Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Harvard Flunks Economics

A validation of our theme that our institutions of knowledge are often anything but. Instead often pumping useless ideology and thoughtless drones into the market place. Students are not just vanishing because of tuition fees. They are also vanishing for other reasons such as lack of economic opportunity. Lack of economic opportunity that is a result of failed economic ideology taught at these fine institutions.

This crisis is also a validation of our position that every asset class would bust thus repudiating this senseless concept of investment portfolio diworsification that became a religion in search of a god. That god was hedging and it has turned out to be a false god. A religion that people like El-Erian, a prophet of dupe, and former chief investment officer at Harvard perpetrated. He is still pushing substantially false religion in his new position as false prophet at PIMCO. He and many others on the fringes of Wall Street are guilty of the same failed compensation scheme that we see at Wall Street's mega banks. Their investment ideologies were wrong yet they were paid enormous sums of money before their ideas were proven to be useless. Thus eschewing pay for performance, a substantial driver of successful capitalism. Not so popular in the field of cronynomics.

Portfolio diversification is a concept made popular by people who don't know what they are doing. Spreading risks hoping and praying some investment will stabilize if something else craters is a fallacy indeed as we now see. It only worked temporarily not because it was valid but because we were in a sea of money that convinced foolish people of its value.

There are a lot of incredibly talented people in this world. But, there are very few people who truly embrace the path of the Buddha. The path of truth and enlightenment. Free thinkers of the world are once again proving the greatest ability isn't that of doublespeak, newspeak or finishing at the top of Harvard's indoctrination program. It's an ability to conceptualize and create from within. The path of free thought. It's only the path of the free mind that ever leads to truth, human advancement and human achievement be it sports, art, literature, culture, science or even, in this case, finance.

I have used this video before to make a point and I must say that it is a favorite of mine. As the masses embrace indoctrination and ideology, free thinkers and those embracing freedom eventually ruin the party of falsification. The party is over. Period. Now we must repudiate falsification to move forward.

Hurl the figurative sledge hammer into current ideology and falsification. Embrace truth.

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