Monday, November 15, 2010

Unelected European Union Bureaucrat Posing As Its Illegitimate Council President Says Nation States Are Dead. And By Conclusion So Is The Rule Of Law And The United States Constitution.

We have remarked that this environment could be classified as “the end of big” and we wrote of what the implications of that dynamic are.   The European Union and its myriad of unelected bureaucrats are the personification of this dynamic.  They are trying to maintain a fraudulent power structure that is doomed to fail.  

So, curiously, has this bureaucrat has ever heard of individual sovereignty, self-rule or the concept of  democracy?  I’m also curious who actually elected this bureaucrat.  Nary a citizen in the European Union.  His word is clearly the word of illegitimacy.   

Does Mr. Rompuy aka The Prez believe the people of Europe should submit to a government of unelected bureaucrats?  Does he believe that when crisis is in its full glory and Europeans realize what has been stolen from them, they will submit to bureaucrats such as himself who sold the people a huge con game?

What purpose do bureaucrats serve except to endlessly make a free people miserable?   

The tyranny of bureaucrats and their endless stupidity is dying.  Just like all bureaucracies eventually die.   And this unelected bureaucrat is top ticking a major moment in history and is on the wrong side of the trade.    

Okay, I’ll throw an olive branch to this bureaucrat.  When you and all unelected EU bureaucrats, who are illegitimate to the people of Europe and the world, submit to the U.S. Constitution, I will support your efforts to become the 51st American state under our nation and rule of law. 

Until then, it is not the nation or the individual ego which is a threat to world peace but, in fact, it is the cumulative ego of unelected bureaucrats and political con men such as yourself who are a threat to peace.  And their efforts to distort and destroy the sovereignty of people who were born free of your bullshit and tyranny.  And unlike your twisted view of history, it is in fact, people like you who create environments which always bring the threat of war as we have written often on this blog.  And, finally, you clearly overestimate the pliability of Americans for such nonsense.  We are very suspicious of con men like you. 

“We are created for freedom.  That is why injustice fails ultimately.”  -- Desmond Tutu

Herman the con man, you represent great injustice to individual freedoms granted every human being by nature.  You represent the repudiation of democracy and a future of corrupt unelected Soviet-style bureaucrats imposing the will of man in place of the rule of law and all of the corruption and tyranny which goes with it.

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