Monday, November 22, 2010

With All Eyes on the Gulf, BP Alaska Facilities Are Still at Risk Plus The Documentary Black Wave Which Highlights The Culture Of Corruption That Transcends The Energy Business.

I wanted to get this ProPublica story up while it is still relatively new.
There is substantial anecdotal as well as forensic evidence that BP is a very corrupt corporate culture.   That is really no surprise because the larger the bureaucracy, the greater the corruption.   BP never should have been allowed to become as large as it is.  Endless mergers perpetrated by the crooked Wall Street cabal stifles competition, creates unwieldy bureaucracies too big to fail and destroys economic vibrancy.  Even today BP should be broken up.   BP substantially failed on its media blitz (promises) that it would do the right thing in the Gulf fiasco.  They are already turning into weasels hiding behind their army of lawyers.   BP will never be able to pay enough restitution to recover the damage they created for American businesses, families and our ecosystem.
As if that weren’t enough, ProPublica reports that many of BP’s Alaska facilities receive an F-rating from the company itself.   Given BP’s culture of corruption, an F-rating within the company may actually mean something substantially worse to you and me. 

But the main reason I wanted to put this post up is because this expose by ProPublica ties into a documentary I watched some months ago titled Black Wave: The Legacy of Exxon Valdez which was airing on Planet Green (link to their web site for Black Wave) and appears to be widely available at DVD rental businesses and local libraries. 

I don’t want to give a blow by blow of Black Wave but I would highly recommend this documentary.  It is absolutely excellent and has won countless acclaim.  It is not a documentary populated with environmental extremists who believe we shouldn’t have corporations or jobs, instead it shares reasoned perspectives from experts who worked within the system.  Who wanted Alaska’s oil business to flourish.   The publicly voiced concerns from experts predicted there was going to be a crisis similar to Valdez.  And indeed there was.  Decades later much of Alaska’s citizens have been economically-decimated because of the documented short cuts, bribery of public officials and dismantling of sound engineering and maintenance practices for one purpose – greed and associated government corruption. 

The Exxon Valdez and BP Gulf crisis were both predicted by people who understood the environments of greed and corruption which caused endless shortcuts, gutted government regulatory agencies and dismantling of the rule of law.   People who state these events were random or unexpected or just a cost of doing business are manipulating the public.  These events, just like the current economic crisis and bankster terrorism are completely a result of government corruption. 
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