Friday, October 12, 2007

Right On Time. Google Loses A Massive Deal.

Ironically, just hours after my Google post, Time, Inc. awarded a $100 million contract to a Google competitor with a superior capability. A capability Google is trying to copycat. I'm sure this is only the beginning as I can envision tremendous capabilities well beyond the rudimentary offerings of Google's technology as it exists today. Do the technology illiterates on Wall Street tell you those risks when they are pumping bubble stocks? How clairvoyant was that last post? No, I don't work for Quigo. The timing was dumb luck but the point I am making is not. I have written about Google's vulnerabilities for a year now. It was simply a matter of time. The opportunity to build a better mouse trap is too lucrative not to expect someone would out innovate Google. It doesn't mean the end of Google by any means. But, it does highlight the risk of owning a bubble stock. Just like owning VMWare, Apple, RIMM and Baidu; the other horsemen of the coming price apocalypse.
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