Monday, November 22, 2010

Eric Cantona - We Don’t Pick Up Weapons To Kill People, To Start The Revolution…. We Destroy The Crooked Banks On December 7th.

I didn't know who Eric Cantona was until recently.  And BankRun2010 here. 

My family and I moved our money out of Wall Street's casinos aka “banks” back in the fall of 2006 as I wrote at that time on here.   There have been numerous people recommend the same actions here in the U.S. including Arianna Huffington.   If these withdrawals are coordinated, it could have a devastating effect. 

If it works in Europe on December 7th, it will be emulated around the world until politicians put a freeze on deposits to save their corrupt masters. 

The internet is a wonderful thing.  Is there any question why the state wants to regulate it? 

Every generation needs a new revolution – Thomas Jefferson

Vive la France.

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