Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Transparency International’s 2010 Corruption Index – Wall Street Mobster Favorites Lead In Corruption

The United States clearly isn’t headed in the right direction as it pertains to this index.   And I suspect our rating of 7.1 is somewhat of a gift because we have a written rule of law.  There is and has been almost no transparency in the United States on any substantive topic in Washington.  We have no idea what our government is doing or why.   The American people know it.  That’s why government approval ratings are dismal and has been for the last twenty years.  And as a result of that dynamic, that is why our economy is a mess.     

As we noted with the Transparency International index last year, Iraq and Afghanistan under control of the United States rank as two of the most corrupt nations on earth.  Right up there with Chad, Myanmar, Somolia and other countries where lawlessness is the rule of the land.  Where people are butchered by tyrants and corruption is the determining factor of power and control.  It’s good to see the American war machine has made such a positive impact on transforming Iraq and Afghanistan.  Especially since these wars have possibly cost us $3 trillion as we highlighted back in 2008, not to mention the countless deaths and injuries both civilian and military.  Endless spending on proactive wars while tens of millions of Americans rot.   All while our economy rots.  I think it’s time for those who haven’t, to consider another perspective or possible alternative truths behind endless wars and a foreign policy of control.  

And some people still think our government, under the influence of corruption, is going to fix this economic crisis?  Or that we should “trust” secret and smarmy back room political deals outside of the view of transparency?   A rule of law without transparency is a complete impossibility.  Our democracy is being subverted right before our eyes.  

What I find most interesting are the BRIC country ratings – Brazil, Russia, India and China - or those the Wall Street crooks and the investor class have brainwashed society into believing are such great investment opportunities. (baahaahaa)

These countries are almost as corrupt as the most lawless societies on earth.  China, as an example, has killed upwards of seventy million people and put countless dissenters under torture and prison.  Why should that be a surprise?  Wall Street loves these countries because there is no rule of law.  Number one rule of bankster-driven neoliberalism is to invest where capital can run roughshod over the rule of law and people.  Dump mercury out your factory’s back door?   No problem.  Bribe a local official to sell out the government to buy a new water plant from U.S. firms?  No problem.  Expose workers to unsafe working environments?  No problem.  And people honestly believe the answer to the U.S.’s economic crisis is to deregulate and cut corporate taxes to compete with this?  Are you kidding me?  Are you seriously kidding me?  That is what we have been doing for the last thirty years.

Wall Street loves emerging markets because they are corrupt.  Just like Wall Street.  Just like the influence they peddle in Washington.  Wall Street criminals run roughshod over the American rule of law and its people just like they do in emerging markets.  And the fun part is, the United States government negotiated these opaque self-serving trade deals on behalf of democracy?  Ahem.  

Wall Street and Washington crooks deny Americans access to our own capital and economic opportunity while they flood BRIC countries with our society’s money and technology created by our sovereign nation.  All because the United States government sanctions this.  They created this.  All for your benefit.  All for democracy and your liberty.  The transfer of technology and financial assistance to righteous and moral developing countries would be beneficial to human development if that were the goal.  But it is not.  If America’s unemployment was just about zero and our technology was being used to spread democracy and freedom, we would surely have economic and government policies of moral clarity.  On then will the United States return to the mantle of moral leadership it once had.  That will only happen when We The People make it happen. 

This is all part of the greatest act of criminal racketeering in our country’s history.  The dismantling of the rule of law by the greatest organized crime syndicate in our country’s history – Wall Street. 

The bullshit being fed to us by corporatist politicians and crooks on Wall Street is the biggest Orwellian scam in our history.  What government decisions can be trusted as pure and with good intent when there is no transparency?  The answer is clear.  None. 

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