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The Perversion Of Our Society And Relevant Headlines To The Endless Fraud In The United States Of Corporations

Near the bottom of this post are a few relevant links to some interesting news and data points that never really made the headlines over the last six months. It’s not really a surprise why.  Generally because our masters don’t wish them to.

I haven’t written on financial markets in quite a while. I have put up countless posts over the last dozen years on here on that topic. And, many of those posts were on what was coming years ahead of their time. Many have already started fulfilling their outcomes but many more are to come. As I’ve written ad nauseam, we are in the biggest financial bubble in the history of the world. That is not an exaggeration. The bubble is massive and global. It emanates from Washington and New York but the reach of US financial hegemony, with the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the US with controlling interests in the World Bank and IMF, have created a brutal, enslaving financial monster whose global reach is unprecedented. The Roman Empire would be envious. The old adage of the sun never setting on the British Empire too was founded on the global reach of Britain’sfinancial and corporate capitalist enslavement of much of the world. But Britain only achieved financial enslavement in scope and scale of what would be considered a rounding error of what the United States has achieved. Great navys are always created to control trade and enforce that enslavement. That’s why Britain, this small island state, had the world’s largest navy by far.  It was to enforce economic domination and keep the trade routes of plunder clear back to Britain. Ditto with the United States and every other global empire in history.

This post really isn’t about that. I want to focus on the perversion of our society by class and hieararchy. And how it’s institutionalization has created a  society that is in the midst of destroying itself.  Mind you, this isn’t about being gay or what two consenting adults do in their own bedroom. I could care less about either. People who screech and howl about gay rights or someone’s sexual preferences are often those who have repressed sexual appetites.  I see a lot of those men (married) with supposed family values who self-identify as Republicans that end up being caught doing things they shouldn’t be doing.  But I’m not the sexual police.

What I am talking about is perversion. Or, what I think most people realize are not representative of their highest good or moral behavior by a balanced, healthy, open mind and open heart.  But, rather I’m talking about the foibles of the ego, or worse, pathological behavior driven by the absence of good. aka Evil.  Behavior I think most people would find abhorrent to have around children or themselves. That is, pedophelia and emotionally-unregulated, destructive behavior that uses power and control (class and hierarchy – institutionalization) to victimize and sexually prey on others.  Like Bill Clinton, the most powerful man in the world, did with a 20 year old intern. Or, like the Catholic aristocracy (class and hierarchy) have done for well over a thousand years as it pertains to pedophelia.

I’ve been writing for ages that we are likely to see horrific revelations about our government in coming years. I noted that I didn’t know exactly what those would be but some of those are starting to be exposed.  Now, you ain’t seen nothing yet but we are starting to see the moral degeneracy of the state ruling class be exposed. That includes rampant perverse behavior in Hollywood, in the media, in politics, in organized religion and in corporate America.

Those who seek dominion outside of themselves or power and control beyond their own internal path of discovery are the most vile people in society. Another way to put it is people who are ambitious or are willing to do anything to gain power and dominion over others through class and hierarchy. This is not to be confused with prosperity where someone seeks a better life for all people including themselves.  The ambitous, those exalted in corporate capitalist society, seek the subversion of self-rule and true democracy, or local self-rule replaced with a system of privilege and entitlement. 

As Lord Acton noted centuries ago, and cited on here endlessly, almost all great men are bad men.  That’s because those who seek greatness in society are those who seek power and dominion over others. Power and dominion sought because of their lack of internal guidance system and lack of internal power (Connection to their own divinity, or if you will, a lack of connection to good, which, by the way, is the definition of evil.)

The human mind has only two intents – the intent of control driven by the ego (absence of good) and the intent of discovery and truth (aka love, kindness, seeking mutual understanding, science, art, emotional functionality, etc, etc, etc.) driven by our highest good or our own divinity.

Those who achieve greatness by seeking fame, fortune, wealth, corporate power, political power, military power or any other forms of instutionalized power, including institutionalized titles in education, science and medicine, are almost certainly pathological and incapable of acting beyond the self or being selfless. This is so self-evident in corporate boardrooms, politics, standing armies, the hierarchy of organized religion, organized education and the like. These people suffer the same pathological behavior of those we see in Iran, Saudi Arabia, ISIS, the Soviet Union and the like. They all suffer the same pathological maladies.  They seek dominion over others in lieu of their connection to their own highest good, or lack of good that we call evil.  And, with the rise of the state in the last one hundred years, we now live in a world where almost every aspect of our existence is created and controlled by that evil. 

