Friday, April 03, 2009

Late April Fool's Day Post

Someone asked why there was no April Fool's Day joke. Well, I thought all of my April 1st posts were a joke. But, I found a better joke made on April 1st.

This ties in well with the White House's top economist telling us to go out and buy a car. Give me the money politicians awarded to the banksters without my consent and I will.

Just a minor epiphany for the political elite. This isn't about confidence anymore. $50 trillion in wealth has been lost around the world. This is the economic plan from the top White House economist? To buy a car? I'm sorry to inform her that she is fighting last year's battle. The confidence game was lost long ago. Might you now consider people can't afford to buy a new car? And, because of the future burden of substantial new taxes embraced by most politicians and economists, for many there is no prospect of ever being able to buy a new car. Well, unless you are a Wall Street CEO.

I have a better idea. You give the American people all of the money that we have been forced to give to Wall Street without our consent and we will all have enough money to buy a new car and still have about $8 trillion left over to pay off all of our homes. I'm sorry. I guess often poor and underprivileged people can't be heard over the buckets of money and favors of Wall Street lobbyists.

You can't make this stuff up.
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