Monday, November 15, 2010

Believing in Barack

This New York Times op-ed is hilariously delusional.  If the New York Times or any other major press outlet in the United States is going to grant space for this type of ridiculous op-ed, maybe they should grant at least equal space to reason, sanity and the rule of law.  The savior syndrome afflicts so many people.   Our savior is the written rule of law that protects us from false saviors in the form of men and women.  Just as Germany or Japan or the Soviet Union or countless other nations.   Or for that matter, the endless disappointment of politicians in the U.S. and a Congress with a single digit approval rating for the last fifteen years. 

I have faith in Barack Obama.  I believe Obama is going to get his groove back and be the leader we elected, even though he is testing us sorely.

I have faith in a government of laws and not of men as John Adams said.  I have faith not in men but in the rule of law.    And I support any politician who has the leadership qualities and guts needed to maintain or where necessary, restore the rule of law regardless of similarly asinine party ideology.  A leader who has the guts to see evil, to call it by its name and face it.  To restore the contract of government to a democratic nation.  To prosecute criminal financial behavior.  To repudiate smarmy back room deals.  To clean up the cesspool of corporate personhood.  To call out the massive fraud and corruption in our government.   To restore economic freedom to our nation.  If that is President Obama, then I support him.  But I see no evidence of this.  And the author to this article obviously doesn’t either.  Yet she continues to pray to a false god rather than acknowledge the true god – our democratic institutions protected under the framework of a written rule of law. 

Faith in politicians is a deluded fantasy.  Our founding fathers knew this.  That’s why we have a written rule of law in The Constitution protecting all rights granted by our creator.   We need leaders in politics.  Not politicians.  

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