Perversion; I included a half dozen links directly below to both highlight what is happening and what has been swept under the rug in the past within this nation. And, frankly, anywhere entitlement and instutionalized privilege exists. There have been countless claims within the aristocracy in Britain, as an example, to this type of behavior. As, there has been in the Vatican, within Islam and even our presidency.  Most people have no idea of that last remark because the one time it became public, it was so quickly swept under the rug. But, even as a young person, I recall that vividly when the Reagan administration was briefly embroiled in a pedophelia scandal.  I also remember how quickly it disappeared. Since then, there have been a few other instances where the highest leadership of conservative politics in this nation have been implicated in pedophelia rings within this country but it has always been swept almost immediately under the rug as lunacy or simply silenced.  The Catholic church has been very adept at this tactic of managing and silencing pedophelia for well over a thousand years.  Many people would find this story about the Reagan administration ludicrous except for the fact that Tom Brokaw reported it on the nighly NBC news. (Youtube video below.) And, the Washington Times simultaneously ran it as a headline.  Remember, the Reagan administration has been highlighted as seeing more members indicted and forced to resign out of scandal than any other in American history. 

It was easily predictable that we would start to see institutionalized sexual abuse, sexual harrassment, sexual perversion, predatory sexual behavior and the like in any system of class and hierarchy.  Those who seek dominion and power over others, do so to exploit them, whether that is sexual exploitation or economic exploitation.  It’s all representative of the same manifestations.  Institutionalized power in  Hollywood, on Wall Street, in Washington, in standing armies, in the Vatican or anywhere else are no different.  They are all run by moral degenerates who seek pathological power and control over divine truth.  In fact, don’t believe that these are isolated examples. We see from the Hollywood exposes that this type of behavior is and has been endemic in Hollywood. Forever.  It’s always been that way in Washington, in corporations and the like just as it has been in the Vatican for 1600+ years.  Pathology seeks instutionalized power.   And, they then create  the Omerta culture of silence that exists as a pact between evil that allows it to go unchallenged. To be kept silent. And, when anyone in that culture is indicted for wrongdoing, class and hierarchy always closes ranks.  That can include slander, malicious destruction of the victim’s character, payoff bribes, legal gag orders, intimidation, death threats and the like.  We actually are able to see how many of these coverups that have made it to the press took place.

In a world of class and hierarchy, power is used by positions of authority to silence opposition. Pathology clearly is very cunning and very manipulative. It understands how to manipulate  the victim and deceive onlookers.  Oftentimes even convincing the victim it’s their fault. 

Mind you, this is no different why you and I are silent when our corporate masters fire tens of millions of Americans and send their jobs to foreign slave labor camps or when senior corporate management where we work is comprised of criminals, moral degenerates or outright pathological behavior. We stay silent. And, by doing so, we endorse their evil. And by our silence and actions at work, we do evil’s bidding.  Why? Because we are controlled just like the people in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.  We are slaves under class and hierarchy domination.  There is no fucking democracy in this country.  And your daily life is not decided by democracy one iota.  But that’s not because we don’t have the power to change things. It’s because we are complicit in our own enslavement and our own ignorance through the soft control of social brainwashing and conformity enforced through fear.  Our fate is decided by the whims of the rule of man. (Corporate power)  And the men (and women) who are pathological, and therefore, subvert freedom of all sorts without having to raise a finger because you are kept in a state of constant fear or in a state of primitive fear-driven ego where you are easily controlled.  Don’t kid yourself.  It’s no different than living in a police state society like Iraq. The outcomes are mildly different. In Iraq you go do prison for speaking out or seeking freedom. In the United States, if you speak out against your employer, they blackball you and send you to the  poor house. At least in prison you are fed and clothed.

Let’s be honest. Perversion is not limited to pedophelia or the pure act of egocentric sexual behavior void of emotional and spiritual connection. Exploiting someone sexually really is no different than exploiting someone economically.  It’s the same act of dominion, covetousness and fear that psychopaths always use to control their victims.  

Isn’t it also perverse to never once hear a Washington politician or corporate CEO say that their heart aches for the poor? Or that their heart aches for any of the injustices or cruelties of our society? Or that their heart aches for those who have no hope and have chosen escapes through addictions of all sorts – shopping, alcohol, drugs and the like? When was the last time you heard someone who was making $15 million or $150 million a year state that no person is worth that kind of excess? And that they don’t want to live in a world where the vast amount of humanity doesn’t have a pot to piss in?  And, that no one should make that kind of excess money while so many suffer?  And, that we need a more egalitarian, democratic society where all people are worthy?  When was the last time?  One. Single. Voice. ?? When was the last time you heard a corporate CEO or politician say their heart hurts for the children of parents who have lost all hope of being able to take care of their families?  And, these CEOs and policians see the fear in the eyes of these children?  Because the children sense the fear in their parents and can’t escape a life of enforced misery and pain?

Who cares about policy or whether the government, local communities or individuals solve the problems?  That’s irrelevant.  Once you have leadership (service to humanity and to all life), solving problems is easy. Because the ego is subsumed in selfless acts of connection and kindness. And selflessly, people of all colors, races and creeds would seek to understand their differences, find common ground and do anything possible to help each other. Solutions are easy if society is morally just. Our society is clearly morally perverse and it is determined at the top by class and hiearchy.

