Sunday, June 28, 2009

Max Baucus Loves Lobbyists And His Health Care "Reform" Draft Shows It

“They (lobbyists) really care about our country.” - Senator Max Baucus on ABC News, January 2009

More gruel for the American people. More party favors for Max's buddies. Hey Max. Would you be willing to have all future conversations with lobbyists take place in your office and be taped? Then have these conversations uploaded to Youtube for the American people to watch? You know, since you are a public servant who serves at the pleasure of the American people. And, obviously because lobbyists really care about our country. I guess just like those same lobbyists representing corrupt foreign dictatorships, communist countries and oil fiefdoms that teach American hatred in madrassas. They all hire American lobbyists to do their bidding to our government as well.

Speak of pleasure. I bet you experience lots of it given the influence of the finance industry in the healthcare reform legislation you are chairing. I am sure any videotaping and transparency would be a mere formality since you obviously have our best interests at heart in healthcare and all of your other endeavors as Senate Finance Committee chair.

It's good to see Senator Baucus is following in the footsteps of other esteemed Senate chairmen. Like former Senate Banking Committee chairman Phil "I destroyed the banking system" Gramm, who worked so well with lobbyists on behalf of the American people. You remember Gramm. We incessantly ranted over the last four years about the overturning of Glass-Steagall courtesy of Mr. Gramm and the esteemed President Clinton. I would like to personally thank the lobbyists on this one. For destroying our banking system. Don't worry. You'll really love this one before the party is over.

As I type this I am watching Mitt Romney, the world's biggest political idiot, tell us the economy is going to turn soon. Just like the private equity firms he represented so well that as an industry are now imploding. Hopefully, we will elect his ego as President in 2012.

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