Friday, November 12, 2010

Sarah Palin Warns Of Hyperinflation In Her Refudiation Of Federal Reserve Policy.

Sarah’s detailed economic analysis here.

If you are concerned about hyperinflation, you might consider adjusting your view given the company you now keep.  I think Sarah Palin understands about as much of monetary policy as I understand about being a politician.  It’s always good to focus on your core competency.  You know, demagogy, pandering, political terrorism or fear-based histrionics, ass kissing, bribery, manipulation and other core competencies of politicians.   

All joking aside, Sarah Palin has a right to speak her mind just like every other American.  I respect everyone’s right to speak their mind in this country but we have a problem of politicians who have little to no understanding of what they are talking about who are bloviating incessantly in the public forum. (Frankly, anyone who is telling you there is no source of jobs growth and that we are bound to suffer in this environment doesn’t know what they are talking about.  Period.  They may not see a source of jobs, but that doesn’t make it true.  Our economy would roar with the right economic policies as I have said countless times.

What Sarah Palin is doing is exactly what President Obama did during the health care reform process.  He portrayed himself as a subject matter expert.  Sure he knew a lot of facts and figures but so what?  Do spun facts and figures make you an expert on how to fix 20% of our economy involving millions of moving parts?  He clearly doesn’t know the first thing about creating a market-based health care system which works for all Americans while making it affordable.  If he did, we wouldn’t have this corrupt corporatist legislative tyranny he rammed through.   His solution is a system run on Soviet-style controls.  Government force is his answer.  It’s as horrendous of an answer as the corrupt system that exists without reform.  

In fact, this is standard fair for politicians.  It’s the very reason politicians should not have so much say over our lives.  Are almost all politicians nuts?  The political circus of insanity is endlessly.  It always has been.  This very reason is why we used to have limited government up until about thirty years or so ago.   Bureaucrats typically don’t know squat about anything that affects my life or yours but they have endless ideas of how to spend other people’s money and tell us how brilliant their plans are.  Just like the Soviets.   We had a rule of law to protect us from bureaucrats before said bozos dismantled it.   

The more uninformed people who grab the microphone, the more idiotic and insane the public debate histrionics becomes.  We really need to get politicians out of our lives across a wide range of issues.  That way the bozos can bark all they want and we don’t really have to even listen because we have a rule of law to protect us from them.  From a government of men.   

Under the protection of The Constitution, I refudiate a government of men in favor of a government of laws.  And the bribery, corruption and selling out of my constitutional rights that comes with a government of men.  I refudiate the right of any politician to meddle with my economic rights.  And that means I refudiate globalization in its current form as not supportive in any way of democracy.  I refudiate neoliberalism and bloated bureaucracy that goes with it.  I refudiate endless wars and foreign policy belligerence which threatens my safety and liberty.  I refudiate politicians meddling in the economy with their idiotic ideas of how to make my life more miserable and most importantly, I refudiate a crooked banking system.  I think Sarah and I agree to refudiate many things.   Well, except I also refudiate her because she’s endlessly trying to take the public opinion in directions she believes it should go.  Politicians need to learn to give up control and re-empower the American people and our democracy.   

A quote from Sarah at the post line…… 

"When Germany, a country that knows a thing or two about the dangers of inflation, warns us to think again, maybe it's time for Chairman Bernanke to cease and desist," ……..  "We don't want temporary, artificial economic growth bought at the expense of permanently higher inflation which will erode the value of our incomes and our savings."

Germany’s self-interest really has nothing to do with their concern of our possible hyperinflation.  They are concerned a weaker dollar will butcher their state-sponsored and currency manipulated export machine and provide competition.  A system Germany manipulates for comparative advantage versus our disadvantage.   Germany should refudiate currency manipulation if they want to start blaming the United States.  

Personally, I think we should all refudiate all politicians and take back our country and The Constitution and restore the rule of law and democracy.  Then when politicians are back on the leash and work for us, then we can talk about what our democratic government can do to inspire the lives of its democratic citizens.  A third party might be a nice start.  We could call it the Refudiation Party.   Sarah would be proud.

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