Forget about whether your beliefs identify as Christian, athiest, agnostic, humanist, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Sikh or whatnot. If you live in this nation, you probably have some idea who Jesus of Nazareth was. The man. The human being. And, his teachings in the Sermon on the Mount; the guideposts for living in your heart or living selflessly.  Guideposts for being a self-aware, self-realized human being that is capable of manifesting their highest good through actions and deeds.  Do you think Jesus would be a corporate CEO or politician in today’s world? He was a hippie. He eschewed money, accumulating wealth, serving the state and privilege. He was a vagrant or a bum as defined by the corporate state. They would hate him as they hate all poor people; because they have no money to consume and he threatens their exploitation of poor people. You can decide who Jesus of Nazareth is. That’s irrelevant here. But, for a nation who generally self-identifies as Christian, where are it’s human values?

 Human values – Our innate values.  They are not learned as are Godless social values and the ego’s values.  They are not derived through the ego’s perceptions of separateness but instead through the divine connection of all life.  When we as human beings are of sound mind and connected to our mind’s higher power,  human values are manifested in all of us.  They are timeless.  They are without borders.   Those values are community, dignity, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, honesty, respect, kindness, equality, trust, love, selflessness, etc.   They are derived from our mind’s higher power or our mind’s divinity.  They are the values of truth.  They are the values of democracy.  They are the values of the eternal light of the human mind.  They are the values of a society that has citizen government rather than hierarchy or a ruling class of power-mad, controlling minds of religious, corporate and political bureaucrats driven by ego and its fear-driven manifestations of control.   

Our society is one where those who control it always turn away from suffering and righteousness. I’ve written ad nauseam of how our society resembles Britain in 1776 at a peak of their corporate capitalist and corporate money and banking empire. How in 1776 British cities were full of addictions, homelessness, poverty and cruelty while the aristocracy spent lavishly and lived a life completely disconnected from their humanity. (And, for that matter, France during the same time, the Roman Empire, the Soviet Union and every other manifestation of the state.)  Are we really any different?

I want to codify some of the statements I have made on how we have arrived here into a cohesive narrative.  So, it’s easier to see where we came from and where we must go.  I’ll see if I can do that sometime in the next month.  But, remember like Britain in 1776,  we have our own castles, moats, (what do you think those private, gated neighborhoods are where your masters live? Where you are kept out by the moats of private, eletronic, guarded entrances.) debtor’s prisons, poor houses, economic slavery, titled aristocracy, private military forces used to enslave corporate work, a large poor population reliant on debt servitude to the aristocracy and on and on and on.

Don’t kid yourself.  Neither Donald Trump nor any politician is going to make anything better. The recent tax cuts are for the rich and not for you.  And, that was really their motive in repealing Obamacare. Is Obamacare corrupt? Wildly. But, the Republicans had no plan to replace it.  Because, the political aristocracy doesn’t give a shit about you or me.  And, they never have.  They needed to remove the Obamacare entitlement before they could grant the rich economic interests even more entitlement in the form of tax cuts.

We continue down the rabbit hole of corporate state enslavement.

Links below

Front page cover of Washington Times from Reagan administration of male prostitution in the Whitehouse.

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Is artificial intelligence really a game changer? Maybe not. Talked of on here many times. The mental midgets like Elon Musk who say that humans will be AI’s pets are absolutely ignorant beyond words. Humanity has no idea what the brain or mind really is or how either works. How in God’s name could we ever create an inorganic computer of consciousness or the ability to create? We can’t. Now some experts are finally speaking out.

A look at the ugly side of getting rich. It’s obvious from my writings that society has it wrong. It’s not the ugly side of getting rich. It’s that the ugly seek the power and control required to become rich. They are ugly well before becoming wealthy. A society based on class and hierarchy can be nothing other than ugly.

Shiller PE 10 is off the charts.  The data I have, which is massaged beyond PE ratio, clearly shows financial markets are at valuations never before seen. And, the true sustainable PE ratio of financial markets is well into the triple digits.  Anyone who has been in financial markets since the 2009 collapse as an “investor” is wildly ignorant. Don’t confuse success with intelligence. 2009 was the front side of the hurricane. The back end will be beyond comprehension.

Market valuation to GDP is at record highs

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How the Dummycrats lost their way on immigration. (And why everything truly is fake news. Big business interests tell you what to think and have always controlled idiots in Washington.)

Jamie Dimon’s $13 billion secret. (That he should be in prison.)

The federal government’s $666 billion shortfall in 2017 will almost certainly be more than $1 trillion in 2018. Spending other people’s money on handouts to corporate predators and the military-industrial complex.

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