere. How often have I noted that every American owns slaves? They are the ones who make your iPhone, your television, your clothes, make your food and whatnot.  Even the poorest of Americans owns slaves. Even our slaves own slaves in this completely fucked up system of class and hierarchy.

That equilibrium is now broken. That is what has led to the dictatorial power given to Xi. And, the massive migration of western capital (capitalism) out of China. Massive crisis is imminently somewhere around the corner.

We all know what comes next. It’s what I typed above and wrote about extensively over the last decade.  And, it appears Donald Trump now has been granted the authority to deal with it. Bargaining with evil will have its consequences, be that in the United States or elsewhere.

The major question for me is will the people of China or the United States or both wake up and repudiate the state (politicians, standing armies, corporations, private banking and money, etc) before we become entangled in these dangerous games of state power.  
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