Saturday, March 31, 2018

Recent Examples That The State Continues Down The Path Of Massive Crisis Or Outright Collapse

Just a quick post on an interview with Alan Dershowitz that is completely on point regarding special counsels and how our legal system has been headed down the rabbit hole for generations. The article and interview are here. (A long time theme on here is the ultimate collapse of both political parties in this nation.)

To that topic, let’s go back and look at Robert Mueller, a man who may be of dubious ethics. Who knows what his motives and intents are in this special investigation of Trump. Could he be targeting Trump as Dershowitz notes? If you believe the reporting (link) of some highly credible names as noted here, Robert Mueller may be a man of dubious ethical standards who is highly motivated by self-interest and the politicization of our legal system.

While I’m on the topic, let’s throw in one final report that will never make it to the evening news or the headlines of the New York Times because of the institutionalized corruption that plagues our news sources. Mostly because targets massive government failures in policy but also because the evil Russians did it. Mind you, I’ve talked about Putin as a pathological figure for years but there is no evidence Russia did anything in our elections that impacted the outcome. Nor is there any evidence Trump did anything worthy of criminal investigations from what has been shared with the American people. Donald Trump has manipulated and cheated democracy for decades to thieve his personal wealth but then so has Congress and most any high ranking executive in every major bank and corporation.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the United States government encouraged the spread of radical Islam for its own geopolitical purposes? And, then that policy was substantially the cause of 9/11? And, then our policy response of spending trillions of dollars on wars was really us chasing our tail by fighting what our government had created through its own pathological ignorance?  Well, that seems to be exactly what happened.  And, given the massive corruption and anti-democratic nature of the national security apparatus.

As noted on here countless times, the CIA and the national security state created by the 1947 National Security Act placed the United States at permanent war with the world. For those who still believe the shining example of puritanical principals of American “democracy” rather than the truth staring us in the face (aka brainwashed belief systems), take another look at the admissions of the highest ranking CIA operative to ever squeal on the agency. He notes that by the time he left the CIA and his seat on the National Security Council approximately 50 years ago, he estimates the CIA and its operations had killed more than 6 million people. What would that number be today given the massive runup in military spending that Ronald Reagan created and every president since has continued? 15 million?  More?

What’s behind all of this? Corporate capitalism and the corporate empire of the United States. It’s exactly as the British and Roman Empire were. And, its brutality is no different. For some time, that power of empire has been turned against the American people. It’s only going to get worse. The Constitution is dead. The rule of law based on natural rights is dead. The first Amendment is dead. And, they are working on destroying the other basic protections of rights as well.

The only way a system of hierarchy and class can maintain its grip on humanity is through violence. And, the primary mechanism through doing so is institutionalization, a common theme on here that is a precursor to collapse. We’ve seen it everywhere in history whether it’s the Soviet Union, Imperial Japan, the British Empire, the Roman Empire or countless examples in between.  Institutionalization is the mechanism through which continual violence is perpetrated against humanity. It doesn’t matter is that is the industrial food complex, the military-industrial complex, Facebook, Google, the institutionalization of the press, the institutionalization of Hollywood, the healthcare industrial complex, standing armies, political parties, the CIA and the state secrecy apparatus, the welfare apparatus, the organization of religion, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the criminal banking racket, organized crime, the mafia, ISIS or whatnot. 

In fact, the state (class & hierarchy) is nothing more than an organized crime syndicate.  It will do anything to maintain its monopoly grip on your enslavement.  Institutionalization subverts the free flow of ideas, knowledge, democracy, freedom and the like. Institutionalization exists to control humanity and turn us into slaves that are exploited for the benefit of privilege and class. Institutionalization creates a permanent class and hierarchy of privilege that is an affront to democracy and freedom. The people who work in those systems, be they corporations or government bureaucracies, generally suffer from a sort of psychosis of control. (I’ll hit this one in detail at some point. This is how pathology, psychopaths, narcissists and the like control all of us.)  And, that permanent class exists not to serve you but to enslave you; as we all know any bureaucracy is driven purely by self-interest and that self-interest seeks to perpetuate its privilege and class entitlement.

Makes you think about how to reconstruct this world without institutionalization, doesn’t it?  Actually, it’s quite easy if you spend some time pondering what could possibly be.  But, I will say that a world without institutionalization is perfectly compatible with the Constitution and a rule of law based on natural or God-given rights. 

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