Friday, April 24, 2009

Paul Potts

Let's leave for the weekend with an uplifting post.

I'm sure many of you have now heard of Susan Boyle. (If not, Youtube her.) Many have probably missed Paul Potts, a sensational talent on Britain's reality-show semi-equivalent of American Idol from a few years ago.

Paul, an obscure gentleman in his late thirties who worked at Carphone Warehouse in Britain, calmly walks out and tells the judges he is going to perform a classical arias reserved for the world's greatest tenors. One of the judges, who has no such talent (isn't it always this way), promptly discounts Paul's remarks with a stereotypical gaze.

Paul promptly belts out an amazing performance. In fact, his performance is the most emotionally-stirring operatic arias I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Almost unbelievably, on a reality show.

I could write a book on economics surrounding the Paul Potts of this world. One that would turn much of current economic ideology on its head. But, let's leave that for later and enjoy Paul's performance for what it is. I hope Paul's performance inspires you as much as it did me. Thank you Paul.

By the way, Paul's recordings have now sold millions globally.
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