Saturday, April 09, 2022

France’s Sunday Presidential Election Looms Large

The world remains on track for the crackup I projected to happen in 2022.  I’ll put up a post this coming week on how literally everyone in the US is looking at the wrong factors and, thus, are actually further enabling the world’s crisis.  This is really no surprise given we’ve ignorantly voted in this crisis in nearly every election since the end of World War II.  But, for now I want to note Sunday’s French election.  Macron is a neoliberal stooge in the image of Reagan, Thatcher, Clinton, Obama and the like who is an enabler corporations and banks that have devoured European democracy, nationality and national identities. 

Marine Le Pen is often cited in the media as Donald Trump without the endless chaotic infantilism and dumbed-down anti-intellectualism.  I view Pen as a much more serious intellectual (because she’s not an elite) than Trump, who has the ability to literally jump start the speed of collapse of globalism and the horrendous economic construct, the European Union. This global economic system ushered in by the US corporate empire is already in the midst of collapse but there will be future events that will play major roles in the speed and direction of that collapse.  This may be one of them. (As it pertains to this post for any new reader, I’ve noted numerous times since 2008, the world is in a war cycle, the US economy would never recover, which it hasn’t regardless of what con artists like Trump say, globalization was finished, which it is, the EU would likely crumble, which it is starting to do on many fronts, including monetarily, that both political parties in the US likely would collapse, with the Democratic Party collapsing first, and the world would be thrown into chaos with weakened US empire.)

It’s almost certain a runoff will occur based on tomorrow’s results. But, anyone who is concerned about their future, regardless of where in the world they live, might consider that tomorrow’s election may be the most important in the world over the last half century.  That is, if her actions are matched by her rhetoric. 

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