Monday, December 18, 2017

Patholigical Evil and Kennedy’s Peace Speech

"Of the tyrant (the state), spies and informers are the principal instruments. War is his favorite occupation for the sake of engrossing the attention of the people and making himself necessary to them as their leader" --Aristotle, over 2000 years ago

Over the holidays I wanted to post a link to Kennedy’s Peace Speech from half a century ago. It’s amazing to listen to this and other speeches from  Kennedy during a different time as is pertains to morality and human dignity.  (Kennedy’s incredibly powerful Civil Rights/Constitutional rights speech.)  How the United States has devolved into nearly universal moral bankruptcy. It’s a little bit like the boiling frog parable. The degradation of morality have happened over a period of generations and, thus, are often imperceptible unless one seeks truth as a primary intent.  Or, put another way, we are a society controlled by pathological evil.  And, we each participate in perpetuating that evil through our tacit support of it.

This is the speech that some say gives us insight into who killed Kennedy. That is, the military-industrial complex. This speech was a radical rejection of the constant war state of the United States that I have written of so often on here. One that was started by Truman’s signing of the 1947 National Security Act that placed us in a permanent state of war with the world. That policy codified the power of the military-industrial complex into permanent government policy and permanent capitalist profits.  In other words, fascism. Almost certainly this was done for one primary reason – corporate profits and self-interest of institutionalized power benefiting from  standing armies. As noted on here many times, the United States corporate state needed a boogeyman to funnel endless money into military-industrial expansion. At first that was the Soviet Union. Then it became terrorism and Iran.  Next it will be China, North Korea or any despotic state that we can pin the label onto.  Without the creation of enemies, the national security state cannot rationalize its existence while children in our nation live in such abject poverty.

It’s now to the point where most Americans don’t have a pot to piss in but the militaryy-industrial complex lavishly overspends more on the institutionalized war machine than the rest of the world combined. We mothball current weapons systems because we don’t have a large enough standing army to deploy them. The endless overproduction of military systems is a primary result of an all-powerful central government that does the bidding of class-based economic interests. In other words, as has been known since the beginning of time, Ayn Rand had it backwards. The moochers and parasites aren’t the politicians. That’s absurd. They are too stupid to be anything other than the lackeys for private, class-based economic interests.  The moochers and parasites are the class-based economic interests of corporate capitalism, communism, fascism or whatever other ism pathological evil can dream up to control humanity. The whole concept of a “national” economy is one of maintaining pathological control over humanity.

Eisenhower’s beware the military-industrial complex was originally beware the military-industrial-university complex as noted on here in the past. But Eisenhower changed the speech before final delivery.  In other words, the university complex in concert with the military-industrial complex is complicit in perpetuating evil and subverting democracy.

More than half of all scientists and engineers in this nation work in the military-industrial-security complex perpetuating war and violence. In other words, rather than those people making things that democracy needs, they spend their efforts perpetuating violenceso that the state can point the proverbial gun at the rest of the world and force them to make things for us. This enriches our masters while threatening all of humanity.  Few people understand this for good reason. Our masters don’t want us to. And, to be honest, we have cumulatively turned a blind eye to allow it. People often cringe when they hear this, but to be honest, we are just as brainwashed as people living in Germany under fascism. And, just as then, those who aren’t brainwashed do nothing because it threatens their very existence. Present company included.

Kennedy was at substantial odds with his military “advisors”. And, with the government’s use of military power to project and protect U.S. corporate capitalism overseas. Again, many references to this in his private memoirs and the Kennedy Library.

A substantial private dialog with Khrushchev on seeking global peace. Again, dozens of those letters are available through many sources including the Kennedy Library and through government historical web sites via Google search. This was a threat to literally tens and tens of trillions of dollars in wealth, power and profit. (Using today’s dollars.) Don’t think that men aren’t capable of nearly anything to keep that power.

It’s interesting to hear Kennedy’s words comparative to the endless sabre rattling, bullying and threats out of Washington today.  In fact, he calls out as “bankrupt” the very policies that Trump is employing. That said, it really doesn’t matter who is president. Trump certainly is more outwardly belligerent than the political lackeys before him but U.S. policy pretty much always stays the same. Why? Because the real power isn’t in the hands of the politicians. It’s in the Godless hands of corporate profits, greed and institutionaled national security state power. Money, greed, power, control, profit.

I’ve noted in past posts that if Jesus of Nazareth were alive today, the status quo in this country would certainly kill him. It wasn’t the Jews who killed Jesus. Most Jews loved Jesus or anyone who empathized with them and the pathological power that sought to control their lives. 

It was the status quo and their pathological desire for power, profit, money and control that killed Jesus of Nazareth.

There are many reasons to consider that Jesus was from the Essenes sect of Judaism.  Culturally they were forbidden from making weapons or participating in any type of violence. And, whatever happened to a Christian nation that is pathologically greedy beyond comprehension that it has forgotten that, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”?

It has been replaced by the worship of the pathological self and all of its foibles – greed, power, control, money, profit, vanity, hatred, ignorance, violence and the like.

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