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Daniel Ellsberg C-SPAN Interview - The (Pathologically-Evil) Doomsday Machine

One of the points I have made on here over the years is how brainwashed Americans are about the United States military or as our founders noted, standing armies. The military machine has always been corrupt. As just one example, Smedley Butler, a former Marine major general and author of War is a Racket, wrote about it nearly 100 years ago. He wrote, and countless others have articulated since that the military was essentially used to pave the way for corporate domination around the globe. If your eyes are wide open, you can see that more clearly than ever. I’m quite confident the leadership in the military today are some of the most vile people in American society. Compare that to the foot soldier who I’d suppose to generally be decent people. People who are young and naive about serving their country, people who just need a job or people who have no other opportunities in life because they are poor or born into a region of the nation that is stricken with abject poverty.

Standing armies were written of quite often by our founders. Always negatively. Somehow that has been translated into some dystopian propaganda machine that controls our society today. We overspend so much on weapons that we mothball current generation systems because we have no need for them. As an example, I noted many years ago that the US has the second largest airforce in the world mothballed in the desert.

The ego is infatutated with violence and death. (More on that in another post. But haven’t you ever wondered why there are so many dystopian movies and TV shows in the last two decades about impending apocalypse or future dystopian reality of some sorts?) That’s what happens when people can’t turn away from a horrible accident on the highway or why bombing Baghdad had such high TV ratings. We love war and death in this nation. And, we love it more than our freedom and definitely more than we love human life. Otherwise, how could our nation support the political policy of perpetual war that has defined our nation since the 1947 National Security Act that institutionalized it. And, we conveniently turn a blind eye to endless pathological lying by the military and by policitians about our involvement in every type of corrupt military endeavor imaginable around the world. It’s really no different than the people of Germany who conveniently didn’t know what Hitler was doing. The reality is they didn’t want to know. Because knowing meant they had to take responsibility. Taking responsibility meant that they had to do something other than be cowardly.  Definitely become an outcaste in society that would not be employable. And, therefore, unable to clothe and shelter ourselves or our families.  Possibly even end up in prison by refusing to be anything other than moral and just. Don’t kid yourself. We are all cowards. Personally, I don’t wish to be but this system is so viscious in its forced conformity that I’m willing to bargain with evil in order to have food and shelter. We are good at bargaining with evil. We do it every political election when we delude ourselves into picking the lesser of two evils.

After I watched the Most Dangerous Man documentary ages ago, (I highly recommend watching this. It’s an excellent documentary not to be confused with the PBS documentary of a similar name.) I wrote about Ellsberg on here. A man who found the courage to do something that literally threatened everything in his existence.  He was a military-industrial complex math whiz who had limitless potential to become successful and wealthy beyond his wildest imagination. Yet, he became a moral whistleblower when someone he cared about helped him open his eyes. He exposed this perfectly harmonious circle of perfect evil – the more politicians meddled in military endeavors, the more power granted to institutionalized military power, the more power granted to institutionalized military power, the more money made by corporations, the more money made by corporations, the more of that money that was funneled into politics to create a racket of endless war as a vehicle of corporate capitalist profits.  The system perfectly feeds itself with absolutely no oversight and no regulation by the will of the people. Why? Because We the People love war and death. Or, we are too afraid to stand up and force change upon a pathological, predatory system of class and hierarchy. Class and hierarchy, or institutionalized privilege, has destroyed the United States. The only question is will the people take back their country and their power?

All of this is leading up to a new interview Ellsberg gave on C-SPAN about his new book – The Doomsday Machine. (If I were king for a day, I’d have every American should watch this. It becomes an incredible horror around minute 40 of the interview.) I watched this interview in horror as Ellsberg’s research for this book was discussed. It takes the veil off of the evil that defines our political policies around endless war. It is one of the most powerful conversations I can remember listening to. I can’t imagine anyone watching this and not being shaken to their core about the carelessness for human life by of the pathological machine. And, how policies of war crimes are institutionalized within the war machine itself. 

Of course, if you really take the time to ponder it, how could anyone so carelessly take human life and do it over and over and over again? As I’ve noted about pathology in the past, they view people as objects to be used. To them, it’s like taking out the trash. How many millions of people around the world have had their life impacted by the death of someone they cared about by the US war machine? Yet, to the pathology running it, those people are like taking out the trash.  Don’t kid yourself, either. Other nation leaders are often envious of American power. They are as morally bankrupt and if they had the power of American empire, they would be just as abusive because they are cut from the same cloth of pathological evil. 

Or taken from a post years ago-

People who are disconnected from their inner divinity or higher power define interactions beyond the self as rationalizations based on what others around them value.  ie, Social mimicry.  And, as such they view relationships as perceptions of duties.  They view interactions beyond the self as duties because they are disconnected from any ability to love or empathize.   People are simply objects to be used to serve some need to ameliorate their inner emptiness or their inner demons.  Their perceptions of loving someone are more like a depersonalized, emotionless duty.  You know, like taking out the trash or firing ten thousand workers or killing people with drone strikes or dumping PCBs out a factory’s back door or embracing proletariat corporate work or illegal rendition or breaking Geneva Convention agreements by torturing or spying on citizens or collecting FBI files on political enemies or to gain an upper hand in manipulating and using others. People like this actually have been shown to have abnormal brain scans. That is because their higher power or their own divinity or their higher order processing is truly disconnected from the self. Literally as well as figuratively.   Their minds are broken.  Not the brain.  The mind.  And, this shows up in the functioning of the brain.  The mind regulates the proper functioning of the brain.  ie Mainstream medicine, the mob of groupthink, is wrong.  And, that is why the cure rate for many mind-related illnesses is just about statistically zero.  They are most certainly treating the symptoms for many illnesses.

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